Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror – Pair (Auto Accessory) 2507

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Price was $51.71. Bought a new 2014 truck and naturally the old trailer mirrors wouldn't fit. We took a chance on these and they fit perfectly - look good - shipping was very fast - and the price was very good. They add just the right amount of additional rear view without being overly huge.

-K. Meredith

Chevrolet/gmc full size truck clip-on towing mirror – fit system s towing mirror extensions are the most economical towing mirror option you can find. they are an excellent, safe solution for all your towing needs to increase visibility -fit system 80910 chevrolet/gmc full size truck clip-on towing mirror – pair

  • Listed: This Set Of Snap-on Towing Mirrors Will Snap On And Off Easily To Existing Mirror.
  • Listed: We’ve Engineered These Oe Fit Snap-on Mirror To Conform To The Factory Model An Style.

Low-Priced Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror – Pair (Auto Accessory) 80910

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No problem. Little hard to get on . But once you get the hang of it very easy The Best chevroletgmc full size truck clipon as-of ( May 2019 ) | Fit System-Auto Accessory Review Listed Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/GMC Full Size Truck Clip-On Towing Mirror - Pair Custom fit towing mirrors snap over your vehicle's existing mirror to give you added vision while towing. This set of snap-on towing mirrors will snap on and off easily to existing mirror. We've engineered these oe fit snap-on mirror to conform to the factory model an style. Will not block vision of your original mirror and can still be folded away with the snap-on towing mirror on. Easy installation and instructions included .

Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror - Pair Review (80910)

Sweet. just as described. a perfect fit. -R. Medina

Fit System 80910 Chevrolet Towing

Fit System
Product Dimensions
Height:17.50 inches
Length:8.50 inches
Weight:2.25 pounds
Width:10.50 inches
Fit System
Part/Serial Number
Automotive Parts And Accessories
90 Days

chevrolet/gmc full size truck clip-on towing mirror - Automotive Parts And Accessories, fit system s towing mirror extensions are the most economical towing mirror option you can find. they are an excellent, safe solution for all your towing needs to increase visibility when on the road while towing. fit system towing mirror extensions increase the effectiveness of existing oem side mirrors. our mirror extensions are custom designed to fit a variety of popular truck and suv models. installation is a snap, and the mirrors do not detract from the appearance of your vehicle. the final look is truly professional and looks like it was designed for your truck or suv. easy and effective extension of side mirrors extend rear visibility when towing reduce your driving stress while towing. you will greatly improve your ability to change lanes, pass other vehicles and park your vehicle safely and effortlessly with the addition of our fit system custom towing mirrors. towing incidents are quite common when pulling loads wider than your vehicle. these challenging hauling circumstances are why fit systems created and perfected our towing mirror line. for over 60 years we have provided solutions for the mirror industry and the past decade we have helped the towing industry with our experience and knowledge. it is important to augment your existing side mirror line of sight. our custom fit, aerodynamic design results in an unobstructed view for safer towing. durable construction and easy installation fit system s towing mirror extensions are designed to last for years. the housing is rugged and the glass is scratch-resistant. the installation of our towing mirror extensions is so simple. there are no holes to drill or additional parts needed when installing them. no hardware needed! simply snap the mirror in place over your existing mirror. once the towing mirrors are in place, the built-in clips will keep the towing mirror securely in place on your existing mirror until you decide to take them off. the custom design flawlessly matches the contour of your existing mirror. the result is a look and feel that is professional. from the front of the vehicle hardly anyone will be able to tell there are towing mirror extensions attached. from the inside of the vehicle, you will easily see the increased field of vision while towing. no chunky looks, no parts sticking out creating an eye sore. form ever follows function with these custom fit towing mirrors. they are sleek, elegant and look like they came directly from the manufacturer. these custom towing mirrors are conveniently sold as a pair with installation instructions for installation demonstration. about fit systems since 1950, as the leading manufacturer of vehicle mirrors, fit systems has been servicing the oe mirror industry and the replacement mirror aftermarket for over 60 years. our car mirrors and truck mirrors can be found in numerous applications, and the fit system name is one of the most recognizable brands on the market. our diverse product line, which includes the automobile mirror, truck mirror, replacement glass and towing mirror segments, is manufactured under strict quality guidelines. we operate five factories worldwide that are iso certified and follow qs 9000 standards. the fit system, our oe replacement mirror program, covers over 2, 700 vehicle applications and continues to grow. it is the largest program of its kind in the u. s. and canada, and fulfills 87% of the aftermarket demand. we also manufacture universal mirrors for car, truck, suv and van applications, as well as numerous interior and exterior accessories. product description fit system s towing mirror extensions are designed to fit seamlessly over standard factory side mirrors. our towing mirrors fit dodge, ford, chevy and toyota models. the fit system s towing mirror extensions are aerodynamic, elegant, and sleek and clip right over the factory mirror seamlessly. when clipped on these customs fit towing mirrors look as if they were manufactured as part of the original installed mirror. these mirrors feature an adjustable mirror that extends your towing vision without obstructing your existing mirror. the easy installation requires no tools and can be installed within 60 seconds. there are no holes to drill and they are a custom fit to your vehicle. truly a factory look, feel and construction design. the mirror face is manufactured with scratch-resistant glass for many years of use. the materials used are designed for reliability. they can withstand years of use in all weather conditions. what are you waiting for? try these top rated towing mirror extensions from the mirror people today! Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror - Pair (80910-Fit System).

Fit System 80910 Chevrolet Towing Automotive Parts And Accessories

chevroletgmc full size truck clipon Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/GMC Full Size Truck Clip-On Towing Mirror - Pair (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Mirrors fit perfectly on my 2014 chevy silverado. Installed they look like they came straight from the factory. Easy install, and removal. The mirrors are a little small, but they serve the purpose. I would buy again.

Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror - Pair
Click to see NoticeFit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror - Pair (Auto Accessory)"Fits perfectly on my 2014 silverado 1500. Give some extra visibility when towing my 18' boat or 20' camper. Looks very good when on."

Tekonsha 3016-P Brake Control Wiring Adapter GM

Shipped Quickly And Works Perfectly. Installed On 2015 Z-71 5. 3l No Issues Or Modifications Needed To Install. Truck Side Plug Is Located Near Drivers Left Foot Behind A Cover I Was Able To Route Cable Up Through An Existing Hole And Over To The Controller. Cable Is About 2 Foot Long With No Additional Ground Wire.

All vehicle specific brake control wiring harnesses are available in 1-plug or 2-plug styles. 1-plug units are designed for brake controls manufactured with electrical wiring mounted on the back of the unit, otherwise known as a pigtail. Wiring harnesses must be spliced into the existing pigtail to allow the vehicle specific plug to be installed. 2-plug units are designed for brake controls that have a wiring port built into the back of the unit. Simply plug the brake control end of the wiring harness into the back of the brake control and the vehicle end into the automobile's port. Brake controls that utilize the 2-plug style of wiring harness will be identified with the plug and play logo.

Tekonsha 3016-P Brake Control Wiring Adapter GMTekonsha-3016-P-Control-Wiring-Adapter

Tekonsha 3016-p Brake Control Wiring Adapter Gm (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Easy Install Works Great On My 2014 Gmc Sierra Z-71 I Used Velcro To Mount The Braking Control (no Drilling Holes In My New Truck!) And I Can Disconnect The Break Control And Store It In The Console. -Notice from O. Margaret, Peterborough

Click to Show tekonsha 3016-p brake control wiring adapter gm (auto accessory) Details

Took Me Less Than 10 Minutes To Install Brake Control For My Travel Trailer This Adapter Made It Super Easy.

Tekonsha-3016-p-brake-control-wiring-adapter-gm-(auto-accessory) set picture

- P. TheolaThis Adapter Has Heavier Gage Wire For The Trailer Brakes Than Others And Is Wrapped With A Mesh Loom That Allows Wires To Be Traced Yet Contained. Of Course The Plugs Fit The Gmc And Tekonsha Fittings. It Is Just The Right Length If You Don't Get Too Carried Away Routing It Under The Dash. So Glad We Used This Adapter Rather Than Cobble Together The Tekonsha P2 Supplied Pigtail And The 2014 Gmc Pigtail Provided With The Trailer Hitch Option. A Professional Item.

Great Product. That Says It All. Only Issue Was Confirming Fit To 2014 Chevrolet Prior To Ordering. Probably Due To New Truck Design.

K. Parker, Lewisham

Brand :    tekonsha
Size :    quantity 1
  • Brake controls with 2-plug style of wiring harness are identified with plug and play logo
  • Vehicle specific brake control wiring harness
  • Plug the brake control end of wiring harness into back of brake control and vehicle end into vehicle's port
  • For brake controls with wiring port built into back of unit
Price :    $10.71 (was $12.13)
Model :    3016-P
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (tekonsha product review) for Tekonsha 3016-P Brake Control Wiring Adapter GM available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector

I Use These In Our Mining Camp To Filter The Water To Our Trailer And The Bunkhouse. Water There Is Bad A Bucket Filled With It Is Visibly Cloudy. It Also Stinks Of Sulfur And Tastes Nasty. We Get Grit Out Of The Well That Would Plug The Toilet Valves And Washing Machine Screens Over Time. It Would Stain Dishes/sinks And Slowly Turn Our Clothes An Orange Color. This Clearly Is A Situation Way Beyond What These Filters Were Ever Built For. On The Trailer I Use A Pair Of Them Back To Back (one Screwed Into Another) Since That Water Is Primarily For Drinking. I Found That One Filter Alone Was Not Enough To Remove All Of The Smell And Taste Though The Water Was Clear. Not Much Volume Through These Two And While I Do Back Flush Them At The End Of The Mining Season Only The First Filter Ever Pukes Out Brown. In The Bunkhouse I Pass The Waterline Through A Y And Run A Pair Of These Side By Side. Bunkhouse Water Is Used For Showers And Washing So I Care Less About Taste. The Bunkhouse Also Uses A Much Higher Volume And Despite Passing The Flow Through A Pair Of The Filters They Will Slowly Plug Up. When It Starts To Get Bad I Hook Them Up Backwards And Blast Water Through While Whacking Them With Something. It Looks Like Tang Coming Out. Dead Serious Like Tang. When It Is Mostly Clear I Flip Them Around Run A Little Water And Hook It Back Up. So For What It Is Worth We Are Asking These Filters To Do So Very Much More Than They Were Intended But They Handle It. I Have No Idea How Long They Will Survive Back Flushing Them Like I Do But So Far No Issues. I Have Had What Others Talk Of Happen Where The Filter Will Just Ramp Down Until Flowing A Trickle Despite Being Rather New. I Assumed It Was From The Abuse We Gave It Sounds Like That Might Not Be The Case. Regardless If You Cut The Water Pressure Smack The Housing A Few Times And Hook It Back Up It Works Fine Again. At Worst You Have To Back Flow Them To Get It Back But They Have Always Come Back For Me. Hope This Helps Someone Decide.

Camco tastepure rv water filter with flexible hose protector reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine and sediment in drinking water with a 100 micron sediments filter. Durable in-line, exterior mount filter has a wider body to increase flow. Includes flexible hose protector to minimize kinking that could impede water flow. Not designed for fish tanks or ponds. No testing has been done for this purpose.

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter Flexible Hose ProtectorCamco-40043-TastePURE-Flexible-Protector

Camco 40043 Tastepure Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

When You Are At Your Home You Don't Think Twice About Hooking Up Your Rv Waterline To Your House Water To Fill The Rv Because You Drink & Bathe In The Same Water And You Are Still Alive And Breathing. But. . . . . . Who Knows What Is In That "free" Camp Ground Water Or What May Have Crawled Up Into Their Spigot And Died Use This Filter Because If Didn't Die In Their Line It'll Surely Be Dead And Stuck In Your Fresh Water Tank! Easy To Attach The Short Kink Proof Extension Is A Plus And Has Reusable End Caps For The Filter When Not In Use. Just A Note Keep A Permanant Marker Near It And Record On The Unit How Many Gallons You Ran Thru It So That You Know When To Replace It. -Notice from P. Laura, Leeds

Click to Show camco 40043 tastepure water filter flexible hose protector (auto accessory) Details

The Connection Piece Provided Leaks Due To Poor Compression Fitting While Being Manufactured. We Ditched This After The First Few Tires Of Connecting And Used A Lead Free Elbow Connector We Purchased At One Of The Camping Supply Stores. We Live With A Water Softener At Our Home And Are Quite Familiar Water Filters And Filtration Systems - However Even After Initial Fill And A Few Rinses (about Three 5-10 Minute Runs Of Water Through The Filter) To Wash The Carbon Away We Still Had Flecks Of The Occasional Carbon Sediment And A Chalky White Residue Showing Up In The Water. Water Taste Was Mediocre At Best. Instead Of Purchasing A New Filter For Next Season I Will Probably Switch To A Different Style Of Water Filter For Better Quality.

Camco-40043-tastepure-water-filter-flexible-hose-protector-(auto-accessory) set picture

- E. LawrenceThese Are Indispensable For Us Living Full Time In Our Rv. Every New Town Has Different Water. Some Are So Heavy In Minerals And Taste Terrible. This Gives Us A More Consistent Tasting Water. Additionally Filtering Out The Minerals Helps To Prevent Build Up Of Lime On The Fixtures And Shower. I Highly Recommend The 2 Pack So One Is Always Available. They Do Last A Long Time Even With Daily Use. When The Water Flow Starts To Slow Down We Change The Filter And Prepare To Order More. When We Lived In An Area With Softer Water One Lasted Almost 6 Months. Now Living In An Area With Hard Water One Lasts About 3 Months. Compared To Buying Drinking Water. This Is A Great Deal. I Would Not Travel Without Them.

I Was Ready To Give This Just One Star Since Every Attempt To Hook Up Resulted In A Pool Of Water Underneath From All The Leaks. However That Ended Up Being Caused By The Flexible Hose Protector Rather Than The Filter Itself. No Matter How I Tried To Hook Up With Multiple Washers Or Different Configurations The Connector Leaked Like Crazy On Both Ends. When I Tossed That And Connected The Filter Directly To The Hose Bib And My Hose To The Other End No Leaks Whatsoever. I'm Using The Filter Inline To An Auto-watering System For My Dog. The Filter Works Great And Eliminates The Chlorine And Bad Taste Of Our City Water. Dogs Are More Susceptible To All The Crap They Treat The Water With And Since Filtering Her Water Her Digestive Issues Have Gone Away. I'm Planning On Picking Up A Couple More To Filter Other Water Supplies As Well.

G. Imelda, Dudley

Brand :    camco
Color :    Multi
Weight :    0.80 pounds
  • Greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water
  • High-flow carbon filter with kdf to help prevent bacteria growth
  • Csa low lead content certified and complies with california's ab1953 and vermont act 193 low lead laws
  • 100 micron sediment filter
  • Larger capacity in-line rv water filter lasts an entire season
Price :    $15.29 (was $17.58)
Model :    40043
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support

New rv living, - 41ft. 5th-wheel - hence the learning curve is steep indeed; however, it did not take long to notice a few rigs sporting neat sewer hose supports. I had to have one and soon discovered that my home already had one, stored in the cellar. The problem, it was a bit too short, that, and because it was expanding aluminum type, it was somewhat awkward to maneuver. That's when i started looking around online store - enter stage left with drum roll:. . . . Camco 43051 30 ft plastic . . . . . Gee whiz, it may have taken three minutes to install and another to adjust; then fill the tank and open the drain. Flush once, twice and it was done. Oh, the "deal" i mentioned. Even before it was delivered the price on the 20 footer jumped ten dollars. So? you may want to shop around before you buy - i paid just under $29 and it was nearly double that at the local mega-retailer. . Buy now, price drop to $23. 99 . . Always something, another move, an older park with the connection 'way' in the back; i will need the 30' sewer hose support. Oh well, return the old - received 30-days - and buy the grande 30 footer. Yes, it was worth expense and trouble to have the extra ten feet of support. You may want to consider buying the longer unit, if you move about. You never know. . Thanks for reading and happy trails. . Bill b roaming . .

Camco rv 20' sidewinder plastic sewer hose support is sturdy and lightweight. Plastic support with strong snap-fit hinges has deep cradles to hold sewer hose in place without straps. No staples to rust. Easily positions around obstacles and stays where you put it. Won t creep closed. Convenient handle makes storage even easier. The bottom of the sidewinder cradle is 7-1/4" high at its highest point and 4" high at its lowest point. Patented.

Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose SupportCamco-43051-Sidewinder-Plastic-Support

Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Since purchasing our rv we have noted many people using sewer hose supports while at various parks. When i was in the market for a new hose decided to splurge and purchase a sewer hose support as well and i am very glad i did. . As anyone who rv's knows when you empty the tanks at the end of your vacation it isn't much fun having to lift the hose up to ensure that all the matter inside has drained out or worse yet thinking the hose is empty then moving it only to end up with shoes covered in nasties. This sewer hose support will see an end to those worries. . The support is made out of plastic and is very easy to set up and take down. After removing the orange holder i set it under the sewer connector on the rv and then gently pulled it out until it reached the park sewer connection. Once in place i then lifted the hose onto the support and ensured it was sitting securely, i could see at this time that my sewer hose was angled in a natural downward slopping manner towards the park sewer connection. . At the end of our vacation i opened the black tank and waited while it drained out, with the sewer hose support in place everything moved through the hose very quickly and without leaving anything stuck in the hose. Following i flushed out the grey tank and again was so very happy to stand and be able to see that everything was draining out and i didn't have to lift it to clear any obstructions. Once the tanks had been completed drained detached the hose and was so happy to not have any nasties dripping out the end. . The support folds up easily just by folding it into itself, i agree with other reviews the orange plastic holder caused me some problems when trying to secure it to the support. However when i arrived home i found that like the hose support the orange keeper is also has a tall end and short end, if you take the time to look at it and ensure that the short end is placed over the short end of the support you won't have any trouble using it to keep the support together when not in use. . Only taken this out on one trip so far but it really is worth the money i paid for it and i'm hoping it stands up to use over time, should it be necessary i will update my review. -Notice from Y. Parker, Hartlepool

Click to Show camco 43051 20' sidewinder plastic sewer hose support (auto accessory) Details

This is exactly what we needed to run our 25 ft sewer hose. You don't have to use the entire thing. I love that this accordions into itself for compact storage! this was online store prime so the shipping was fast and free! this is a must-have item for anyone with an rv that needs a long sewer run! . Pro tip: if you are using for more than a week or two, grab a cheap bag of zip ties and zip tie the hose to this support every couple feet. It is very easy to tip over and a pain to get back up. If you do tip it over, this keeps your hose and support as one!

Camco-43051-20'-sidewinder-plastic-sewer-hose-support-(auto-accessory) set picture

- M. GuestI didn't think much of this early on in my trailering adventures but have since come to recognize the need for a hose ramp. It isn't something you must have but does fall in the category of a very nice to have. . It is nice to have a gradual decline from the trailer to the sewer so waste is always flowing out of the sewer hose. If the hose is laying flat on the ground, things just end up settling along the line until it is flushed so fumes can end up potentially wafting back into your rig. Also it just aids in a quicker clean up when you are packing up. . Again, it isn't necessarily a day 1 item but down the road, you may find that it is an accessory that can make your life a little bit easier and more pleasant.

We've been using this for a few years and we're frequent travelers (60-70 nights a year) and normally only stay at a campground for a day or 2 before moving on, so it gets set up and taken down a lot. It's held up well so far, including being kicked/tripped over more than i'd like to admit. It can get difficult to use on runs over 11 or 12 feet, but up to those lengths it holds our flexi-hose very well, and makes dumping very easy. It does take some common sense to make it last - it can't be moved much with the hose on it (set it up, lay out the hose, remove the hose for final adjustments and then re-lay the hose), it cannot be twisted, and it cannot be used on extremely uneven ground (slopes are fine, but putting bricks or blocks under part of it are a no no). It's been out in the sun and snow, no problem. The holder is easy to put on/take off and keeps the unit handy and easy to store. We just used it for the last 6 days at 3 different locations and i decided to order another for the day this one dies in case they aren't available anymore, and figured i'd review it while i was here.

S. Rochelle, Wisconsin

Brand :    camco
Size :    20 Feet
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    43051
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Deep cradles hold the sewer hose in place without having to use straps
  • Sturdy, lightweight plastic that won't creep closed
  • The bottom of the sidewinder cradle is 7-1/4" high at its highest point and 4" high at its lowest point
  • Convenient carrying handle keeps sidewinder closed for easy storage
  • Easily positions around obstacles and stays in place
Price :    $32.88
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock - Pack of 2

Pretty Basic Wheel Cocks. Bought These After I Did Chock My New Camper While Unloading It And The Camper When Rolling Backwards. The Tongue Fell Off The Wood Blocks And Nearly Took A Couple Of Toes With It. I Have A Nice Hole In The Pavement In Front Of My House Now. These Keep The Wheels Form Moving Move Than A Few Centimeters And I Added A Foot Peg For The Tongue Incase It Ever Falls Again.

Camco's rv wheel chock is designed to keep your trailer in place so that you can re-hitch with confidence. It is constructed of durable hard plastic with uv inhibitors and is easy to use and effective. Comes as a set of 2.

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock - Pack of 2Camco-44414-Wheel-Chock-Pack

Camco 44414 Wheel Chock - Pack Of 2 (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Don't Skimp Out And Think You Don't Need Wheel Chocks. If You Are Putting Your Car Up On Jack Stands Or Ramps You Need Chocks Behind Your Wheel. These Were Large Enough For A Car. I Was Picturing Something Smaller But These Work Perfectly Fine. -Notice from T. Carol, Cumbria

Click to Show camco 44414 wheel chock - pack of 2 (auto accessory) Details

Light Weight Efficient And Just As Advertised. Liked That They Are Bright Colored So You Don't Overlook Removing Them When Hooking The Camper Back Up!

Camco-44414-wheel-chock---pack-of-2-(auto-accessory) set picture

- V. WaytBeing Hard Plastic They Can Slip Under Certain Circumstances Like Sitting On Hard Concrete. Happened To Us In Our Driveway. Luckily When Our Travel Trailer Moved The These Plastic Chocks The Bumper Of Our Truck Stopped The Trailer. Very Scary Situation. Thinking About Paying More And Going With The Solid Rubber Models Sold. Otherwise They Seem To Do The Job.

I Typically Use Pavers I Have In The Yard To Chock Both Sides Of One Tire When I Do Any Work On My Truck But They Aren't Much Higher Than 1-1. 5". These Are Nicer To Keep In My Garage Than To Bring In A Muddy Paver. Since It's Yellow It's Easy To Spot In My Garage And They Don't Slip. I've Tested Them By Giving My Truck A Little Gas While These Are On And They Prevent Me From Rolling. They Look Good And Do Their Job. I Like Em. . . .

K. Lisa, Sachsen

Price :    $10.53
  • Re-hitch with confidence
  • For use with tires up to 26" in diameter
  • Helps keep your trailer in place
  • Pack of 2
  • Durable hard plastic with uv inhibitors
Brand :    camco
Color :    Yellow
Size :    Pack of 2
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    44414
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 44414 Wheel Chock - Pack of 2 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator

Works A Little Too Well. Bought It To Lower Water Pressure For Our Expanding Hose. Too High Pressure Had Caused Leaks In Previous Expanding Hoses We'd Bought. However Now The Pressure Is So Low The Hose Doesn't Actually Expand. The Gauge Shows The Pressure Is Always In The Low Range Now And This Regulator Is Not Adjustable. So It Does Work But Not Being Adjustable Is A Problem. The "regulator" Seems To Lower Pressure By Being A Simple Choke Reducing The Water Flow With A Small Bore Opening So Not A Complicated Device. I Could Have Just Bought A Shut Off Valve That Is Adjustable In How Much Water You Allow Through To The Hose So I'll Be Getting One Of Those Now.

Camco rv brass water pressure regulator helps to protect the rv plumbing and hoses from damage caused by high-pressure city water. Reduce water pressure to a safe, consistent 40 50 lbs of operational pressure. Protects equipment and prevents hose failure, to help prolong equipment life. (fgh x mgh) patented. For outdoor use only.

Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure RegulatorCamco-40055-Brass-Pressure-Regulator

Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This Is A Solid Brass Water Pressure Regulator. I Am Using This On My Rv For Protection To Make Sure The Internal Waterworks Of The Rv Are Protected Against Too Much Pressure. This Product Does Just What Is Supposed To In My Rv. Several Camp Grounds Have Excessive Pressure Which Could Damage Your Rv Which Would End Up Causing An Expensive Repair. This Little Gadget Is An Insurance Policy Keeping This From Happening. It Is Made Of Brass Not Cheap Plastic. It Comes Well Packaged And Was Shipped Quickly. A 5 Star Product. -Notice from J. Terry, Wigan

Click to Show camco 40055 brass water pressure regulator (auto accessory) Details

This Not Really A "pressure Regulator" It's A "volume Regulator". Explained: The Diameter Of The Inside Of This Brass Fitting Is Smaller Than The "hose" Diameter; Which Will Regulate The Quantity Of Water Passing Through; But Will Not Change The "pressure". Test: At Lowes Or Homedepot You Can Buy A Tester (about $5-$7. 50). If You Put The Tester On The End Of This Devise And Turn On The Water You Will Read The Same Pressure As If You Put The "terster" Directly On The Hose Bib And Turned On The Water. So If You Really Need To Reduce The "pressure" Lowes Or Homedepot" Sells Those As Well.

Camco-40055-brass-water-pressure-regulator-(auto-accessory) set picture

- W. BrendonFor The Price This Is Worth Purchasing. It Does Regulate The Water Pressure Down To What Is Needed In An Rv But I Believe It Is Actually Lower Than 45-50psi. I Replaced Mine With An  and It Works Better. In My Opinion Worth The Extra Cost Especially Since I Spend A Lot Of Time In The Trailer For Work. I Do Believe This Standard Camco Fixed Pressure Regulator Would Work Fine At A Campground Or Water Hookup That Actually Had 60 Psi (typical Rv Pressure Limit) Or More Water Pressure But I Haven't Found That Yet.

Very Poor Quality. I Purchased 3 Of These Last Month. The First One Lasted 2 Weeks And The Second Lasted 1 Week. I Tried To Return But I'm Outside The Return Window. I Haven't Used The Third Yet But I'm Pretty Sure I Know Its Fate. Highly Recommend Looking Elsewhere.

N. Hakala, Herefordshire

Brand :    camco
Color :    Brass / Antique Brass
Weight :    3..24 pounds
Model :    40055
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $6.04 (was $8.97)
  • Helps protect rv plumbing and hoses from high-pressure city water
  • Attaches easily with 3/4" garden hose threads
  • Csa low lead content certified. complies with california's ab1953 and vermont act 193, maryland hb 372, and louisiana hb 471 low lead content laws
  • Durable brass construction that is drinking water safe
  • Reduces water pressure to a safe and consistent 40-50 lbs of pressure

Camco 57363 Leveling Scissor Jack Socket

My Back Is 65% Happier Now. Slap Onto Cordless Drill Pull Trigger Four Times Go Sit Some Place Out Of The Sun And Contemplate The Meaning Of Life.

Camco's leveling scissor jack drill socket reduces the time and effort it takes to raise and lower your scissor jacks. The adapter fits 3/8" or 1/2" power drills and works with all 3/4"hex drive jacks.

Camco 57363 Leveling Scissor Jack SocketCamco-57363-Leveling-Scissor-Socket

Camco 57363 Leveling Scissor Jack Socket (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Got This For My Hubby To Speed Up The Time It Takes Him To Crank Our Travel Trailer Stabilizers Up/down. He Connects It To His Cordless Drill And Ziiiiippp! Stabilizer Is Fully Retracted Or Lowered. He Loves It! Great Buy And A Must-have For Anyone Who Rv's For Any Length Of Time. -Notice from V. Kathlene, Stockport

Click to Show camco 57363 leveling scissor jack socket (auto accessory) Details

Works Great And Saves Alot Of Cranking By Hand. Just Make Sure You Have A Drill Or Screw Gun That Has Enough Torque To Run The Jacks You Have But That Has Nothing To Do With This Product Just A Little Advice.

Camco-57363-leveling-scissor-jack-socket-(auto-accessory) set picture

- C. CarmenProduct Works As Described. Make Raising And Lowering The Four Corner Jacks On My Camper Much Quicker. I Still Carry A Wrench For Making The Final Leveling Adjustments. Make Sure You Have A Heavy Duty Drill To Use My Black And Decker 18v Isn't Quite Large Enough.

Are You Kidding Me ! This Is The Greatest $5 Socket I've Every Purchased. Quite Possibly The Best $5 I've Ever Spent. Any Person Anywhere That Has Scissor Jacks Needs This. Set Your Drill To The Desired Torque And Down She Goes Stopping At The Exact Amount Of Desired Pressure All The Way Around Your Camper. No More Than Two Minutes Later Your Scissor Jacks Are Securely On The Ground And You're Sitting At The Picnic Table Cracking A Beer Before Your Now Envious Camp Site Neighbor Is Halfway Through His First Stand.

P. Guest, Yukon Territory

Brand :    camco
Color :    1 Pack
Weight :    0.15 pounds
Model :    57363
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 57363 Leveling Scissor Jack Socket available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $4.43
  • Reduces time and effort to raise or lower scissor jacks
  • Fits 3/8" or 1/2" power drills
  • Works with all 3/4"hex drive jacks

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012

Tried To Get Refund But It Had Been Too Long. When I Finally Did Get To Use Them I Found Them To Be Less Than All The Hype Surrounding My Research On Them. Yes They Keep The Wheels From Moving But Do Nothing To Keep The Trailer From Moving While Walking Around Inside. This Product If Used Incorrectly Could Damage Tires Causing Catastrophic Failure Or Even Death. A Strong Arm Triangulation Stabilizing System Is Much More Effective. I Only Give This Product A Single Star Due To Online Store Didn't Have An Option For A Zero. Caveat Emptor

The x-chock starts off where the deluxe tire locking chock left off, but it's new, slimmer design will fit into more axle applications. Fits between tandem tires, it locks wheels by applying force to both tires. Aids in trailer stabilizing and prevents tire shifts. A hand operated plated ratchet wrench (model 841025, included) turns a drive nut, extending the chocks against the tires for locking and retracting the chucks for removal.

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012X-Chock-Wheel-Stabilizer-Handle-28012

X-chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012 (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

After Reading About These And Looking At The Ratings I Decided To Give Them A Try. What A Difference They Make. We Cannot Believe How Much More Stable Our Travel Trailer Is Now. There Is No Shifting At All. These Are Well Made And The Wrench That Is Supplied With Them Is Very Nice. Very Easy To Use. Just Expand Them Out To The Width Of Your Tires Slide Them In And Tighten Them Down A Bit. Not To Tight. Locks Right In. Enjoy The Difference These Make. -Notice from J. Cageen, Merton

Click to Show x-chock wheel stabilizer - pair - one handle - 28012 (auto accessory) Details

These Things Work Awesome. Read Others Saying They Blow Out Their Tire. They Had Bad ( Old Weathered Out Tires) Tires Have A Five Year Life. After That It's A Time Bomb. Do The Research. Feel The Thread With A Flat Hand If You Feel It Wave In One Spot. Chances Are Your Cords Are Starting To Pull Apart. I Have New Tires And Tried It Out For 10days Of Pressure . Drove 187 Miles Outside Temp. 99 Deg. No Problems. If I Get Any Any More Trailers I'll Buy More X Chocks.

X-chock-wheel-stabilizer---pair---one-handle---28012-(auto-accessory) set picture

- H. AngelicaWow So Glad I Skipped The Chocks. I Had An Instance Where My Rv Settled On Me (can't Recall Specifics Of The Situation). . . Anyways I Was Underneath The Rv Doing Some Work And A Gust Of Idaho Wind Pushed My Rv. . . Luckily These Stabilizers Kept It From Going Anywhere Potentially Saving My Life And Lots Of Damage. Highly Recommend For Anybody That Is Serious About Protecting Their Rv From Moving. Pretty Easy To Install And Remove Too.

I Have Used These For One Summer So Far And Notice A Small Difference In The Camper Rocking. I Even Had Someone Adjust Them For Me To Make Sure I Had Them On Right And I Really Don't Notice Too Significant Of A Difference But There Is Some.

E. Bethany, Thueringen

Brand :    bal r.v. products group
Weight :    7.50 pounds
  • Fits even the tightest of applications retracting down to 1 3/8" and extends to 10".
  • Provides added stabilization and prevents tire shifts by applying opposing force to tandem tire applications
  • Plated ratchet wrench with comfort bumper included
  • Rust inhibitive coating.
  • Works with the tires' natural movement instead of against them
Price :    $43.85 (was $68.30)
Model :    28012
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (bal r.v. products group product review) for X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers - 10 Pack

These work great and are lighter than hauling around wood to level you out. We bought one pack of 10 and realize now we need another. 10 sounds like alot but not really when you're stacking them to create a level area. I suggest buying 2.

Lynx recreational vehicle leveling kit. Modular designed levelers not only configure to fit any leveling function, but they also withstand tremendous weight. To use: simply set them into a pyramid shape to the desired height that the rv needs to be raised and drive onto the stack. The levelers can also be used as a support base for other stabilizing equipment. Use under single and dual wheels, under tandem axles and under jacks. 8-1/2 inch x 8-1/2 inch with 1-1/2 inch thickness to give 1 inch lift. The 10 pack comes in an easy to store nylon bag and weighs less than ten pounds.

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers - 10 PackTri-Lynx-00015-Lynx-Levelers-Pack

Tri-lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers, Pack 10 (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

I just started using these but first impression are:. Very light, easy to use, well made. . Only time will tell if they will hold up but i do not expect any issues. -Notice from W. Nicole, Waltham Forest

Click to Show tri-lynx 00015 lynx levelers, pack 10 (auto accessory) Details

Nice product. Have not used it but has got to be better than trying to level small trailer with just the jacks.

Tri-lynx-00015-lynx-levelers,-pack-10-(auto-accessory) set picture

- S. AngelaLegos for rvs! well, not really. Stack'm, park rv on them to level. What more do you want? a nice bag to store them in? it has that too!

These work great and are much better than makeshift wood blocks. The lynx blocks lock together like legos to make a stable platform for your trailer. A must for mountain campsites where you need a lot of lift.

D. Mathis, Bedfordshire

Brand :    tri-lynx
Color :    Orange
Size :    10 Pack
Weight :    7.31 pounds
  • Lynx recreational vehicle leveling kit, 10/pack
  • To use: simply set them into a pyramid shape to the desired height that the rv needs to be raised and drive onto the stack
  • The levelers can also be used as a support base for other stabilizing equipment
  • Modular designed levelers not only configure to fit any leveling function, but they also withstand tremendous weight
Price :    $28.76
Model :    00015
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (tri-lynx product review) for Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers - 10 Pack available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 44595 Stabilizer Jack Pad - 4 pack

Great at keeping your camper from digging into the ground.

4 pack, stabilizer jack pad, for use with stack jacks, fifth wheel stabilizers, swing down stabilizers & awning arms to keep them from sinking into soft ground, interlocking for convenient storage with handy strap, built in handle for ease of use, solidly constructed of durable polypropylene with uv inhibitors. This product adds a great value. Product is highly durable and very easy to use. This product is manufactured in china.

Camco 44595 Stabilizer Jack Pad - 4 packCamco-44595-Stabilizer-Jack-Pad

Camco 44595 Stabilizer Jack Pad - 4 Pack (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Just the right size for rv jacks and very durable. I used in a rocky area and they held up well. -Notice from B. Josephine, Bradford

Click to Show camco 44595 stabilizer jack pad - 4 pack (auto accessory) Details

With all these reviews complaining about the size, you'd hope someone would share the measurements. These pads are about 6. 5" square, not including the handle, and provide a 6. 25" square surface for placing your stabilizer. No, you don't want these if you drive a diesel pusher, but you probably know that already. These pads are perfect for our large highwall popup trailer's stabilizers though. They're even a little big. I never liked how the original 'sand pads' mounted to our stabilizer legs, and these plastic jobbies from camco are much better. They are a simple thing, but with the nice touches of light weight and a sturdy velcro strap for stowage, these fit the bill. I've attached a few photos.

Camco-44595-stabilizer-jack-pad---4-pack-(auto-accessory) set picture

- A. BettyVery happy with our stabilizer jack pads. I use these to rest our camper feet on (approx. 1, 800 total) and really does help. I did use one pad for the 1/2" lift i needed on one side of the camper as well under the tire and worked very well for that too! nice multi-use pads that have versatility, good durable construction, and snug up into each other with the velcro strap to make transportation efficient too. . Very happy with this product and at the price point can hardly go wrong! . . Note: i was using a 1/2" board for leveling previously. . And would end up snapping the board in half the long way each time i used it for the additional lift under one of the tires! these work much better although then it does not allow you to put chocks under the tire. (however i would chock the other tire without the additional lift, as well as put down all 4 stabilizer feet and not have any rocking/motion issues at all). . Highly recommend this product.

These jack pads are sturdy and strong. Purchased for use under automatic jack stands rather than the wood blocks we were using. These are lightweight, stackable, and easy to store. They are not very thick so purchase two packages if necessary to keep jack stands from having to extend to far when on unlevel ground.

X. Lindsey, Colorado

Brand :    camco
Color :    Yellow
Size :    Regular
Weight :    0.88 pounds
  • Interlocking design and handy storage strap for easy storage
  • Set of 4
  • Helps prevent jacks from sinking into soft ground
  • Measures 6. 5" x 9" x 1"
  • Built-in handle for ease of use
Price :    $11.06 (was $12.24)
Model :    44595
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 44595 Stabilizer Jack Pad - 4 pack available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit Swivel Fitting

The camco rhinoflex hose kit is a high quality product that has all the adaptors and features needed to cover any installation. I've never camped where this hose kit wouldn't work, and the sewer connector holds well without needed to be held down something. . "the swivels work freely and the caps are a great addition to prevent the hose from dripping wherever you store it. The length is more than double the usual 6-foot hose included with most campers, which gives me more flexibility when parking my trailer on the site. I also have the camco 43051 sidewinder hose support, which works perfectly with this sewer hose kit to make a complete system for sewer hookup. . The hose and connectors are good quality and everything fits well together. I anticipate many years of service for this "must have" rv product.

Camco's rhinoflex 15 foot rv sewer hose kit with rhinoflex hose and swivel fittings is a ready-to-use kit made with the toughest hose you can buy. The sturdy polyolefin is reinforced with steel wire for an ultra-tough hose. It is also collapsible, so you only have to extend as much hose as you need. This kit features a bayonet fitting with four prongs for a more secure fit. At the dump-station end we've added a translucent elbow with an easily detachable 4-in-1 adapter for connecting to 3-inch slip or 3-inch, 3-1/2-inch and 4-inch npt threaded sewer connection. The fittings swivel and feature reusable locking rings so that fittings can be moved to a new rhinoflex hose if needed. The kit also includes a storage cap for each end. The hose and fittings compress to 56 inches for storage and once the 4-in-1 adapter is removed you can store the hose in standard 4-inch square bumpers.

Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit Swivel FittingCamco-39770-RhinoFLEX-Swivel-Fitting

Camco 39770 Rhinoflex 15' Rv Sewer Hose Kit Swivel Fitting (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This is my second hose. The first one i got was perfect and very sturdy. Something you definitely want when it is transporting all sorts of not pleasant stuff from your rig to the sewer. I ended up including the hose when i sold my trailer so purchased another when i got my new trailer. Unfortunately this one had a qc issue. On the side that attaches to the trailer, there is a metal hoop that i think supports the hose to the connector. This hoop had one end sticking up instead of being flush, so paper and other debris would end up getting caught on it. Wasn't a big deal in the end, i just cut the excess off and hadn't had an issue since. But obviously it isn't something that should have been overlooked at the factory. So before you use the hose. Any hose. Check it out and give it quick look to make sure there isn't anything wrong with it. It beats having to stick your hand in the hose after the fact. -Notice from K. Theresa, Rhode Island

Click to Show camco 39770 rhinoflex 15' rv sewer hose kit swivel fitting (auto accessory) Details

This has been a great product as we found camco brand to be one of our favorite for rv use. The 15' is our common length to use and plan on getting a second to attach to it to extend if needed. This is very simple to use and attach and needs no directions. It does have caps for both ends as pictured so it keeps everything clean. I do suggest still keeping this hose in something (we use an open tupperware bin) just in case you do get a little of the nasty stuff on the outside. The one thing that i wish was different would be the 90 degree elbow being a little more clear. It seems the visibility would be fine for it but we found it still too opaque. Overall still a great quality product and we will be purchasing more.

Camco-39770-rhinoflex-15'-rv-sewer-hose-kit-swivel-fitting-(auto-accessory) set picture

- I. MaysI used this to replace the regular camco 20' kit ( camco 39625 20' revolution swivel sewer hose kit ) that had a crack in the middle of the hose after a year and a half. I could have just replaced the one 10' hose that had the crack but i decided to upgrade the whole length so i wouldn't have to worry about it later. I am very pleased with the rhinoflex, it is much sturdier material and i love the stay-put bendy wire in the hose. The connections were very easy to work with make sure you read the instructions about tightening them up during installation. I did not have problems with leakage like some people apparently do after not installing it correctly. The package included fittings i ended up not needing, and a complimentary baggie of septic-tank drop-ins which i also did not use since i recently purchased a specific type that i want to use for the safety of the ingredients ( walex bio-11530 bio-pak natural holding tank deodorizer and waste digester, (pack of 10) ). I had half-pipe guides holding the cheap pipe in position before, and i suspect i don't really need it for the rhinoflex, but i left them there to extend the life of the product.

Great product. Extremely well made and engineered very well for its intended purpose. However, be aware hose will not fit in a 4" rv bumper with ends on. Only the hose itself will fit in square bumper, ends must be removed every time in order for the hose to fit! disappointed that the product description is a little misleading. Product description states "removable 4-in-1 adapter allows you to store the hose in 4" square bumpers" (removable is the key word, here) it means what it says, just don't miss that minor detail! everytime you store this hose in your bumper you will need to remove the ends of this hose after your black and grey water has gone through it. So you might want to consider where you are going to store the ends and still be sanitary. All in all though product does perform flawlessly!

C. Powell, Bath and North East Somerset

Brand :    camco
Size :    15 feet
Weight :    3.00 pounds
  • Fittings swivel for ease of use and are detachable
  • Kit compresses to 56" for storage and the removable 4-in-1 adapter allows you to store the hose in 4" square bumpers
  • Rhinoflex sewer hose is made of 23 mils of durable polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire
  • Includes rhinoflex sewer hose, swivel bayonet adapter, 4-in-1 translucent elbow, two locking rings and two storage caps
  • 4-in-1 translucent elbow adapter fits 3" slip or 3", 3-1/2" and 4" threaded dump-station pipes
Price :    $24.30 (was $30.37)
Model :    39770
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit Swivel Fitting available as-of ( May 2019 )

fit system 80910 chevrolet/gmc full size truck clip-on towing mirror - pair Price : 35.36, was : 51.71 as 2017-05-25
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror - Pair (Auto Accessory) Reviewed by on

Top fit system 80910 chevrolet/gmc full size truck clip-on towing mirror - pair (auto accessory) Content

The F.A.Q. for fit system 80910 chevrolet/gmc full size truck clip-on towing mirror - pair

This worked awesome for pulling our 29' travel trailer. They fit our truck snugly with now movement while we were driving. Looked nice too! we have a 2015 chevy silverado 1500 z71.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: fit system website says this will work on my 2016 chevy silverado but your website says it won't?? just checking also it won't let me chg my truck

(1) Question: will they scratch the back of my mirrors?

(2) Question: will these fit a 2015 tahoe?

(3) Question: this is a pair of mirrors, i assume, and not just one?

(4) Question: will these fit a 2015 yukon slt?

(5) Question: will these fit on a 2014 silverado lt

(6) Question: will these fit a 2013 silverado lt?

(7) Question: will these fit on a 2014 silverado with the chrome caps on the mirrors?

(8) Question: will this fit a 2007 gmc sierra 1500 hd

(9) Question: willbthey scratch painted mirrors?

(note) Question: where/how to get Fit System (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Fit System's products


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The fit is amazing! they look like they came from the factory, not like something you snapped on!

Automotive 18148651, Exterior Accessories 11575851, Hitch Accessories 19273751, Towing Mirrors 13373751, Towing Products & Winches 15273751Top Fit System 80910 Chevrolet/gmc Full Size Truck Clip-on Towing Mirror - Pair (Auto Accessory) FAQ Content

Best fit system 80910 chevrolet/gmc full size truck clip-on towing mirror - pair (auto accessory) in review

Bought these for a long trip. Worked fantastic and basically lol factory. Much better than the strap on type i used in the past.

Z. Shawna, Berlin

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N. Campbell, New South Wales says

Very good product. Very easy to snap on and snap off. I am very happy with this purchase.

W. Powell, Sachsen-Anhalt

Snap, snap, all done! excellent visability! attractive, too. And just as easy to remove!

H. Guest, Bedfordshire says

The mirrors fit perfectly over the existing mirrors. They look good on the truck. I was afraid they would move around and shake a lot when driving, but that is not the case. Overall, i feel this is a great product. I tow a 29 foot camper. These give me the extra view i need, especially on the highway when i need to change lanes.

C. Ruff, Colorado

Slips on and off nicely. The do not shake while driving down the road. Do not like that the mirros are flat, would be more useful if they were convex.

V. Hayward, Windsor and Maidenhead says

Fit our 2016 silverado 1500 perfectly!

G. Ophelia, Bury

Work just as advertised and fit right up to my 2016 chevy silverado ltz z71. Previously had a 2005 avalanche with the same style mirrors. The new ones are a little bit better in my opinion, once they are set they are set in position (the adjustable mirror) it stays adjusted, not like the old ones which constantly needed adjustments. They also come with a carry bag which is super nice.

Q. Medina, Wigan says

These mirrors for seamlessly on our 2014 silverado. They look like the large factory mirrors. Made towing much easier too!

U. Rowe, West Virginia

Fit like a glove and the material seems to be very durable. Happy with purchase

O. Amanda, Telford and Wrekin says

We purchased these for my 2014 chevy silverado to use when towing our 26' travel trailer. They work great! they are easy to slip on when needed and easily remove when not towing. We have used them several times now without issue. They look like they are an original part when installed on the truck. They blend in seamlessly. Awesome product!

A. Connie, Calderdale

Relatively easy to snap on and off. They do look like stock mirrors. The picture is a little deceiving because the device really only consists of the small (fist sized) mirror piece that extends beyond your stock mirror. Also, the mirror is flat and not concave like the stock mirror, which if fine for me because i use it to look down the side of my 8' wide travel trailer. I found these to be very helpful. I am not sure how i would improve the design, but i am a tough critic, so i only gave 4 stars.

D. McCarthy, South Carolina says

Super fit and look like factory. Great expansive view. Love them!

T. Lynette, Staffordshire

Perfect fit on my gmc sierra 2015 and no vibration on road. Great product and very easy to install

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