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    Bedrug Bmc07tg Tailgate Mat (Auto Accessory)

    Bedrug Bmc07tg Tailgate Mat (Auto Accessory) 4828

    Buy Now Bedrug Bmc07tg Tailgate Mat (Auto Accessory), Bedrug Bmc07tg Tailgate Mat Auto Accessory Bmc07tg
    • Bonus: 100 percentage polypropylene; ultra tough work surface
    • Bonus: Custom fit for each truck; won't scratch truck bed superior comfort; cushioned and knee-friendly
    • Bonus: Looks and feels like carpet slip and skid resistant fiber
    • The product is as advertised. Installation is tricky getting the velco strips lined up. Make sure you position in a temporary mode and try to close the tailgate to make sure you don't have any interference. Since i have a cover over the bed i have not given it the "wind turbulence test" at highway s... go to https://jerdus.com/bedrug-bmc07tg-tailgate-mat-482801emrqbe/#bedrug-bmc07tg-tailgate-mat
    bedrug bmc07tg tailgate mat: bedrug auto accessory the bedrug tailgate mat can to be used independently or in conjunction any style of the bedrug mat.