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Price was $89.99. The size is bigger than i thought. Easy to use and works fine with galaxy phone and iphone 6 and dell notebook laptop. I did not have a change to use it to jump a car. Not very heavy, considering the multiple functions it can do. Ok, after let it rest for couple weeks, i let my friend to use it for dell pc charging. Then it stopped charging, only plug in! . I am confused! . Search for answers online. It might be the cable or the window setting or battery it self. I dont know why it changes now. Still a good back up to jump the car and charge my phones and pads. So if you need to charge your notebook, test it before you buy.

-H. Carrie

Antigravity batteries ag xp spt wht starter personal Auto Part Ag Xp Spt Wht

  • Value: Jump-Start gas engines up to 5L V8. 300A Peak. Great capacity for backup power: 7500 mAh
  • Value: Charge & Power any USB 5V device: Tablets, Smartphones, Cameras and More!

antigravity batteries ag-xp-spt-wht white sport jump starter personal power supply: antigravity batteries auto part the micro-start sport is one of the

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Jump-Start Gas Engines Up To 5L V8. 300A Peak. Great Capacity For Backup Power: 7500 MAh. Charge & Power Any USB 5V Device: Tablets, Smartphones, Cameras And More!. Charges From Any USB Output. Has LED Flashlight. Extremely Compact: Fits In Pocket! 9.75 Oz, 5" X 2.8" X 0.875". Super Sleek Design And Build-quality With Smart Clamps. Value Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-SPT-WHT White Sport Jump Starter and Personal Power Supply.

Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-SPT-WHT White Sport Jump Starter and Personal Power Supply Review (AG-XP-SPT-WHT)

Antigravity Batteries Ag-xp-spt-wht White Sport Jump Starter Personal Power Supply

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Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-SPT-WHT White Sport Jump Starter And Personal Power Supply

Automotive Antigravity Batteries Ag-xp-spt-wht White Sport Jump Starter Personal Power Supply Ag Xp Spt Wht Shopping Automotive Parts And Accessories 711811702983 Antigravity Batteries, Antigravity batteries ag xp spt wht starter personal 0711811702983. the micro-start sport is one of the smallest lithium-ion jump-starter/personal power supply (pps) units available. it's also the most compact micro-start kit we offer. the sport is small enough to fit in your pocket yet so powerful it easily starts cars trucks motorcycles atvs utvs snowmobiles watercraft & more. the sport has 150 amps starting current with 300a peak. jump-start vehicles with gas engine size up to 5l v8. (1995 and later model non-modified v8 truck motors up to 350 cubic inches in size. not intended for large v-twin motorcycles. ) conveniently the sport can also charge & power all your 5v usb devices. charge your smartphone tablet pda gopro or other camera psp & other handheld games mp3 music player bluetooth devices more. great capacity for back-up power: 7500 mah. it can charge a cell phone 4 times or a tablet 2 times. more features: high-power led flashlight built-in + lighted battery capacity indicator + automatic power-off when not in use + built-in over-charge and over-discharge protections for long battery life. sport comes as a complete kit with everything you need including accessories and an ultra-compact durable nylon carry case to neatly organize parts. kit contents: 1 micro-start sport pps; 1 set of smart mini jumper clamps (with thermal protections + multiple safety features: prevent reverse polarity connection over-charge over-discharge short-circuit back-charge); 1 universal 4-into-1 usb cable (tips: mini usb micro usb apple 8-pin apple 30-pin). the sport is recharged by any micro-usb connection such as found on your computer in your car a hotel or an airport. simply charge it once and take safe reliable back-up power anywhere your active lifestyle takes you. whether commuting camping or traveling remain confident you can start your vehicle or make an important call. if a smaller micro-start kit design that easily charges off existing usb ports is more beneficial to your use the sport is the way to go! Antigravity batteries ag xp spt wht starter personal Auto Part Ag Xp Spt Wht.

Antigravity Batteries Automotive Ag Xp Spt Wht: Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-SPT-WHT White Sport Jump Starter and Personal Power Supply

Very nice jump starter. Nicely built and very powerful. I was able to jump my truck off (testing it) with no battery at all. Just the jump start unit. It comes with several accessories to power your laptops, phones, and other mobile devices. . One thing i do not understand is how people are blowing them up. If you properly maintain your vehicle, it shouldn't need to jump starter much (just to turn the engine over a few times until it fires up). Only thing i can think of is people are holding down the key until the jump starter gets too hot and swells.

Click to see NoticeAntigravity batteries ag xp spt wht starter personal (AG-XP-SPT-WHT)"Since Online Store Categorizes Anything With A Lithium Ion Or Metal Battery As "hazardous Material" You Won't Be Able To Directly Return This Item In The Event It Doesn't Function To Your Expectations. That Being Said As Long As You Make Sure It Has All The Connectors/adaptors For The Devices You Intend To Power And That The Cranking Amps Match The Requirement For Your Car You Should Be Happy With This Product. Unfortunately For Me The Device Doesn't Quite Have Enough Amps To Start My Bmw 540i 8-cyl With The Car's Battery Removed To Simulate A Completely Dead Battery. If Your Battery Still Had Some Charge Left Then This Device Might Be Able To Augment Those Amps And Turn The Engine Over But Repeated Attempts With This Device Fully Charged Never Turned Over My 4. 4 Liter Engine. The Device Also Doesn't Come With A Power Adapter For Asus Netbooks (which Is What I'd Hoped To Charge With It). That's My Fault For Not Making Sure It Contained The Needed Adapter. The Build Quality Is Nice The Led Light Is Bright And Works Well For Close Purposes (the Beam Spreads More Than It Throws) And The Battery Tested Up To Its Advertised Rating Of 44wh. For Those Unsure About How To Translate Wh To Mah Or How To Determine How Many Recharges This Device Is Capable Of Providing For Your Particular Battery Here's An Easy Way To Figure It All Out. The Basic Formula Is W A X V Where "w" Stands For Watts "a" For Amps And "v" For Volts. This Device Has 44 Watt Hours (wh) Of Power And Has Several Different Voltages (5 12 And 19v) So At 5v This Device Has 8. 8 Ah Or 8 800 Mah. At 12v It Has 3. 667 Ah Or 3 667 Mah And At 19v It Has 2. 895 Ah Or 2 895 Mah. That Data Is Really Only Useful When Compared To The Batteries In The Devices You Intend To Charge. In My Case I Wanted To Charge A Galaxy Note 3 With A 3 200 Mah Battery (12. 16wh 3. 8v). So Under Ideal Temperatures And Conditions This Device (when New) Can Recharge My Note's New Battery 3. 61 Times On A Single Charge Of The Device. It Can Also Charge The Asus 1005 Ha Netbook (48wh) . 92 Times. There Are Many Higher Capacity Power Packs On Online Store That Are Lower Priced Than This Device But This One Does Provide The Ability To Jump Start Your Car (as Long As Your Engine Isn't Too Large) And Power Lap Tops As Well As 5 Volt Smart Phones And Devices. So You Have To Decide Whether Versatility Trumps Power Capacity In Your Priorities. I'm Going To Go With A Dedicated Jump Starter With 900 Cranking Amps As Opposed To This Devices 400 Peak Amps Since I Can Get One Of Those For About $60. I'll Use The Remaining $80 (plus $30) To Purchase A 27 000 Mah Power Pack That Can Recharge My Note 3 11. 10 Times And Recharge My Asus Netbook 2. 81 Times. Sometimes You Just Can't Meet All Of Your Needs In One Device But If This One's Specifications Are A Match For All Of Yours It's A Nice Quality One-stop-shopping Package."

Antigravity-batteries-ag-xp-spt-wht-starter-personalAntigravity Batteries AG-XP-SPT-WHT White Sport Jump Starter and Personal Power Supply (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Battery Tender 022-0150-DL-WH 800 Battery Charger

Waterproof 800 Battery Tender. The "set It And Forget It" Option For Safe Charging! Totally Waterproof Totally Reliable Totally Safe! It's Not Much Bigger Than A Computer Mouse But It Packs Enough "juice" To Keep Your Atv Watercraft Or Motorcycle Battery Topped Off And Ready To Go. The Charger Will Constantly Monitor Charge And Then Maintain The Battery. Even While Totally Submersed Under Water. More Power: Interior Is Completely Encapsulated Protected From Shock Vibration And Moisture By An Electrically Insulating Thermally Conductive Flame Retardant Synthetic Epoxy Resin Compound ; 12v 0. 800 A; 100-240 Vac 50 / 60 Hz Input; 3-yr. Manufacturers Warranty; Included Ring Terminals And Alligator Clips With Black Quick Disconnect Cable. Order Yours Today! Waterproof 800 Battery Tender

Battery Tender 022-0150-DL-WH 800 Battery ChargerBattery-Tender-022-0150-DL-WH-800-Charger

Brand :    battery tender
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Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.12 pounds
Model :    022-0150-DL-WH
Quantity :    1
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This compact 800 mA battery charger has all the charge characteristics of its cousin the Battery Tender JuniorHighly-efficient surface-mount technologyCompact designInterior is completely encapsulated, protected from shock, vibration & moisture by an electrically insulating, thermally conductive, flame-retardant, synthetic epoxy resin compoundSolid new addition to the Battery Tender family of charger products800Ma battery charger

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The First Spray-on Rinse-off Cleaner Developed Especially For Motorcycles S100 Total Cycle Cleaner Creeps In To Every Nook And Cranny Of Your Bike To Thoroughly Clean It Without Scrubbing. Cleans The Entire Motorcycle Not Just The Motor. You Can Have A Sparkling Motorcycle In As Little As 5 Minutes Spend More Time Riding And Less Time Cleaning. Represents The Best In Cycle Care And Is Safe For All Cycle Surfaces - Paint Chrome Alloy Plastic Rubber Bearings O-rings Etc. Non-acid Ph Controlled Contains Corrosion Inhibitors And Is Biodegradable. Excellent For Cleaning Marine Lawn And Garden Equipment Snowmobiles Car And Truck Engines Etc.

S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle - 1. 32 GallonS100-12005L-Total-Cleaner-Bottle

Brand :    s100
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Size :    1.32 Gallon (Pack of 1)
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    12005L
Quantity :    1
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Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle - 1. 32 Gallon available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
The first spray-on, rinse-off cleaner developed especially for motorcycles, S100 Total Cycle Cleaner creeps in to every nook and cranny of your bike to thoroughly clean it without scrubbingCleans the entire motorcycle, not just the motor. You can have a sparkling motorcycle in as little as 5 minutes, spend more time riding and less time cleaningRepresents the best in cycle care and is safe for all cycle surfaces - paint, chrome, alloy, plastic, rubber, bearings, O-rings and moreExcellent for cleaning marine, lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, car and truck engines and moreNon-acid, pH controlled, contains corrosion inhibitors, and is biodegradable

DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE

The Inreach Se Operates Over The Iridium Satellite Network Providing Truly Global Two-way Satellite Communications And High Network Reliability Anywhere On Earth With No Gaps Fringe Or Weak Signal Areas. With The Ability To Maintain Satellite Signal Lock Even In Difficult Gps Environments The Inreach Se Also Offers Global Sos Capabilities Adjustable Tracking Intervals From 10 Minutes To 4 Hours And Remote Real-time Follow-me/find-me Tracking And Ping-me Locating. In The Event Of An Emergency The Interactive Sos Capability Of Inreach Automatically Triggers Remote Tracking And Allows Users To Describe And Update Their Situation So Proper Resources Can Be Deployed. With 90% Of The Worlds Surface Lacking Mobile Phone Coverage Inreach Se Is Essential Gear For The Traveller Or Outdoor Adventurer To Keep Them Connected And Safe Anywhere In The World. The Inreach Range Of Devices Are The Only Affordable Satellite Communication Devices That Can Both Send And Receive Text Messages.

DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SEDelorme-AG-009871-201-DeLorme-inReach-SE

DELORME AG-009871-201 INREACH SE Benefits
Brand :    delorme
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Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    AG-009871-201
Quantity :    1
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Trigger an SOS and interact back and forth with GEOS, our 24/7 search and rescue monitoring centerProvides 100% global coverage through the Iridium satellite network. Delivery confirmation for all text messages and SOS signals., Color screen with predictive, virtual keyboard for standalone two-way messagingAdjustable tracking intervals from 10 minutes to 4 hours allow you to track your trip and share your location including GPS coordinates, elevation and speedSend and receive 160 character free-form text messages with GPS coordinates to emails or cell numbers anywhere in the world.

DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Dewalt(r)'s 20v Oscillating Multi-tool Is Incredibly Useful With Functions That Range From Sanding To Sawing To Cutting. The Brushless Motor Delivers Up To 57% More Run Time Than Equivalent Brushed Motors. The Oscillating Tool Guide System Allows Users To Set The Depth And Height For A Series Of Cuts. When You Work In Dark Areas The Bright Led Light Makes It Easy To Work Accurately. If You Want A Tool That Can Handle Any Task You Throw At It This 20v Max Xr Li-ion Oscillating Multi-tool Kit Will Do The Job.

DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool KitDEWALT-DCS355D1-Lithium-Ion-Oscillating-Multi-Tool

Brand :    dewalt
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Weight :    6.61 pounds
Model :    DEWDCS355D1
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Contractor bag, 2.0 Ah battery, and charger includedUniversal accessory adaptor for use with most oscillating tool accessory brandsDEWALT brushless motor delivers up to 57% more run time over brushedQuick-Change accessory system allows blades and attachments to be changed quickly without wrenches28-Piece DEWALT accessory kit with storage box includes popular cutting and sanding attachments

Antigravity Batteries AG-MSA-10 Harness Clampless Starting Kit with SAE Charger Adapter

This Clampless Starting Harness Kit Is For The Xp-5 The Sport Or Older/original Xp-3 And Xp-1 Micro-start Models Only! The Micro-start Clampless Harness Kit Was Made So That A Rider Or Driver Can Easily Jump Start Their Vehicle Using Just The Micro-start Without The Need For The Clamps Or Having To Remove The Seat On Your Motorcycle. It Is A 12" (300mm) Harness That Connects Directly To The Battery While The Other End Can Plug Directly Into The Micro-start's Jump Start Port. It Adds Convenience And Saves Time If The Situation Arises When You Have To Jump Start Your Vehicle. Just Connect The Micro-start Directly To This Harness And Jump-start Your Vehicle Without Having To Use The Micro-start Jumper Clamps! Also Included In The Kit Is An Adapter That Converts The Micro-start Harness (blue Connector) Down To An Sae Connector So You Can Easily Hook Up Your Battery Charger And Eliminate The Standard Sae Harness You Might Have. A Standard Battery Tender Type Harness Will Not Handle Jump-starting. The Wire Gauge Is Much To Thin And It Will Melt The Wires. Please Note: The Micro-start Is For Jump-starting Only Through The Jump Start Port. Never Leave The Micro-start Connected To Your Vehicle's Battery For Longer Than 30 Seconds Or Use In Place Of Your Regular Battery In Your Vehicle. Do Not Try To Charge The Micro-start Directly From Your Vehicle Battery Through The Jump Start Port. Severe Damage Can Result! Use Only The Provided Chargers In The Micro-start's Kit To Charge The Micro-start! Kit Includes: 1 Piece Micro-start Clampless Harness (12" Long For Use With The Micro-start Xp-5 Sport Or Older/original Xp-3 And Xp-1 Models) And 1 Adapter That Converts The Micro-start Harness (blue Connector) Down To An Sae Connector. This Will Not Work With The Xp-10 Which Requires Model Ag-msa-10b.

Antigravity Batteries AG-MSA-10 Harness Clampless Starting Kit with SAE Charger AdapterAntigravity-Batteries-AG-MSA-10-Clampless-Starting

Brand :    antigravity batteries
Model :    AG-MSA-10
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (antigravity batteries) reviews for Antigravity Batteries AG-MSA-10 Harness Clampless Starting Kit with SAE Charger Adapter available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
It adds convenience and saves time if the situation arises when you have to jump start your vehicle.just connect the Micro-Start directly to this harness and jump-start your vehicle without having to use the jumper clamps!Also included in the kit is an adapter that converts the Micro-Start Harness (blue connector) down to an SAE Connector (Battery Tender type) so you can easily hook up your battery charger and eliminate the standard SAE harness you might have.It is a 12" (300mm) harness that connects directly to the battery while the other end can plug directly into the Micro-Start's jump start portThe Micro-Start Clampless Harness Kit was made so that a rider or driver can easily jump start their vehicle using just the Micro-Start without the need for the clamps, or having to remove the seat on your motorcycle.This harness is for the XP-5, Sport, and Older/Original XP-3 and XP-1 Micro-Starts models only! Does not work with newer designs of XP-3 and XP-1. Does not work with the Micro-Start XP-10, which requires the AG-MSA-10B version.

Antigravity Batteries AG-MSA-9 Tire Inflator

This Is The New Micro-start Tire Inflator/air Pump. Extremely Compact And Easy To Take Anywhere This Inflator Allows You To Use Your Micro-start Xp-1 Or Xp-10 To Inflate Your Motorcycle Or Car Tires No Matter Where You Are. Additionally It Will Inflate Items Such Small Rafts Footballs Basketballs And More. Just Plug The Inflator Into Your Micro-start For Portable Use Or Use The Included 9ft Cable And Cigarette Port Connector On Your Car Or Vehicle. The Micro-start Tire Inflator Is Very Compact At 4. 25" (108 Mm) X 3. 5" (90mm) X 1. 5" (38mm) And Weighs Only A Pound. It Has An On-board Led Light Too For Use At Night. The Kit Includes Two Detachable Cables For Powering The Inflator. Additionally The Kit Comes With A Needle Tip For Inflating Balls And A Plastic Tip For Other Small Inflatables Such As Small Rafts Or Other Items. Note: This Will Not Work With The Micro-start Xp-3 Or Xp-5 Since Those Models Only Have Usb Ports. It Works Specifically With The 12v Output Port Found On The Xp-1 And Xp-10 Models. Kit Includes: 1 Micro-start Inflator A 12" Cable (sae To Dc 5. 5mm) To Attach The Inflator To The Micro-start's 12v Output For Portable Use Of The Inflator A 9 Ft. Long Cable (sae To Male Cig Lighter) With Male Cigarette Lighter Tip To Attach To Car's Cigarette Lighter Port As Optional Way To Power The Inflator. (the 9' Cable Can Reach Any Tire On Typical Vehicle When Plugged In. ) 1 Pc Needle Tip For Pumping Up Sports Balls 1pc Plastic Tip For Small Inflatables. Specifications Size: 4. 25" (108 Mm) X 3. 5" (90mm) X 1. 5" (38mm) Weight: 16 Oz. (450 G) 12v Dc Powered. Can Be Powered By Vehicle's Cig Lighter Port Or With A Micro-start. Note: Always Use Proper Tire Inflation For Your Vehicle. This Product Is Meant To Be For Emergency Uses - The Gauge Is Only Accurate To Within 3-4 Lbs.

Antigravity Batteries AG-MSA-9 Tire InflatorAntigravity-Batteries-AG-MSA-9-Tire-Inflator

Brand :    antigravity batteries
Weight :    0.90 pounds
Model :    AG-MSA-9
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (antigravity batteries) reviews for Antigravity Batteries AG-MSA-9 Tire Inflator available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
The MICRO-START Tire Inflator is very compact at 4.25" (108 mm) x 3.5" (90mm) x 1.5" (38mm) and weighs only a pound.It has an on-board LED light too, in case of use at night.The detachable cables allow for versatility and for easy stowing. Additionally, the kit comes with a Needle Tip for inflating balls and a Plastic Tip for other small inflatables such as small rafts or other items.The kit includes two detachable cables for powering the Inflator.One for connecting to the MICRO-START's 12V port for portable tire-inflating wherever you are, and the other is a 9ft cable to use with your car's cigarette lighter port.
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This little guy can jump start alot of cars. I work at a used car lot and mechanic shop so i am starting cars with it all day long. I am on my second one, because on my first one the cables kind of melted. It will power my phone and my laptop effectively. I would recommend this power supply/ jump starter to anyone.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: how does the antigravity xp-10 compare to the noco genius boost gb30?

(1) Question: what is the difference between the xp-10 and the xp-1 ???

(2) Question: will it start my honda car with a dead battery ?

(3) Question: is it rechargeable with plug in system?

(4) Question: i would like to know if xp-10 comes with the same case and accessories as xp-1

(5) Question: does this come with a carry case?

(6) Question: is this device "tsa friendly" for carry-on luggage? thanks

(7) Question: is it bad for it ,if i left it on my car charger all the time ?

(8) Question: does this have over-charge protection? another website indicated it does, but want to confirm.

(9) Question: lipo batteries have a limited number of charging cycles. what number of recharge cycles is the xp-10 rated?

(note) Question: where/how to get Antigravity Batteries (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Antigravity Batteries's products

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Interested in keeping a ligit warenty? buy direct from online store, i called antigravity and they are an autherized seller. As soon as i got it i fully charged it. Soon after started 3 cars with in two weeks. Still had 5 bars(full battery). 3rd week i only used it to charge a cell phone, still had 5 bars. 4th week after/durring a heat wave i checked it went down to 3 bars. Not too happy about that. Its suppose to last about 6 months of charge in a trunk fully charged. I expected atleast one bar not two to be drained. On another note does not do fast charging for samsung. Other then that good product. I will follow up with more news.

N. Anonymous, City of Bristol

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U. Hannah, Limousin says

Be Careful Your Not Getting A Fake Or Counterfeit! They Are Very Common. My Brother And I Both Bought Them From The 2016 Black Friday Lightning Deals They Both Said They Were Fulfilled By Tooldeals. They Both Only Worked For About 10 Starts And Then The Jumpers Wouldn T Power The Cables Anymore. I Called Tooldeals And They Said They Supply Online Store And Online Store Ships Them. I Called Online Store And As Always They Were Very Helpful And Shipped Out A Replacement On The Spot. Well I Received The Next One Which Says Fulfilled By Online Store. This One Is Genuine. I Ve Included Pictures Detailing The Difference Between The Fake And Real Charger. You Can See On The Back That The One On Top The Genuine One Has A Serial Number Ag*******. Neither Of The Fakes Had Serial Numbers. (i Covered Part Of My Series Number) I Called Antigravity And They Said All Genuine Ones Have Serial Numbers To Register Them. You Ll Also Notice That On The Fake One The Caution Label Is A Sticker Where Its Printed Directly Onto The Real One. On The Side With The Five Charging Lights The Genuine One On Top Has A Power Emblem Engraved On The Power Button The Real One Also Says 15v Whereas The Fake Says 14v Below The Input. On The Flashlight Side The Real On Is On Top. On The Real One The Cover Over The Jumper Cable Plug Flap Is Matte And Says Jumper Cable Whereas The Fake One Is Shiny And Says Input Cable . You Ll Also Notice The Flashlight On The Real One Is A Nicer Finish. The Real Box Is On The Right With A Car On It. The Real One Also Had A Label With The Serial Number On The Back Of The Box Also. The Next Pic Is The Jumper Cable Plug. The Bigger One On The Bottom Is The Real One. You Ll Notice The Finish Is Different And The Green And Red Lights Are Flush With The Casing Whereas The Fake Ones Is A Cheaper Design With The Lights Down In Holes. The Next Pics Are The Actual Jumper Cable Clamps The Real One Is A Bigger Sturdier Clamp. You Ll Also Notice The Fake One Has A Cheap Metal Pin Holding Them Together. You Ll Also Notice On The Inside That The Real Clamps Have A Short Jumper Wire That Goes Across Both Sides Of The Clamp To Energize Both Sides Of The Clamp Teeth. Also From Looking At The Back Of The Clamps If You See Two Small Screws Holding The Wire In You Got A Fake. The Real One Uses Spring Clips. On Mine The Real Wall Plug-in On The Left Has 2 Shiny Lines Running Down The Back. And The Fake Ones Had The White Label. Lastly The Instruction Manual On The Real One Is On The Top. A Lot Of The Ones I See On Here With Bad Reviews And Pictures You Can See The Little Telltale Signs That Let You Know They Are Fakes. (like The Sticker On The Back Instead Of A Printed Label Or The Broken Clamps With 2 Screws Holding The Cables In Or The Damaged Clamps With The Metal Pins In The Side ) I Haven T Got To Use The Real One Much Yet But I Did Try It On My 1999 7. 3 Diesel With Weak Batteries It Was 30 Degrees Outside And The Block Heater Was Not Plugged In. I Unhooked Both Batteries And It Wouldn T Start It. No Big Surprise Cause Its A Beast To Start If It Hasn T Been Starting In A While. I Hooked Up One Weak Battery And The Jumper And To My Surprise It Fired Right Up. And It Still Showed A Full Charge. My Jnc660 Won T Do That! And Its A Lot Easier To Carry Around Too. 5 Stars So Far If You Are Going To Buy This Off Online Store Which Is Where I Buy Most Everything You Have To Click On The Link Below The Price For More Seller Options And Only Buy It Directly From Online Store!!!!!! Do Not Buy It From A 2nd Party Reseller. 90%+ Of Them Are Going To Be Fake! Online Store Is A Factory Authorized Reseller But Their 2nd Party Sellers Are Not. It Has To Say Fulfilled By Online Store! Also You Can Always Trust Online Store Will Treat You Right In Customer Service If Somehow You Got A Bad One. The Bad Thing Is An Average Person Could Get A Fake And It Would Work Ok For A While And They Wouldn T Know It Until It Was To Late To Return It. I Have A Body Shop And Often Use A Jumper 10+ Times A Day. The Fake Wouldn T Begin To Hold Up To That. But I Think Its Kind Of A Shame All The 1 Star Reviews Of This Product And Most Of Them Are Reviewing A Cheap Knockoff And Not The Real Thing. I Understand Their Frustration But Really They Should List The Seller They Bought It Off Of And Be Reviewing The Seller Not The Product. I Would Take Those Reviews With A Grain Of Salt Just My . 02 ;-) Edit To 4 Stars: After Living With This Jumper For A Month And Using It Quite A Lot I Have Deducted One Star. I Am Finding That Every Time Anyone Goes To Jump A Car At The Garage They Grab The Jnc660 Starter And Leave This One On The Bench. Here Is Why: The Jnc660 Has No Safety Feature The Clamp Are Always Powered Which Means No Fiddling Around With The Tiny Button To Charge The Clamps. While The Safety May Be A Great Feature For Many People For A Garage Or Shop It Is A Nuisance. Also The Clamps Are Only Powered For A Limited Amount Of Time Before By Default They Switched Back Off. I M Sure This Is To Protect The Xp10 From Overheating And For Many Cars It Works Fine. However When You Re Trying To Start A Car That Is Difficult To Start And Has To Crank Over A Lot You Will Find You Have To Walk Back Around To The Front Of The Car To Push The Little Button To Reenergize The Clamps Over And Over. Again It S Probably An Ok Feature For Many People But For A Shop It S A Real Nuisance. With The Jnc660 You Hook It Up Once And It Will Crank Until It S Battery Goes Dead. Also Having To Keep Up With Two Pieces The Device And The Separate Cables It Is Another Nuisance. I Still Gave It Four Stars Because It Is Lightweight And Easy To Carry And Does Work Very Well And Holds A Charge Well Too. Overall It S A Great Option For Many People. But If You Re A Garage Or Shop And Are Shopping For A Serious Jump Starter I Would Look At The Jump N Carry Starters I Have The Jnc660. I Find That This Is A Great 2nd Or 3rd Jump Starter To Own. But For Me Personally If It Were Lost Or Stolen Im Not Sure I Would Buy Another

O. Hurst, Maine

Amazing. Worked incredibly on my 2009 lexus that had been sitting for months and had a completely dead battery. Very simple to use-attached positive/negative clips (no need to worry about sparks-that is an issue of the past and won't happen with the ag-xp-10), plugged into charged micro-start battery, hit the power button and all of a sudden all my lights were on, my alarm went off, and i started my car-simple! i can now get rid of my old jumper cables, and no need to call the garage, or to consider big bulky and often pricier last-generation battery chargers (e. G. Black& decker/century/etc). This is portable, can carry with you in the car easily (nice all-in-one compact carrying case), and can even be charged once you get your car up and running with the cigarette adapter (although may not be necessary-after jumping my dead battery, still had full charge (there is a 5-led light system to read-out charge status, and 5/5 were still lit). Antigravity batteries ag-xp-10 multi-function power supply and jump starter

G. Anonymous, Massachusetts says

I Work For Aaa In Battery Service And I Use The Antigravity Batteries Micro-start Xp-3 For 99% Of The Jumpstarts I Do. It Jumpstarts Big V-8 Engines With No Problem. I Have Also Had Good Luck With The European Imports Such As The Bmw's And Mercedes Benz. It Has Even Started A Cummings Diesel In A Dodge Ram. It Will Be Interesting To See How Long It Last As I Use It To Jump Start Cars 4-5 Times A Day 5 Days A Week. So Far So Good.

T. Suzanne, Connecticut

I Have To Give The Xp-10 1 Star Because There Are Too Many Cheap And Dangerous Copies Of The Xp-10 On Online Store. I Purchase One And Registered It With Antigravity. Although The Xp-10 I Have Has A Serial Number They Don't Ask For It During Registration. If They Had Perhaps They Could Stop The Clones. I Sent A Professional Email To Antigravitybatteries Letting Them Know About Xp-10 I Had Just Received From Online Store Through A Second Source. I Got A Terse Reply: "facticity Is Defnitely Not An Authorized Dealer" (spelling Errors And All). I Wrote Back Asking Them To Answer The 4 Other Questions Like Does Your Unit Have A Serial Number Does It Have An Anti-copy Hologram Sticker Like Mine. What Is The Weight Of Your Unit. The One I Got Was 22. 75oz But I Found A Picture On Line That Says It Should Be 23. 8oz. I Even Attached A Photograph. No Reply. I Have No Doubt That The Xp-10 Is The Best Product In Its Market Class Just Don't Buy It From An Unauthorized Dealer. Ps: Antigravity Does Not Disclose Who Their Authorized Dealers Are. So Just Don't Buy An Xp-10.

Z. Smith, Poole says

Beware!!!!! Battery Swells And Cracks Open The Case!!! The Battery Works As Advertised And I Have Jump Started Several Cars. I Even Replaced My Jumper Cables With The Xp-1 Battery Due To The Size Convenience. The Battery Was Never Drained Or Overcharged And The Manufacturer Charger Was Always Used. I Would Not Recommend This Battery Due To The Swelling Experienced Which May Indicate A Possible Battery Failure Fire Hazard Or Explosion Hazard. Batteries Are Not Supposed To Swell!! See Picture.

M. Claudia, Bury

The xp-10 works great. Am using it as a redundant backup for personal electronics. It has usb outlets similar to all the common personal power supplies; however, with the 12v outlet, a inexpensive adaptor and a low amp inverter you can run 120 vc 'appliances', ie. , : you can charge an electric razor, run desk lamps with cfl bulbs, charge personal electronics that come with a 120 volt wall wart, charge 18v black and decker batteries. I'm currently in the testing phase, checking small power users found around the house, then will test charging the battery with a 60 watt poweradd portable solar panel. Remember, the xp-10 only contains 18ahr power, or about 14% of a large 125ahr deep cycle battery. With it, you can charge a variety of small personal electronics batteries, ie. , cell phones, garmin gps, ipod, sony camera battery, run a 28 usb led lamp or usb fan, etc. , or even charge a couple (2-3) 18 volt b&d power tool batteries with an inverter. The kit is good, but what you add doubles or triples its utility.

K. Powell, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Great Little Product I Was A Tow Truck Driver And I Used This Every Day. As Just An Every Day User You Still Need To Deplete The Battery So What I Suggest Is Use The Device To Charge Your Mobile Phone And Other Devices And Then Charge The Jump Pack Every Other Night. Pro: Will Jump Start A Diesel Vehicle But Needs To Be In Short Burst. Do Not Crank A Vehicle For A Long Period Of Time As It Will Melt The Solder Off Of The Diode. Charges My Iphone And Ipad Through Out The Day When We Went Camping. Fits In My Pocket When Carrying It Around. Cons: You Need To Continuously Use The Device Or You Will Loose Cranking Power Output. Remember Voltage Will Be The Same Or Drop Slightly But Amperage Will Drop Much Faster And Even Though You Will Have 4 Out Of 5 Leds You May Have Less Than Half Of The Cranking Amps. To Resolve This Issue I Make Sure I Continuously Charge The Jump Pack. Really How Often Do You Just Leave $125 In Your Glove Box And Check On It In A Few Months. I Bet Either Some Or All Of You Money Would Be Gone. Final Comment: Use The Derive And It Will Do What Is Expected. Let The Device Set For Months On End And You Will See The Difference On Starting Power. Use It Or Lose It! ! !

V. Rochelle, Hessen

Wow! wow! wow! i didn't believe it could be as good as others say so i had to try it. I started my tractor 4 times right out of the box. Then i charged it a bit and connected it to my pt cruiser with the battery unplugged and it started up 5 times without even a hickup! pt's take a lot of juice to start and my previous "large-size" portable battery starter had to really grunt to get it to start. This thing just fired it right up every single time. And i can leave it in my car for up to 6 months before i need to charge it again? great! it is also so small that it defies what it can do. It fits right under my seat in its nice case and i will have plenty of juice to fire any of my electronics i bring along including my laptops! all i can say is if you are not sure. Just buy it! . . The only thing i wish it had were slightly longer battery cables. I know other brands make slightly longer ones. These don't give you a whole lot of working room if your battery is buried below a lot of stuff but it was still accessible. Maybe they do make an extension kit which i would surely get or maybe just a short jumper set to attach to the unit but i know it would then reduce the output somewhat.

A. Gladys, Luton says

This Product Purchased From Shun Tech Unfortunately Is A Fake. It Does Look Good And Works Initially As It Should And Costs Less Than The Real Thing. However After 2 Uses It Already Has Shown A Decrease In Performance. The Copiers Know To Fake And It Can Easily Fool Anyone Without The Benefit Of A Comparison. It Is Being Returned To Online Store For A Full Refund. I Have Been In Touch With The The Genuine Manufacturer Antigravity Batteries And They Explained The Subtle Differences On The Outside Of The Battery And Packaging. The Real Problem Is What Is Hidden Inside From This Knockoff That Can One Day Fail And Damage Your Vehicle Or Laptop. They Use Cheap And Of Unknown Quality Components That If They Fail At The Wrong Time Can Cause A Problem That Will Leave The User With Little Recourse. The Most Obvious Difference Between The Real Battery And The Copy Is The Outside Finish. The Copy Is Glossy Looks Good But Is Slippery And Just The First Of Compromises That Lurk In This Knockoff. The Real Xp 10 Is Covered With A Rubberized Finish That Before You Buy From Anyone Except Antigravity Batteries You Should Make Sure That This Is What You Are Getting. Do Not Want To Suggest That Online Store Shun Tech Or Any Of The Other Sellers Knew That This Was A Phony. But They Should Know Now And Remove These Fakes From The Marketplace. Will Buy This Directly From Antigravity Batteries And I Urge You To Contact Them And See What They Can Do For You From A Price Standpoint. This Way You Will Get The Real Quality You Are Paying For With No Surprises Down The Road. .

S. Patton, South Australia

My truck battery started to fail just 2 days after i got this device. I own a 2008 nissan titan 4x4. I started the truck about 7 times over a week and it still displayed full charge. I finally got a new battery, took out the old battery completely and to put the jumper to the test and it started the truck with only the micro start attached while the old battery sat on the ground outside the auto supply shop. I did not use the boost function. It went to 3 lights after the start then back to 4 lights. A day later i attempted to start a dead car with corroded contacts but to no avail. I now know i should have moved the clamps to the cables instead of the top of the corrosion laden posts. I gave the unit a brief charge (20 mins) on the car charger and was back to five lights. I started a guys volvo v8 this morning. This is when i learned to move the clamps to the battery cable and not directly on top of the battery posts to get the vehicle to turn over. Not saying the starter pack will only work if it's connected to the battery cable. Just some adjustments may be needed to get good contact. The people at the auto shop wrote down the name of the box because they plan on getting one. The box is attractive, very portable and has good kick. I took all the accessories out as i don't need them and just have the clamps and car charger in the case. I may get a smaller case for even better portability. As a caution i don't leave the unit in the car on the 93 degree days in philadelphia. And unplug the box from the cables as soon as the vehicle starts. I've read that some units have overheated the cables if left on a running car after 30 seconds or so. Very satisfied with this purchase. . 10/17/16 update: this box started my buddy's 1970 cadillac coupe deville from a totally dead battery! engine size is a 472cid v-8. It took 3 tries and caused the box to drain to 3 lights from a full charge. It also heated the box and wires up quickly. Yes i disconnected the clamps immediately after he got started. He bought a new battery the following day.

J. Bethany, Michigan says

I Received The Micro-start And It Was Exactly As Described. I Work In An Electrical Engineering Laboratory So I Took It To Work To Test It. It Was Attached To A Battery Test Load Bank And It's Output Was Tested At Just Over 200 Amps Which Is Slightly Better Than Advertised. The Device Was Then Recharged To Full Charge. The Next Test Was Performed On My Personal Vehicle. The Negative Cable Was Removed From The Vehicle Battery And The Micro-start Was Attached In Place Of The Vehicle Battery. The Vehicle Was A 2005 Ford F150 Pickup Truck With A 5. 4 Liter V8 Engine. The Vehicle Was Started 10 Times Consecutively Using Just The Micro-start. While The Micro-start Would Have Likely Continued To Start The Truck (there Was No Decrease In Performance) The Test Was Stopped To Prevent Over Heating And Damage To The Vehicle Starter. At That Point The Micro-start Showed A Charge Of 3 Out Of 4 Lights Or 3/4 Charge. The Micro-start Was Not Used To Start A Vehicle With A Dead Battery As None Was Available. The Technicians Witnessing The Test All Requested Purchase Information As They Were Impressed With The Performance Of The Micro-start. Verdict: The Micro-start Performs Exactly As Claimed. It Performed Well And Impressed The Testers With It's Ability To Repeatedly Start A V8 Engine With 108 000 Miles On The Odometer. Update: Today (7/3/2014) A Coworker Left His Headlights On And Discharged The Battery Of His Honda Crv. I Used The Micro-start To Jump Start His Engine Not Once But Twice. The Anti-gravity Micro-start Works As Advertised.

P. Cathy, Pays de la Loire

I like this thing a lot. I have used it to charge various usb devices and even my lenovo thinkpad. I've jump-started a few cars with it as well (i'm an auto technician by trade). . The only thing that prevents me from giving this a 5 star rating is the car jump start apparatus itself. The cables are a tad on the short side for some of the larger batteries with terminals spaced far apart. The plastic clamps are not the least bit durable. I've broken both of them. The positive clamp broke as i was opening it up to install on a battery. The negative one broke when it slipped from my fingers and the spring snapped the clamp shut, breaking it apart. . I have since found some el-cheapo small metal battery charging clamps at a local auto parts store and simply crimped those to the end of the wires instead, and that also gained me some length in the cables as my replacement clamps have the wires crimped further up in the handle rather than all the way towards the end that grabs onto the battery terminal. . I can say that this small battery pack does start some rather dead vehicles. It packs a surprising punch for the size. Does jump start as advertised.

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