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    Fumoto F-104n Engine Oil Drain Valve (f104n)

    Fumoto F-104n Engine Oil Drain Valve (f104n) 3204

    Show Details Fumoto F-104n Engine Oil Drain Valve (f104n), Engine Oil Drain Incorporating Fumoto's Most Compact Ball Valve, Fumoto's Fn Series Valves Are Designed To Fit Cars, Light Trucks, Vans And Select Commercial Engines. These Models Are Equipped A Nipple -Fumoto F-104n Engine Oil Drain Valve
    1. This will make the next oil change a lot easier. I also bought tubing and will drain oil 2 1/2 gallons at a time right into the old oil containers i saved after i changed oil this last time and recycled the oil. I kept the containers. The valve is built well and screwed right in. Used this with a cu... go to https://jerdus.com/fumoto-f-104n-engine-drain-valve-320403vc97n0/#fumoto-f-104n-engine-drain-valve
    2. Add-on: Replaces Drain Plug For Quick, Easy, Clean Oil Change.
    3. Add-on: No More Contact With Hot Oil And No Messy Hands Or Clothes.
    Affordable Fumoto F-104n Engine Oil Drain Valve (Auto Accessory) F 104n