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    Panlong bluetooth diagnostic scanner android (PL-B02)

    Panlong bluetooth diagnostic scanner android (PL-B02) 3762

    jerdus.com Panlong bluetooth diagnostic scanner android (PL-B02), Panlong bluetooth diagnostic scanner android Auto Accessory Pl B02
    • I Got This For My 2006 Vw Jetta Check Engine Lights Be Going On And Off For A While Now And I Wanted To See Why I Also Bought Torque Pro To Use With This And I've Got To Say I Like It. The App Told Me The Fault Code Was My Bank 1 O2 Sensor But It Also To Me That It Reading Below The Remaindered... go to https://jerdus.com/panlong-bluetooth-diagnostic-scanner-android-37620pjphebo/#panlong-bluetooth-diagnostic-scanner-android
    • Supplementary: Easy to Use: Plug the device in your car's OBD2 port, turn on your car, enable Bluetooth on your Android phone or tablet, search for "OBDII" and pair with it (pin 1234), run the download App with simple settings and wait until it connects your car's
    • Supplementary: Compatible App and System: Recommend Apps are Torque Pro, Torque Lite (free), OBD Car Doctor (free), etc. on Google Play. Work with Android cellphone and tablet. For iPhone and iOS devices, please choose "WiFi for Android/iOS" version
    • Supplementary: Amazing Functions: Find out why your check engine light is on before visiting the mechanic - save money by fixing simple problems yourself! Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 ge
    panlong bluetooth obd2 obdii car diagnostic scanner check engine light android - compatible torque pro: panlong auto accessory functions: . read diagnostic