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    Power Stop (k5857) 1-click Brake Kit (Auto Part)

    Power Stop (k5857) 1-click Brake Kit (Auto Part) 4218

    Purchase Now Power Stop (k5857) 1-click Brake Kit (Auto Part), Power Stop (k5857) 1-click Brake Kit Auto Part K5857
    • Characteristic: Big brake feel without the big price
    • Characteristic: Included ceramic brake pads provide more pad bite without noise or dust
    • Characteristic: Brake kit buying matches the right pad and rotor combination for faster stops
    • Some 'kits' come with bare bones. Was surprised this one had decent instructions and brake pads had gel as well as caliper bole boot replacements. Someone has a youtube video out there for the latest gen odyssey using this kit so after a quick watch to see if brakes had dramatically changed from wif... go to https://jerdus.com/power-stop-k5857-1-click-brake-42180b0c1rwm/#power-stop-k5857-1-click-brake
    power stop (k5857) 1-click brake kit: power stop auto part power stop brake kits include a complete set of cross-drilled and slotted rotors and high performance