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    Xyzctem towing d ring shackles set (XYZCTEM-296)

    Xyzctem towing d ring shackles set (XYZCTEM-296) 5208

    Get Discount Xyzctem towing d ring shackles set (XYZCTEM-296), Xyzctem towing d ring shackles set Auto Part Xyzctem 296
    1. Characteristic: SUPERIOR TOWING POWER - Made of drop-forged steel, our tow shackles feature a towing capacity up to 4.75 tons for superior strength.
    2. About The Only Thing That Matches The Description Is That They Are In Fact 3/4" D-rings. And There Are Two Of Them. The Attached Photo Compares The D-ring With Some Other Metal Parts Of Known Composition. The Roundhead Screw On The Left Is Nickel Or Zinc Plated Steel And It Matches The D-ring. ... go to https://jerdus.com/xyzctem-towing-d-ring-shackles-set-520817w2qc7s/#xyzctem-towing-d-ring-shackles-set
    3. Characteristic: OFF-ROAD VERSATILITY - Great for Jeeps, trucks and sport-utility vehicles, our d-rings support pulling vehicles, yanking tree stumps or moving equipment.
    Xyzctem-towing-d-ring-shackles-set: Xyzctem Auto Part Improve Your Towing Capability With Heavy Duty Towing Shackles With A 4. 75-ton Towing Capacity!