Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor (Auto Accessory) 4594

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Price was $73.95. I Have A Friend Of Mine Who Turned Me On To This Compressor. He Has Had His For A Year Or More Now And It Works Flawlessly. It Is Also Very Quiet. Not Sure What Happened With Mine. It Was Noisy From The Start I Thought It Was The Cage Rattling Or Something But Now I'm Thinking There Is A Problem With The Motor. The Fuse Holder Burned Completely In Two From The Over Amp Draw. I've Never Filled Up More Than My 265/75/r16 Tires From 15 To 35 On About Four Trail Runs. Too Bad Compressor Worked Great When It Worked. Only Had It 3 1/2 Months.

-I. Beale

Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor Auto Accessory Mv50

  1. Advantage: Inflate a tire in less than 2 1/2 minutes
  2. Advantage: 16-foot coiled hose
  3. Advantage: 120 PSI air compressor

Industries-mv50-superflow-12-volt-compressor: Q Industries Auto Accessory The Mv50 Superflow High-volume Air Compressor Is Perfect For Trucks Suvs Rvs

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Inflate A Tire In Less Than 2 1/2 Minutes, 120 PSI Air Compressor, 16-foot Coiled Hose, Storage Bag Included, Ideal For Off-road Vehicles, Advantage Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor.

Benefit: Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor

Automotive Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor Mv50 Cheap Automotive Parts And Accessories 891932000608 Q Industries, Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor 0607983725403. the mv50 superflow high-volume air compressor is perfect for trucks suvs rvs and other full-size vehicles and is designed for everyday use--from blowing up your kids' soccer ball to filling up a flat tire. the mv50's 12 volts of power and 120 psi capacity is comparable to other higher-priced compressors. features include a 10-foot power cord to reach around the vehicle a detachable 16-foot hose long to connect from compressor to tire a built-in pressure gauge and alligator clips to hook directly to battery. the mv50 delivers flow up to 72 lpm (2. 54cfm). adapters and carrying bag included. great item if you have an suv and need air for off-road activities. Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor Auto Accessory Mv50.

Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor Overview (MV50)

Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor

  • Order : Automotive
  • Brand : Q Industries
  • Color : Red
  • EAN : 0607983725403
  • Manufacturer : Q Industries
  • ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription : Parts
  • Model : MV50
  • MPN : MV50
  • Total Items : 1
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : MV50
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO ACCESSORY
  • Size : 12
  • Title : Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor
  • UPC : 891932000608

Benefit Industries-mv50-superflow-12-volt-compressor

Q Industries Automotive Mv50: Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor

  • AAA 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance Kit
  • PLX Kiwi OBDII Scanner And Fuel Saving Device
  • Wagan Micro Dynamo LED Flashlight Charger
  • Inflate A Tire In Less Than 2 1/2 Minutes
  • #1 4X4 EZ Tire Deflator For Large Offroad Tires
  • EZdeflator Tire Deflator Kit Universal Adjustable, 4 Piece
  • ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator
  • TeraFlex 4807200 Air Deflator
  • Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit - 56 Pc Set For Motorcycle, ATV, Jeep, Truck, Tractor Flat Tire Puncture Repair
  • ARB 10000010 Orange Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit
  • MAXSA Innovations 20333 Escaper Buddy Orange Traction Mat
  • Staun Tire Deflators SCV5
  • Hi-Lift Jack ORB Off-Road Base
  • Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate
  • 16-foot Coiled Hose
  • 120 PSI Air Compressor

In this price range the mv50 is hard to beat. If you have huge tires or air-down often to drive on sand/roacks/washboard roads you might consider going for something better. For the rest of us that only inflate a few times a year this is great. . The gauge isn't super accurate and after extended use the cable get's hot which may cause the fuse to blow. Easy solution is to cary a separate gauge and a some extra fuses. . I do wish the hose had a quick disconnect at the valve end. I also wish it had a traditional press on connection to the tire valve stem. Screwing the hose on and off the valve stem to check pressure (because the gauge is inaccurate) is a chore. Again, tolerable if this is only used a few times a year. . This will not run air tools or produce enough flow to run a air nozzle.

Click to see NoticeQ Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor (Auto Accessory)"The Q Mv50 Pump Is A Great Device. And It Works Just As Advertised. My Only Issue With It Is (or Was) That The Power Cord Was Too Short. So I Got Out The Soldering Iron And Added About 7' Of Cord. The Problem Could Have Been Solved By Extending The Air Line But It Tended To Coil Up Thus Putting Stress On The Valve Stem. Great Unit Nonetheless."

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Q Industries MV50 SuperFlow High-Volume 12-Volt Air Compressor

PLX Kiwi OBDII Scanner and Fuel Saving Device

The Plx Kiwi Is New Fuel Saving Device That Helps Users Maximze Their Fuel Economy And Reduce Their Impact On The Environment. The Kiwi Monitors Your Driving Habits Over Four Parameters: Smoothness Drag Acceleration & Deceleration. The Kiwi Calculates Your Efficiency Over These Parameters And Gives You An Instant "kiwi Score" Between 1-100 The Goal Is To Keep Your Score As High As Possible In Order To Increase Efficiency. Kiwi Makes Driving Green Fun! You Can Also View Your Instant And Average Mpg Identify Trouble Codes Should Your Check Engine Light Become Illuminated Upload Custom Images That Will Change As Your Driving Improves Get A Summary At The End Of A Trip Telling You Gallons Used Dollars Spent & Dollars Saved And Greatly Improve Your Driving Skills With Kiwi's 20 Lessons! Kiwi Is Equipped With So Many Features That Will Help Drivers Become Aware Of Bad Driving Habits And Change Them. With Kiwi Users Can Save Up To 33% On Fuel Consumption And This Can Add Up To A Savings Of Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year! The Kiwi Can Also Help Users Reduce Their Carbon Footprint By 2 Tons Per Year That Is Equivalent To Planting 80 Trees. Save Money And Reduce Your Impact On The Environment With Kiwi!

PLX Kiwi OBDII Scanner and Fuel Saving Device


Brand :    plx devices
Size :    Small
Model :    9
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (plx devices) reviews for PLX Kiwi OBDII Scanner and Fuel Saving Device available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Monitors your driving habits across four parameters to help you save fuel and money"Drive Green" mode shows users how to maximize fuel economyCompatible with all 1996 & newer vehicles including: gas, diesel, ethanol, CNG, E85 & hybridChecks for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), clears the codes, and can turn off the "Check Engine" lightDisplays instant and average MPG values, dollar amount of gas used and saved, and can scan 26 different engine parameters in real time

Wagan Micro Dynamo LED Flashlight Charger

Rechargeable By Built-in Hand Cranking Dynamo To Provide Light And Serve As An Alternative Power Source For The Cell Phone.

Wagan Micro Dynamo LED Flashlight Charger


Brand :    wagan
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    EL2398
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2-3 business days
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (wagan) reviews for Wagan Micro Dynamo LED Flashlight Charger available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Rechargeable by built-in hand cranking dynamo3 super bright LED bulbs with 0.75 million MCD powerNo batteries neededAlternative power source for cellular phone2 minutes wind-up for 30+ minutes of power!

AAA 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance Kit

Aaa Explorer 70 Piece Roadside Assistant Kit Includes:1 Aaa Car Care Guide 1 Aaa Membership Brochure 1 8 Gauge 10 Foot Heavy Duty Booster Cable 1 Hand Crank Flashlight Pair Of Gloves With Grips One Side For Better Gripping 1 Emergency Poncho 1 Emergency Whistle 1 Roll Of Duct Tape 1 Phillips Screw Driver 1 Flat Head Screw Driver 1 Utility Knife 1 Bungee Cord 2 Shop Cloth 10 Cable Ties 45 Pieces Of First Aid 1 Premium Double Sided Padded Carry Bag With Handle. 13. 5 X 10 X 6 Inch Bag Size.

AAA 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance Kit

You Never Know Where The Road May Lead Or What May Happen So Don't Be Caught Unprepared. Lifeline First Aid--a Leader In The Field Of First-aid And Disaster Readiness Products--has Teamed Up With Aaa To Bring You A Line Of High Quality Road Assistance Kits. Featuring Both First-aid And Automotive Emergency Items These Practical All-in-one Kits Can Help Protect You In The Event Of An Automobile Breakdown Or Personal Injury. . Aaa Assistance Kits Help You Stay Safe On The Open Road. . View Larger . . Equipment That Keeps You Safe And Comfortable . If An Accident Or Personal Injury Were To Occur During Your Trip Would You Be Ready To Deal With It Being Unprepared For A Situation Requiring First-aid Can Turn An Inconvenience Into Something Much More Serious. Nobody Wants To Be Stuck On The Side Of The Road But The Aaa Adventurer Road Assistance Kit Will Help Keep You Safe And Comfortable While You Are Waiting For Help. It Contains Booster Cables An Emergency Whistle And A Dual Led Flashlight--three Items That Can Minimize The Amount Of Time You Are Stranded. All Aaa Assistance Kits Come With Lifeline's 45-piece First-aid Supply Pouch. It Contains A Variety Of Medical Supplies That Can Address A Wide Range Of Minor Injuries. . . What's In The Kit . The Aaa 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance Kit Is An Economical Choice That Gives You An Expanded Set Of Tools So You Can Take On The Open Road. It Comes With The Following Items: 1 Aaa Double-sided Carrying Bag 1 Aaa Emergency Care Guide 1 Aaa Membership Brochure 1 Heavy Duty Booster Cable (8-gauge 10-foot Length) 1 Hand-charged Dual Led Flashlight 1 Pair Of Dimpled Work Gloves 1 Emergency Poncho 1 Emergency Whistle 1 Flat Head Screwdriver 1 Phillips Head Screwdriver 1 Roll Of Duct Tape 1 Utility Knife 1 Bungee Cord 2 Shop Cloths 10 Cable Ties And A 45 Piece First-aid Kit. . . Quality That You Can Depend On . For More Than 100 Years Aaa Has Provided Quality Services And Resources To Help Their Members Experience Safer And More Enjoyable Travel. By Continuing To Uphold Principles Such As Rock-solid Reliability And Lasting Value Aaa Has Established Its Reputation As The Most Trusted Name In Travel. Lifeline First Aid's Shared Commitment To Quality And Value Prompted Aaa To Partner With Them To Offer Its Brand For Retail Sale For The Very First Time In Company History. Together They Bring You A Series Of Road Assistance Kits Equipped With Practical Reliable Emergency-preparedness Items. Br Clear"all" AAA-Piece-Explorer-Road-Assistance

Brand :    aaa
Color :    Red/Silver
Size :    12.5"L x 5"W x 10"H
Model :    4286AAA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 6-10 business days
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (aaa) reviews for AAA 70 Piece Explorer Road Assistance Kit available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Compact 70 piece road assistance kit by AAA and LifeLine First AidIncludes a 45 piece first-aid kitEmergency whistleHand-charged dual LED flashlightHeavy-duty booster cable

#1 4X4 EZ tire Deflator for Large offroad tires

This 2 In 1 Professional Grade Heavy Duty Tyre Gauge & Rapid Deflator Will Allow You To Quickly Alternate Between Checking Your Tyre Pressure & Deflating Your Tyre To A Desired Psi As Many Times As You Like Without Ever Having To Remove The Unit Or Having To Carry 2 Units With You To Get The Job Done. Rapid Deflation Of Approx 1psi A Second!

#1 4X4 EZ tire Deflator for Large offroad tires


Review from U. Maria, West Sussex This Is A Brilliant Deflator. I Worked Out How To Use It Properly By Watching A You Tube Video. The Time It Takes To Deflate My 35 Inch Tires Is So Much Shorter. Highly Recommend.

#1 4x4 Ez Tire Deflator Large Offroad Tires (Ezdeflator) Review

Review from Q. Megan, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur 
It Works Perfectly Which Is Great! My Dial Is Actually Fairly Accurate Compared To My Digital Gauge (within 1 2 Psi Give Or Take). I've Used The Deflator A Total Of 5 Times Since I've Received It And I Am Well Aware Of How To Use It Correctly. Unfortunately My Tire Valves Were A Little Stuck And The Brass Handle Unscrewed It's Self Off The Valve Core Remover Because It Is Conventionally Screwed In And Secured Using Crappy Loctite. A Drop Of Loctit Red And A Dab Of Shoe Goo Was More Than Enough To Secure It For My Other Tires But It Was Still A Pain In The Ass But It Works! Side Note I Threw Away The Plastic Case Immediately Because It Was Way Too Flimsy And It Cracked When I Accidentally Stepped On It. Other Than That It's A Good Product.
Image of #1-4x4-ez-tire-deflator-large-offroad-tires-(ezdeflator)"It Is Easy To Work And The Case Is Good Storage. Would Recommend To Anyone. Well Worth The Money"

It Works But Is Not Very Fast To Deflate. I Used A Tire Gauge With A Bleeder Button To Manually Air Down Three Tires In The Time It Took This To Air Down One. I Followed The Instructions So I Don't Think I Did Anything Wrong. It Was Cheap And Works Just Wish It Was Faster.

E. Perez, Limousin

It Worked Well It Removes The Entire Valve Stem Core Gauge Is A Little Off And The Case Is Really Cheapy

X. Irene, Stockport

Brand :    ezdeflator
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    EZ601
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (ezdeflator) reviews for #1 4X4 EZ tire Deflator for Large offroad tires available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Lifetime Warranty(Tire repair tool not included)Includes Durable Padded Protective CaseGreat precision movementCorrosion resistant

MAXSA Innovations 20333 Escaper Buddy Orange Traction Mat

Be Ready For Anything Mother Nature Can Throw At Your Vehicle With Your New Maxsa Innovations Escaper Buddy Heavy Duty Traction Mats. Whether On Paved Roads Or Off-roading In Your 4x4 These Mats Are Designed With Every Nasty Surface Condition In Mind. Whether It's Snow Or Ice Getting You Stuck Or Driving Through Mud On The Farm Or Fishing Or Surfing On The Beach We Will Get You Unstuck. Simply Place These Mats As Far Under Your Vehicle's Drive Wheels As Possible And The Heavy Duty Construction And Large Surface Area Spreads The Weight Of Your Vehicle Out. This Will Ensure You Get Out Of The Most Dire Of Circumstances. Once The Mats Are In Place You Only Need To Press Lightly On Your Accelerator To Get The Vehicle Moving Again. The Superior Traction Tread Of The Escaper Buddy Grabs Onto Your Tires So They Don't Slip And Thus Prevents Your Vehicle From Digging Into Whatever Ground Condition Is Affecting You. In Case Of A Non-traction Related Emergency The Escaper Buddy's High Visibility Day-glo Orange Color Allows Them To Be Used As An Emergency Signaling Device To Attract The Attention Of Passing Vehicles. Built For Functionality Durability And Storability The Low Profile Escaper Buddy Cleans Up Easily After Each Use And Is Designed To Fit Comfortably In Most Trunk Spaces.

MAXSA Innovations 20333 Escaper Buddy Orange Traction Mat


Brand :    maxsa innovations
Color :    Orange
Weight :    8.60 pounds
Model :    20333
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (maxsa innovations) reviews for MAXSA Innovations 20333 Escaper Buddy Orange Traction Mat available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Set of 2Prevent your vehicle's tires from spinning when stuck in snow, mud or sandIdeal for off-road useNo towing or pushing requiredRaised tracks help prevent vehicle tires from spinning on snow, sand, mud or iceLightweight & durable high-impact polypropylene

Hi-Lift Jack ORB Off-Road Base

The Hi-lift Jack Off-road Base Is Designed To Alleviate Jack Sinkage On Soft Surfaces. The Off-road Base Is Compatible With All Hi-lift Jacks. Newly Designed The Off-road Base Includes Serrated Teeth Along One Side Of The Base. These Teeth Allow The User To Scrape At Hard Dirt Or Gravel To Create A Clean Flat Surface For The Base To Sit On While In Use. A Clean Flat Surface Gives The Off-road Base Better Footing And Greater Stability During The Lifting Process. A Drilled Hole In The Center Of The Base Allows The Off-road Base To Be Attached To A Hi-lift Jack Bar For Storage When Not In Use Using An Owner Supplied 5/16 Inch X 4 Inch Bolt And Wing Nut. Molded In High Visibility Red Making It Harder To Leave Behind When The Task Is Completed.

Hi-Lift Jack ORB Off-Road Base


Brand :    hi-lift
Color :    Hilift Base
Weight :    3.38 pounds
Model :    ORB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (hi-lift) reviews for Hi-Lift Jack ORB Off-Road Base available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Alleviates jack sinkage on soft surfacesCompatible with all Hi-Lift jacksSerrated teeth along one side helps scrape or level ground for baseRugged construction for strength and durabilityDrilled hole in center of base for convenient storage on jack bar

TeraFlex 4807200 Air Deflator

Teraflex Air Deflators Are A Must Have For Any Trail Vehicle. Airing Down Your Tires Increases Traction And Handling When Off-road. A Keychain Ring Keeps Them Close At Hand. Constructed Of Zinc Plated Steel For Durability.

TeraFlex 4807200 Air Deflator


Brand :    teraflex
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    4807200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for TeraFlex 4807200 Air Deflator available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Allows you to deflate several tires at once!Makes deflating your tires easy!Perfect for any Jeepers!

EZdeflator Tire Deflator Kit Universal Adjustable, 4 Piece

These Are Adjustable From 6-30 Psi And Are Preset About 18 Psi. These Are Sold In A Pack Of 4 And Include A Case For Keeping Them All Together.

EZdeflator Tire Deflator Kit Universal Adjustable, 4 Piece


Review from H. Lynette, Newfoundland and Labrador Well Made With A Nice Storage. I Don't Understand The Lock Washer Being That It Can Still Be Adjusted Even When Locked. They Also Release Air Slow. It Beats Having To Wear Out Valve Stems Or Releasing Air In The Cold. I Do Like The Manual Pull That Can Speed Things Along.

Ezdeflator Tire Deflator Kit Universal Adjustable, 4 Piece (DEF4PC) Review

Review from J. Angelica, York 
Definitely Makes Airing Down Much Easier/ Faster When Heading Offroad Onto The Beach For Vacation. However I Found Them Tough To "dial-in" With Variation In Final Pressure Between Tires. All-in-all They Did What I Needed Them To Do. Just Wish They Were Easier To Calibrate. In Fairness I Don't How You Would Do Things Differently.
Image of Ezdeflator-tire-deflator-kit-universal-adjustable,-4-piece-(def4pc)"Well Made Product That Does Mostly What It's Supposed To Do. After Initially Adjusting All 4 Deflators I Popped Them On And In 3-5 Minutes My Tires Were Deflated From 40psi To 20psi. I Did Ding The Product 1 Star For Several Minor Annoyances: 1. They Sometime Make A High Pitched Whine When Initially Deflating The Tire Which Is Very Irritating 2. They Slow Down As The Psi Drops So It Takes A While For Them To Settle Out On The Target Psi. You Can Pull Up On The Top Nipple To Increase Deflation As They Slow Down But Who Wants To Do That 3. They Are Not Totally Accurate: They Seem To Be Within +/- 1-2 Psi. As This Is My First Set Of Deflators I'm Not Sure How They Compare To Other Brands."

I Adjusted All Of The Deflators I Received To The Same Psi In My Garage. Once On A Trail I Went To Use Them But Found That You Can Accidentally Turn The Tips (changing The Psi Stop Point) Very Easily When Putting These On The Wheel Stems. It Seems Hard To Lock The Adjustments Into Place And Keep Them There So I Definitely Needed A Tire Gauge To Re-check And Adjust Everything Again After Putting Them On. Overall I'd Say They Work But They're Kind Of A Pain. I'm Thinking About Setting The Adjustment Again After Putting Some Thread Lock On The Tips If I Have Time.

D. Helen, Wokingham

I Have Been 4 Wheeling Off Road Racing And Professionally Rock Crawling For Over 20 Year And Now Own My Own Shop. These Deflators Are As Accurate As Any I Have Used. The Only Criticism That I Can Give Them Is That They Take Slightly Longer To Deflate Than The More Expensive Ones I Have Used The Setting Instructions Could Be Better Written And There Is A Of Lack Instruction On Fine Tuning. This Is How I Set Deflators For Myself And My Customers Regardless Of Brand: First Setting Any Delator Takes Time And Patience So It Is A Good Task To Do While You Are Doing Something Else On Your Rig Out In The Shop. Set A Tire To Your Desired Deflation Pressure With A Known-accurate Professional Dial Gauge The Same Gauge That You Will Carry In Your Rig. These Are A Good Investment Compared To The Cost Of Replacing A Tire Due To An Inaccurate Pressure Reading. Back The Lock Nut On The Deflator Off Then Screw The Deflator On To The Valve Stem. Make Sure The Shop Is Quiet Put Your Ear Close To The Deflator And Slowly Unscrew The Cap Until You Hear Air Escape. Screw The The Cap Back In Until No Air Is Escaping. Tighten The Lock Nut Finger Tight Without Turning The Cap. Remove The Defalator And Air The Tire Back Up To Road Pressure. Re-install The Deflator And Leave It For A Good While Until You Cant Hear Any Air Escaping. This Can Take 7-8 Minutes. Remove The Deflator And Check The Air Pressure In The Tire. It Will Probably Be Within 1-3 Psi. From Your Desired Deflation Pressure. Carefully Loosen The Lock Nut And Adjust The Cap. Screw It In Clockwise To Increase Pressure Screw It Out Counter-clockwise To Decrease Pressure. It Only Takes A Very Small Amount Of Rotation To Adjust The Valve 1/16th To 1/8th Of A Turn To Adjust 1 Psi. With Practice You Will Get A Feel On How Much To Turn It. Re-inflate The Tire To Road Pressure And Install The Deflator. After Waiting For It To Deflate Recheck The Pressure. Re-adjust The Cap And Repeat Until You Have Reached Your Exact Desired Deflation Pressure. Once You Have All Four Adjusted Carefully Tighten The Lock Nut With Two Pair Of Pliers Being Careful Not To Rotate The Cap. Retest To Verify Your Final Setting. I Have Not Had Any Problems But It Would Make Sense To Double Check The Pressures After Using The Deflators The First Few Times On The Trail. Zag's Garage Glendale Az

E. Pearce, Bretagne

Brand :    ezdeflator
Model :    DEF4PC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (ezdeflator) reviews for EZdeflator Tire Deflator Kit Universal Adjustable, 4 Piece available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
6 - 30 PSI pressure rangeEngineered to high standardsComes in a case with custom made holesThey are fully adjustable

ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator

The Unique Patented Design Of The E-z Deflator Allows For Removal Of The Valve Core For Rapid Tire Deflation While Also Providing Accurate Tire Reading Via The Simple Movement Of A Sliding Valve.

ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator


Brand :    arb
Color :    Orange
Size :    PSI
Model :    ARB505
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (arb) reviews for ARB ARB505 E-Z Deflator available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Corrosion resistant brass/stainless deflator toolEasy to read dial with 1 pressure per square inch incrementsIncludes protective canvas pouch and instruction sheetQuality bronze bourdon tube gauge design ensures accuracy is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitudeFully geared, solid brass precision movement

Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate

The Hi-lift Lm-100 Lift-mate Allows Any Hi-lift Jack To Lift A Wheel Or Vehicle Directly From The Wheel. Many Trucks And Suv's Have Larger Tires And/or Lift Kits That Can Prevent Use Of A Standard Hi-lift Jack When Lifting From A Bumper Due To Exceeding The Lifting Length Of The Jack. The Lift-mate Is Designed To Operate In A Manner That Allows The Wheel Or Vehicle To Be Lifted Directly From The Wheel Greatly Reducing The Amount Of Travel Up The Jack Bar Required To Lift The Wheel To An Adequate And Safe Height.

Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate


Brand :    hi-lift
Weight :    4.50 pounds
Model :    LM100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (hi-lift) reviews for Hi-Lift Jack LM-100 Lift-Mate available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Rubber pad protects tire/wheel at lifting point on jack5,000 pound lift capacityRubber coated hooks protect wheelsGreatly reduces the amount of travel up the jack bar required to lift the wheel to an adequate and safe heightThe Hi-Lift LM-100 Lift-Mate allows any Hi-Lift jack to lift a wheel or vehicle directly from the wheel

ARB 10000010 Orange Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit

Coming In A Compact Carry Case The Speedy Seal Includes All The Components Necessary To Repair Tubeless Radial Or Cross Ply Tires Without Removing The Tire From The Vehicle Or Rim. This Includes A Quality Pencil Type Tire Gauge With Dual Pressure Range And Dual Chuck Insertion And Reamer Tools Lubricant Additional Valve Accessories And 30 Self Vulcanizing Repair Cords For Complete Air Sealing. Spare Repair Cords Are Also Available In Packs Of 50 From Arb So Before You Head Out On Your Next 4x4 Trip Make Sure You Have Got All The Necessary Equipment For Making Emergency Repairs.

ARB 10000010 Orange Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit


Staun Tire Deflators SCV5

"guaranteed To Let You Down" Staun Tire Deflators Are The Easy Way To Deflate Your Tire For Increased Off-road Traction. Simply Screws Onto Your Tire Valve To Automatically Deflate All Tires To Your Preset Pressure. Just Screw The Valve Onto The Valve Stem And Walk Away. The Deflator Will Do The Rest. Once You Have Preset The Valve You Will Not Have To Set Them Again Unless You Wish To Change The Pressure Setting.

Staun Tire Deflators SCV5


Brand :    staun
Color :    Bronze
Model :    SCV5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (staun) reviews for Staun Tire Deflators SCV5 available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Superior precision qualitySet of four (4) solid brass constructed tire deflators, includes leather caseProudly made in AustraliaAdjustable from 6-30 psi. Factory preset to 18 psi

Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit - 56 Pc Set For Motorcycle, ATV, Jeep, Truck, Tractor Flat Tire Puncture Repair

Tubeless Tires Repaired Easily In Minutesthe Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit Is The Premium Flat Tire Repair Kit Available On The Market For Repairing Tubeless Tire Punctures. The Easy-to-follow Instructions Mean Anyone Can Plug Their Flat Tire In Minutes And Get Back On Their Way. Built With The Strongest Materials And Contained In A Sturdy Portable Case This Is The Last Kit You Will Ever Have To Buy. Tire Repair Kit Features- Strong & Durable: This Kit Is Built To Last. - Pliers: Ever Tried To Remove A Nail From Tread Without Pliers Good Luck. Pliers Included So You Never Have To Scramble Or Get Creative When You're Stranded With A Flat. - 56 Pieces: This Kit Has Everything You Need To Make Repairs Easy And Keep Your Tires Working Tough. - Easy To Use: Color Photo Instructions Simplify The Repair Process. This Tire Repair Kit Is Ideal For Repairing Punctures In The Tubeless Tires Of Motorcycles Atvs Lawnmowers Tractors Bikes Jeeps Trucks & Cars. Built With The Best Materialsyour Tire Repair Kit Needs To Be Able To Withstand The Toughest Repairs Testing Conditions And Rough Treatment. The Heavy Duty 56 Piece Tire Repair Kit From Boulder Tools Is Made With The Best Materials Available. Engineered To Be Durable And Built To Last. Unlike Inferior Quality Options We Don't Cut Corners On Using The Best Materials Available. 1-year Guaranteeboulder Tools Are Heavy-duty And Made Tough So You Can Get The Job Done And Get Back On The Road. If Somehow You Render One Of Our Tools Ineffective Our Products Are Covered By A Hassle-free 1 Year Warranty And Our Customer Service Is Second To None. We Take Great Pride In Premium Products And Great Customer Service. Get The Boulder Tools 56 Piece Tire Repair Kit Delivered To Your Door With Amazon Fba Fast Shipping By Clicking On The "add To Cart" Button Now.

Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit - 56 Pc Set For Motorcycle, ATV, Jeep, Truck, Tractor Flat Tire Puncture Repair


Review from I. Campbell, Arkansas Have Used Other Repair Kits With The Plastic Handle. Plastic Handle Broke And Insert Rod Went Through Hand. That's Why I Purchased This Boulder Kit. Heavy Duty Kit With Aluminum Handle Will Hold Up The Rest Of My Life. Very Happy With The Purchase.

Boulder tools heavy duty repair (BT4001) Review

Review from P. Donna, Rutland 
I Ordered This To Repair A Puncture On The Rear Tire Of My Kubota M59. The Kit Looked Good. When I Went To Use It The Plug Holder Rod Pulled Out Of The Handle. The Allen Wrench Screws That Hold It In Are Not Sufficient To Fix Heavy Duty Tires. I Have To Use A Pair Of Vice Grips To Pull The Rod Out Of The Tire.
Image of Boulder-tools-heavy-duty-repair-(bt4001)"This Is A Great Tire Repair Kit. Absolutely Everything You Need To Plug A Tire Is Included In This Kit -- Great For A Road Trip. Bought This After I Broke A Cheapo Tire Plug Kit And Needed A Replacement. This One Is Definitely Stronger. It's All Metal And The Reamer Is Significantly Larger Than The Old One Which Makes Plugging A Lot Easier."

Just A Note To Say "thank You" For A Great Product. The Kit Contains Nice Quality Tools And In A Nice Quality Case To Keep Everything Organized. The Instructions Are Clear And I Feel Like I Am Fully Prepared To Impress My Wife Fixing Her Next Flat (she Is The One That Finds All The Nails! Ha!). Thanks Again!

O. Walsh, Corse

Got This Tire Repair Kit Fast And Was Able To Put It To Use Immediately. I'm Thrilled With The Quality Of The Tools - They Weren't Cheap Like Other Repair Kits I Have Ordered From Different Vendors. Loved That It Had Pliers Included And The Instructions Were Super Simple To Understand. Would Recommend This Kit To Anyone! Great To Have In Any Garage!

N. Imelda, Tameside

Brand :    boulder tools
Weight :    2.60 pounds
Model :    BT4001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (boulder tools) reviews for Boulder Tools Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit - 56 Pc Set For Motorcycle, ATV, Jeep, Truck, Tractor Flat Tire Puncture Repair available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
VERSATILE: Ideal for tubeless tires of Motorcycles, ATVs, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Trucks, Jeeps, Cars and Bikes. Comes with 30 string plugs.QUICK EASY REPAIRS: The included easy-to-follow color instructions make it easy to repair punctures in any tubeless tire in minutes.DURABLE & STRONG: The Boulder Tools Tire Repair Kit is engineered to be strong so that it will be the last kit you ever have to buy.PLIERS: You will need pliers for every repair. Pliers are included in this kit, unlike in most other kits, along with 56 well thought-out pieces and a durable case to keep it conveniently all together.1 YEAR WARRANTY: Our tools are heavy-duty and made tough so you can get the job done and get back on the road. If somehow you're strong enough to render one of our tools ineffective, our products are covered by a 1 year warranty and our customer service is second to none.
Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor (Auto Accessory) Price : 64.99, was : 73.95 as 2017-01-19
United States
Great Britain
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Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor (Auto Accessory) Reviewed by on jerdus.com

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The F.A.Q. for Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor (Auto Accessory)

I Bought This On Online Store For Use In Helping Stranded Motorists (i Belong To A Group That Does This). I Needed A Heavy Duty Compressor So I Was Referred To The Mv-50 By Another Group Member Who Has Used It For A Few Years. One Thing Is For Sure - When It Actually Works It's Very Fast. You Can Really Fill Up A Tire In A Minute Or 2. However It Blows Fuses Like They're Going Out Of Style. There Were At Least 2 Other Members Of Our Group Who Bought This At The Same Time I Did And They Both Had The Same Problem. We Even Returned Each Of Ours To Online Store (they Were Great About Replacing Them Quickly) And The Replacements Had The Same Problem. The Fuses Would Blow After Only A Few Uses And Then Immediately On Powering On The Device. Apparently The Unit Used To Be Well Made And That Is Why The Person Who Had It For A Couple Of Years Is Happy With It. They Started Making Them Poorly And Now It Would Shock Me If Any Of These Worked Normally. Again In Theory This Is A Good Compressor And Will Inflate Your Tires Real Fast But The Unit Stops Working After Only A Few Inflates. Btw I Followed All The Directions. I Never Used This For More Than A Few Minutes At A Time And I Connected The Hose To The Tire After The Unit Was On (which Is How The Company Recommends To Do It).

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: can you use this to fill up and air mattress? what fitting do you need?

(1) Question: what is the duty cycle on the mv50?

(2) Question: what is your weight?

(3) Question: where can i find parts

(4) Question: can the type m fitting on the output of the compressor be unscrewed to put a different fitting on? if so is it a standard 1/4"?

(5) Question: does it have an automatic shutoff?

(6) Question: will this work going from 18 psi to 60 for 4 tires?

(7) Question: what is purpose of the red plastic cap (plug) on front of compressor?

(8) Question: i lost my owner's manual and can't find one online anywhere. does anyone have a link to a pdf copy that you can send me?

(9) Question: will this pump up a tire to past 80 psi?

(note) Question: where/how to get Q Industries (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Q Industries's products



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I did a lot of research to try to get the best compressor i could on a budget. I 4x4 quite a bit so i wanted durability as well. There are many great reviews on offroading forums regarding the performance of the mv50 and couldn't find a comparable deal so i went for it. The first compressor that arrived worked for about a minute before the motor fried itself and started smoking. I did purchase a "used" one through online store warehouse deals but i think i just got unlucky. The return process through online store was easy and they paid for the return shipping. I ordered another "used" mv50 that day and i am very happy with the performance. It takes the same amount of time if not less to air back up as some of my buddies expensive viar systems do. I have used the compressor to air up two vehicles back to back and it performed flawlessly. It gets quite hot but i think that's expected. The carrying bag is very handy and does the job although it is cheaply made. It has held up for me but i don't abuse it. I am a bit concerned about the fuse socket because it seems to have deformed slightly due to heat although there hasn't been a change in performance. The overall build quality is good and the aligator clips are plenty large to clamp onto the battery. . I am very happy with the mv50 and recommend it to anyone.

Auto Accessory, BestsellersTop Q Industries Mv50 Superflow High-volume 12-volt Air Compressor (Auto Accessory) FAQ Content

Best q industries mv50 superflow high-volume 12-volt air compressor (auto accessory) in review

Pumped up my f250 18 inch truck tire to 70 psi in about 3 minutes. Seems to be well constructed and the external parts seem to be of good quality. Ill know more when i try to pump up my trailer tires to 100 psi.

A. Candy, Arizona

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slime 1051-a rubber cement - 1 oz.: slime auto accessory slime's rubber cement comes in an easy to use canister a brush that is conveniently attached Slime 1051-a Rubber Cement - 1 Oz. (Auto
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Smittybilt-2728-tri-fold-recovery-utility: Smittybilt Auto Accessory The Smittybilt Recovery Utility Tool (rut) Is A Fully Functional Collapsible Military-style Smittybilt 2728 Matte Black Tri-fold Shovel R.u.t. Recovery Utility Tool (Auto

L. Cecilia, Niedersachsen says

Update. . Alas, mine did have a heart attack one week shy of two years after purchase. I called the company, they sent me return instructions, i paid the shipping one-way, they promptly sent me a new unit. Though i worry a bit about it breaking, i still give it (and its distributor q industries) 5 stars and hope the little compressor and i enjoy a longer time together. . It does feel and sound solid and comes with a three year warranty. . -. Original review. . Other reviews seem to suggest that this manufacturer has quality control and service issues. I liked what the positive reviews had to say and put my faith in online store's return policy. Luckily, i had no problems. . We've been using the compressor for about ten months. Its primary use is filling car and truck tires. The compressor feels solid and has easily and quickly filled automotive tires. It's built-in pressure gauge reads about three psi higher than my little thought-to-be-accurate pencil-type gauge, if anything, the mv50 gauge might cause one to err a bit towards underfilling. I'll reconcile the difference and update this review. . It is powered by connecting it to a car battery with clamps. The hose and power cord are more than long enough to reach the rear tires on a full-size crew cab pickup truck. A minor annoyance is the inability to use either a wall outlet or a 12v cigarette lighter socket or a dc in plug. . The hose fitting screws onto the tire's schrader valve. This is very convenient for filling automotive tires. I offer an embarrassed warning, however, when filling bicycle tires. Since the hose is screwed on, be familiar with the on/off switch and be ready to toggle that switch. Early on, i was neither familiar nor adequately attentive, and the compressor quickly exploded a mountain bike inner tube; a clear enough case of user error. On the bright side, i know it can generate over 85 psi. . I give my compressor 5 stars. It has worked well, right out of the box: no blown fuses, no signs of slowing down.

L. Pearce, Newcastle upon Tyne

Works Great. I Just Pumped Up A 33x12. 5xr15 Tire From 12 Psi To 35 Psi In 4 Minutes. I Timed It. My Intention Is To Use This To Air Up My Jeep Tires Are 4 Wheelin'. It Got A Little Hot But Not Too Bad. Comes With A Carrying Bag That Is Pretty Crummy But That Doesn't Bother Me Much. It's Relatively Quiet. Don't Try To Plug This Into Your Cigarette Lighter!! It's Got A 30 Amp Fuse Built In Line So It Would Melt The Average Cigarette Lighter. You Need To Hook It Right Up To The Battery. I Had The Engine Running When I Did My Test. Unit Doesn't Rattle Around A Whole Light While Pumping.

G. Gloria, Derbyshire says

I Thought This Was Going To Be A High Quality Compressor Based On Reviews Here. The Unit Worked Once On One Tire Then Never Again. It Cost Me Half The Price Of The Unit To Send It Back To The Company. If They Warranty It Quickly And Refund My Shipping Money I Will Change My Review But I Will Be Very Surprised If They Do. Made In China. This Is Probably The Last Time I Buy Something Like This Online.

G. Hayward, Waltham Forest

Have only used it once or twice but you can tell from the sound it makes while running that it approaches a heavy duty type of compressor. The only thing i will have to do is to add extra heavy wire to connect to battery because the original wire is not that long and if you have a big vehicle you will be stretching the hose more since the wire only reaches a couple of feet. I keep the air intake filter removed until ready to use out of concern that since the filter is large and hits something it might break the fitting and leave the stub on the compressor head. Other than that it has a big motor and is a fast pump compared to other pumps i have used.

S. Anderson, Rutland says

This is a great air compressor for the money. I have an 84 dodge ramcharger that rides like a tank off road. I like to air down the tires to get a softer ride, while on dirt trails. Using a cheap air compressor that uses the cigaret lighter for a power source it would take over 20 minutes per tire to go from 20 psi to 30 psi. As soon as i got the mv50 i let the air out of a tire and tried it out. I dropped the tire to 10 psi and filled it up to 32 psi in just under 3 minutes. The tire is a 285/70r17 10 ply, just slightly smaller than a 33/12. 50r17. After that test i checked the air pressurse on the other tires and found one that was at 28 psi. Going from 28 psi to 32 psi only took about 40 seconds. It was also 20 degrees outside, i don't know if it will work any different in warmer weather, but i couldn't be happier. The storage bag it comes with is on the cheap side, the stitches on the zipper started coming apart the first time i put it back in the bag, but i wasn't buying it for the bag so it doesn't bother me. The instructions say to use a second air gauge to verifie the pressure which i agree with the one on the compressor is just ment to get you close. The compressor is also very quiet and does not bounce around at all. Unlike the cheaper compressors. Over all i would highly recommend this to everyone from off road enthusiasts to every day drivers.

D. Heidi, Manchester

The Money $ Shipping For This Item Is Right. This Thing Will Get Up To 125 Psi No Problem. I Have A Corsair 2. 5 Gallon Tank & This Lil Fella I Don't Know Why You Would Need Anymore!!!! Thx Online Store For The Service

X. Brendon, Slough says

Being Stranded In The Outback Of Moab After My Brand New Superflow Compressor Quit Working After Airing Up 1 1/2 Of 4 Tires Was My Experience. The Fuse Box Melted Around The Fuse And The Unit Quit Pumping Air. I Was Able To Replace The Fuse But To No Avail. It Was A Long Slow Drive Back To Moab On Tires With 12 Psi. I Read Similar Bad Reviews But Believed The Problem Must Have Been Fixed As So Many Good Reviews Were Also Posted. I Guess If You Are The Gambling Type And Don't Mind Being Stuck Miles From Anywhere This Might Be The Product For You. As For Me I Learned A Valuable Lesson. I Just Hope Online Store's Legendary Customer Service Take This Piece Of Garbage Back - Never Again Q Industries. One Star Is One Too Many For This Product.

K. Janice, Camden

Best value! you can buy cheaper pumps but that's what you'll get! a pump that has a hard time filling a bicycle! . But this does a great job! (this is my second pump my first pump was mounted to my truck and unfortunately got sold with the truck! ) if you need a pump for the trails to refill your tire at the end of the day? then this is a great affordable option!

U. Donna, Richmond upon Thames says

After This Pump Arrived I Deflated One Of My Tires Down To 9psi As I Do For Running In Sand. While Reinflating The Tire Back To 50psi The Housing Around The Fuse Began Smoking. After A Closer Look I Noticed That No Only Was It Smoking But The Wires Running Into The Fuse Were Melting. It Looks Great And Is Packaged Well But Unfortunately The Cable Is Not Of The Proper Gauge To Handle The Amperage Required By The Pump. Also The Fuse Should Burn Out Long Before The Cable Begins Melting. Huge Design Flaw.

Z. Megan, Brighton and Hove

Update. Sent the company a message and they gave me a tip to open it up and check things out. Turns out something was cracked. They sent a replacement for free and the compressor works now but it is louder. Company said all their products come with a three year warranty so i feel better. Thanks. . Worked great for a handful of times over the last year. Now it wont fill up tires pass 30 or so psi. Seems like the power of the compressor keeps declining overtime. Maybe next time it will be no more then 25 psi. Product says it will do 120 psi. I'm one month out of the return or refund date. If i could i would want a refund and just go a different route. If i can't depend on this item when i'm off roading or even capping off tires at my house what is the point? like other reviewers, works great when it does work. Sucks when it fails and they seem to do it pretty quickly.

O. Whiteman, Oregon says

I bought this unit because it had good reviews from my fellow members of an off-road forum. I totally agree. This thing is awesome! i air down my tires to get more grip on the trails and at the end of the day i use this compressor to pump them back up for the highway. It will take me 10-15 minutes to go from 15 psi to 35 psi in all four tires. It has a long cord with alligator clips for the battery and plenty of extension on the curled air hose to reach the back tires with ease. The unit runs solid and pretty quiet for a compressor. It does not drain too much power from the battery, but make sure to keep the vehicle running when you use it. Be careful when screwing on/off the red plastic air filter since the threads can easily be stripped. You don't need it for street use, but i air up on dusty muddy roads so i need to keep it intact. I turn the compressor on first so it can stabilize before the little unit is put under a load when attaching to the tire. The part where the air hose attaches gets really hot after 15 min of constant use. It is not hot enough to damage the air filter, but i would recommend letting it cool off every 15 min of use under load. The gauge says it has an accuracy of +/- 5 psi (kind of a large range) and it flies all over the place when the motor is running. You will need a separate gauge to get an accurate tire pressure. The carry bag is super handy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Don't buy a cheap cheasy all in one battery charging unit. I had three of those that failed on me before i bought this compressor. If it ever breaks i will buy one again immediately.

M. Wimbish, Haringey

This Product Either Works Or It Doesn't For Me. I Periodically Fill Up My Tires And Almost Always Have An Issue Whether It Is A Blown Fuse Cable Comes Off The Alligator Clamp Or Just Doesn't Want To Work. Like Today I Wanted To Fill Up Four Tires And I Was Able To Do 3 With No Problem. When I Went To Turn It On For The 4th Tire It Just Did Not Come On. I Changed The Fuse Moved The Clamps Around. Nothing Worked. I Have Also Emailed The Company In The Past With No Response. The Screw On Connector Is A Pain At Times You Have To Fill Up More Air In The Tire Because You Lose A Lot Of It While Unscrewing The Connector. Think It Is Time To Find Another Compressor.

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Top industries mv50 superflow 12 volt compressor Review Content

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