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    Valeo 52151203 Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit (Auto Part)

    Valeo 52151203 Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit (Auto Part) 3912

    On Sale Valeo 52151203 Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit (Auto Part), Valeo 52151203 Solid Flywheel Conversion Kit Auto Part 52151203
    1. Box Arrived Torn. Hardware Literally Falling Out Of The Box. Luckily None Was Lost. Extremely Poor Packaging. Hardware Bags Were Torn/hardware Was Falling Out. Every Box Within The Shipping Box Was Torn As If Used. Literally The Worst Packaging I Have Ever Seen. I Normally Don't Review Stuff Li... go to https://jerdus.com/valeo-52151203-solid-flywheel-conversion-3912049pmbcm/#valeo-52151203-solid-flywheel-conversion
    2. Special: Conversion clutch kit - clutch kit to convert an original dual mass flywheel setup to a solid flywheel replacement setup
    3. Special: This kit includes a solid flywheel and eliminates the use of the complex, more expensive dual mass flywheel
    4. Special: Premium packaging - anti-rust wrapping around cover, foam insert to secure components
    Valeo-52151203-solid-flywheel-conversion: Valeo Auto Part Valeo's Clutch Kit Comes With All The Necessary Components To Do A Complete Clutch Installation.