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    Kurgo 00036 Seasonal Tire Tote, (pack Of 4) (Auto Accessory)

    Kurgo 00036 Seasonal Tire Tote, (pack Of 4) (Auto Accessory) 4548

    Add to Cart Kurgo 00036 Seasonal Tire Tote, (pack Of 4) (Auto Accessory), Kurgo 00036 Seasonal Tire Tote, (pack Of 4) Auto Accessory 00036
    • Ingredients: Protects vehicle interior from tire and brake residue
    • Ingredients: Makes it easy to carry tires & extends life of tire; perfect for seasonal, event or spare tires
    • Ingredients: Protects clothing from tire and brake residue, when changing or transporting tires
    • These tire totes have turned out to be absolutely perfect. They handle my truck's 255/55r20s just fine and were incredibly easy to get on. They lay flat on the ground and you just roll your tire onto them, wrap the sides up and secure with the velcro on the tread-side and on the walls. The handle al... go to https://jerdus.com/kurgo-00036-seasonal-tire-tote-45480qrvj7xm/#kurgo-00036-seasonal-tire-tote
    kurgo 00036 seasonal tire tote, (pack of 4): kurgo auto accessory kurgo's seasonal tire totes reduce the mess and hassle of seasonal tire change by covering