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    Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (41650)

    Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (41650) 2133

    Fast Deal Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (41650), 7 Pt. Axle Nut 7 Extra Long 1/2 In. Drive 6 Point Metric Sockets Are Ideal For Heavy Duty Use In Removing And Installing Axle Nuts. Use A Ratchet, Breaker Bar, Impact Wrench, Or Torque Wrench. Includes: -Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set
    1. Advantage: For Use With Ratchet, Breaker Bar, Impact Wrench Or Torque Wrench.
    2. Advantage: Includes 7 Extra-long, 1/2-inch Drive 6-point Metric Sockets.
    3. Really too early to do a review as i have yet to use them so i can't definitively comment on their durability or size accuracy. That said, the sockets appear to be well constructed, the set included all the sizes needed for most axle work and the sockets are deep (not all "deep" sockets are actually... go to https://jerdus.com/gearwrench-pt-axle-nut-set-213300niceps/#gearwrench-pt-axle-nut-set
    Buy Gearwrench 7 Pt. Axle Nut Set (Tools) 41650