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Review for accupark vehicle parking

Price was $11.18. Installed this in sept of 2010. Both are still going strong. We placed one for each car, in a 2 car garage. It is possible to overshoot, but if you're going reasonably slow, you'll feel the bump. I tend to then shift into neutral and let the car roll back a little. This lets me park in basically the exact same spot +/- 1-2 inches every time. One caveat is that you might wish to use both on the same car if you aren't too consistent going left/right. The width of the stop isn't too much wider than that of a minivan's tire so it is possible to miss it if one day you go farther left or right than normal. This was easy to install and the adhesive has lasted.

-P. Bullock

Accupark vehicle parking accupark, park confidence, avoid bumping the wall or items stored at the back of the garage, simply peel & stick the accupark exactly where you want your front tires to stop, adhesive -camco 44442 accupark vehicle parking aid

  • Listed: Provides Driver With Stopping Point In Their Garage.
  • Listed: Measures 18-3/8″l X 3-3/4″w X 1-1/3″h.

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We got a new jeep wrangler unlimited. It was hard to judge when the rear tire was in the garage and the door could come down. I put this down where it would stop the right front tire. Worked well in stopping the car at the right distance. However, it does not help with line up. It became a new hazard in the garage. I just put this on the floor, my wife was carrying in groceries and she was not looking down (also lined up way left), and down she went, groceries and all. Well, it came off the floor and i put up tennis balls from the ceiling. If we line up the car and put the ball so that it just touches at the base of the mirror we have line up, distance, and no trip hazard. . I would suggest lining up the car where you want it, then place this on the floor so that most of it is under the car, then it would not be a trip hazard. The Best accupark vehicle parking as-of ( Oct 2019 ) | Camco-Auto Accessory Review Listed Camco 44442 AccuPark Vehicle Parking Aid Adhesive tape strips included. Provides driver with stopping point in their garage. Measures 18-3/8"l x 3-3/4"w x 1-1/3"h. Made of durable uv stabilized resin. Never miss your mark .

Camco 44442 Accupark Vehicle Parking Aid Review (44442)

This makes accurate parking in my garage much easier. Instead of looking over my shoulder and guessing if i'm in too far or pulling too far ahead and blocking off half my garage, i can move ahead until i feel i've just started to move up on the accupark and i'm all set. I was worried about two things when ordering this: 1) would i be able to feel the tire when it hits the accupark, 2) do i need to use the adhesive strips because i have a bike rack on the back of my car in the warmer months and will need to park further in the garage. Fortunately, both of these haven't been an issue. I can easily feel when my tire starts to go up on the accupark and so far i haven't used the adhesive and it seems to stay put. Maybe i'll need to adjust it in the future if i see it moves a lot, but the design makes it easy for your tire to move up on, which prevents slippage. . We just bought another one for my wife's side. This is a great solution! -E. Guest

Camco 44442 Accupark Vehicle Parking

  1. Class: Automotive
  2. Brand: Camco
  3. EAN: 0014717444439
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.00 inches
    Length:19.00 inches
    Weight:1.30 pounds
    Width:4.00 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Camco
  6. Part-Warranty: Limited 1 Year Warranty
  7. Model: 44442
  8. MPN: 44442
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: 44442
  12. Type: Automotive Parts And Accessories
  13. Category: AUTO ACCESSORY
  14. UPC: 014717444439
  15. Warranty: 124 Year Against Manufacturing Defects

accupark vehicle parking Automotive Parts And Accessories, Accupark, park with confidence, avoid bumping the wall or items stored at the back of the garage, simply peel & stick the accupark exactly where you want your front tires to stop, adhesive tape strips included, great for cars, trucks, rv's & trailers. this product adds a great value. product is highly durable and very easy to use. this product is manufactured in united states. Camco 44442 Accupark Vehicle Parking Aid (44442-Camco).

Camco 44442 Accupark Vehicle Parking Automotive Parts And Accessories

accupark vehicle parkingCamco 44442 AccuPark Vehicle Parking Aid (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Wish i would have known about these long ago. What a great way to park your car in the garage. No more hanging tennis balls from strings from the ceiling! . . The double sided tape on the back of these seems to be holding just fine. Time will tell and i'll update the review if things change. . Note: this installation is on a concrete floor that has been painted a long time ago, so the floor is a mix of bare concrete and painted surface. . Install is super easy. Had my wife pull into the garage and closed the garage door. Adjusted the vehicle to where i wanted it positioned in the garage with the door closed. Put just 1 accupark tight up against the driver's tire. I marked the floor with a sharpie where i wanted it installed. Had her back the car up. Peeled the backing off of the tape and installed on the floor. Done! . . Time will tell if the tape holds up to constant bumping from the truck. It seems very solid right now. If it does come loose, i would think that a new round of double sided tape and reinstall should do the trick. It won't last forever. I did make sure to note to her that gently rolling up until she just felt the vehicle stop against it should help ensure longevity. I would guess that rolling up to it and slamming the truck into it will greatly decrease the life of the tape. . I hope you found this review to be helpful, please click below to indicate that you did. Thanks

Camco 44442 Accupark Vehicle Parking Aid
Click to see NoticeCamco 44442 Accupark Vehicle Parking Aid (Auto Accessory)"The camco 44442 accupark makes it a snap to consistently park that car of yours exactly where you would like it to be. I bought 2 because i wanted both cars specifically parked where i could easily and safely leave room for our recumbent cycles. So whether you have a need to make sure your garage has everything where you want it to be or just simply want the peace of mind that every time you park your vehicle you are being safe and protective of equipment near by, give these little gems a try. But once they are stuck to the floor with their built in adhesive strip you won't worry because you will be glad they are there quietly and simply doing it's job. No need for flags or flashing lights or wasting batteries like some devices. Yeah, this one time when batteries aren't included and the good news is they don't need them. In a perfect world, every place you park would have camco accupark waiting to help you. Till then, at least buy one or two for your parking space."

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Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set of 4

Accel heat shrink tubing forms an impenetrable barrier to protect battery cables; keeping out moisture and preventing electrical ends from accidentally grounding. This set includes four thick; red sleeves that quickly shrink to form a tight seal on battery cables; wires; connectors; and terminal ends; maintaining optimum conductivity while keeping out damaging moisture.

Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set of 4Accel-1858-Shrink-Tubing-Battery

Brand :    accel
Model :    1858
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (accel product review) for Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set of 4 available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    $3.85 (was $6.68)
  • Also available in black
  • Quickly shrinks to form a tight seal on battery cables, wires, connectors, and terminal ends
  • Impenetrable barrier to protect battery cables
  • Keeps out moisture and prevents electrical ends from accidentally grounding
  • Comes in a set of four thick, red sleeves

Prevent A Dent

Plasticolor prevent a dent is the ideal preventative measure against chipping and denting your car's doors. The unique grid design cushions the impact of the car door to protect both the car and the wall from damage.

Prevent A DentPlasticolor-001930R01-Prevent-A-Dent

Brand :    plasticolor
Model :    001930R01
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (plasticolor product review) for Prevent A Dent available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    $8.94 (was $11.17)
  • Chromed steel construction is both strong and lustrous
  • Foam padding for a comfortable seat
  • Sold individually
  • Officially licensed design
  • 12 mil vinyl covering is extremely durable

BumperPal Protective Garage Pads

Amazing . Perfect to keep my car door from being rammed into the metal pole in my garage . I so love this product

Bumperpal is comprised of soft but sturdy polyurethane foam pads that affix easily to the panels of your garage door. Each set contains 8 pads. For standard vehicles, order one set of 8 pads to protect 2 vehicles; one full set of 8 pads is required for an suv, hatchback or pick-up truck; one full set of 8 is required for a sports car with a sloping rear end, protruding bumper guards or spoiler. Specific instructions are included for each configuration. Bumperpal can be improvised to fit garage-door structures other than those depicted. Watch the garage pads in action at the below link.

BumperPal Protective Garage PadsBumperPal-Protective-Garage-Pads

Bumperpal Protective Garage Pads (Tools) FAQ.

They were much smaller than i expected but they do the job. They are peel and stick. I'm happy with this purchase. -Notice from F. Florence, Kansas

Click to Show bumperpal protective garage pads (tools) Details

Fast delivery, everything i expected.

Bumperpal-protective-garage-pads-(tools) set picture

- X. VeronicaOutstanding! my spouse has a new car and our garage clearance is tight. The pads were ideal to insure "no damage" in a slight overshoot condition for the front bumper.

These are fabulous. sticks great to the wall, too.

G. Arnett, Washington

Price :    $14.16 (was $14.99)
  • Premium polyurethane foam
  • Patent pending protection
  • Hi-intensity bumper protection
Brand :    bumperpal
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Tools (bumperpal product review) for BumperPal Protective Garage Pads available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Parkez Flashing LED Light Parking Stop Sign For Garage, 2 pack

The parkez flashing led light parking stop sign is perfect for the person or family that cannot tell how much room they have when parking in the garage. A flashing led light and stop sign lights up when your bumper lightly touches the pole of the sign. A weighted base holds the sign in position so it will not topple and an adjustable design let's you customize the height of the sign to fit any sized vehicle. Never worry about hitting the wall in the garage with the parkez flashing led light parking stop sign for garage.

Parkez Flashing LED Light Parking Stop Sign For Garage, 2 packParkez-Flashing-Light-Parking-Garage


Parkez Flashing Led Light Parking Stop Sign Garage, 2 Pack (Kole Imports) reviewImage of Parkez-flashing-led-light-parking-stop-sign-garage,-2-pack-(kole-imports)Parkez Flashing Led Light Parking Stop Sign Garage, 2 Pack Auto Accessory 7 93e+11
  1. Ingredients: Adjustable design to customize the height for any sized vehicle
  2. Ingredients: Suitable for any garage; Pack contains 2 Parkez Flashing LED Light Parking Stop Signs
  3. Ingredients: Flashing LED's signal when you car bumper has touched the pole
Parkez-flashing-light-parking-garage: Kole Imports Auto Accessory The Parkez Flashing Led Light Parking Stop Sign Is Perfect For The Person Or Family
Brand :    kole imports
Size :    2 pack
Model :    7.93E+11
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (kole imports product review) for Parkez Flashing LED Light Parking Stop Sign For Garage, 2 pack available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    $18.95
  • Adjustable design to customize the height for any sized vehicle
  • Flashing led's signal when you car bumper has touched the pole
  • Contents: 4 sections and weighted base, requires 2 ag-13 button cell batteries (included), and stop sign
  • Weighted base to keep light from toppling
  • Suitable for any garage; pack contains 2 parkez flashing led light parking stop signs

Ekarro Modern Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage Parking Assistant System

Ekarro modern flashing led stop sign is the perfect parking assistant system for any garage. Just set up the stop sign so it barely touches your front bumper. When you pull the car into the garage, simply tap the parking assistant with your bumper and the lights will signal alerting you that the car has reached the correct stopping point. Dual mounting system allows for quick set-up whether using the weighted base or the including ceiling mount hardware.

Ekarro Modern Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage Parking Assistant SystemEkarro-Modern-Flashing-Parking-Assistant

Brand :    ekarro
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    EK-2777-002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Easy to customize and adjust for any sized vehicle - height is adjustable up to 53 inches, you could kindly adjust the right height to your convenience and flashing lights to help you with parking easily in your driveway and garage.
  • Bright red led lights up when rod touches bumper - flashing led stop sign helps you detect when your car bumper is getting too close to the stop sign pole with motion detecting sensors and flashing lights when your bumper hits the pole.
  • Perfect for small and tight spaced garages, comes with 2 x ag 13 button cell batteries. batteries are included for your convenience so that the stop sign can be set up right out of the box. flashing led garage stop sign is easy to install and works well in tight spaces.
  • Ekarro flashing led stop sign - assist parking in the garage to prevent dents and scratches on your vehicle. the led lights in the stop sign flash a warning when a vehicle gets too close, allowing the driver to park the car at a safe distance, even on nights when it's hard to see.
  • It comes with 4 sections & weighted base to keep it in perfect position; portable weighted base utilizes flexible rod with flashing led light on top that flashes when contact is made with car bumper.
Price :    $12.95 (was $12.96)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (ekarro product review) for Ekarro Modern Flashing LED Stop Sign Garage Parking Assistant System available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Highland 9242300 Black Vehicle Door Protector

They work and don't damage the door or wall. Wish they were slightly longer. I bought one for each set of doors. One just for the side where the coupe is parked. I have a wall sensor light so i placed them in the range where the door would likely open. The door will hit the rubber unless i park really close to the wall.

Highland black vehicle door protectors are designed to protect the vehicle doors from dings and paint chips. They include soft rubber cushions to protect vehicle doors. These protectors can be easily mounted onto walls.

Highland 9242300 Black Vehicle Door ProtectorHighland-9242300-Black-Vehicle-Protector

Highland 9242300 Black Vehicle Door Protector (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

I have already purchase two of these and absolutely love them. Will be ordering two more for the rear doors of my vehicle before long. They do exactly what they are advertised too without frills. The one piece of advise i would give to the company would be to include some dry wall anchors in the package. I have the feeling that most people are not away of how to install something like this so that it won't come out of the wall or cause damage. For those of you reading this, that would be my advise. Dry wall anchors unless you find a stud near where you need these placed. . Also, they are packaged individually. Unless you have a one door vehicle you're likely to need more than one. -Notice from I. Theola, North Carolina

Click to Show highland 9242300 black vehicle door protector (auto accessory) Details

I looked around a lot for garage car door bumpers. I wanted to find a one size solution for a four-door car. No luck. I settled on the highland black because i did not see any value in brightly colored protectors. I use a hanging tennis ball in the garage to aid in parking, and such devices are also key in ensuring proper mounting of any door protector. Otherwise, you could pull up short or too far and your door would 'miss' the bumper. For the quality and price, this door protector is a good value. . The product is stiff, but not too stiff. There is enough "give" so that the edge of a vehicle door does not get damaged, yet protects the wall too. . I have to wonder about some negative reviews where it seem pretty obvious that people are swinging the car door open with abandon and then blaming the product for not working. The product works - in conjunction with your own careful opening of the car doors.

Highland-9242300-black-vehicle-door-protector-(auto-accessory) set picture

- A. ValenciaOur hoa recommended this product to us. Actually they required that we take down our home made protectors and order these! glad we did, because these not only look much more professional, but they protect our doors and mirrors better than what we had made! these also come in white, but i find that the black ones help me to guide my car into the small parking stalls that come with most condo and apartment garages these days. They don't come with the heavy masking tape or screws needed to instal them, so you need to get that yourself, but for the price, this is an excellent purchase. I highly recommend this to all my city dwelling friends! they come in a huge box, so hey, online store. Let's get green and size down your shipping boxes to something more reasonable! save a tree, okay? ! . Jmho //(* *)

My garage is narrow to hold two highlanders. The white one i was worried when the drivers door was opened would be damaged by the brick facade. I was also concerned that the bumper might mark the white paint if it came into contact. Once installed with the help of masonry screws, it works like a dream and best of all it safely protects the doors against any marks or damage. I would purchase these again. I am very happy

B. Wells, Devon

Brand :    highland
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    9242300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Designed to protect the vehicle doors from paint chips
  • Measures 16 inch long and 5 inch wide
  • Quickly mounts to wall
  • Made of soft rubber cushions
  • Helps stop the dents and dings on garage wall
Price :    $5.66 (was $10.05)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (highland product review) for Highland 9242300 Black Vehicle Door Protector available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

MAXSA Innovations 37357 Park Right Car Door Bumper Guards

I got these to put on the side door to our garage so that when the door is opened, it doesn't hit the car. The side door is very useful, but it doesn't open all the way when a car is parked in the garage. I wanted something to make sure that someone coming in (perhaps on a windy day) didn't smack the door into the car. . These are very soft (but sturdy) foam. The adhesive backing works well. I simply stuck it to the edge of the garage door, and now the bumper contacts the car before the actual door does. The foam is soft and supportive enough that i wouldn't be worried about damage to the car if someone opened the door into the car with a reasonable amount of force. . The only thing i don't like is that you can't remove the red and yellow striping on the front. Doing so would peel foam away and look even worse. I don't need the high-visibility sticker and wish it wasn't there, but it's not a huge deal.

Protect your car doors and bumpers and your garage walls with these thick foam car door and bumper guards.

MAXSA Innovations 37357 Park Right Car Door Bumper GuardsMAXSA-Innovations-37357-Bumper-GuardsNo more scratched doors or dented bumpers the maxsa innovations park right car door and bumper guard helps protect your vehicle and garage during parking and when opening vehicle doors. This product installs vertically for bumper protection or horizontally for door protection. A package comes with two guards. Works with any vehicle you position it where you need it depending on the size of your vehicle. It adheres to walls with double-sided tape so you can put it at any height. What makes maxsa bumper guards so useful? they can accommodate any vehicle, large or small. They can be used to prevent damage while parking your vehicle if used as bumper guards. They can be used to prevent damage to your door while exiting your vehicle if used as door guards. Protect your car from garage bumps and scrapes what's in the box? 2 maxsa car door and bumper guards, double-sided tape. Frequently asked questions: q: can i use my bumper guards with any type of vehicle? a: yes, the bumper guards should accommodate any size vehicle. Q: how many bumper guards do i need? a: you only need one set per vehicle, but you can use as many as you want. Q: how do i position the bumper guards? a: if you want to use them to prevent you from damaging the wall or the garage door with your bumpers, you should place them vertically on the wall or garage door directly in front or in back of your vehicle. If you want to use them to prevent damage to your wall or vehicle door, you should place them horizontally on the wall to the left or right of your vehicle so it lines up with the door when the car is parked. Q: how do i secure the bumper guards to the wall? a: you can use the heavy-duty double sided tape that comes with the mat. Be sure to thoroughly clean the wall or garage door before placing the tape as dust can prevent the tape from sticking properly. About maxsa innovations maxsa innovations is dedicated to creating unique and truly innovative products. Maxsa has one goal-your complete satisfaction. Maxsa innovations products are designed to protect you, ensure your safety, keep you comfortable, and enhance your overall enjoyment of life. Maxsa designs all of their products to be dependable, easy to install, easy to use, and cost effective. Maxsa innovations products are precision manufactured for quality. For your convenience, customer service and technical support are available by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Maxsa Innovations 37357 Park Right Car Door Bumper Guards (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Great product for protecting doors in your garage or enclosed carport. After reading reviews of many similar products on online store i decided on this one. Examining product upon arrival, it seems to be styrofoam with a thin plastic coating. Pressing on it shows it's not too hard yet soft enough to give a little. I installed by using the mounting tape on the product & sticking it to the inside wall of my metal carport. It's been over a week with daytime high temps from 100 to 105. They're still attached. Update 10-16-2016: i've been using this product since july in central texas. I originally installed on the aluminium panel on the inside of my carport. The panels go all the way to the ground on the sides. Gets kinda hot down here in the summer. Within a couple weeks the adhesive tape started releasing. So i put a small amount of gorilla glue in four spots along the top edge. No problems since. Excellent protection for my mustangs door edges. No marks on the car door edges or on the protectors. Will have to see how they hold up to our "winters". -Notice from E. Erin, Waltham Forest

Click to Show maxsa innovations 37357 park right car door bumper guards (auto accessory) Details

I installed these on the wall of my garage to protect my car doors from being damaged when they bump the wall when people accidentally open the door by pushing too hard. They're made of a dense soft foam. The stripes are not reflective, but they are easily seen even in low light. After a few weeks of use they are holding up well to the abuse of being smacked by my car doors. . One note: i used extra double-sided sticky foam tape to make sure these things really stuck to my garage wall. They come with plenty of good adhesive tape, but i didn't want to chance them falling, so you might consider adding some more to ensure they stay up once installed.

Maxsa-innovations-37357-park-right-car-door-bumper-guards-(auto-accessory) set picture

- F. AnonymousI received these bumpers in the mail today and put them on the wall in about 30 seconds. My wife provided excellent reference marks on the garage wall for fast and easy placement (you know what i mean). . These bumpers look reasonably good and were inexpensive. Also, putting 2 of them together works very well. The adhesive strips on these worked perfectly and there was no need for me to add screws. I am not exactly sure how someone would add screws as other posts have mentioned. It would be great if someone would post pics of their installation using screws.

These things are great. I have them lined horizontal along my back wall at the height of my truck's receiver so i can back my truck in. Using the backup camera on my truck i can clearly see these bumpers and they also give good depth perception so i know exactly how close i am to the wall. They are very firm, yet have enough squish that if i do happen to bump into them i don't make a hole in the wall with my receiver. . The adhesive has held them on perfect for quite a while (several weeks as of this writing), even with my textured & painted garage wall. . They seem a little pricey for the size and the fact they are just foam. I would be happier at either half the cost, or double the bumpers.

B. Lynette, Gateshead

Brand :    maxsa
Color :    Multicoloured
Size :    Apple
Weight :    0.50 pounds
  • Installs vertically for bumper protection or horizontally for door protection
  • 1. 4 inches of padded protection
  • Reflective strips increase visibility
  • Helps protect your car and your garage
  • Includes 2 guards and double stick tape
Price :    $8.57
Model :    37357
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for MAXSA Innovations 37357 Park Right Car Door Bumper Guards available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

PARKEZ Flashing LED Light Parking Stop Sign For Garage

Includes 2 x ag-13 button cell batteries. Flashing light signals when a car's bumper has touched the pole. Weighted base keeps the sign in position. Sensor features an adjustable design so the height can be customized to any vehicle. Black and red color. Weight: 2. 59 lbs. Make sure that people park safely and where they should with this flashing led light parking sensor.

PARKEZ Flashing LED Light Parking Stop Sign For GaragePARKEZ-Flashing-Light-Parking-Garage

Brand :    kole imports
Color :    red
Size :    1 Pack
Weight :    2.19 pounds
Model :    OB636
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Adjustable design to customize the height for any sized vehicle
  • Flashing led's signal when you car bumper has touched the pole
  • Suitable for any garage
  • Contents: 4 sections and weighted base, requires 2 ag-13 button cell batteries (included)
  • Weighted base to keep light from toppling
Price :    $11.99
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (kole imports product review) for PARKEZ Flashing LED Light Parking Stop Sign For Garage available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Auto Care Products Inc 20005 Park Smart Wall Guard, Clear

Maximum protection for your car door and wall. Includes all hardware to mount to drywall, studs, brick and concrete. Holes are 16 and 24 inches apart for mounting to studs. Lifetime warranty. Made in usa. Choose from available color options.

Auto Care Products Inc 20005 Park Smart Wall Guard, ClearAuto-Care-Products-20005-Smart

Brand :    auto care products .
Color :    Clear
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    20005
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Office Sales (auto care products . product review) for Auto Care Products Inc 20005 Park Smart Wall Guard, Clear available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    $9.95 (was $14.12)
  • Maximum protection for your car door
  • Made in usa
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Holes are 16-inch and 24-inch apart for mounting to studs
  • Includes all hardware to mount to drywall, studs, brick and concrete

Ampulla Water Resistance Garage Wall Protector, Designed in German Pack of 2

Ampulla garage wall protector's features: - fully protection for your car doors and garage walls - water resistance surface - eva environment friendly material (rohs authentication) - germany design - cuttable strips for any type of walls package included: 2 x garage wall protector (79"x 8"x 1/8") (two pieces in one roll) notice before use: 1. Please do not put under extremely high temperature or exposure to the sun for long. 2. Please clean the wall surface and remove the dust or other particles and keep dry before sticking the strips on the wall.

Ampulla Water Resistance Garage Wall Protector, Designed in German Pack of 2Ampulla-Resistance-Garage-Protector-Designed

Brand :    ampulla
  • Full protection & suitable for types of walls - scratch resistant soft foam strip for garages. each strip size is 79"x 8"x 1/8". and also the strip can be cut into multi pieces or different shapes, which fits for any types of walls.
  • Exquisite germany design - details make all the difference. this garage car door protector has been applied with the most exquisite design in the world.
  • Water resistance surface - any water drop or water flushing be resisted by special textures and grooves. it is also very easy to be cleaned.
  • Top grade & environment friendly material - the protectors are made of eva material, which has rohs authentication. it is totally environment friendly material. let us go green!
  • Double protection by dual strip pack - a set of two garage wall strip ensures both sides of car doors and garage walls will be fully protected.
Price :    $23.30 (was $23.95)
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home :    Best Home (ampulla product review) for Ampulla Water Resistance Garage Wall Protector, Designed in German Pack of 2 available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Prime-Line Products GD 52286 Stop-Right, Retracting Stop Ball Garages

This garage stop ball is designed to contact with your windshield when parking your car in the garage. It can be connected to the door so that the ball will retract out of the way when your door is closed. Its bright yellow color insures good visibility.

Prime-Line Products GD 52286 Stop-Right, Retracting Stop Ball GaragesPrime-Line-Products-GD-52286-Stop-Right

Brand :    prime-line products
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    GD 52286
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Hardware (prime-line products product review) for Prime-Line Products GD 52286 Stop-Right, Retracting Stop Ball Garages available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
Price :    $5.51
  • Can be connected to the door so ball retracts
  • Designed to contact windshield when parking car in the garage
  • Bright yellow color insures visibility
  • Easy to install

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This is quite helpful to guide the car into the proper spot in the garage. Only bought one of them as that is sufficient. Decided to just mark the outline of the unit with sharpie on the floor and then set the unit there. Didn't use the sticky portion to attach to floor because may need to move it around for cleaning and washing floor. Seems to stay put well enough if you drive in slowly and then you can feel your wheels touch it. I do have to reposition it every once in a while back into the outlined floor markings, but i'm ok doing that.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: i have an epoxy coated garage floor. any idea if this will rip the epoxy off if removed?

(1) Question: should i buy one or two?

(2) Question: has anyone installed accupark outside where it is directly exposed to rain, sunlight and snow? i am worried about adhesive's life when setup outside.

(3) Question: can it be installed on a carpeted floor?

(4) Question: will this be sensed if you are driving a big suv like a dodge jourgeny?

(5) Question: has anybody painted theirs? i want to install some in my sloping driveway, but i do not want a yellow plastic block lowering my home's curb appeal.

(6) Question: quantity in package

(7) Question: where is it manufactured?

(8) Question: is it a plastic or rubber?

(note) Question: where/how to get Camco (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Camco's products


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I'll admit i was skeptical at first of these accupark devices. First, i'm a driving instructor and teach precision driving. I'm not worried about driving too far in my garage, but i got this in an attempt to maximize the space in front and behind my truck. You see, i wanted a system where i would have just enough space to open my tail gate and inside the box, but also enough room so i wasn't crowding my work bench. This accupark block does the trick. Sure, a piece of wood 2x4 or similar would work, but this just made more sense. Since it's a two pack, i used the other one for my wife's vehicle and again, placed the block in the exact spot where we can open the hatch of her suv and not hit the garage door, but still have enough room to get in front and behind the vehicle. I thought about giving it 4 stars because i feel the price is a bit high for what it is, but overall, i can't see this thing ever breaking so it should be a sound investment that will last. If i had a boat trailer that i parked in the garage, i imagine this would be perfect for that as well.

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I like how unobtrusive these are in the garage, didn't want a big wand sticking up from the ground or something hanging down from ceiling. Laser guidance parking systems seemed overkill and weren't something i wanted to mess with hooking up. . These were easy - the cars were already parked in the garage, all i had to do was unpeel the sticky backing and set them in front of the wheels. Didn't even have to move the cars out of the way. . Just make sure you clean the area before you put them down. Garage floors tend to be dirty and that will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. I swept and wiped down before i stuck them and they've held well. No issues.

A. Elanor, Colorado

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W. Whiteman, Berlin says

Surprisingly, this block stays in place. I've used other brands in the past that seemed to slide or wiggle out of place over time - i thin the lower profile block keeps it from getting too much "forward" pressure applied to slide around. That being said - in our ford explorer it is a very "soft" touch to know that you've stopped correctly. . Just takes a bit of getting used to and situational awareness to ensure you're parking right and not getting sloppy. . I love that it's wide enough to be easily visible after we park and walk by to ensure we're seated on the block good enough. Our garage is a very tight fit, so it's been a great aid in parking!

O. Ruby, New Mexico

I put this is the driveway to keep from backing into the garage door. You can feel them. Buy two if you back in. The tape sticks very well.

A. Cortney, Rochdale says

We use this product since 2011, now it's 2016 - 5 years of continuous everyday use the accupark "never miss your mark". . We looking to buy car stopper for parking for my wife honda odyssey. After looking so many options, we decided to get camco accupark. That is the best decision we ever made - it is well made that serve it purpose on daily bases - stopping car at the right spot - everyday. They use double sided tapes and until now still stick strong to garage concrete (just make sure you clean the floor from oil or dust before applying the double sided tapes). The weight, size, color and construction is very impressive, and looks like it will last for a long time. . This car stopper worth every penny spent !

V. Teresa, Derby

These are very small blocks that measure 18" long and about 3 1/2" wide. They are a bright yellow color which makes them easy to spot. I bought two of them for the jeep grand cherokee that my wife drives. I drive a pickup so there is not much spare space in the garage which means that it is not always easy to park straight. For this reason i purchased two of these for each vehicle. . Initially i used just the emerson auto led parking symbol (stop sign) for each vehicle. But they are very flimsy and the slightest touch by a vehicle knocks them over and they fall apart. By using the camco accupark blocks the problem is solved. I lined the blocks up evenly so that even if the vehicle is parked at a slight angle the feel of at least one of the blocks and the blinking stop sign results in parking the right distance from the garage door without running into objects at the front of the vehicles. . The blinking stop signs and these blocks come in at about ten bucks apiece. That is money well spent imho.

K. Russell, Islington says

This bump-stop works great! it has replaced the dangling tenis ball that i previously had for my wife. Installation was fairly easy with one hickup. The sticky tape on the bumper did not stick well to my tile garage floor. I simply added another layer of 3m heavy duty double-sided sticky tape. It is holding well now. . For installation, just clean the surface of the garage, dry, and stick the bumper on the floor. I set a weight on top for about 30 minutes to make sure it stuck. . This is an unobtrusive way to ensure that your car is parked far enough in to clear the garage door, and not bump the bikes parked in front of the car.

F. Watson, Virginia

My husband has a huge issue parking properly in our narrow garage, so instead of doing the whole tennis ball hanging from the ceiling thing, we decided to try this. For the price it has held up well so far and accomplishes the main purpose. Aesthetically it's much better than a ball hanging from your garage ceiling. The adhesive hasn't come off and it hasn't shifted yet, so i think it's been a success so far. If something were to happen to it, i would probably purchase another one because the price is right.

C. Valdez, Bremen says

I've had it for 3 months and it works perfectly. Just don't trip over them when the car is out of the garage. I've had in the past the aiming stops which are the width (or a little wider) of the tire and they don't work very well on saturday night after coming home, i'm just kidding. These are horizontal and of course don't drive 50 mph into your garage since they don't stop you, they just give you an indicator when you slowly roll up to them. Camco 44442 accupark

S. Broyles, Arizona

It works good if the wive could hit the same spot. I will have to buy one more so she can hit the same spot. Maybe a ball in the windshield. And then maybe add flashing strobe lights, and then maybe add laser siren so she could hear when to stop. . But the item works amazing if i get to drive the car.

H. Cunningham, Leicestershire says

I love these! my wife and i back into our garage and i'm always worried about backing too far and hitting something or not having enough room to move around. In an attempt to avoid looking like my grandfather and using a tennis ball attached to a string, i bought these. They are perfect for our needs. They are bright yellow and easy to see as we back in; they are just high enough to ensure that you can feel when you hit them; they stay in place well with the tape that comes with them (i frequently change oil or mechanic on my "toys" so i was predicting they would need additional glue to stay - but they have stayed in place so far! ); and they have been easy to work around (not too high for a bike to go over and can be swept around with a broom). Overall i am happy with the purchase and don't have to use a tennis ball tied to a string!

I. Watson, Liverpool

I doubt if anyone has subjected this product to the test i gave it! . . After installing two of these on our garage concrete floor, i realized i hadn't planned well. We have three cars for a two-car garage. My wife's accord has a permanent spot, but i alternate between a '99 camaro and a new honda fit for the other - and i had located the accupark for the fit! i don't need one of these to locate the fit which is much smaller than the camaro. So, after about half an hour, i pried up the accupark, requiring three strong screwdrivers and a big hammer. It really sticks! then i positioned it for the camaro and stepped down on it, again. . Even after installing the accupark twice, it is solidly fastened to the floor, and will serve admirably. . A couple of reviewers commented that it is too low. I suggest it is just right. The driver knows approximately where the device is on the floor, and should go very slowly in the final approach, when it provides a clear signal and, in my case, stops the vehicle. If it were higher, it would be a tripping hazard. . I recommend this product without reservation.

R. Nees, Somerset says

When i saw these, i was very skeptical that they would work well, especially since i drive a full size suv. Plus, i nevertheless expected the double-sided foam tape on the bottom to hold, especially on my garage floor during the cold midwestern winter so. Boy was i ever wrong! on both counts! these are one of my favorite online store purchases. The price was way low and the quality and performance was much better than i ever dreamed! i also like them from a safety point of view as well. The bright yellow color and the low profile of the parking blocks make it very unlikely that anybody (especially me), will trip over them! it's nice to get something that's far better than you expected! i highly recommend these.

E. Nancy, City of Bristol

Quick summary:. * strong adhesive that lasts for years. * removable with effort and can use hardware adhesive tape to reapply in new location. * least obtrusive way to park perfectly every time! . . Detailed review:. I bought one of these initially for my garage as i was always finding that i left myself too little space when parking my car. When i found the perfect spot, i easily marked where i would want this to be placed and easily applied the adhesive to the perfect parking spot. . It's a flashy yellow color but you almost never notice it unless you look at your tire a lot and the height is perfect to give you that physical feedback that you've reached the perfect parking spot. . It's a lot less obtrusive or flashy than competing laser or red stop signs i've seen or even the tennis ball hanging from the ceiling that many diy'ers like to do. . The great thing about this item is that is stayed put for 5 years for me. When i finally got another car and had to adjust the location, i was able to easily pull it off the garage floor with some firm force (min residue left that was easily scraped off). With the adhesive being used, i thought i was going to have to buy a new one and even looked on online store for a specific branded adhesive replacement. There was none i could find. . So i went to the local hardware store and just bought some replacement double sided thick adhesive tape similar to the original. Pushed the accupark down and it attached just like before. It's going strong on 2 years and i've bought a 2nd as this worked so well!

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