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Price was $13.98. This Tester Will Show The Same Voltage As Read At The Battery With A "regular Digital Voltage Tester" If The 12v Plug Used Is Always Hot. However If The 12v Plug Used Is Not Hot Until You Turn The Ignition Key To Acc Position One Or Two This Tester Will Read Lower Than The Voltage Read At The Battery (12. 4v Vs 12. 6v For Example). At Least That's My Experience On Three Different Vehicles. Unfortunately The 12v Plugs On Most Newer Vehicles Are Not Always Hot As Is The Case On Two Of My Three Vehicles. So This And I Expect Similar "cigarette Lighter" Testers Have Limited Use If You Expect Any Degree Of Accuracy.

-U. Perez

Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor Auto Accessory 3721

  1. Product: Designed for 12-volt negative ground systems
  2. Product: Easily plugs into vehicle’s cigarette lighter or power receptacle to monitor battery and charging system voltage
  3. Product: LCD displays measured voltage with a bar graph to indicate battery charge level

Innova-3721-battery-charging-monitor: Innova Auto Accessory The Innova Battery And Charging System Monitor Displays The Condition Of Your Battery And

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Easily Plugs Into Vehicle's Cigarette Lighter Or Power Receptacle To Monitor Battery And Charging System Voltage, Designed For 12-volt Negative Ground Systems, LCD Displays Measured Voltage With A Bar Graph To Indicate Battery Charge Level, Color-coded LEDs Quickly Identify Battery's Charge Status, Head Pivots For Easy Viewing And Angle Adjustment, Product INNOVA 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor.

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Automotive Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor 3721 Cut-Price Automotive Parts And Accessories 077344875533 Innova, Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor 0042173037216. the innova battery and charging system monitor displays the condition of your battery and charging system instantly. it protects the engine computer and 12-volt accessories from damaging surges when jump starting or recharging. easily plugs into the vehicle's cigarette lighter or power receptacle to monitor battery and charging system voltage. the lcd screen displays the measured voltage with a bar graph to indicate battery charge level and the color-coded leds quickly identify the battery's charge status. the head pivots for easy viewing and angle adjustment. Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor Auto Accessory 3721.

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Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor

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  • Brand : Innova
  • EAN : 0042173037216
  • Manufacturer : INNOVA
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  • Model : 3721
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  • Title : INNOVA 3721 Battery And Charging System Monitor
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Quality Innova-3721-battery-charging-monitor

Innova Automotive 3721: INNOVA 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor

  • Designed For 12-volt Negative Ground Systems
  • Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set Of 4
  • Argus BB-SBM12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor
  • Easily Plugs Into Vehicle's Cigarette Lighter Or Power Receptacle To Monitor Battery And Charging System Voltage
  • NOCO BTE296S Onboard Computer Memory Saver
  • Car Charger - JEBSENS - 4in1 3.1A Fast Dual USB Car Phone Charger, Voltage Meter Monitor USB Car Charger For Smartphone With Blue LED Voltage Amps And Internal Temperature(Fahrenheit) Display - 15W
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  • Digital 12V Car Battery Tester Automotive Battery Load Tester And Analyzer Of Battery Life Percentage,Voltage, Resistance And CCA Vlue For Flood, Gel, AGM, Deep Cycle Battery
  • Cartman 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester - Test Battery Condition & Alternator Charging (LED Indication)
  • MOTOPOWER MP0514A 12V Digital Battery Tester Voltmeter And Charging System Analyzer With LCD Display And LED Indication
  • NewVan Tech LED Display Car Charger, 3.1A Dual USB Smart Output Car Charger For Most Of Smart Cell Phone And Tablets
  • Car Charger, HAWEEL Rapid LED Dual USB Car Charger Adapter(5V/3.4A Output) With LCD Screen Display For IPhone7 / 7 Plus, IPhone 6 / 6s, Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Tablet And All Android Devices.
  • Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender
  • NOCO GC018 12V Plug Socket With Eyelet Terminal
  • LCD Displays Measured Voltage With A Bar Graph To Indicate Battery Charge Level

I've found this little gauge very helpful whenever there's an electrical issue. It does wander a bit but if you watch it for a while, you'll start to get a feel for how your charging system is doing. I've bought two of these. It's reassuring to track the battery voltage (check before starting engine) and the alternator output (when engine is running). . Also, many times the problems with alternators are in the diodes, which are very heat-sensitive. If you notice a big change in output on cool mornings vs. Hot afternoons, there's a good chance one of the three diodes is already failing. You might not need a new alternator yet, but you'll want to keep an eye on it.

Click to see NoticeInnova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor (Auto Accessory)"I Use This In My Small Camper Trailer For When I Go Boon Docking In Da Woods. It Works Well Keeping Me Updated On The State Of My Battery. This Would Also Work Well In A Car (although I Don't Know Why) But Not So Well In A Boat Since I Doubt Its Water Proof. Don't Forget To Hit The Helpful Button"

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INNOVA 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor

Argus BB-SBM12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor

The Raytek Mtapk Pouch And Carrying Kit Is For Use With The Minitemp Infrared Thermometer And It Includes A Storage Pouch And Wrist Strap. The Soft Carrying Pouch Has A Hook-and-loop Fabric Closure To Protect The Thermometer. The Detachable Wrist Strap Helps Prevent Dropping The Thermometer During Use. Digital Infrared Thermometers Measure The Temperature Of Surfaces From A Distance. They May Measure Temperature In Celsius Fahrenheit Or Both. Infrared (ir) Thermometers Work By Focusing The Infrared Radiation Emitted By A Surface Onto A Detector Called A Thermopile. The Thermopile Turns The Heat Into Electricity Which Is Measured And Converted To A Temperature Reading. The Reading Is Then Displayed On An Lcd Display. Ir Thermometers Are Used To Measure Temperature When An Object Is Fragile As In Ear Thermometers Or Dangerous To Be Near As In The Case Of Industrial Equipment. Raytek Manufactures Infrared Noncontact Temperature Measurement Instruments For Industrial Process Control And Maintenance Applications. Founded In 1963 It Is Headquartered In Santa Cruz California. What's In The Boxstorage Pouch For Minitemp Infrared Thermometerwrist Strap

Argus BB-SBM12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor

You Count On Your Vehicle's Ability To Crank Every Time So Don't Get Left In The Dark By A Dead Car Battery. The Argus Bb-smb12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor Uses Advanced Crankcheck Technology To Test The Health Of The Battery Every Time The Engine Is Started Tracking The Decay Of Cranking Health Over Time. It Clearly Indicates Battery Health On The Easy-to-read Display And Audibly Alerts You When Performance Begins To Drop To Dangerously Low Levels. . . . The Battery Bug Is Compact And Easy To Install. Extend Battery Life By Avoiding Damaging Charge Conditions . It's A Fact: Any Battery Will Naturally Lose Its Charge Over Time No Matter If It's In Your Daily Driver Or A Garaged Beauty. Once Fully Discharged A Battery Will Start To Permanently Lose Its Overall Capacity. This Results In Weaker Performance Even When Fully Recharged. . . The Argus Bb-smb12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor Can Significantly Extend Your Battery's Life By Monitoring Its Charge Level. Its On-board Microprocessor Continuously Monitors Decay In Battery Cranking Performance And Calculates Your Battery's Total State Of Cranking Health. It Also Monitors Alternator And Charger Performance For Damaging Over-charge And Under-charge Conditions. If The Battery Reaches A Low State Of Charge The Battery Bug Will Sound An Audible Alarm Indicating The Need For Recharge Or Replacement. Perfect For Colder Climates The Battery Bug Also Measures Battery Temperature And Adjusts The Cranking State Of Health Alarm For Extreme Low Temperatures. . . . The Display Is Easy To Read And Understand. Intuitive Display And Alarms Provide A Clear Picture Of Battery Health . The Battery Bug's Information-packed Lcd Display Shows Critical Battery Health And Performance Information That's Easy To Read And Understand. A Graphical Indication Of Cranking Health Remaining And The Performance Of The Most Recent Engine Start Appear At The Top Of The Display. Below That Is A Numerical Gauge That Shows Cranking Health Remaining Battery Voltage And Alternator/charger Voltage. Low Battery And Replace Battery Icons At The Bottom Of The Display Indicate What Actions Need To Be Taken When The Audible Alarm Is Active. . . If The Battery Needs Attention The Battery Bug Will Alert You With Its On-board Audible Alarm. The Low Battery Alarm Will Sound When A Chronic Undercharge Condition (below 12. 1v For More Than 30 Seconds) Is Detected. An Overcharge Alarm Will Sound When The Alternator Or Charger Voltage Exceeds 15 Volts. Finally The Replace Battery Alarm Will Activate If The Cranking Health Of The Battery Drops Below 10%. . . Easy To Install In Any Vehicle . The Battery Bug Comes Equipped With Universal "y" Connectors That Can Be Easily Attached To Most Battery Posts Or Clamps. The Battery Bug Can Also Be Attached To Remote Battery Terminals Without Significantly Affecting Test Results. It's Engineered Tough To Survive Under The Hood And The Coiled Cables Let You Place It Up To 18 Inches Away From The Battery. The Battery Bug Consumes Very Little Power--about The Same Amount As Your Vehicle's Digital Clock--and Will Not Adversely Affect Battery Performance. The Battery Bug Can Also Be Attached To Two Batteries In Parallel And The Preferred Installation Is To Attach It Diagonally Across The Pack. The Black Wire Should Attach To The Negative Post At One End Of The Pack And The Red Wire Should Attach To The Positive Post At The Other End Of The Pack. . . The Battery Bug Is Easy To Reset As Well Just Disconnect One Of Its Wires And The Memory Will Be Erased. It Is Recommended That You Reset The Battery Bug If It Shows The Replace Battery Icon. If The Replace Battery Icon Illuminates Again At The Next Attempted Start You Can Be Confident That A Battery Replacement Is Justified. . . Choosing The Battery Bug That's Right For You . The Crankcheck And Charge Level Monitoring Software Embedded In The Argus Bb-smb12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor Is Designed Specifically For Cars Light Trucks Emergency Equipment Generators And Other Starting Batteries For Engines Typically Larger Than 1500cc. For Motorcycle Power Sports Equipment And Other Small Engine Starting Batteries Choose The Argus Bb-sbm12-ps Battery Bug Battery Monitor For Motorcycles. . . The Argus Battery Bug Deep Cycle Series Is Recommended For Marine Rv Worksite And Other Heavy-duty Applications That Involve Deep-cycle Batteries. Choose The Bb-dcm12-300 For Applications Up To 300ah The Bb-dcm12-150 For Applications Up To 150ah Bb-dcm12-100 For Applications Up To 100ah Or The Bb-dcm12-90 For Applications Up To 90ah. . Argus-BB-SBM12-Battery-Starting-Monitor

Brand :    argus analyzers
Color :    Black
Model :    BB-SBM12
Quantity :    1
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Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (argus analyzers) reviews for Argus BB-SBM12 Battery Bug Starting Battery Monitor available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Detachable wrist strap to help prevent dropping the thermometer during useSoft carrying pouch has a hook-and-loop fabric closure to protect the thermometerHelps prevent owners from being stranded by a dead batteryExtends battery life by alerting users to damaging charge conditionsAdvanced CrankCheck technology tests battery health every time the engine is startedAccessory kit for MiniTemp infrared thermometer includes a storage pouch and wrist strap

Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set of 4

Accel Heat Shrink Tubing Forms An Impenetrable Barrier To Protect Battery Cables; Keeping Out Moisture And Preventing Electrical Ends From Accidentally Grounding. This Set Includes Four Thick; Red Sleeves That Quickly Shrink To Form A Tight Seal On Battery Cables; Wires; Connectors; And Terminal Ends; Maintaining Optimum Conductivity While Keeping Out Damaging Moisture.

Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set of 4


Review from L. Taylor, California I Used This Product To Shrink Wrap The Battery Connections On My Boat. Workes Great On 6 Guage Wire. Used To Install A Lewmar Windlass.

Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set Of 4 (Auto Part) Review

Review from Z. Susan, Blackburn with Darwen 
This Shrink Tubing Is Thick And Shrink Very Well To A Good Seal On Wire And Connectors. I Would Buy Them Again.
Brand :    accel
Model :    1858
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (accel) reviews for Accel 1858 Red Heat Shrink Tubing Battery Cable - Set of 4 available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Keeps out moisture and prevents electrical ends from accidentally groundingComes in a set of four thick, red sleevesAlso available in blackQuickly shrinks to form a tight seal on battery cables, wires, connectors, and terminal endsImpenetrable barrier to protect battery cables

NOCO BTE296S Onboard Computer Memory Saver

The Memory Retainer Is Designed To Maintain The Memory Of A Vehicle's Onboard Computer System When Disconnecting The Battery Or Making A Battery Change. Provides Power Through The Vehicle's 12 Volts Plug Adapter With The Included 9 Volts Alkaline Battery. Helps To Maintain The Vehicle's Settings For Radio Stations Car Seat Positions Anti-theft Systems And Much More.

NOCO BTE296S Onboard Computer Memory Saver


Review from F. Irene, Tameside Partially Worked On My 2006 Accord. I Had To Reenter My Radio Code And Reset My Clock. The Only Thing That Did Work Were The Radio Presets Which I Really Didn't Care About. I Had The Key To "accessory" But It Still Did Not Retain My Radio Code Or Clock.

Noco Bte296s Onboard Computer Memory Saver (Auto Accessory) Review

Review from S. Ruff, Louisiana 
This Is A Very Handy Tool. Instructions On The Package Are Clear And Unmistakable. As Others Have Suggested I Used A New 9 Volt Battery Not Relying On The One That Came With The Device. Can Be Used In Cigar Lighter Or Power Port. Couldn't Be Easier.
Image of Noco-bte296s-onboard-computer-memory-saver-(auto-accessory)"Works As Advertised. Put Your Ignition To On But Not Started Plug In The 9v Battery And Plug This In To Your Car. Interior Lights And Odometer Will Go Out But After 30 Minutes Of Changing My Battery Under The Hood And Starting The Car Up Every Thing Was Saved From Clock To Radio Presets To Information Center Mileage Info."

Worked Perfectly! I Changed The Spark Plugs And Wires On My Subaru And Had To Remove The Battery To Get To The Drivers Side Plugs. I Didn't Lose Any Of My Settings On The Gps Radio Clock And I Assume Computer As Well (not Sure How To Validate Nothing Was Lost There). One Important Item To Note The Battery That Came In The Package Was Nearly Dead And I Had To Use Another 9v Battery. I Wonder If Some Of The Reviews That Claimed This Didn't Work Failed For That Very Reason. The Nearly Dead Battery Didn't Sway My Opinion I Was So Relieved To Reconnect The Car's Battery And Find All Of My Gps Memory Points Etc. Intact. That The Crappy Battery In The Kit Didn't Matter To Me.

M. Margaret, North East Lincolnshire

I Had To Replace The Battery In My Car So I Purchased This Item To Maintain All My Settings. I Had Everything Ready For A Quick Change. I Pulled The Dead Battery And Slid In The New One. It Was Not Disconnected More Than 4 Minutes. I Ended Up Losing The Clock The Auto Up-down On The Power Windows And My Esp Light Was On. I Have A Program And Connector So I Was Able To Reset Everything Without A Trip To The Dealer.

Q. Lisa, Newfoundland and Labrador

Brand :    noco
Weight :    0.3 pounds
Model :    BTE296S
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (noco) reviews for NOCO BTE296S Onboard Computer Memory Saver available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Built-in LED indicator; lets you know if your 12 volts port is activeMaintains voltage continuity to vehicle onboard computer; retains clock, radio, and seat memoryWorks through the 12 volts plug adapter; powered by a 9 volts alkaline battery (included)Maintains onboard vehicle computer systems; perfect when disconnecting the battery or making battery changes

Digital 12V Car Battery Tester Automotive Battery Load Tester and Analyzer Of Battery Life Percentage,Voltage, Resistance and CCA Vlue For Flood, Gel, AGM, Deep Cycle Battery

Suner Power Ae300 Battery Tester Is Designed To Test And Analyze 12-volt Automotive Battery. It Offers Quick Assessment Providing Digital Testing Results(voltage Cca Value Resistancelife Percentage) And Indicating Condition Of Battery. Compatibility It Is Compatible With Full Rang Of Batteries Including Flood Agm Gel Marine-cranking Deep Cycle Batteries. Quickly Analyze Battery Statue The Ae300 Conveniently Tests The Condition Of Your Battery And Offers A Quick Assessment. Once The Testing Process Is Finished The Numerical Results Are Shown On The Device's Bright Lcd Screen With Voltage Assistance Life Percentage And Cca Value. Ultra Safe The Ae300 Test And Analyze With Battery Power Won't Damage Battery Life The Reverse Polarity And Over Voltage Protection Make It Ultra Safe. Easy To Use Pocket Design Lcd Screen And Beep Remind Function Which Make It Easy And Popular For Testing Batteries Even For Those Guys Out Of The Field. Technical Specification: Voltage Range: 7v15. 8v Cca Value Range: 59995 Cca Battery Type: Flood Slaagm & Gel Operation Temperature: -2070 Storage Temperature: -2060package List1x Battery Tester1x User Manual(between Cardboard Packing) Note: The Ae300 Start To Beep When Test And Analyze Is Done Beep Over When Pressing "ok"bottom For Accurate Test And Analyze Type Exact Right Battery Cca Value. Warranty: 30 Days Money Back And 12 Months Worry-free Life Guarantee

Digital 12V Car Battery Tester Automotive Battery Load Tester and Analyzer Of Battery Life Percentage,Voltage, Resistance and CCA Vlue For Flood, Gel, AGM, Deep Cycle Battery


Brand :    suner power
Color :    Blue-Black
Model :    SP-C12002
Quantity :    1
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Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (suner power) reviews for Digital 12V Car Battery Tester Automotive Battery Load Tester and Analyzer Of Battery Life Percentage,Voltage, Resistance and CCA Vlue For Flood, Gel, AGM, Deep Cycle Battery available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Test and analyze battery load system, showing digital results including Battery Life Percentage, CCA , Battery Voltage,Battery ResistancePortable design, beep remind function and LCD screen make the testing quicker and easier.Continuous testing with battery power, won't damage battery, ultra safe is guaranteed.Compatible with Flood battery, AGM battery, Gel battery, Deep Cycle Battery and offer accurate test and analyzeWide range of Cold Cranking Amps capacity, offer reliable operation for more size batteries

Cartman 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester - Test Battery Condition & Alternator Charging (LED indication)

*led Display Indicates Condition *check Before Charge: Battery Is Alive "ok" To Be Charged. *alternator Check : Accelerate Your Engine To 2000 Rpm When The Green Light Is Lit Charging Circuit Is Ok. *battery Check: Indicate The Percentage Charging In The Battery. *cranking Check : Red Light Indicates Voltage From Alternator Over-high.

Cartman 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester - Test Battery Condition & Alternator Charging (LED indication)


Review from U. Veronica, Western Australia This Is A Very Useful Display. I Was Having Trouble With My Alternator With This I Can See Who The Car Is Charging While Running & Under A Load.

Cartman 12v battery alternator tester (TL120207) Review

Review from K. Mary, Poitou-Charentes 
Excellent Product! Immediately Answers The Question If You Have A Battery Or Alternator Problem.
Image of Cartman-12v-battery-alternator-tester-(tl120207)"Has Tenths And Hundredths Place After Decimal Gives Me The Accuracy To Compare Rate Of Discharge"

I Used This Device To Test Some Batteries At The Junk Yard And It Gave The Same Results As The Much Bigger Professional Type Used By The Junk Yard Operators. It Is A Very Handy And Effective Tester. I Would Have Given It 5 Stars But For The Clips That Are Rather Too Small To Grip The Battery Heads

S. Lorenz, Vermont

This Was A Good Product It Is Simple And Worked For What I Needed It To Do. Dont Expect This To Act Like A $100 Machine Or Anything It Is Only For Small Things. The Shipping Was Fast And Painful And The Seller Told What Was Decribed. I Would Recommend Buying From This Seller.

O. Rochelle, Picardie

Brand :    cartman
Size :    LED Clamp
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    TL120207
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (cartman) reviews for Cartman 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester - Test Battery Condition & Alternator Charging (LED indication) available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Alternator state check, battery state check, check before charge and overload display.LED display indicates condition, for 12V battery only.Battery check: indicate the percentage charging in the battery .Alternator check : accelerate your engine to 2000 rpm when the green light is lit ,charging circuit is ok.Charger check: when green light is lit, charging is complete.

Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender

The Wagan 4-way 12v Automotive Socket Extender Lets You Power Up To Four Electronic Items At Once. Simply Plug It Into Your Vehicle's 12v Cigarette Lighter To Quickly Expand From One Dc Socket To Four. This Extender Is Ideal For Powering Your Laptop Cell Phone Cd Player Satellite Radio Radar Detector And More. It Also Includes A Built-in Fuse Protector To Protect Your Vehicle From Damage. Mounting Hardware Is Included (screws Mount And Double-sided Tape) To Help You Position The Unit Securely On The Dashboard Inside Your Vehicle. The 34" Cord Length Give You The Flexibility To Place This Extender Right Where You Need It. Size: 4. 75 X 2. 75 X 1. 5".

Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender


Review from T. Rhonda, Nevada Shorted Out Power With Only One Device Plugged In.

Wagan 4-way 12v Automotive Socket Extender (EL9139) Review

Review from A. Wade, California 
Seems Well Constructed. Works Great To Add A Second 12v Outlet To A Rechargeable Battery Jumpstarter. The 2. 1a Usb Outlet Charged A Smartphone From No Charge To Full In About An Hour. The Articulating Connection Works Easily And Allows The Direction Of The Outlets To Be Moved 180 Degrees Up Horizontal Or Down. -plan To Track Down An Extra 10a Fuse.
Image of Wagan-4-way-12v-automotive-socket-extender-(el9139)"This Product Blew A Fuse Twice And No Longer Works Again. I Had A Defroster Fan My Samsung 7 Phone Charger And Seat Warmer And When I Turned On The Car It Blew Somehow. I Guess Too Much Power Was Going Through That It Burnt Out The Unit. This Unit Can't Handle All These Products On There Simultaneously. It's Not Good For Multiple Hook Ups. It Can't Handle High Voltage Usage."

The Extender Does Exactly What You Would Expect It To Do. A Few Notes To Potential Buyers: 1. If You Have More Than Two Large Adapters Being Plugged Into This There May Not Be Enough Space Between Each Socket. - I Separated My Radar Detector And Gps Plug With A Slim Usb Plug And It Was Perfect. 2. Plenty Of Power To Charge/run Four Devices. I Use The Following In My Car And It Works Well: - Iphone Garmin Gps Valentine One Radar Detector And Ipad Or Android Tablet 3. I Took Off The Sticker Shown In The Picture And The Unit Blend In Very Well Under My Dash. 4. A Piece Of Black Electrical Tape Can Cover The Red Light If You Want It Be Be Even More Hidden. Great Value. Shipped Free Via Prime. Would Buy Again.

I. Joanna, Barnsley

I Have Used This Adapter For Over 2 Years. It Has Been A Great For Expanding My Single Dc Port Into 2 Dc Ports And 2 Usb Charging Ports. However This Device Is Poorly Designed In Regards To The Hinge. If You Try To Tighten The Hinge So That The Head Doesn't Flop Down It Will Cause The Wires Inside Of It To Short Out And Blow The Lighter Fuse. I Learned Quickly To Let The Head Just Flop Around And To Not Tighten The Hinge Too Much. This Will Then Lead To The Next Fatal Flaw As Described J. R. Paulson. The Adapter Will Eventually Overheat And Melt The Plastic. This Will Put A Lot Of Smoke In Your Car And Could Possibly Catch Fire. This Is A Huge Hazard To Have Smoke Coming Out Of The Adapter While Driving. I Cannot Recommend This Product After Having It Melt In My Car Which Is Too Bad Since I Really Enjoyed The Convenience That This Adapter Provided.

V. Susana, Sachsen

Brand :    wagan
Model :    EL9139
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (wagan) reviews for Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Mounting hardware includedExpands 1 lighter socket to power 4 electronic itemsFuse protectorPlugs into 12v cigarette lighter socket

Car Charger - JEBSENS - 4in1 3. 1A Fast Dual USB Car Phone Charger, Voltage Meter Monitor USB Car Charger for Smartphone with Blue LED Voltage Amps and Internal Temperature(Fahrenheit) Display - 15W

All Car Owners Should Know That Electric Appliances Such As Power Switch Spark Plugs And Other Internal Electronics Can Be Gradually Damaged If The Voltage Is Too High (exceeding Normal Value By 15%). Similarly Cars Will Not Work Proplerly If Subject To Under-voltage Conditions (lower Than 10% Of Threshold). The Jebsens 4in1 Dual Usb Car Charger With Led Display Is A Mutifunctional Tool For You Car! It Charges Different Mobile Devices Such As Iphone Android Smart Phone Ipad Camera Psp Etc. Built In Led Display Present To You Fahrenheit Amperage And Voltage Of Your Car. This Allows You To Be More Conscious Of Your Vehicle And Devices You're Charging. Every Ten Seconds The Display Switches Between Voltage Internal Temperature And Total Amperage Of The Devices You Are Charging. Features: Digital Led Fav Display - Fav Stands For Fahrenheit Amperage And Voltage. Every Ten Seconds The Display Switches Between Voltage Internal Temperature And Total Amperage Of The Devices You Are Charging. Be In Tune With Your Vehicle - This Device Is One Of The Most Helpful Gadgets You Can Buy For Your Car. The Voltage Indicates The Health Of Your Battery And Allows You To Know When It's Time For A Replacement. The Temperature Helps You To Manage The Internal Temperature Of The Car. The Amperage Keeps You Informed Of The Amount Of Amperage Your Devices Are Using. Overcharge / Overheat Protection - The Device Auto Powers Off When Input/output Is Greater Than Safety Current. This Ensures That Your Devices Are Protected Against Over-heat Over-current And Over-charging. It Detects The Ambient Tempreture When Not Charging Any Device; When Charging Other Devices It Shows The Tempreture Of The Car Charger Itself Which Is A Little Higher Than The Ambient.

Car Charger - JEBSENS - 4in1 3. 1A Fast Dual USB Car Phone Charger, Voltage Meter Monitor USB Car Charger for Smartphone with Blue LED Voltage Amps and Internal Temperature(Fahrenheit) Display - 15W


Brand :    jebsens
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    EL-273355
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (jebsens) reviews for Car Charger - JEBSENS - 4in1 3. 1A Fast Dual USB Car Phone Charger, Voltage Meter Monitor USB Car Charger for Smartphone with Blue LED Voltage Amps and Internal Temperature(Fahrenheit) Display - 15W available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
FAST DUAL USB CHARGING PORTS - Combined 3.1 amps; 15W; uses smart technology to ensure each device pulls the right amperage. Dual USB car charger is powered by the vehicle's cigarette lighter.OVER-CHARGE PROTECTION - The mini USB car charger is auto power off when input/output is greater than safety current, protects against over-heat, over-current and over-chargingPACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Jebsens 4in1 Dual USB Car Charger with LED Display. (Charging Cable NOT included) 1 Year Guarantee provided by Manufacturer. Money Back Guarantee from JebsensDirect. Need a Car Mount? Check out the No.1 Rated JEBSENS CA02 Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount (ASIN: B0144AX6WK) - Enjoy hands free driving!LED DISPLAY - LED digital luminescence tubes; Display cycles between internal temperature (Fahrenheit), device's charging current, and the voltage of the vehicle's car battery. (Note: When using the device to charge, it display the charger's temperature instead of the internal temperature of your car. ) The LEDs are bright enough to read the display without being a distraction while driving.SPECIFICATIONS - Input: DC 12V - 24V, Output: DC 5V/3.1A, 15 W, Conversion efficiency 95%, Measuring range: Voltage 5V-25V, Current 0 - 3.1A, Temperature -4⁰ to 176⁰ F

MOTOPOWER MP0514A 12V Digital Battery Tester Voltmeter and Charging System Analyzer with LCD Display and LED Indication

The Motopower Mp0514a 12v Digital Battery Tester Voltmeter And Charging System Analyzer With Lcd Display And Led Indication Provides A Quick Reading To Determine If A Vehicle Battery Needs A Jump Or Replacing. Test Range - 4-20v Dc Testing Range For All Types Of 12volt Batteries. (note: If Voltage Is Under 4volt The Lcd Reading Is "lo"; If Voltage Is Above 20volt The Lcd Reading Is "hi". Accurate - With A Four-character Lighted Digital Display This Battery Voltage Tester Is Easy To Read With Accuracy. Led Indication - Colored Leds Indicate Different Status Of Battery Or Alternator. Safety Protection - Reverse Polarity Short Circuit And Overload Protections. Best Quality - Rubber Paint Housing With 30amp Alligator Clamps.

MOTOPOWER MP0514A 12V Digital Battery Tester Voltmeter and Charging System Analyzer with LCD Display and LED Indication


Review from E. Margaret, Illinois Connected Teeny Clamps To Terminals On Battery Nothing Happened. Inside Is Just A Motherboard If Battery Cannot Power Unit Even A Little Does Not Work. Should Have A Battery Backup. I Suggest If You Buy This To Test It On Your Battery Before Putting It Away For The Just In Case Situation

Motopower voltmeter charging analyzer indication (0514A) Review

Review from X. Nielsen, Kentucky 
Just Bought It But Will Be Using It Very Soon.
Brand :    motopower
Model :    0514A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (motopower) reviews for MOTOPOWER MP0514A 12V Digital Battery Tester Voltmeter and Charging System Analyzer with LCD Display and LED Indication available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
With a four-character lighted digital display, this battery voltage tester is easy to read with accuracy.Reverse-hookup and over-voltage protection, making it safe and simple to useRubber Paint body with 30Amp Alligator ClampsMicro-processor Controlled. It provides a quick reading to determine if a vehicle battery needs a jump or replacing.Colored LEDs indicate battery or alternator status

Car Charger, HAWEEL Rapid LED Dual USB Car Charger Adapter(5V/3. 4A output) with LCD Screen Display for iPhone7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6 / 6s, Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Tablet and all Android Devices.

Highlights: 1. Fashionable Stylish Appearance And Transcendental Texture. 2. Compatible With Most Digital Devices Provide Convenience For Your Every Digital Product. 3. Quickly Charge For Your Two Digital Devices With Intelligent Current Distribution And You Can Make Full Use Of Cigarette Lighter Socket. 4. Intelligent Ic Chipset With Under-voltage Over-voltage And Short Circuit Protection. 5. Exquisite And Mini Design Easy To Carry And Save Space. 6. 90 Degree Rotation Design Convenient To Adjust The Perfect Angel. 7. Accurate Voltage Display Of The Automobile Battery Monitor Your Car's Safety Anytime. 8. Stainless Steel Shrapnel Not Easy To Rust. 9. The Outside Shell Is Made Of Fireproof Material Featuring High Strength Anti-shock Bumps Resistance Etc. Specification: Connector: Usb 2. 0 Input: Dc12-24v Output: Dc5v 3. 4a (dual Usb 2. 4a+1a) Circuit Board: Intelligent Ic Could Automatic Recognition The Exact Output Material: Abs+pc Fireproofing Environmental Material Size: 110*46*27mm Color: White+black Net Weight: 23g Compatible: --apple: Iphone 7 / 7 Plus Iphone 6 / 6s 6 / 6s Plus 5s 5c 5 4s 4 3gs Ipads (up To 5th Generation) Ipad Mini 3 / 2 / 1 Ipad Air 2 Ipad Pro Ipod Nano (up To 7th Generation) Ipods Touch (up To 6th Generation). --android Phones: Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 Galaxy Note 4 3 2 / Htc One M8 M7 Mini M4 X V S / Google Nexus 5 8 7 10 / Motorola X Droid Razr Maxx / Sony Xperia Z2. --gopro 4 Gopro Hero 3+ Gopro Hero 3 Gopro Hero 2 And Gopro Hero. Package Includes 1 X 2-port Usb Car Charger Worry-free Warranty --12 Months Worry-free Product Guarantee For Every Purchase From Haweel.

Car Charger, HAWEEL Rapid LED Dual USB Car Charger Adapter(5V/3. 4A output) with LCD Screen Display for iPhone7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6 / 6s, Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Tablet and all Android Devices.


Brand :    haweel
Color :    2 port
Model :    HWL-3020B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Wireless Accessory (haweel) reviews for Car Charger, HAWEEL Rapid LED Dual USB Car Charger Adapter(5V/3. 4A output) with LCD Screen Display for iPhone7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6 / 6s, Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Tablet and all Android Devices. available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
The plug is flexible, can be 180 degree swingWith Intelligent Chip inside, The current will automatically share while usingWhen the voltage is below 12v or above 24v, the buzzer alarm will automatic ringThe current will be shown on the screen automaticallyWith LED screen, to show car battery voltage

Roadpro 12V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Roadpro 12-volt Clip-on Battery Cigarette Lighter Adapter Is Manufactured To Run 12 Volt Appliances By Connecting Directly To Car Battery Terminals. It Is Constructed Using Durable Material That Ensures Durability And Longevity. It Features A Clip That Attaches Directly To The Vehicle Battery And Facilitates Quick As Well As Easy Installation.

Roadpro 12V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter


Review from G. Alexia, Missouri I've Used Over 20 Of These In The Last Few Years And Have Never Had A Problem With A Single Unit. Very High Quality Wires And Connections. I Use These When I'm Hardwiring An Accessory Into A Car That Has A Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter - Especially When You Don't Want To Modify The Cord Of The Unit You're Installing. I Simply Cut Off The Clips On This Unit And Hardwire This Into The Car. I Can Always Count On These - I've Yet To Have One Fail.

Roadpro 12v Battery Clip-on Cigarette Lighter Adapter (RPPSAPS) Review

Review from V. Alice, Islington 
Nice For The Price But The Clips I Received Today From Online Store Only Open 1/2" Not Even Close To Be Usable On Standard Battery Posts. I Can Use It On The Threaded 3/8" And 1/4 Terminals On My Trolling Motor Battery But The Connections Are Very Loose And I Have To Be Very Careful. The Positive Came Off Once And I Was Lucky The Negative Was Not Yet Connected. The Wires Are 30" Long Not Marked As To Size But Appear To Be No Larger Than 12. Even That Short I Believe They Should Be 8. I May Return It As It Is Dangerous To Use As I Have Been Using It. Other People Must Have Received Larger Clips.
Image of Roadpro-12v-battery-clip-on-cigarette-lighter-adapter-(rppsaps)"The Scout Motto "be Prepared" Hasn't Diminished Any Less In Meaning In Today's Times And Is Just As Applicable As It Was More Than A Century Ago. I Transport Vehicles For A Living And Believe It Or Not Some Companies Are Ordering New Vehicles Without Cigarette Lighters. This Becomes A Problem When You Need A Power Source To Maintain Your Portable Electronic Devices Especially On Long Runs. The Road-pro Has Been A Low Cost Solution."

I Am Using This To Hard Wire A Usb Chargers To The Fuse Box (in Order To Power My Mini Dash Cam). I Bought From Another Company And It Turns Out The Cable Was 20-22 Gauge (which I Would Never Use For Any Direct To Battery Testing). I've Cut These Cables Apart And Have Confirmed That They're 14 Gauge Which Is Really Good For Most Applications. However I Give It -1 Star Because When I Pull The Cables Apart The Quality Of The Bond Is Poor Ripping One Of The Cables Apart A Bit Exposing The Copper Inside (so Be Careful When You Separate The Cables And E-tape It So You Don't Short Anything).

X. McCarthy, Rhode Island

I Use This Cable With My Solar Kit And Am Very Happy With The Durable Construction. I Use A Small Solar Panel To Charge Up My Deep Cell Battery And Then Attach These Clamps To The Positive And Negative Posts. Voila; An Instant Dc Power Socket. I Also Use These Clamps On My Car Battery When I Want To Get The Most Watt Power For Electronic Devices. When Paired With A Small Usb Inverter I Can Get The Full 140 Watts From It Instead Of The 100 Watts Available Through My Cigarette Lighter. The Cables Are Of Middle Thickness But Are Smooth And Well Constructed. The Clamps Are Secure When Attached To Battery Posts And Easy To Remove. The Length Is A Bit On The Spare Side But I Understand That These Cables Cannot Be Too Long And Still Provide Useful Electrical Juice. I'm Pleased With This Purchase And Plan To Order A Second One To Live Inside My Car.

S. Gilmore, New Hampshire

Brand :    roadpro
Color :    Red/Black
Weight :    0.73 pounds
Model :    RPPSAPS
Quantity :    1
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Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (roadpro) reviews for Roadpro 12V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Illuminated front panel cigarette lighter portHolds Only 10 Amps of PowerManufactured to power 12 volt appliancesClips attach directly to the vehicle batteryWill Not Handle Surges

NewVan Tech LED Display Car Charger, 3. 1A Dual USB Smart Output Car Charger for Most of Smart Cell Phone and Tablets

Feature: Input Voltage:dc 12 V-24v Output Voltage: Dc 5v Output Current: 4. 8a Current Detection: Display The Actual Current. Current Measuring Range: 0-0. 31a Temperature Measuring Range:0- 80 Materials: Abs+ Fireproofing Plastic.

NewVan Tech LED Display Car Charger, 3. 1A Dual USB Smart Output Car Charger for Most of Smart Cell Phone and Tablets


Brand :    newvan tech
Model :    6579991
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Phone Accessory (newvan tech) reviews for NewVan Tech LED Display Car Charger, 3. 1A Dual USB Smart Output Car Charger for Most of Smart Cell Phone and Tablets available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
INTELLIGENT CHIP: low voltage protection and over current protection.Dual USB car charger ,we can charge for two different devices at the same time, fast charging.The LED display screen can monitor the car's battery voltage in real time(safe range: 12V-15V).With current display charging process and temperature detection.Seller Warranty : *30 days Money Back Guarantee (For any possible defective products, please contact us first, we will offer you a replacement or refund you.)

NOCO GC018 12V Plug Socket with Eyelet Terminal

The Noco 12-volt Plug Socket Connects Directly To Your Battery With Integrated Eyelet Terminals (3/8-inch). Features Fused Connection Leads To Prevent Dangerous Short Circuits And A Water Resistant Cap To Protect The 12-volt Female Socket From The Elements. Made From A High-conductivity 100-percent Copper Wire And A Rated Capacity Of 15-amperes. Molded Strain Reliefs Provide Additional Support Against Unwanted Tension On The Wire Connections. Perfect For Your Favorite 12-volt Devices Like A Tire Inflator Vacuum Coffee Maker And More.

NOCO GC018 12V Plug Socket with Eyelet Terminal


Review from V. Carol, Minnesota I Purchased This Item So I Could Power My Inverter bestek 300w Power Inverter Dc 12v To 110v Ac Car Adapter With 4. 8a Dual Usb Charging Port directly From My Car Battery. The Leads Were A Little Bit Short But Manageable; The Clips Felt Great As Did The Fuse Holder. Fast Forward 2-3 Months After Using Only A Handful Of Times - The 12v Socket Has Stopped Working Entirely. No Noticeable Cuts Pinches Or Any Other Problems In The Cable Nor Is It Serviceable. Ended Up Just Cutting The Bad Socket Off Of It And Replacing It.

Noco Gc018 12v Plug Socket Eyelet Terminal (Auto Part) Review

Review from F. Rebecca, Greenwich 
This Is A Great Adapter! The Socket Is Very Secure Is Metal With An Exterior Hard Rubber Coat That Feels Very Nice. The Eyelets Are Amazing And Will Not Bend. Do Not Shop Anywhere Else For An Adapter Like This Or Read Any Of The Negative Reviews.
Image of Noco-gc018-12v-plug-socket-eyelet-terminal-(auto-part)"Seems Sturdy And Well Built. Came In Nice Packaging. Only Negative I Noticed Is That The Plug Seems To Slide Out Slightly Every So Often And Requires Being Pushed All The Way Back In To Make Sure The Devices Are Getting Power. Not Sure If It's The Product's Fault Or My Car's Fault."

Splitter Is Nice And Is Very Sturdy Quality And Finish Is Excellent Quality Used It With My Dual Port Car Charger And My Ac To Dc Converter For My Florida Trip Worked Like A Charm Price Is Really Good For The Quality This Thing Has Looks Like A Expensive Item But Has A Very Fair Price. Once You Put The Connector In It Stays In And Is A Little Harder To Take Out Which Is A Very Good Thing Since You Dont Want It To Come Off Easily.

D. Wanda, Bromley

Used This With Solar Esa30 Obd Ii Memory Saver To Keep Auto Cpu Memory While Changing Battery. Impressed With Quality And The Socket Connection To The Solar Esa30 Plug Was Solid. I Think The Couple Extra Dollars Spent On This Versus Other Plug Sockets With Battery Clamps Got A Much Higher Quality Tool. Would Buy Again.

U. Donna, Missouri

Brand :    noco
Model :    GC018
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (noco) reviews for NOCO GC018 12V Plug Socket with Eyelet Terminal available as-of ( Dec 2019 )
Designed for safety; built-in fused connection for protection against short circuitWeatherproof; a water resistant cap to protect the female socket from the elementsMaximum performance; made from a high-conductivity 16 AWG copper wire and a rated capacity of 15-amperesRugged design; molded strain reliefs prevent unwanted strain on the wire connectionsConnect directly to your battery; power your favorite 12-volt devices, like a tire inflator, vacuum, coffee maker and more
Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor (Auto Accessory) Price : 12, was : 0 as 2017-01-18
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Great Britain
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The F.A.Q. for Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor (Auto Accessory)

I use this in my small camper trailer for when i go boon docking in da woods. It works well keeping me updated on the state of my battery. This would also work well in a car (although i don't know why) but not so well in a boat since i doubt its water proof. Don't forget to hit the helpful button

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: how much current does this draw? i.e. can i leave it plugged in for 2-3days..

(1) Question: how accurate is this device (measured against a regular volt meter?

(2) Question: this is related to the question of "can i leave it plugged in". does anybody, or the manufacturer, know the actual current draw of this device, either in amps or in watts?

(3) Question: what does the battery icon at the top of the display represent?

(4) Question: volts is ok but i need to know amps, wili this device measure amps?

(5) Question: i connected this unit and it lights up, flashes all lights, goes to green, then just displays a 1 in the far left position. anyone know why?

(6) Question: can you leave this meter attached to the outlet all the time without damage upon startup or other problems?

(7) Question: is this product for charging up your battery when it's dead? or is this for something entirely different? does it charge the battery?

(8) Question: once the car's running, the light sometime turns red?

(9) Question: i have two 12-volt batteries in series giving me a 24-volt power supply. will the product work for this?

(note) Question: where/how to get Innova (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Innova's products


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I've Found This Little Gauge Very Helpful Whenever There's An Electrical Issue. It Does Wander A Bit But If You Watch It For A While You'll Start To Get A Feel For How Your Charging System Is Doing. I've Bought Two Of These. It's Reassuring To Track The Battery Voltage (check Before Starting Engine) And The Alternator Output (when Engine Is Running). Also Many Times The Problems With Alternators Are In The Diodes Which Are Very Heat-sensitive. If You Notice A Big Change In Output On Cool Mornings Vs. Hot Afternoons There's A Good Chance One Of The Three Diodes Is Already Failing. You Might Not Need A New Alternator Yet But You'll Want To Keep An Eye On It.

Automotive 18148651, Battery Testers 17370751, Diagnostic & Test Tools 15370751, Tools & Equipment 14960751Top Innova 3721 Battery Charging System Monitor (Auto Accessory) FAQ Content

Best innova 3721 battery charging system monitor (auto accessory) in review

This is a helpful tool for a person to have. People are often unaware of a weak charging system until they have drivability issues, and this is good preventative maintenance, even if you don't keep it in the 12v socket all the time. . If you are using it as part of a multi socket adapter, extension cord, or with something drawing heavy loads (amps, winches, etc), be aware that other devices drawing current as well as poor connections (electrical contacts that are not as tight as they could be) may give you an innaccurate reading. Isolate if necessary.

E. Veronica, Bradford

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  2. Advantages: Multifunction. Comes with multiple points for installing different types of offroad lights or LED light bar
  3. Advantages: Lightweight yet Quite Sturdy Aluminum Construction. Featured with powder coated rust-free aluminum with max capacity of 13 lbs
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Or you might like to consider Uxcell 16800mah portable starter gasoline Powersports Vehicle
  • Listed: ✔Product Details: With 16800mAh capacity and smart 2USB port,Charging mode:CC/CA 12.6V 1A,Output:5V-2A, 12V-2A, 16V-3.5A, 19V-3.5A,Car boot voltage:12V,Boot current:300A,Peak current:600A,Cycle boot life: more than 3000 times,Full charging time: 3~
  • Listed: ✔Car Jump Starter:Jump start your vehicle up to 4L gas engine up to 20 times with 600 amps of peak current and heavy load clamps and cables. Compact enough to store in your glovebox.
  • Listed: ✔Advanced Multi-protection:Over-current protects the device from overload, more convenient, safer and more energy-efficient.
uxcell 600a peak 16800mah auto eps portable car jump starter 12v battery booster charger 2usb mini mobile phone laptops sos light, gasoline engine up Uxcell 16800mah portable starter gasoline

F. Sherry, Hammersmith and Fulham says

I Was At First Taken Back By The Confusing Way The Colored Lights Change Because They Are Different Based On When The Device Determines Charging Mode Vs Battery Mode But After You Learn When They Change In Each Mode Then They Give You A Quick Way To Assess What's Going On. I Was Also At First Very Concerned That This Device Was Drawing Too Much Power To Be Able To Leave It Connected When The Car Is Off But Then I Measured It's Current Draw. At First I Couldn't Believe My Eyes! I Double Checked And Triple Checked Using Other Test Leads And Different Meters And Eventually Devised A More Accurate Method Of Measuring Because I Couldn't Even Get It To Measure 10ma And I Thought Surely 1 Led Would Draw That Much And Surely The Lcd Screen Even More But In The End The Hard Fact Is That This Device Draws 9. 6ma Total With The Yellow Led On 9. 4 Total With The Green Led On And Only 6ma Total With The Red Led On. How They Light Up That Lcd Screen So Brightly With Almost No Power Is Beyond This Electrical Engineer But They Do! By Drawing So Little Power I Am Able To Leave It Plugged Into An Always-on Socket In My Car And I Can Check The Battery By Just Looking Through The Window Of My Car And I Don't Even Have To Open The Car Door! That's Important Because I Have Measured My Car's Battery Drain And When I Open The Door It Draws About 1. 5 Amps For A Few Minutes Even When All The Convenience Lights Are Turned Off So It's Better Not To Open The Door. Just To Add Some Useful Information When My Convenience Lights Are On (inside Lighting Only) They Draw Over 8 Amps (over 100watts) And They Stay On Until All Doors Are Closed. No Wonder My Battery Was Getting Drained. Since I Don't Drive Often Enough To Keep My Battery Charged Now Instead Of Keeping A Battery-maintainer On My Car I Can Just Look In The Window Every Few Days To See If I Need To Worry About My Battery Charge. By The Way If You Don't Know What Is A Safe Battery Voltage And You Leave Your Car Sitting For A Few Days At A Time It Changes From Green To Yellow At Around 12. 6v Which Is A Good Time To Charge Your Battery (start The Car For A While If You Don't Have A Charger). It's Actually Ok To Occaisonally Let It Go Down To 12. 4 Or Even 12. 3 Or 12. 2v And It May Not Turn Red Until All The Way Down To 12. 0v But It's Best Not To Let It Get Down That Far Very Often Or You'll Need To Buy A New Battery Way Sooner Than If You Keep The Charge Above 12. 5v. *important To Note: If You Have Just Opened Your Car Door Or Turned On Anything The Battery Voltage Will Drop Significantly And Even When All Electrical Loads Are Turned Off It Will Take Some Time For The Battery Voltage To Climb Back To Normal Levels So Only Use The Voltages I Listed Above As A Reference When The Car Has Been Sitting With Nothing Going On For At Least 15 Minutes And Best To Look At It After A Few Hours Of Settling Time. So It's Best To Position The Device So You Can Read It From Outside The Car And Thanks To The Swivel Head It Can Be Rotated To Allow That.

S. Julie, Essex

I ordered two, one for each vehicle, and they work fine. They are a good buy. However the color leds do not agree on the same vehicle, so look for at least 12. 25 volts when the car has set for a couple days, and over 14 volts while the car is running. Never up to 15 v. Or you will fry your battery! this tells you the alternator is charging the battery. Actually, any thing over about 13. 2 v. Will charge the battery fairly. If you are checking voltage with the motor off and head lights on and the voltage drops under around 11. 5 volts your battery is getting weak and may strand you! keep an eye on this. This is not cast in concrete.

M. Williams, Camden says

The Meter Worked Great For The First 10-12 Times Then Last Week I Checked The Battery With A Good Reading. Two Days Later When I Checked The Battery During Our Camping Trip And Noticed The Voltage Slowly Climbing Upward And Within An Hour The Meter Read 17. 8v And Then Quit Working. I Called The Service Center That Was Listed On The Brochure Next To The Limited One (1) Year Warranty Statement. I Was Told To Try To Return It To The Seller Which Was Online Store. Online Store Has A 30 Return Policy And I Cannot Find A Way To Talk To Anyone About This. What Good Is A One Year Warranty If No One Will Honor It After 30 Days. Yeah It Is 10 Months Old. Throw Away Made In China Product.

R. Yvette, Haute-Normandie

My die hard gold battery on my 1999 ford taurus is 5-year-old. It seems working fine and don't want to replace it for no apparent reason since it has 100-month replacement warranty. However, many online people said that it is recommended that car batteries should be replaced every 4 years, so i am somewhat paranoid by the recommendation and guessing when the battery will die on me all the sudden. With this little tool, i don't need to guess how is the battery doing or does it hold enough charge to start the car the next day. I keep one in my ford and do a quick check once a week to monitor the condition of the alternator and the charge of the battery. So far, it is very accurate and the big lcd digital display makes it very easy for me to know. As long as the battery has over 12. 4v at eh end of the day, i don't need to worry too much. I took one star out because plastic feels cheap made and i don't think it will survive any drop to the ground. Will change to 5 stars if it lasts more than a year.

M. Courtney, Oxfordshire says

I was at first taken back by the confusing way the colored lights change, because they are different based on when the device determines charging mode vs battery mode, but after you learn when they change in each mode, then they give you a quick way to assess what's going on. I was also at first very concerned that this device was drawing too much power to be able to leave it connected when the car is off, but then i measured it's current draw. At first i couldn't believe my eyes! i double checked, and triple checked, using other test leads, and different meters, and eventually devised a more accurate method of measuring, because i couldn't even get it to measure 10ma, and i thought surely 1 led would draw that much, and surely the lcd screen even more, but in the end, the hard fact is that this device draws 9. 6ma total with the yellow led on, 9. 4 total with the green led on, and only 6ma total with the red led on. How they light up that lcd screen so brightly with almost no power is beyond this electrical engineer, but they do! by drawing so little power, i am able to leave it plugged into an always-on socket in my car, and i can check the battery by just looking through the window of my car, and i don't even have to open the car door! that's important, because i have measured my car's battery drain, and when i open the door, it draws about 1. 5 amps for a few minutes even when all the convenience lights are turned off, so it's better not to open the door. Just to add some useful information, when my convenience lights are on (inside lighting only) they draw over 8 amps (over 100watts), and they stay on until all doors are closed. No wonder my battery was getting drained. Since i don't drive often enough to keep my battery charged, now instead of keeping a battery-maintainer on my car, i can just look in the window every few days to see if i need to worry about my battery charge. By the way, if you don't know what is a safe battery voltage, and you leave your car sitting for a few days at a time, it changes from green to yellow at around 12. 6v, which is a good time to charge your battery (start the car for a while if you don't have a charger). It's actually ok to occaisonally let it go down to 12. 4 or even 12. 3 or 12. 2v, and it may not turn red until all the way down to 12. 0v, but it's best not to let it get down that far very often, or you'll need to buy a new battery way sooner than if you keep the charge above 12. 5v. . *important to note: if you have just opened your car door, or turned on anything, the battery voltage will drop significantly, and even when all electrical loads are turned off, it will take some time for the battery voltage to climb back to normal levels, so only use the voltages i listed above as a reference when the car has been sitting with nothing going on for at least 15 minutes, and best to look at it after a few hours of settling time. So, it's best to position the device so you can read it from outside the car, and thanks to the swivel head, it can be rotated to allow that.

Y. Monique, Kentucky

Using This In My 2015 Jayco Jay Flight 19rd Travel Trailer To Monitor State Of Charge Of Our Battery Bank. I Just Plug It Into One Of The Available 12volt Outlets Inside Of My Camper. Someday I Might Upgrade To Trimetric 2025 Rv Battery Monitor But In The Meantime At Least With This I Can Clearly See A Digital Readout Of The Current Condition Of My Battery Bank. When Battery Is Charging I Can See The Volts Tick Up Until It Hits That Critical "bulk Charge Rate" Of 14. 4 Volts And Then I Can See When My Solar Charger (renogy Foldable Solar Suitcase Battery Charger 100w) Goes Into Float Mode Because Charging Volts Drop Down To 13. 8 Volts. When All Loads Are Off And I've "rested" My Batteries I Can See That My Batteries Are Fully Charged With A Wonderful 12. 97 Volts Available! (100% Full Is Supposed To Be 12. 6 Volts!) This Is Great Information And Another Wonderful Item For My Solar Set Up For Such An Economical Price! Loving It!

A. Widmer, Luton says

Nice to have a device that has both "quick" and more advanced features to display how a 12 volt system is working. So far i've used it with my car and to check a couple of "booster packs" (to verify how much a "full" charge or 1-2 green lights equals in volts). . Had been debating about getting a cheaper model with only a digital display. While that'd work. Having a simple at a glance option for knowing if it's ready or not (or maybe) is helpful. Less guess work and distraction. I also like the estimated charge level icon. While it doesn't seem to be very consistent i'm not sure if it's because of the gauge or the battery/car/driving style i have. Usually shows full to 50% charge when i'd assume it'd always be 75% or better. Could just be misguided expectations, assuming my charging system is perfect and the batteries are excellent. Why did i buy this tester again? that's right to scientifically verify what's actually happening. . Looking forward to testing it more now as the temps fall and i have a baseline for comparison to see if my batteries are doing their job as they are demanded to perform more. Should be worth it just to confirm a good jumper connection/voltage in the middle of winter when multiple failures to start are not good for many reasons. If both batteries go "green" or i can raise the voltage of the "dead" battery i know i've got a better chance. No guessing/crossing fingers, i'll know what to expect and anticipate perform, or make adjustments if the voltage doesn't maintain itself.

X. Anderson, District of Columbia

Update As Of 8/26/2013 At The Bottom: I Haven't Had This Long Enough To Gauge Durability But Will Make Sure To Come Back In Time And Update This Review With Reliablity. The Review Can Loose Stars In The Future If I Have Issues But It Works Fine For Me At This Time. I Use This Exclusively For Indicating The State Of Charge On My Sealed Lead Acid Battery In My Little Guy Silver Shadow Camping Trailer While It Is Disconnected From The Tow Vehicle. I Have No Need For The Feature That Tells You If An Alternature Is Charging Properly In A Car. Although It Has 3 Led Lights Indicating The State Of Charge For Those That Aren't Familiar With Voltage Levels Versus Charge On A Lead Acid Battery I Plan On Just Using The Digital Readout To Tell The Level Of Charge On My Battery After A Night Of Running The "fantastic Fan" Just Fyi When I First Plugged The Unit In The Volage Read 12. 44 And Both The Green And Yellow Leds Were Lit. Voltage Levels Versus State Of Charge Are As Follows But I Think This Info Is Also On The Package. I Have This Device Stored In The Trailer At The Storage Area So I Can't Remember. 12. 7 100% 12. 5 90% 12. 42 80% 12. 32 70% 12. 20 60% 12. 06 50% 11. 9 40% 11. 75 30% 11. 58 20% 11. 31 10% As I Said I Think That Info Might Be On The Package But I Didn't Have That Handy So I Got That Data From Battery University. Fyi Never Run Your Gelled Cell Below 20 Percent And Not Below 50% Would Be Preferable. I'll Update If I Have Any Issues. Right Now It Is Stored In A Hot Trailer So That Should Give It A Good Heat Test And I Would Think Bouncing Around In The Trailer While It Is Being Towed Should Tell Us How Durable It Is. I'll Come Back And Update This Review After Some Camping Trips. Update: I Have Had The Device For Over Month Now With It Baking In The Hot Trailer When It Isn't In Use And It Bouncing Around Inside The Trailer When It Is Towed And I Can Say So Far It Works As Advertised. I Am Satisfied With This Purchase So Far. Mark

C. April, Colorado says

I'm A Car Nerd I Do All My Own Work And Baby My Car. The Thing That Bothers Me About Newer Cars Is That Most Of Them Don't Come With Full Gauge Packages Anymore. That Being Said The Reason I Bought This Item Was Because It Wasent Flashy. I Didn't Want Some Cheap "high Performance" Purple Led Thing That Would Look Like It Didn't Belong In My Car. This Matches The Green Of My Gauges And Almost Looks Like It Belongs There. I''m Not Sure Of Its Accuracy But It Shows A Believable Voltage. The Unit Itself Seems To Be Well Made Out Of Thicker Plastic Than Most Aftermarket Car Gadgets. The Display Is Lighted And Easy To Read It Folds For Sight Adjustment So It Can Be Angled Towards The Driver. It Also Shuts Off And Turns On With The Car So You Can Leave It Plugged In All The Time. The Reason I Gave It 4 Stars Is On Mine When I Tap It The Battery Level Indicator Bar To The Right Of The Voltage Indicator Will Change Levels. It Does Not Seem To Effect The Voltage Readings However It Just Makes Me Question The Battery Level Indicator.

F. Meyer, Arkansas

This tester will show the same voltage as read at the battery with a "regular digital voltage tester" if the 12v plug used is always hot. However, if the 12v plug used is not hot until you turn the ignition key to acc position one or two, this tester will read lower than the voltage read at the battery (12. 4v vs 12. 6v for example). At least, that's my experience on three different vehicles. Unfortunately, the 12v plugs on most newer vehicles are not always hot, as is the case on two of my three vehicles. So this, and, i expect, similar "cigarette lighter" testers, have limited use if you expect any degree of accuracy.

Y. Lorenz, Norfolk says

The honda 2005 civic has a marginal charging system. This meter is ideal for determining when it is time to turn off the radio to reduce load on the alternator. Voltage reading is very accurate, much better than 1% as measured against a small beckman pocket meter, which in turn has been checked against a powerex wizard aa cell charger. Warning lights function well. . Some things to note when using this tester: standard voltage of a 12 volt battery is 12. 6 volts. Some deep cycle absorbed glass mat batteries will read 12. 8. This is after loading the battery by turning on the headlights for 10 seconds, to remove surface charge. Note that while the lights are on, the voltage drops quickly at first, then the voltage stabilizes. Turning off the lights causes the voltage to rise again gradually. After a few minutes the voltage will stop rising. If the voltage settles at 12. 6 (or 12. 8 for agm battery) battery is charged, assuming that the battery is near 68 degrees f. Lower temps raise the voltage, higher temps lower the voltage. For a standard battery figure about 12. 66 volts at 32 f and 12. 54 volts at 104 f battery temperature, not air temperature. . After a car has been running for awhile with no lights, radio, wipers, ac, heat or window defroster, the alternator may cycle letting the battery voltage drop for a while before kicking in. This is ok provided the charging is steady shortly after turning on the lights. An intermittant alternator will cause the red light to turn on and off when headlights are on. . The bar graph for battery condition is not very useful as the meter has only voltage information. . The instructions do not state that this tester is for negative ground cars only, a small quibble as positive ground is not common. . Had i bought this device six months ago i could have avoided killing a brand new battery in six months. . Update: still working fine as of may 21, 2013

B. Imelda, Nordrhein-Westfalen

I Use This To Watch A Battery That Is Solar Charged. It Draw 8 Ma Which Is Ok Given That It Is Showing The Voltage With A Backlight And Has Leds. In This Use It Gets Confused About Charging/not-charging Since It's Not Like A Car And The Green/yellow/red Lights Are Sometimes Off But The Voltage Is Displayed As Something Like "13. 42" And I Can Read It In Daytime And In The Dark. The Voltage Displayed Is About 50 Mv Below The Actual Voltage (measured With Multiple Fluke Dmms To Be Sure). There's No Good Reason For This Lack Of Calibration But I Find Almost All Cheap Meters Are Off. So I Have A Sticker On It With The Error For When I Care. But Mostly I Want To Know If The Voltage Is 13. 5ish (float Charge) High 12s (no Sun In Use But Ok) Or Low 12s (trouble) And 50 Mv Doesn't Actually Matter; The Same Will Be True In Using It For Your Car.

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