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Price was 0. Worked great. The material was big enough to allow me with some wiggle room. I used permatex 27828 body shop heavy duty headliner and carpet adhesive, 16. 75 oz. Aerosol can and it worked great. Cheaper than trying to buy the same material at the fabric store. Awesome!

-E. Cathy

Headliner the universal beige headliner replacement kit includes everything you need to replace your car’s existing old, worn, torn, and sagging headliner fabric. this trim-to-fit repair kit -heads up hu806 beige headliner kit

  • Advantage: Universal Trim To Fit Application, Requires No Sewing.
  • Advantage: Easy To Read Instructions.

Modest Heads Up Hu806 Beige Headliner Kit (Auto Part) Hu806

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I bought a beater car to drive to and from work, however the headliner looked like a badger tried to eat the fabric. I found this and a can of adhesive here on online store and set out to resolve that issue. I stripped the old one off (it was much thinner than this one) and replace it. It took about 45 minutes, the longest part removing screws and waiting for adhesive layers to dry. It went on easily when i used a plastic squeegee to push down the material smoothly. The sounds inside the car have even seemed to soften a touch, but it could just be the way the inside just looks a lot nicer. An easy repair/upgrade to your old, dessicated headliner. Highly recommended. The Best headliner as-of ( May 2019 ) | Heads Up Industries-Auto Part Review Advantage Heads Up HU806 Beige Headliner Kit Replaces and restores your cars old, worn sagging headliner, fits most 2 or 4 door vehicles. Universal trim to fit application, requires no sewing. Easy to read instructions. Installs with common household tools in less than one hour .

Heads Up Hu806 Beige Headliner Kit Review (hu806)

This did the job perfectly and there was a little extra on all sides to take the worry out of making it work. You should low temp iron this to get out the little creases from shipping first. I found the 3m number 80 spray adhesive worked really good. The guy doing this told me that spray was the best he used and he has done many of these before. The color matches and it really looks amazing. No wonder he told me about this brand name. -C. Franklin

Heads Up Hu806 Beige Headliner

  1. Class: Misc.
  2. Brand: Heads Up
  3. ClothingSize: Smaller Size For Cars - 54" X 72" - PLEASE MEASURE
  4. Color: Beige
  5. EAN: 0041415907065
  6. Product Dimensions:
    Height:0.10 inches
    Length:72.00 inches
    Width:54.00 inches
  7. Manufacturer: Heads-Up Industries
  8. Model: HU806
  9. MPN: HU806
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: HU806
  12. Type: Automotive Parts And Accessories
  13. Category: AUTO PART
  14. Size: Smaller Size For Cars - 54" X 72" - PLEASE MEASURE
  15. UPC: 041415907065

headliner Automotive Parts And Accessories, The universal beige headliner replacement kit includes everything you need to replace your car's existing old, worn, torn, and sagging headliner fabric. this trim-to-fit repair kit requires no sewing and installs easily with common household tools. the illustrated instructions walk you through replacing most head-liners, regardless of shape, size and attached accessories, such as sun roofs, hand grips and dome lights. kit includes: - (1) roll - 54 " (w) x 72" (l) fabric pre-laminated with foam backing - all necessary dome light clip hardware for installation - step by step, detailed illustrated instructions Heads Up Hu806 Beige Headliner Kit (HU806-Heads Up).

Heads Up Hu806 Beige Headliner Automotive Parts And Accessories

headlinerHeads Up HU806 Beige Headliner Kit (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This headliner worked out fine, i ended up needing two large cans of glue and that was barely enough. A really good pair of scissors works better than razor blades.

Heads Up Hu806 Beige Headliner Kit
Click to see NoticeHeads Up Hu806 Beige Headliner Kit (Auto Part)"This was good quality, and not too bad to install. In other words, 2 ladies, rank beginners, 50'ish and 70'ish. Did the job. Mind you, an i-pad and a u-tube "how to" video was a virtual assistant."

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Uxcell Car Sound Deadener Application Rolling Wheel Roller 5cm x 3.5cm

Shipped To Me Quickly And Worked Fairly Well On My Sound Deadening Project. Roller Is Some Type Of Soft Plastic. When I Used It For Awhile There Started To Be Divets And Nicks In The Plastic But Held Up Fairly Well For The Price And The One Project I Needed It For. Would Be Nice If There Was A Rounded Edge To Help Roll Certain Applications.

Car audio sound deadening application roller, features black wooden grip handle, clear green solid rubber roller. This application roller allows for even pressure of application, minimizes air bubbles and achieves the best adhesion. An essential tool for an easy and effective application of your sound deadening mat.

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Uxcell® Car Sound Deadener Application Rolling Wheel Roller 5cm X 3.5cm (a13082600ux0419) FAQ.

You Might Be Thinking Oh I'll Save Time Because This Roller Is Wider Than The Others Available. Think Again - I Should Have Gone With One With A Thinner Wheel So I Was Able To Get More Pressure On A Smaller Area. Also Its Harder To Use In Tight Spaces. I Advise Purchasing One That Is Skinnier. -Notice from I. Guest, Bedfordshire

Click to Show uxcell® car sound deadener application rolling wheel roller 5cm x 3.5cm (a13082600ux0419) Details

Smooth. Using It For Waterproofing Pressure Tape Application To Rv Roof. It Rolls Well And Can Take The Pressure. Feels Good In The Hand Doesn't Slip Around On The Tape Surface As I Roll. Good Value.

Uxcell®-car-sound-deadener-application-rolling-wheel-roller-5cm-x-3.5cm-(a13082600ux0419) set picture

- V. GarnerBought This To Help With Hushmat Installation And On First Use The Thing Fell Apart. The Rivit Holding The Roller On Was Missing The Other Half Which Kept Everything Together. Returning It Immediately!

This Is An Ok Roller For Installing Sound Deadening Mat But The Axle Protrudes A Bit Too Far Past The Sides And Makes It Hard To Get Tight Against Corners. You Can Also Use The Butt Of The Handle To Smash The Mat Into Curved Depressions. I Pressed Very Hard On A Whole-car Install And It Never Showed Any Signs Of Weakness.

C. Alberta, Liverpool

Brand :    uxcell
Color :    Black
Model :    a13082600ux0419
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (uxcell product review) for Uxcell Car Sound Deadener Application Rolling Wheel Roller 5cm x 3.5cm available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $5.99
  • Uxcell (u excel ! ) is the sole authorized seller of uxcell products
  • Weight : 139g; handle size : 12 x 3 cm / 4. 7" x 1. 2" (l*max. d); total length : 17. 5 cm / 6. 9"
  • Roller size : 5 x 3. 5 cm / 2" x 1. 4" (l*d); color : black, clear green, silver tone;
  • Product name : sound deadening application roller; material : rubber, wood, metal;
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3M 38808 Headliner Fabric Adhesive - 18.1 oz.

Used this to reattach the headliner fabric back up to my car. . Been 2 months in hot weather and it's still sticking up. . Great adhesive, easy to use - but be sure to follow instructions. -spray 3 layers on each side, wait for at least 5 mins and press the two sides together. . If you don't do that, the liquid would penetrate the layers and you'd get a sticky weird mess. . I still have half a can left, hopefully i won't have to use this again for the same project. . Bottomline:. - works as advertised

18. 1 oz, headliner & fabric adhesive, exceptional strength bonds heavyweight automotive materials, bonds to fabric, headliners & foam, dries in 30 minutes.

3M 38808 Headliner Fabric Adhesive - 18.1 oz.3M-38808-Headliner-Fabric-Adhesive

3m 38808 Headliner Fabric Adhesive - 18.1 Oz. (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This stuff is amazing! i have never attempted re-gluing a headliner before, but i figured if anyone was going to make a specialty adhesive to do the job, 3m would be the folks to do it. The adhesive sprays in a fine fan pattern from the nozzle, which worked great for my situation. The headliner in my old jeep cherokee was loose and drooping down from just the drivers side over a bit. I used an old sheet to cover everything below, then pulled the headliner edge down. I put the can up close to the opening between the fabric and the roof foam, and sprayed. The vertical v mist pattern sprayed both the fabric and the foam at the same time. I made an even pass all over the opening, then gently pressed and rolled my liner fabric onto the foam. I'm impressed at how easily it sticks, yet there is no "bleed thru" of the adhesive. Looks completely dry and natural on the side that is seen. Still soft and fuzzy! so far, it seems to be holding quite well. Problem solved! i suspect i saved a ton of money by avoiding a professional headliner make-over. -Notice from T. Finch, Bath and North East Somerset

Click to Show 3m 38808 headliner fabric adhesive - 18.1 oz. (auto accessory) Details

Be sure to buy two cans to provide ample coverage and follow directions. Using a criss-cross coat pattern made all the difference. A 2001 honda civic headliner came our beautifully with a couple hours easy labor with (some beers) and a buddy. Really happy i opted for a semi-professional adhesive. No issues with sagging several months later.

3m-38808-headliner-fabric-adhesive---18.1-oz.-(auto-accessory) set picture

- Z. OlgaAs you might imagine, the problem when gluing any fabric is to avoid staining or discoloring the material, which leaves few choices for gluing a falling headlner. While my attempts with several other commonly available non-staining adhesives failed almost immediately, the adhesive in this product performed perfectly; it applied without saturating or discoloring the fabric, and is still holding very firmly. My only complaint is that, even with the provided rotating-pattern spray tip, it's difficult to manage the spray stream so that it doesn't hit unwanted areas. In my '03 corolla a 4 inch flap of headliner had come loose over the rear window, so i needed to apply adhesive only to that strip of fabric and to the underlying surface - without overspraying onto the undamaged headliner or the window. Even with a cardboard shield, it was extremely difficult to hold myself, the sheild, the spray can and the fabric in position to apply the adhesive without making a mess. In any case, the project turned out ok; the fabric is securely attached and job looks professional. I didn't see this product in a can with a brush applicator, but that arrangement would certainly have been easier to work with.

So i worked on my headliner last weekend. It's a very good product and do follow the instructions. It's very sticky and kind of reminds me of how crazy glue works if it gets on your fingers except it doesn't get so stuck. This glue is more than enough for a midsize sedan. . A few things that i could advise before spraying this product is make sure you remove the old foam (and not just the fabric itself). This will make it so much easier and knowing that you'll have done it right the first time (unless you get a fabric that's too heavy or to difficult to shape it to the form of the headliner). . So, another thing is to lay down the fabric onto the headliner (after removing the old fabric and foam) and smooth out any wrinkles beforehand making sure that you have equal space (or close to equal spacing) on all four sides of your headliner. If you're not sure, there are a few good ones on how to do it properly on youtube. You could use keywords: how to replace your car headliner. Boats or any other vehicle, i'm sure you could find something about that on youtube also. Google search as well. Anyway, fold back half of the fabric and (read the instructions carefully) and spray half of the headliner. Wait for 5 minutes for it to become sticky. Once laying that half down onto the part that is sprayed, with your finger tips, press down gently on the headliner and with your other hand, working out stretching the material slightly (not so hard as if you're playing tug o war) and keep smoothing out the wrinkles going from the centers and smoothing out the wrinkles off to one side. Make sure you're shaping the fabric to the shape of the headliner otherwise it'll look weird. I could go on and on about making sure to cut the holes according to your headliner and what not, but, there are videos for that. This is too long. . Finished product, it looks professionally done and as many others have said, their headliner is still holding with no signs of it falling. I'm very impressed and i'm confident that it'll stay that way for a long time.

O. Edna, Lewisham

3M 38808 HEADLINER FABRIC ADHESIVE - 18.1 OZ. Featured
Price :    $13.99 (was $15.88)
  • Formula dries in 30 to 60 minutes
  • Recommended for headliners, carpets, and other fabrics in vehicles
  • Exceptional strength bonds heavyweight automotive materials
  • Aerosol can dispenses a controlled, even layer on surfaces
  • Versatile formula effectively bonds fabric, foam and plastic to metal
Brand :    3m
Size :    1
Weight :    1.20 pounds
Model :    38808
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (3m product review) for 3M 38808 Headliner Fabric Adhesive - 18.1 oz. available as-of ( May 2019 )

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Great item, easy install and looks great.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Does it have a form backer

(1) Question: So does the kit come with adhesive spray or do i need to but some?

(2) Question: Does it come with adhesive?

(3) Question: It says there is a foam backing. i assume a thin backing on the felt type fabric, not the formed headliner. about how thick is the fabric & backing?

(4) Question: Will this fit a truck

(5) Question: What size is it?

(6) Question: Will this fit a chevy suv suburban?

(note) Question: where/how to get Heads Up (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Heads Up's products



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Best heads up hu806 beige headliner kit (auto part) in review

Installed nicely and matches my 2000 corolla great.

M. Guest, Massachusetts

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U. Kellie, Blackpool says

Surprisingly good match to the color of my car's interior. I used more than one can of adhesive (from 3m), so for the visors i used elmer's white glue and it works about as well. I would still recommend using the spray adhesive though, because the elmer's glue can leave a matted-down appearance.

F. Angelica, Sheffield

This heads up headliner kit was a way to improve the look of my 1990 mercury grand marquis. I ordered the recommended spray glue( 1 can) with the order. The instructions stated about 1-2 hours and this would be finished but not the case for my vehicle. I removed the headliner and learned that the existing 1/4 inch layer of foam and old liner was sticking to the cardboard. The instructions wanted the old headliner material removed before applying the glue and new material. Removal of the old material took a while and some minor repair to the headliner was also completed. The end result though was a very nice headliner. Like new, in fact. The job was completed inn excess of five hours for me. This kit is recommended for any car. Now the visors and rear back panels need attention too.

I. Stacey, Oklahoma says

Easy to install. More than enough to complete the job for my 1999 corolla

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