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Price was $21.99. This thing is an awesome investment! you will be the envy of your do-it-yourselfer circle as your code reader will cost several hundred dollars less than theirs and essentially do the same thing. It will require a phone app that costs about 5 bucks, i suggest torque. For the price, you won't beat this code reader.

-G. Guest

Bafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices Auto Accessory 34t5

  1. Special: Super easy setup! Connects to your Android phone/tablet or Windows PC using a 3rd party app. App cost ranges from $0-$5 & up to $60 for specialty apps depending on your needs. Contact BAFX Products® for recommended apps.
  2. Special: ONLY the BAFX Products® OBD Reader REALLY works on ALL vehicles located in the USA 1996 & Newer! Many cheaper versions have trouble with the J1850 & CAN protocols even though they SAY they work. Many people buy cheap first but always end up buying ours, because ours works!

Bafx-products-34t5-bluetooth-android: Bafx Products Auto Accessory Beware Of Imitators! The Bafx Products Scan Tool Works On All Vehicles Located In The

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ONLY The BAFX Products® OBD Reader REALLY Works On ALL Vehicles Located In The USA 1996 & Newer! Many Cheaper Versions Have Trouble With The J1850 & CAN Protocols Even Though They SAY They Work. Many People Buy Cheap First But Always End Up Buying Ours, Because Ours Works!. Super Easy Setup! Connects To Your Android Phone/tablet Or Windows PC Using A 3rd Party App. App Cost Ranges From $0-$5 & Up To $60 For Specialty Apps Depending On Your Needs. Contact BAFX Products® For Recommended Apps. Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes For The Check Engine Light, Both Generic & Manufacturer Specific Codes. Get REAL-TIME Sensor Information Right On Your Phone! EOT, RPM, Speed, DPF Temp, Balance Rates, O2 Readings & So MUCH More! Even Pre-test For Emissions Testing! Get Your 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 & 1 Mile Times Right On Your Phone!. Works With Bluetooth Enabled Android Devices & Windows PC's. Arrives With DEMO Software For PC's. NOT FOR USE WITH IOS DEVICES! If You Are NOT Located In The USA, Contact BAFX Products® FIRST To Ensure Compatibility In Your Country!. 2 (TWO!) Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects*! Problems Beyond 2 Years? Please, Still Contact Us! Special BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices.

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Bafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices

  • Order : Automotive
  • Brand : BAFX Products
  • Color : Black
  • EAN : 0661799212113
  • Manufacturer : BAFX Products
  • Model : 34t5
  • MPN : 4619348hhyg
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : 4619348hhyg
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO ACCESSORY
  • Size : 1 Unit
  • Title : BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool For Android Devices
  • UPC : 661799212113
  • Warranty : *1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects. Warranty Only Valid When Purchased From BAFX Products® Or Authorized Dealer With Valid Order Number Or Receipt. Warranty Valid 1 Year From Date Of Purchase To Original Purchaser Only. BAFX Products® Will Cover Return Shipping Costs For Warranty Work Within 60 Days Of Purchase. Warranty Work Between 60 Days &

Automotive Bafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices 34t5 OnSale Automotive Parts And Accessories 661799212113 Bafx Products, Bafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices 0661799212113. beware of imitators! the bafx products scan tool works on all vehicles located in the usa that are model year 1996 or newer! we guarantee it! many tools claim to work on all vehicles but have problems with the j1850 & can protocols. ours doesn't. ours works on all protocols and we actually mean it! people try the cheaper ones but then buy ours because ours works. the bafx products adapter will: last longer have more stable connections give faster data rates & work smoother on all vehicles compared to our competitors. we also provide top notch support. have a question problem let us know we will answer or fix the problem. not compatible with ios devices! to use the obd reader you will need to install a 3rd party app from the android store or online. apps range in price from $0 - $5 with specialty apps costing up to $60. pc programs range from $0 - $50. contact bafx products for a list of apps when used with proper software you can:. read obdii check engine light codes. reset the cel. pull many other sensor readings. graph sensor readings. prepare for emissions testing. and so much more!. 2 (yes two!) year warranty!* problems beyond 2 years still contact us! examples of sensor readings: o2 readings eot egt throttle boost speed fuel trim dpf temp balance rates & much more! *note! not all vehicles support reading of all sensors. readings supported depend on what's installed on the obdii system by the manufacturer. generally newer vehicles will give more readings. if not located in the usa: contact us before ordering to ensure it will work in your country! we only guarantee it will work on vehicles located in certain countries! *warranty only valid if purchased from bafx products or authorized dealer Bafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices Auto Accessory 34t5.

Bafx Products Automotive 34t5: BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

It's unbelievable how much this can do relative to how little it costs. It updates much faster than my old wired actron obd reader. The negatives:. 1:requires an app for your android device. I chose torque. The bafx tool works well, but, your overall satisfaction will depend more on your relationship with the software you choose. You need to configure your bluetooth (easy) and the software (easy for the basic stuff like reading and clearing codes, . But more complex for for logging and graphing data ). 2: it doesn't seat firmly in all cars obd ports. I ended up using a short length of elastic cord to hold it securely. You may also need an angle adapter or obd extension cord to locate it safely out of the way. 3: it seems to stay on after vehicle shutdown. I don't know if it shuts down after a long period of inactivity. And i don't know how much power it draws, but it's not just the led, it's also transmitting bluetooth, so it's not a negligible draw. You need to remember to unplug it every time. . The positives:. 1 it works. 2: it's cheap. 3: it does a lot. I've only begun to explore what the torque app can do, but in addition to the usual scan tool functions, . You can use your phone/tablet for additional gauges. All pids anything that the engine computer measures. The graphing and logging functions are great if your chasing a transient or intermittent problem. It gives you access to an unbelievable amount of data.

Click to see NoticeBafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices (4619348hhyg)"Arrived In A Timely Manner Packaged Well Simple To Install (just Plug It In) - Leds Worked As Advertised Paired By Bluetooth With No Issues. Lots Of Obdii Data. Used It On A 1200 Mile Road Trip With Our Newly Purchased State Surplus 2009 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (p71) - We Used The Android "torque" App On My Android Phone Initially The Free Version. Everything Worked Great So We Upgraded To The Paid Torque App. Side Note: Since Torque Has Logging Features To Fully Turn It "off" You Need To Shut It Off In-app Not Just Close That Window. Anyway Back To The Scan Tool/reader Itself: Since Torque And This Scan Tool Go Beyond The "technician" Level Of Data And Reveal The "hidden" Factory-only Information You Are Likely To See Some Bogus/phantom "out Of Spec" Messages At Least With Fords. You Will Have To Do Some Research If You Want To Go As Deep As This Tool Will Let You. Ford Apparently Just Throws Everything In The Obdii Firmware Whether Or Not The Car In Question Actually Has The Physical Part - The Most Obvious Example Is That The Reader Will Give You Misfire Reports For Cylinder 7 And Cylinder 8 On A 6-cylinder Car. Sure The Cylinders Are Not Firing Properly - Because They Don't Exist. Probably Simpler For Ford To Just Use Standard Firmware Across All Cars And Figure That The Factory Engineer Knows Whether The Engine Actually Has 8 Cylinders. This Is Not Caused By The Scan Tool - It's Endemic To Ford. If You Get A Simpler Scan Tool (tech Only Level) - You Won't Get (as Many ) Phantom Errors/out-of-spec Warnings. Great Value For The Money."

Bafx-products-34t5-bluetooth-androidBAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

ScanTool 425801 OBDLink SX USB: Professional OBD-II Scan Tool for Windows

Obdlink Sx Will Quickly And Accurately Diagnose Engine Problems And Provide Real-time Engine Data. All You Need Is A 1996 Or Newer Vehicle And A Windows Tablet Or Laptop With A Usb Port And You Have A Sophisticated Yet Easy-to-use Diagnostics System. Get All The Features Of A More Expensive Standalone Scanner Plus The Unparalleled Graphics The Latest Obdwiz Software Provides. Obdlink Sx Is The Basic Plug-and-play Scan Tool Designed For The Budget-minded Do-it-yourself Mechanic. Powerful Hardware And Advanced Upgradeable Firmware Make Sx The Successor To The Popular Elmscan 5 Scan Tool. Obdlink Sx Is A Breeze To Install And Configure. It Is Fully Obd-ii Compliant And Connects With More Cars Than Any Scan Tool On The Market. Sx Includes A License Key For Obdwiz Diagnostics Software Which Allows You To: Turn Off Check Engine Light And Erase Stored Diagnostic Information. Read And Erase Trouble Codes (both Generic And Manufacturer-specific Over 7000 Codes In Database). Provide Useful Links To Online Database That Provides Trouble Code Descriptions And Causes. Freeze Frame Takes A Snapshot Of Your System The Moment A Trouble Code Is Triggered. Display Graph And Log 90+ Real-time Parameters - Life-like Onscreen Gauges To See More Than What The Manufacturer Provides. Create Your Own Gauge Layout Custom Screens Measure And Display Fuel Economy - Instant Feedback Teaches Drivers Fuel Economy Skills.

ScanTool 425801 OBDLink SX USB: Professional OBD-II Scan Tool for WindowsScanTool-425801-OBDLink-USB-Professional

Brand :    scantool
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    425801
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (scantool) reviews for ScanTool 425801 OBDLink SX USB: Professional OBD-II Scan Tool for Windows available as-of ( May 2019 )
Transform your Windows PC, laptop, or tablet into a professional-grade automotive scan tool (not compatible with Apple iOS devices)Works on all 1996+ cars and light trucks sold in the United States (except hybrid or electric vehicles)3-year manufacturer warranty, plus free firmware and software upgradesSave time and money by reading and clearing 'check engine' and trouble codes yourself, and determine the problem before consulting a mechanicFree license key for OBDwiz software

Car WIFI OBD 2 OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool Foseal Scanner Adapter Check Engine Diagnostic Tool for iOS & Android

Foseal Diagnostic Scan Tool Works On Vehicles Located In The Usa That Are Model Year 1996 Or Newer! Just Need To Connect The Free App In Phone To Diagnostic. Multi-protocol Support: Iso9141-2(5 Baud Init10. 4kbaud) Iso14230-4 Kwp(5 Baud Init10. 4 Kbaud) Iso14230-4 Kwp(fast Init10. 4 Kbaud) Iso15765-4 Can(11bit Id500 Kbaud) Iso15765-4 Can(29bit Id500 Kbaud) Iso15765-4 Can(11bit Id250 Kbaud) Iso15765-4 Can(29bit Id250 Kbaud) Sae J1939 Can(29bit Id250*kbaud) User1 Can(11*bit Id125*kbaud) User2 Can(11*bit Id50*kbaud) Functions: 1. Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes Both Generic And Manufacturer-specific And Display Their Meaning (over 3000 Generic Code Definitions In The Database Advance Timing Lights). 2. Clear Trouble Codes And Turn Off The Mil ('check Engine' Light) 3. Display Current Sensor Data 4. Engine Rpm 5. Coolant Temperature 6. Calculated Load Value 7. Vehicle Speed 8. Fuel System Status 9. Short Term Fuel Trim 10. Long Term Fuel Trim 11. Intake Manifold Pressure 12. Timing Advance Compatible App: -support Free "obd Car Doctor " App For Ios System You Can Download It From Apple Store "dashcommand" App For Ios System Is $9. 9. -support Free "dashcommand" "torque Pro" App For Android Device. Note: -please Turn On Your Car When Connecting Or The App Cannot Connect Successfully. -doesn't Work With 1995 Ford Ranger 2000 Sarum 2000 Honda Civic 2001 Altima 2002 Dodge Neon 2002 Acura 2003 Gmc 2003 Ford2005 Toyota Vitz Renault Clio 2005

Car WIFI OBD 2 OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool Foseal Scanner Adapter Check Engine Diagnostic Tool for iOS & AndroidFoseal-Scanner-Adapter-Diagnostic-Android

Brand :    foseal
Model :    Foseal
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (foseal) reviews for Car WIFI OBD 2 OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool Foseal Scanner Adapter Check Engine Diagnostic Tool for iOS & Android available as-of ( May 2019 )
Compatible Makes: Chrysler Ford Honda Mazda Nissan Toyota VW & More OBDII Cars. Super Mini OBD2 OBDII Wireless Auto Check Timing Car Diagnostic Interface Scanner, Read trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific.Display current sensor data, including Engine RPM, Calculated Load Value, Coolant Temperature, Fuel System Status, Vehicle Speed, Short Term Fuel Trim, Long Term Fuel Trim, Intake Manifold Pressure, Timing lights, Timing advance, Intake Air Temperature, Air Flow Rate, Absolute Throttle Position, Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims, Fuel System status, Fuel Pressure.WHAT YOU GET: High quality product, our seller support team stand behind our products in any way.Support iOS (iPhone6 6 plus 5s 5c iPad Air Mini 4) & Android (Samsung S5 S4 Note 3 Note 2. LG 2 Google Nexus) & Windows. Support (free "OBD Car Doctor "APP, the "DashCommand" APP is $9.99) for iOS. Support "Torque Pro "APP for Android device.Any question, please email us, we response you within 24 hours. Support OBD-II protocols: ISO15765-4 (CAN), ISO14230-4 (KWP2000), ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM. For your vehicle to be OBD II compliant it must have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under the dash and the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant.

Docooler Obd-ii Obd2 16pin Male to Female Extension Cable Diagnostic Extender 100cm

Specifications Length: 100cm Weight: 136g Package Included 1 * Obd2 16pin Extension Cable

Docooler Obd-ii Obd2 16pin Male to Female Extension Cable Diagnostic Extender 100cmDocooler-Obd-ii-Extension-Diagnostic-Extender

Brand :    docooler
Color :    OBD Cable 3.3ft
Model :    1
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (docooler) reviews for Docooler Obd-ii Obd2 16pin Male to Female Extension Cable Diagnostic Extender 100cm available as-of ( May 2019 )
OBD2 16Pin male to female extension cableMultiple cables can be daisy-chained together to achieve longer lengthHigh-quality materials give the cable superior flexibility and durabilityCompatible diagnostic tools with a 16 pin socket

iKKEGOL 1ft Feet 30cm OBD II OBD2 16 Pin Male to Female Extension Cable Car Diagnostic Extender Cord Adapter

A Right Angle Obd-ii Extension Cable That Measures 12 Inches Long. On One End (the Male) The Adapter Is At A Right Angle The Other End (female) Is Normal. This Cable Can Be Used To Plug Into An Obd-ii Compliant Vehicle And Coupled With Obd-ii Diagnostic Hardware. Obd2 16pin Male To Female Extension Cable. High-quality Materials Give The Cable Superior Flexibility And Durability. Multiple Cables Can Be Daisy-chained Together To Achieve Longer Length. Compatible Diagnostic Tools With A 16 Pin Socket Features: 16-pin Male To 16-pin Female Obd-ii Cable Measures 12 Inches (1 Foot/30cm) Compatible For Obd-ii Compliant Vehicles And Equipment Package Included: 1 X Obd2 16pin Extension Cable

iKKEGOL 1ft Feet 30cm OBD II OBD2 16 Pin Male to Female Extension Cable Car Diagnostic Extender Cord AdapteriKKEGOL-Extension-Diagnostic-Extender-Adapter

Brand :    ikkegol
Color :    Black
Model :    10257
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (ikkegol) reviews for iKKEGOL 1ft Feet 30cm OBD II OBD2 16 Pin Male to Female Extension Cable Car Diagnostic Extender Cord Adapter available as-of ( May 2019 )
This can be used to plug into an OBD-II compliant vehicle and coupled with OBD-II diagnostic hardwareA right angle OBD-II Extension Cable that measures 12 inches long. On one end (the male) the adapter is at a right angle, the other end (female) is normalHigh-quality materials give the cable superior flexibility and durabilityOBD2 16Pin male to female extension cableThe OBD2 16 pin extension cable allows you to connect compatible diagnostic tools with a 16 pin socket

Veepeak OBD-II OBD2 Extension Cable - Flat Ribbon Cable with Angled Connectors 1. 2m/3. 9ft 16-pin Pass-through for all OBD2 Vehicles

Reduce The Wear And Tear On The Obd Connector Of Your Vehicle By Using A Flat Flexible Ribbon Obd Extension Cable With Low Profile J1962 Obd Ii Port Connectors. The Cable Can Be Bent To The Left Or Right Under Over Or Around Just About Anything.

Veepeak OBD-II OBD2 Extension Cable - Flat Ribbon Cable with Angled Connectors 1. 2m/3. 9ft 16-pin Pass-through for all OBD2 VehiclesVeepeak-OBD-II-OBD2-Extension-Cable

Brand :    veepeak
Size :    OBD2 Extension Cable 1.2M
Model :    VP24
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (veepeak) reviews for Veepeak OBD-II OBD2 Extension Cable - Flat Ribbon Cable with Angled Connectors 1. 2m/3. 9ft 16-pin Pass-through for all OBD2 Vehicles available as-of ( May 2019 )
Supports all standard OBD 2 protocols including CAN1.2m OBD2 16Pin male to female extension cable (J1962 connectors)Angled connectors and flat ribble cable for superior flexibility and durabilityOne-year hassle-free replacement warranty and friendly customer supportCompatible with our OBD2 scanners, ideal for where the OBD2 scanner cannot fit into the OBD plug of some vehicles.

Tonsiki OBD 2 Cord 16 pin M/F Male to Female Right Angle Diagnostic Extension Cable with Power Switch to avoid battery drain

With Power Switchprevent Battery Damage. Revolutionary Flat Flexible Design Allows To Route The Cable Where You Need It 1x Male And 1x Female Low Profile J1962 Connectors 60cm Long Supports All Standard Obd 2 Protocols Direct Pass Through On Pins 2 4 5 6 7 10 14 15 16 Package Include: 1*2ft Obd 2 Right Left Angle Cable

Tonsiki OBD 2 Cord 16 pin M/F Male to Female Right Angle Diagnostic Extension Cable with Power Switch to avoid battery drainTonsiki-Female-Diagnostic-Extension-battery

Brand :    tonsiki
Color :    With power switch
Model :    GKCN-15OBD0081
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (tonsiki) reviews for Tonsiki OBD 2 Cord 16 pin M/F Male to Female Right Angle Diagnostic Extension Cable with Power Switch to avoid battery drain available as-of ( May 2019 )
Super flexible rubber coating is resistant to gas, oil, and most other common shop fluids.OBD2 16Pin male to female extension cable.Length:2ftUltra low profile design for hard to reach spots. Supports all standard OBD 2 protocols.Kindly Note: this item is just an adapter, not a diagnostic scanner.

Obd2 Male to Female Extension Convert Cable Flat Type (23. 6 inch)

16pin Obd2 Male To Female Y Cable Is Available To Test Cars For Two Obd Diagnstic Tool At The Same Time It Is The Standard Obd 16 Pin Universal Diagnostic Interface. Type: Diagnostic Cable Special Features: Connector

Obd2 Male to Female Extension Convert Cable Flat Type (23. 6 inch)Obd2-Female-Extension-Convert-Cable

Brand :    obdspace
Size :    60cm
Model :    obd2 male to female flat cable
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (obdspace) reviews for Obd2 Male to Female Extension Convert Cable Flat Type (23. 6 inch) available as-of ( May 2019 )
Obd2 16pin male to female cable16PIN obd2 male to female Y cable is available to test cars for Two OBD diagnstic tool at the same time, it is the standard OBD 16 Pin Universal diagnostic interface.The obd2 16pin ectension cable allows you to connect compatile diagnostic tools with a 16 pin socket.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android

Bluedriver Is A Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool. Read Or Clear Trouble Codes When The Check Engine Light Comes On. View A Vehicle-specific Repair Report That Contains Info Such As Code Definition Possible Causes And Reported Fixes Which Can Be Emailed As A Pdf. Read And Clear Enhanced Codes (e. G. Abs Airbag Transmission Etc) On Gm Ford Chrysler Toyota Bmw/mini (more To Come!)to Deliver The Best Experience The Bluedriver Sensor And The Free Bluedriver App (on Itunes And Google Play) Are Designed To Work Exclusively As A Single Tool. Older Negative Reviews Focus On Charges To Unlock Features In The App. The Only Purchase You Ever Need To Make Is The Bluedriver Sensor Listed Here. No In-app Purchases Or Subscription Fees. Bluedriver Features- Read And Clear Codesconfirmed Cel Codes - All Makespending Cel Codes - All Makespermanent Cel Codes - All Makesenhanced Codes (e. G. Abs Airbag Transmission Etc) Forgm Ford Chrysler Toyota (available Worldwide)bmw/mini (available In North America)- Repair Reports - Vehicle-specific For Each Dtc:code Definitionpossible Causesreported Fixes- Freeze Frame - Vehicle Snapshot When A Code Is Stored- Smog Check- Mode 6 - Advanced Test Results (like Misfire Counts)- Live Data - Graph Multiple Pids Or Export Log To A Filebluedriver Specifications- Supported Vehiclesworks With All Vehicles 1996 Or Newer (domestic And Import)supports All Obd2 Protocols (including Can)- Supported Phones/tabletslicensed To Work With Apple Ios And Android- Supported Hardware/softwarethe Bluedriver Sensor And Free Bluedriver App Are Designed To Work Exclusively As A Single Tool

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & AndroidBlueDriver-Bluetooth-Professional-iPhone-Android

Bluedriver Bluetooth Professional Obdii Scan Tool Iphone, Ipad & Android (LSB2) Review

I Had Difficulty Deciding Between The Bluedriver And The Obdlink. After Testing Both I Hope The Review Below May Help You. The Ability To Use Ios Is Nice However The Obdlink Coupled With A $63 Android Phablet Worked Better In My Situation As Described Below. With The Bluedriver I Was Disappointed With The Layout Of The Real Time Live Data Screen. It Is Nice To Have The Option To Show The Graphs On The Main Page Along With The Data However It Was Laid Out In A Semi-confusing Manner Hard To Tell At A Glance Which Line The Data Referred To With No Obvious Visual Breaks Between Lines. As A Mechanic I Prefer The Capability To Show Many Items At Once On The Page With The Field Description At The Left And The Data On The Right. When The Graphs Always Included It Really Limits How Many Fields Can Be Displayed At Once. Some Of The Parameter Descriptions Were Vague And Hard To Identify When On The Data Viewing Screen Although They Were Clearly Labeled On The Parameter Selection Screen. It Was Especially Hard To Identify Which O2 Data I Was Looking At And Which Sensor It Was For. I Have Heard This Interface Is Being Redesigned And Will Be Much More Customizable In The Future. I Also Would Like To See The Ability For The Device To Work With Other Programs. Being Limited To The Bluedriver Software Was A Large Reason I Selected The Obdlink Device. I Like The Functionality And Layout Of The Odblink Software And Open Compatibility Nature Of Their Setup. There Are Some Custom Written Programs That Work With Elm 327 That Really Do Much More Than Either Obdlink Or Bluedriver By Themselves And The Ability To Utilize Those Programs Like Forscan Was Huge For Me. I Also Appreciate The Live 24/7 Tech Support Bluedriver Offers. I Was Not Able To Get Answers To The Questions I Had About The Device Or Software And I Did Not Receive Any Return Calls But I Am Sure The Service Would Be Useful In Many Circumstances. Conversely Obdlink Offers Nothing Like That At All. Bluedriver Does Have A Great Product That Performed Well As Designed. If I Was Completely Set On Using Ios And Bluetooth It Would Be The Only Option.

Review from S. Lynette, West Virginia

Review from O. Taylor, Bayern

In My Opinion Most Of This Devices Poor Reviews Come From The Time When You Had To Pay For The App To Activate Features. Other Reviews Simply Come From Individuals Not Understanding Obii Or How It Basically Functions. This App Imo Is Awesome 1st I Am A Used Car Dealer I Need A Fast Obii That Is Accurate And That Can Do A Basic Scan Of All Vehicle To Make Sure The Car Can Pass Emissions And To Check For Trouble Codes Or Pending Codes When A Check Engine Is Not On. This Does It Plus So Much More. Another Import Aspect Is I Need Something Small To Carry Around Auctions. It Gets Tiring Even Carrying A Small Obdii That Has A Cord. This Is Perfect It Can Fit In My Front Pocket & For Rainy Days I Just Toss It In A Waterproof Wristlet. Today I Scanned About 50 Cars Nissan Maximas/ Altimas/quests/ Muranos/ Toyota Siennas And Prius Honda Accords Civics Odysseys Bmw 3 Series 335 And 325 Porsche Boxster Vw Passats Jetta Bugs/ Audi A4/ Acura Rsx And Tl. Basically It Scanned Every Car I Needed It To. Now On Some Cars The Extra Features Did Not Work But That Is Expected Most Handheld Scanners Cannot Do Certain Advanced Features Unless You Have A Scanner Specifically For Euro Cars. And This Is Where I See Alot Of Complaints From This Device Come In Here. This Scanner Can Do Alot Of Things Clear Codes Read Emissions Readiness And It's Accurate It Went Against My 400 Scanner And Everything It Read This Thing Registered. Except I Noticed On This Bad Boy I Can See When The Last Codes Where Erased On A Vehicle So I Can Weed Out Those Dealer Cars That Clear Codes On Their Problem Child Cars As They Enter The Auction. Imo This Device Is A Good Value **update*** 5 Months Later And This Little Devise Is My Best Friend. It Goes To Auctions 4 Auctions A Week And Probably Scans At Least 50 Cars Per Auction. Its Never Been Glitchy Or Wrong. Its Also Amazing On A Carlot Scanning A Vehicle In Front Of A Potential Customer Brings Car Selling To A Whole New Level They Can See The Vehicles Readiness Monitors. So I Have A 2nd One Now Just For The Sale Lot. I Absolutely Love This Item And The Quickness Of Scanning A Vehicle. I Can Scan Vehicle Almost On The Auction Block If Need Be For Those Cars That Just Appear That You Never Saw Parked In The Sale Lot. Also For Kicks I Scanned A Maserati And It Worked. Scans Mercedes C Class To. I Am Pretty Sure It Will Do A Basic Scan On Any Car With An Obdii Port At This Point

Image of Bluedriver-bluetooth-professional-obdii-scan-tool-iphone,-ipad-&-android-(lsb2)

I Don't Know A Whole Lot About Cars Much Less The Dreaded Engine Light. This Product Changes All Of That- I Would Typically Take The Car To An Autozone To Get A Print Out Of The Code Description And Then Google The Heck Out Of It. This Little Gadget Was The Perfect Practical Complement To My List Of Gadgets. One I Will Actually Use And Enjoy Using. It Does Exactly As Advertised Without The Cost Of The $$$$ Of Some Over Priced Diagnostic And Code Reader Used By Dealers. The Magic Of This Is That It's Powered By That Gadget We All Carried Around - One That Could Take Man To The Moon And Back. Why Invest In Compute Hardware When This Little Tool Can Simply Piggy Back Of Our Own Handheld Computer Gadget For Internet And Use As A Computer For Processing. What An Genius Idea Blue Driver. This Is The Reason For Buying The Expensive Readers - You Get A Better Computer Hardware To Read Your Codes - I Have My Phone With Internet And Blue Tooth. That's A Good Enough Computer To Do The Job. I Was A Bit Skeptic At First Before Buying This. Went Out Initially And Purchase A 69 Dollar Code Reader That Just Read Codes From Autozone. Realized It Was A Waste Of Money And Returned It. Took A Chance And Purchase This From Online Store. The Night It Arrived I Went Outside In The Snow And Plugged It In To Read My Engine Light On My 2009 Maurano. Immediately After Downloading The App On The Iphone It Connected Via Bluetooth And A Whole Bunch Of Information Was Available At My Finger Tips Including Real Time Data. I Was Able To Reset My Light Generate A Freeze Report Generate A Repair Report With Full Detail Description Of The Error Codes And Possible Fixes . I Was Impressed With All The Options In The App. Could Not Believe How Professional This Report Look And Greet The Information Compiled. The Ability To Export The Report To Any Source Like Txt Message Email Is Awesome. I Would Send To My Email Which Helps Me Feel More Confident I Understand The Possible Issue And Can Speak To A Mechanic With Confidence. I Highly Recommend This Product With No Regrets . It Has More Than I Ever Expected. Easy To Use . To Prove This Company Customer Service . After Receiving This Product Weeks Ago . I Got A Box From Online Store Today With A Coffee Mug Gift. Totally Unexpected! I Already Love The Product And All Of A Sudden I Get This Unexpected Gift. Big Thanks To The Blue Driver Team. Fantastic Product! Keep Up The Good Job.

I Am An Automotive Tech And To Supplement The Otc Scan Tool I Purchased The Lemur Bluedriver Lsb2. I Was Curious As To The Abs And Transmission Code Feature. I Downloaded The App From The Google Play Store To The Htc One M7 Android 4. 2. 2. Started With A Test On A 2007 Ford Ranger Plugged The Blue Driver To The Obd11 Port Turned Ignition On And Started The App. It Looked For And Paired To Driver Version 2. 27. Next It Stated The Driver Needed To Be Updated So I Did The Update. The Driver Version Now Showed As 2. 28. I Restarted The Phone An Ran The App Again. It Found The Driver And Connects But Still Showed As Connecting To 2. 27 . I Unpaired And Repaired But Still 2. 27. I Reinstalled The App But Still 2. 27. Further Attempts To Re Update The Driver Fail As It States It Is Already The Latest Version. I Decided To Try It Like This. The Scan Tool Feature Allows A General Dtc Scan For Engine Management And If Applicable A All Module Scan For Abs Etc. The General Scan Works Good And Is Fast Compared To Torque Paired With The Kiwi Plx Device. The Live Data Feature Works Well Also. The All Module Scan Is The Issue. It Scans And Crashes Any Where From 5% To 40% And The Message" Unfortunately Bluedriver Has Stopped. I Ran The Device On A 2007 Dodge Ram A 2007 Hummer H3 And A 2008 Chevrolet Uplander All With The Same Results. The App Allows You To Send A Report In The Result Of A Crash So I Sent 3. Last Friday I Contacted Lemur They Gathered Info And I Was Told They Would Have Tech Contact Me When They Returned. It Is Now Wednesday And I Have Not Heard A Word. I Will Be Contacting Them Again Today. Edit: Update 4/01/15 Contacted Lemur Tech Today. The Tech Took All Of The Information And Will Be Looking At The Log Reports Before They Will Be Able To Put A Finger On The Problem. They Suspect An App Issue. They Also Informed Me That The Device Will Always Show Connecting To Bluedriver 2. 27 No Matter What The Updated Firmware Is In This Case 2. 28. I Will Keep This Review Updated As I Receive More Info. Edit: Update 4/06/15 Back In Touch With Lemur Today. Level 2 Tech Had A Beta Version App Ready To Test For The Driver Crash Issue. I Installed It An Ran It On The Same 2 Vehicles That It Crashed On Previously. It Worked Fine On Both Vehicles. Lemur Tech And All Representatives Were Polite And Easy To Deal With.

U. Sherry, Nebraska

Brand :    lemur vehicle monitors
Color :    Black
Model :    LSB2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2 business days
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (lemur vehicle monitors) reviews for BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android available as-of ( May 2019 )
The BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor work exclusively with each other to ensure qualityFree vehicle-specific Repair Reports drawn from a database of over 4.3 million fixes verified by certified auto mechanicsOfficially licensed and certified for Apple and Android devicesThe Professional OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool trusted by mechanics and developed by Professional Engineers in North AmericaAs easy to use as a code reader with all the capabilities of an expensive handheld scan tool, plus the benefits of your smartphone or tablet (free app updates, portability, saving data, interactive graphing of live data)

Diageng Right Angle OBD II 2 Y Splitter Cable 1'/30cm 1x Male and 2x Female J1962 Ports

We Took 2 Of Our Most Popular Cables The Right Angle Extension And The Y Splitter And Combined Them To Make A Single High Quality Cable.

Diageng Right Angle OBD II 2 Y Splitter Cable 1'/30cm 1x Male and 2x Female J1962 PortsDiageng-Right-Angle-Splitter-Female

Brand :    diageng
Color :    Black
Size :    Right Y Cable
Weight :    0.29 pounds
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (diageng) reviews for Diageng Right Angle OBD II 2 Y Splitter Cable 1'/30cm 1x Male and 2x Female J1962 Ports available as-of ( May 2019 )
Flexible Shielded WireUnique DesignRight Angle Primary Connector- In an American/left hand drive vehicle this cable will push the "branches" "of the Y cable towards the center console/passenger side of the vehicle.High Quality Over Mold J1962 Connectors1 Year Warranty
Bafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices (4619348hhyg) Price : 21.99, was : 0 as 2017-01-22
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Incredible device. Im glad i bought this over the other smaller blue ones as this one gives me room to mod the case to fit an off/on button. Thanks to michi (a fellow reviewer here) i was able to do a clean working power button mod for this device with the help of a dremel and a circular power button. Theres already a hole cut out of the device of which im not sure if its purpose but it was a good starting point to make wider and fit my power button. Now its 100% perfect. See my photos. Works absolutely flawlessly with the torque app. The device does stand out a bit and sometimes when i get in the car, i tend to kick the reader.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: could i check engine temperature oil pressure and gas quantity with this device?

(1) Question: does it pick up abs codes

(2) Question: does this work with windows phone 8?

(3) Question: i just bought torque pro for apple iphone and wonder if it will work with this device?

(4) Question: can i leave it plugged in

(5) Question: does this device draw battery power after the car is turned off?

(6) Question: is this tool capable of... live data, freeze frame, fuel trim levels, o2 sensor readings, and other sensor as well, with the torque pro app ?

(7) Question: what pc software would you recommended i use with it, i don't have a droid or an iphone but do have a laptop wit bluetooth

(8) Question: dash command

(9) Question: what is the actual size of the device (how much does it stick out of the socket)?

(note) Question: where/how to get Bafx Products (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Bafx Products's products


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After suffering for over a year with a cheaper alternative, i finally upgraded to the steel inexpensive bafx obd2 diagnostic interface, with much delight! i can now connect with a faster interface, and is infinitely more reliable on both my ram truck and my ford focus. I highly recommend this over the cheaper, blue obd scan.

Automotive 18148651, Code Readers & Scan Tools 18370751, Diagnostic & Test Tools 15370751, Tools & Equipment 14960751Top Bafx Products 34t5 Bluetooth Obdii Scan Tool Android Devices (4619348hhyg) FAQ Content

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I Have To Admit I Wasn't Expecting Much Out Of This Product. I Am A Service Advisor At A Porsche Audi Land Rover Dealership So I Know How Expensive Scan Tools Can Be. I Am Also An Ase Certified Master Mechanic So I Understand The Importance Of A Good Quality Scan Tool. The Functions Of This Particular Scan Tool Are Limited Of Course. But For The Money I Would Venture To Say That This Is The Best One On The Market. Don't Pay Attention To Reviews That Are Poor Because Of Unrealistic Expectations. This Product Is Exactly What Online Store Says It Is: A Scan Tool For Check Engine Lights And Other Diagnostics. You Won't Be Able To Adjust Turbo Boost Or Change Shift Points But Pulling Codes And Displaying Information Is Something It Does Very Well. Also It Comes With A Mini Disk For Installation On A Computer But It's Also Compatible With An Android App Called Torque. There's A Free Version And The Full Version I Think It's 5 Bucks. Excellent Product Excellent Price!

A. Patton, Warrington

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B. Perez, Brighton and Hove says

Works great. Great value. No paying a mechanic just to get a fault code anymore. Great digital gauges. Works perfect with my android and the free tourqe app

B. Sandra, Rochdale

I Was A Little Worried Seeing All The Reviews From The Other Manufacturer Of The Same Looking Box. But Figured I'd Give It A Try. I'm Glad I Did. It Works Perfectly. Plugged It In Red Light Comes On Paired It With The Phone And Password "1234" And The Torque App On My Android Phone Started Communicating With It Immediately. It Blinks A Lot Of Lights When It's Communicating. Although I Don't Really See Them As In My Car The Adapter Is Turned With The Lights Toward The Door When It's Closed. No Big Deal It's Probably Better That Way No Crazy Blinking Lights At Night. The Adapter Does Become A Little Warm After Use But Not Hot. I Have Not Decided Yet If I Should Leave It Plugged In When I Don't Drive. The Adapter Stays On With One Red Light Lit (obviously The Obdii Port Is Active When The Car Is Turned Off For Fault Analysis Etc. ) But I'm Not Sure How Much Power The Adapter Is Pulling When Idle And I Don't Want To Have A Dead Battery When I Get In The Car One Morning. If Anyone Has Any Insight To That Please Do Leave A Comment. I Also Have A Hp Touchpad With Android On It And Torque Is Even More Fun When Using That Since It's A Much Bigger Display And You Can Have More Gauges On One Screen. So If You Have A Android Tablet Give It A Try. I Was Kind Of Disappointed That My 2012 Honda Only Displays About Half The Data Which This Adapter Is Able To Show But Hey It's Still Fun And The One Item I Really Wanted To See Was Mpg And I Got That. I Also Used It On Another Car Which Had The Check Engine Light On. It Read The Codes Out Perfectly And I Like The Feature In Torque That If You Have Internet Access You Can Get More Detailed Info On The Codes. For The Price Of Under $30 Including The App You Really Can't Beat This Combo I Highly Recommend It. Much Cheaper Than Scangauge Or Similar Items. I Added A Few Pictures Of The Scan Tool In My Car With The Touchpad And Torque. Edit: I Couldn't Resist I Had To Add A On/off Switch To This Adapter. See The Pictures I Uploaded For Details. Doesn't Take Very Long If You Know How To Solder. Works Like A Charm Now And I Don't Have To Worry About It Draining My Battery.

Q. Patton, Oklahoma says

This one works as expected on every vehicle i tried it on. Other, less expensive ones work only selectively. For half or less of the cost of a single obd reading at the dealer, i can see real-time engine temps, read codes and clear error lights myself. Great product that does what is claimed.

S. Erickson, Limousin

I was a little worried, seeing all the reviews from the other manufacturer of the same looking box. But figured i'd give it a try. . I'm glad i did. It works perfectly. Plugged it in, red light comes on, paired it with the phone and password "1234" and the torque app on my android phone started communicating with it immediately. It blinks a lot of lights when it's communicating. Although, i don't really see them as in my car the adapter is turned with the lights toward the door when it's closed. No big deal, it's probably better that way, no crazy blinking lights at night. The adapter does become a little warm after use, but not hot. . I have not decided yet if i should leave it plugged in when i don't drive. The adapter stays on with one red light lit (obviously the obdii port is active when the car is turned off for fault analysis etc. ) but i'm not sure how much power the adapter is pulling when idle and i don't want to have a dead battery when i get in the car one morning. If anyone has any insight to that, please do leave a comment. . I also have a hp touchpad with android on it, and torque is even more fun when using that since it's a much bigger display and you can have more gauges on one screen. So if you have a android tablet, give it a try. . I was kind of disappointed that my 2012 honda only displays about half the data which this adapter is able to show, but hey, it's still fun, and the one item i really wanted to see was mpg, and i got that. . I also used it on another car which had the check engine light on. It read the codes out perfectly, and i like the feature in torque that if you have internet access you can get more detailed info on the codes. . For the price of under $30 including the app, you really can't beat this combo, i highly recommend it. Much cheaper than scangauge or similar items. . I added a few pictures of the scan tool in my car with the touchpad and torque. . Edit:. . I couldn't resist, i had to add a on/off switch to this adapter. See the pictures i uploaded for details. Doesn't take very long if you know how to solder. Works like a charm now and i don't have to worry about it draining my battery.

A. Lindsey, Greenwich says

Works well with my 2002 acura tl-s. I am using it with the paid version of torque to monitor engine parameters and display stuff like fuel trims, coolant temp, and fuel mileage. The only thing that seems a little wonky is when plugging it into the port it doesn't seem to seat fully, both in my tl and my odyssey. Not sure why of if that's a problem or not. It seems to stay solidly in the port regardless.

O. Kelly, Redbridge

Got An Android App Was Able To Diagnose My Problem Right Away And Now I Have A Very Portable Setup To Take With Me Anywhere. I Recommend Anyone That Want's To Know What Their Codes Are Before They Take The Vehicle In To Get One Of These. Especially Mine Was A Quick Fix That I Did Myself.

R. Nellie, Iowa says

A Windows Into What's Happening In Your Modern Engine. I've Used On My Jetta 2001 Forester '14 And Escape '14. It Paid For Itself In A Particular Instance Where A Fault Code Would Clear After The Engine Was Turned Off. I Kept The Reader With Me And When The Problem Popped Up I Just Plugged In This Scanner Captured The Code In Torque Pro And Showed The Report To The Mechanic The Next Day. God Knows How Many Trips To The Mechanic It Would Have Taken Otherwise. Highly Recommended.

I. Heidi, Hammersmith and Fulham

Forget the ones on e-bay! this one supports every function and works absolutely seamlessly with torque. I bought this one because of all the failures i read about the other ones and i haven't been disappointed. I've successfully used this on:. 2004 chevy colorado 5 cylinder. 2002 dodge caravan 6 cylinder. 2000 mazda protege 1. 6l 4 cylinder. 2014 nissan altima 2. 5l 4 cylinder

E. Lindsey, Swindon says

Purchased $10 Unit From Another Manufacture And Was Nothing But Trouble And Returned It. Bought This Along With Torque Lite App And No Problems. Functional Diagnostics Tool For My Self And Cool Learning Tool For My Boy. Worked On All Vehicles I Plugged It Into. '97 Toyota Camry '03 S10 '05 Buick Terraza And '07 Buick Lucerne. I Was Able To Read Codes And Clear The Ones That Were Not Safety Related

D. Alberta, Hillingdon

Forget The Ones On E-bay! This One Supports Every Function And Works Absolutely Seamlessly With Torque. I Bought This One Because Of All The Failures I Read About The Other Ones And I Haven't Been Disappointed. I've Successfully Used This On: 2004 Chevy Colorado 5 Cylinder 2002 Dodge Caravan 6 Cylinder 2000 Mazda Protege 1. 6l 4 Cylinder 2014 Nissan Altima 2. 5l 4 Cylinder

T. Carol, Liverpool says

Purchased This To Install On A 2002 Suburban To Mostly Monitor The Transmission Temperature. Not Only Did It Do That But It Monitors More Sensors Than You Will Ever Need. I Use The Torque App For Android And It Syncs Wirelessly And Flawlessly. Highly Recommended For Use When Needing Instant Stats Or For Diagnostics.

L. Maria, North East Lincolnshire

If You Came Here For An Adapter That'll Work With Torque You've Found It. Using It On Samsung Galaxy S3 Verified With Stock Rom & Aokp Free And Pro Versions Of Torque. Tldr: Great Support Works Flawless You'll Be Happy :) I've Seen Many Products Marketed With Bundled Software Etc. For $100+ And Many Readers For Hundreds More. This Plus The Android Torque App Does All Of That For Under $30 And More Than The Cheapest Standalone Reader. The 1st Thing That Impressed Me (aside From Flawless Functionality At Such A Low Price) Was What Came In The Box - A Sheet Of Paper That Gave Connection Instructions For Pairing This Thing With The Torque App - The Manufacturer And Developer Are Not Affiliated But These Guys Recognized That Many People Are Getting This Adapter For Use With The App And Took The Extra Step To Help Its Customers Out. Awesome A+ On Support. It Was Very Friendly And The Other Info Makes Them Seem Very Open And Approachable For Further Support. Awesome To Know People Stand Behind Their Product And Care About Their Customers. Having Said All That I Didn't Even Have Trouble Pairing Or Connecting W/ Torque. Worked Flawlessly Out Of The Box. This Adapter Is Very Unobtrusive (some Dangle With A Cord). Absolutely No Reason To Get Anything More Expensive If All You Need Is An Obd-ii Bt Device. I'm Adamantly Recommending This To Friends And Anyone Interested In Reading/clearing Codes And Monitoring Performance Who Has A Smartphone. The Combination Of This Device And Smartphone Apps Is Yet Another Step Away From The Proprietary Industry-price-gouging Dark Ages That We Are Now Being Freed From Due To The Advent Of Modern-age Indie/open-source Developer Business Models. Hope All Of This Makes Sense :)

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