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    Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (41650)

    Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (41650) 2133

    On Sale Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (41650), 7 Pt. Axle Nut 7 Extra Long 1/2 In. Drive 6 Point Metric Sockets Are Ideal For Heavy Duty Use In Removing And Installing Axle Nuts. Use A Ratchet, Breaker Bar, Impact Wrench, Or Torque Wrench. Includes: -Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set
    1. Advantage: For Use With Ratchet, Breaker Bar, Impact Wrench Or Torque Wrench.
    2. Advantage: Includes 7 Extra-long, 1/2-inch Drive 6-point Metric Sockets.
    3. These are the real deal, these are thick wall deep sockets. Just as good as snap-on. I abuse tools and they show no signs of wear. I have a 1/2 drive ir impact wrench 600 ft. Pounds and these sockets held up with no marks. I couldn't believe it. Trust me save your money from the snap-on and matco sa... go to https://jerdus.com/gearwrench-pt-axle-nut-set-213300niceps/#gearwrench-pt-axle-nut-set
    Buy Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (Tools) 41650