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Price was $15.99. I Bought A New Black Granite Sink. I Put It In Which Is A Hassle And Takes A Bit Of Time. I Then Noticed That The Sink Had A Very Small Hole In The Back Inside Which Did Not Go Entirely Through The Sink. It Was Likely Just A Bubble In The Granite Mix That Came To The Surface And Remained Unseen Until It Got To Me. The Hole Was About A Quarter Of An Inch In Size. I Didn't Want To Take Out The Sink And Replace It For Two Reasons: One It Is A Lot Of Work And Two It Seems Like Such A Waste Of Materials In The Environmental Sense. I Called The Company And They Would Replace The Sink Free Of Charge (not Install). I Asked Them If I Fixed The Hole In Some Way If It Would Void The Lifetime Warranty. They Said "try It" If It Doesn't Work We Will Still Cover It. That Is Where The J-b Weld Comes In. The Black Color Of The Epoxy Is Almost A Perfect Match For The Black Sink. Since I've Used The J-b Before I Know It Is Strong. I Carefully Filled The Hole. Later I Asked My Wife If She Could Find The Repair And It Took Her Some Time To Find It. It Has Been About A Year Since The Repair And It Is Still Perfect. Unless You Knew The Repair Was There You Would Not Find It.

-X. Wilson

J b weld company original reinforced Auto Accessory

  • Featured: Use on automotive, brick, concrete, metal and more
  • Featured: Non Toxic formula, Easy to use, cures to dark gray

j-b weld company 8265-s 3 pack original steel reinforced epoxy twin pack, dark grey: j b weld auto accessory j-b weld is the original cold weld two-part

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Non Toxic Formula, Easy To Use, Cures To Dark Gray. Use On Automotive, Brick, Concrete, Metal And More. Waterproof, Petroleum, Chemical, And Acid Resistant When Fully Cured. Can Be Drilled, Tapped, Machined, Filed, Sanded And Painted. Stong And Nontoxic After It Has Set And Temperature Resistant Up To 500F And Tensile Strength Is 3,960 PSI Featured J-B Weld Company 8265-S 3 Pack Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack, Dark Grey.

J-B Weld Company 8265-S 3 Pack Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack, Dark Grey Review (8265-S)

J-b Weld Company 8265-s 3 Pack Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack, Dark Grey

J-B Weld
J-B Weld
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J-B Weld Company 8265-S 3 Pack Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack, Dark Grey

J-b Weld Company 8265-s 3 Pack Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack, Dark Grey OnSale Automotive Parts And Accessories J B Weld, J b weld company original reinforced . j-b weld is the original cold weld two-part epoxy system that provides strong lasting repairs to metal and multiple surfaces. mixed at a ratio of 1:1 it forms a permanent bond and can be shaped tapped filed sanded and drilled after curing. at room temperature j-b weld sets in 4-6 hours to a dark grey color. a full cure is reached in 15-24 hours. j-b weld has a tensile strength of 3960 psi and sets to a hard bond overnight. it can withstand temperatures up to 550f when fully cured. J b weld company original reinforced Auto Accessory.

J B Weld : J-B Weld Company 8265-S 3 Pack Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack, Dark Grey

Used it to seal the exterior of a gas tank for a small tractor. Didn't last long. It got soft and the gas leaked through. Tried it several times with proper pre-treatment of the surface of the tank with the same result. I'm not sure, but i suspect it's because of the 10% ethanol in the gas that the weld isn't resistant against.

Click to see NoticeJ b weld company original reinforced (8265-S)"J-b Weld Is Just Stronger Than Other Epoxies I've Tried And Resists Heat Better Too. Machines Well When Cured. My Best Experience With It Was Using It With Some Fiberglass Cloth To Repair A Crack In The Plastic Top Of An Otherwise Fine Radiator Which Broke When Stress Was Applied To A Mounting Bracket. The Repair Lasted Maybe Five Years And I Sold The Car With The Repair. Too Bad The Person We Sold The Car To Got Drunk And Totaled It Within A Month Or Maybe This Testimony Would Be Even Better. Recently Used It To Build Up The Door Hinge In Our Shower Door Which Had Worn Down Over The Years To The Point Where You Could Barely Close It. So Now The Weight Of The Door Is Basically Riding On This Stuff And Works Like New. Shelf Life Of This Stuff Is Many Years In My Experience. I'm Assuming Here They Haven't Changed The Formulation Because I Haven't Even Cracked The New Package Yet. I'm Still Using Up The Last Of My Old One."

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J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld Underwater Epoxy Putty - 2 oz

J-b Weld Waterweld Epoxy Puttywaterweld Will Plug Or Seal Leaks And Patch Holes And Cracks In Almost Anything. Ideal For Repairing Plumbing Fuel Tanks Tub And Shower Drains Pool And Spa Boats And Potable Water Tanks; Setup Occurs Even Under Water. After Curing It Can Be Drilled Tapped Filed Sanded And Painted. Waterweld Has A Set Time Of 15-25 Minutes And Sets Hard In One Hour. Waterweld Cures To An Off-white Color Is Rated At A Tensile Strength Of 900 Psi And Will Withstand Temperatures Up To 300 Degrees F. Use On:automotiveceramicfiberglassmetalplastic/composite/pvcunder Water/wetand Moreinstructions1. Cut:remove Required Amount Of Putty. 2. Mix: Thoroughly Knead Putty With Fingers To A Uniform Color. 3. Apply: Press Putty Firmly To The Surface To Be Repaired. J-b Weld Is Proudly Made In The Usa

J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld Underwater Epoxy Putty - 2 ozJ-B-Weld-8277-WaterWeld-Underwater

Brand :    j-b weld
Color :    Off White
Size :    2 oz
Weight :    0.5 pounds
Model :    8277
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Home (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld Underwater Epoxy Putty - 2 oz available as-of ( May 2019 )
Works on moist surfaces and under waterFully cures in 20-30 minutesGreat for plumbing, tub, shower and drainsPlugs holes and makes permanent repairsSets in 30 minutes and paintable in 1 hourUse on automotive, ceramic, fiberglass, metal

J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy - 2 oz

J-b Weld Marineweld Marine Epoxyj-b Marineweld Is A Specially Formulated Two-part Epoxy Cold Weld System That Provides For Strong Lasting Repairs For Bonding Different Or Similar Surfaces Such As Aluminum Metal Composites Fiberglass And Others. Marineweld Sets In 4-6 Hours At Room Temperature And Is Fully Cured To A Dark Grey Color In 15-24 Hours. Once Cured It Can Be Shaped Tapped Filed Sanded And Drilled And Will Retain Its Strength Above Or Below The Waters Surface. Marineweld Has A 1:1 Mixing Ratio And Tensile Strength Of 3960 Psi. Great For:boatspersonal Watercraftin/outboard Enginesdeck And Hull Accessoriesuse On:epoxy And Adhesivesfiberglassunder Water/wetand Moreinstructions1. Prepare: Clean Surface Area Of Dirt Grease Oil Paint Or Loose Debris. For Best Results Use A Detergent Or Degreaser To First Clean The Surface Then Roughen Surface With File Or Coarse Sandpaper To Provide The Best Repair. 2. Mix: Squeeze Equal Parts From Each Tube Onto A Disposable Surface And Mix Thoroughly. 3. Apply: Apply With Appropriate Tool In An Even Coat Weld Bead Or Extruded Shape As Needed. 4. Dry: Sets In 4-6 Hours. Cures In 15-24 Hours. Allow 4-6 Hours Before Handling And 15 Hours (minimum) Before Putting Object Back In Use. J-b Weld Is Proudly Made In The Usa

J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy - 2 ozJ-B-Weld-8272-MarineWeld-Marine

Brand :    j-b weld
Color :    2oz.
Size :    Pack of 1
Weight :    0.22 pounds
Model :    8272
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for J-B Weld 8272 MarineWeld Marine Epoxy - 2 oz available as-of ( May 2019 )
Sets in 4-6 hours at room temperature and cures dark grey in 15-24 hoursOnce cured, it can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded and drilled and will retain its strength above or under waterTwo-part epoxy cold weld system specially formulated for marine applicationsJ-B Weld is proudly made in the USAGreat for bonding aluminum, metal, composites, fiberglass and more

J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy - 2 oz, Pack of 2

J-b Kwikweld Is A Fast Setting Version Of The Original J-b Weld Two-part Epoxy Cold Weld System That Provides Strong Lasting Repairs To Metal And Multiple Other Surface Types. After Mixing It Forms A Permanent Bond And Can Be Shaped Tapped Filed Sanded And Drilled After Curing. J-b Kwikweld Has A 1:1 Mixing Ratio Sets In 6 Minutes And Is Fully Cured In 4-6 Hours. J-b Kwikweld Cures To A Dark Grey Color Is Rated At A Tensile Strength Of 2424 Psi And Will Withstand Temperatures Up To 300f.

J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy - 2 oz, Pack of 2J-B-Weld-8276-KwikWeld-Reinforced

Brand :    j-b weld
Size :    2 oz (2-Pack)
Model :    8276
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (j-b weld) reviews for J-B Weld 8276 KwikWeld Quick Setting Steel Reinforced Epoxy - 2 oz, Pack of 2 available as-of ( May 2019 )
Fast setting version of The Original J-B Weld two-part epoxy cold weld systemRated at a tensile strength of 2424 PSIOnce cured it forms a permanent bond and can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded and drilledSets in 6 minutes and cures dark grey in 4-6 hoursWill withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
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This is the strongest commonly available epoxy i use and i have used a considerable number of packets over the years. So long as the grey color does not present a problem, this is the product i would always use and recommend to anyone.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Block crack between cyls 5 & 7 against the head, at the narrowest point between cyls. both cyls are sleeved. will jb hold the temp without breaking do

(1) Question: I have a number of small leaks in an older aluminum boat- would jb work for a repair on this as a weld/filler for small punctures? thanks

(2) Question: Will this stop an exhaust leak right where a donut goes flanges off of the manifold? or which jb weld would work

(3) Question: Can i use this item with car a/c condensator between alluminium and bronze

(4) Question: Is there any way of removing hardened jb weld of soften it once it's hardened?

(5) Question: My motorcycle's clutch handle broke in half in a fall, would this be able to reunite the two pieces?

(6) Question: Can this seal a air compresser tank at 125psi. has a small hole?

(7) Question: Can this be used to seal leaking auto battery top- sulfuric acid resistant? i read about a masterbond epoxy for such, but $. thanks

(8) Question: Can this seal a cracked oil pan

(note) Question: where/how to get J B Weld (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar J B Weld's products


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Use It Wisely! So I Have A 2001 Honda Prelude Living In Rural Areas And My Car Being So Dammmn Low You Could Suspect I "bottom Out" A Lot. With That Said I Recently Found A Crack/hole In The Bottom Of My Engine. Due To A Rock Or Something I Don't Know. Anyway. Jb Weld Helped Me Patch Up That Small Opening In The Engine. How Long Will It Last Who Knows. I Did It About A 2 Weeks Ago And It Seems To Stop The Oil Leak/ Oil Burning Smell (due To The Oil Leak). What I Don't Recommend Is Just Slapping It On There. Prep Is Everything! Spray It With Brake Cleaner Sand That Sucker Down Make It Smooth Use A Spatula Let It Cure Sand It Again And Do Another Layer For Good Measures. All In All J-b Weld Seems To Work. Give It A Try If You Don't Want To Put 2grand/3grand On A New Engine (let Alone Start Eating Something Less Than Ramen For A Year(s) (college Life Is Crazy)).

Adhesives 12981751, Automotive 18148651, Body Repair & Restoration Chemicals 11981751, Oils & Fluids 19781751Top J b weld company original reinforced (8265-S) FAQ Content

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And This Is Great Stuff. Some Pointers Epoxy Glues Have A Limited Shelf Life. Buy Yours At A Small Store Where The Merchandise Doesn't Move Quickly Or Keep It 5 Years On The Shelf And It Won't Work As Well. Don't Apply It At Temperatures Below 60 Degrees. Spend At Least 2 Or 3 Minutes Mixing It. I Use A Timer To Be Sure. Surface Preparation Is The Key. It Must Be Completely Grease Free. I Use Naptha (lighter Fluid) If The Part Is Very Greasy Then Alcohol And Acetone In That Order. Or Better Yet Brake Cleaner Or Gun Scrubber Neither Of Which Appear To Leave Any Trace. Whatever Clean Surfaces As Much As You Think Then Some More. The Surface Must Be Rough. I Use A File Very Rough ( 40 Or 60) Sandpaper Or A Sharp Exacto Blade To Make Multiple Cross Hatch Cuts- This Will Even Work On Most Steels . Roughness And Cuts Increase The Surface Area If The Cuts Are Done Right At An Angle Undercut They Can Also Make The Glue Hold Better. Don't Touch The Cleaned Area After Cleaning With Bare Fingers Mix A Bit More Than You Need Larger Quantities Are Easier To Mix 50-50. Apply The Mix Carefully Put The Pieces Together So They Don't Move For At Least 8 Hours. You Can Speed Up Setting By Placing The Part In The Sun On A Warm Day. I Use An Oven Set At 100 Degrees F For Small Parts. It Is Best To Wait For Initial L Tackiness Before Doing This. J B Weld Is Very Slow Drying. Do All That And The Bond Is Very Strong . Re Shelf - The Makers Of Epoxy Say It Has A Long (years) Shelf Life But Only If Unopened. I Prefer Fresh Stuff Why Take Chances On Critical Jobs . If It's Nor Important Feel Free To Try/

K. Helen, Oregon

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H. Jacqueline, Queensland says

So Glad I Bought This To Repair A Ceramic Birdbath. The Piece Attached To The Bottom Of The Bowl Which Locks Into The Pedestal Had Broken Off The Bowl. It Was Pushed To The Limit Because I Tilt The Bowl (while Attached To The Pedestal) In Order To Dump The Dirty Water. The Two Surfaces To Be Adhered Were Both Rough Textures And Had Probably Originally Been Cemented. Three Weeks After Repairing With J-b Weld The Birdbath Is Still Holding Even Though I Continue To Empty The Water The Same Way. I Allowed The Bonded Pieces To Set Over 12 Hours Before Placing The Bowl Back Into The Pedestal.

C. Florence, Wiltshire

This Is My Favorite Epoxy. I've Fixed Many Things With This Epoxy Over The Years All Around My House Yard And Workshop. It Has Never Failed To Perform Wonderfully! The Latest Thing Was A Tiki Lamp That Had A Metal Support Rod Come Loose At The Weld On The Main Pole. I Sanded The End Of The Support Rod And Sanded The Broken Weld Spot On The Main Pole Then Applied The J-b Weld. The Next Day It Was Ready For Use And Seems Stronger Than The Original Weld. Then There Was The Lamp Base And The 10x10 Canopy Support And The Pool's Net Skimmer And The Windmill And Many More Items. All Fixed With J-b Weld!

H. Guest, Schleswig-Holstein says

This product is great for what it does, but you need to know when a job is appropriate for epoxies. While the product name includes "weld, " using this is nothing like welding in application. . If you expect miracles, slathering it on smooth metal surfaces or joining parts with little surface area, you will be disappointed. This is a limitation of any adhesive. . The best application for epoxy is one where you have a lot of common surface area at the joint, and the mating surfaces are rough (you can often improve the latter through sanding or scuffing). If it is possible to fill in the product in such a way as to prevent movement due to the shape of the cured epoxy rather than solely its adhesion, that is even better. For instance, if you are trying to prevent a rod from turning inside a hole, cut notches into both. Epoxy bonds better to itself than to other materials; this is especially true with metal. . Fractured plastic where both sides of a plastic piece fit perfectly into each other is the ideal situation for the adhesion properties of epoxy. Be sure to clean out any dirt or free grit before applying. . Compared to other epoxies, this is probably one of the best. It also tends to be more expensive, so consider cheaper options depending on the requirements of the task.

R. Courtney, Buckinghamshire

When To Use Epoxy Cement When You Need A Strong Rigid Workable (e. G. Sandable And/or Paintable Surface) Adhesive Particularly For Use On Metal Or Hard Plastic Epoxy Is Usually The Best Choice. Most Epoxies Dry With Little Running Or Shrinkage And So Are Good For Filling Gaps. The Major Drawback To Epoxies Is That They Consist Of Two Parts (resin And Hardener) Which Must Be Mixed In Small Batches And Then Applied With Your Own Applicator (e. G. A Toothpick Or Popsicle Stick). Some Are Packaged In A Dual-syringe--but That Is Not An Adequate Solution Because The Components Must Still Be Manually Mixed In Order Harden To Maximum Strength. When To Use Jb-weld Jb-weld Is A Very Strong Epoxy Cement. Jb-weld Is The Cement/glue Of Choice When Joining Metal Parts Or Filling Holes In Metals. Otherwise Ordinary Epoxy Cement Or Other Types Of Cements/glues Are Usually Better Choices. Some Other Reviewers Have Complained That The Descriptive Name "weld" Is Inappropriate---to Some Extent That's True. Jb Weld Can Do Some Jobs Welding Can't. Conversely Some Simple Welding Jobs Like Joining Two Thin Metal Rods At Right Angles Are Difficult With Jb Weld. How To Use Jb-weld General Principles: Although Jb Weld Makes An Excellent Filler---and Can Even Be Used To Cast Small Parts It Is Not Remotely As Strong As Real Metal Used This Way. Whenever Possible Use Jb Weld As An Adhesive---a Very Thin Layer Of Jb Weld Holding Two Pieces Of Metal Together. Always Reinforce With Metal Pieces When Possible. For Example Rather Than Building Up A Massive Flange With Jb Weld You Might Be Able To Use Scrap Peice Of Metal To Form Most Of The Flange Held In Place With Jb Weld. The Greater The Relative Surface Area Of Contact The Strong The Bond Will Be. Surface Preparation: As With Any Adhesive The Surface Must Be Clean And Rough. Clean With A Solvent (according To Another Reviewer Acetone Is The Best Solvent For This Purpose But Rubbing Alcohol Will Work) Roughen The Surface Then Clean With The Solvent Again. Use A Clean Cloth For Each Application Of Solvent. I Generally Use A Small Grinding Wheel In A Dremel Tool To Roughen The Surfaces. You Can Also Scratch The Surface With A Knife Or Use Coarse Sandpaper Or Both Depending On The Material. The Solvent Cleaning Is For Removing The Last Traces Of Oil From Clean Surfaces. If The Parts Are Oily Even Multiple Cleanings With Solvent May Not Be Enough---you May Redeposit Oil From Your Cleaning Cloth Or As The Solvent Evaporates On The Surface. So If You Can Detect Any Oil On Any Portion Of The Part Or If You Have Any Doubt Clean It With A Degreaser First. If You Do Not Have A Commercial Degreaser Handy A Paste Of Laundry Detergent And A Stiff Brush May Do The Trick. Only When You Are Certain That There Are No Traces Of Oil Is It Time For The Solvent Cleaning(s). Joining Broken Parts: If You Are Joining Broken Parts With A Clean But Irregular Matching Surfaces Limit The Roughening To Scratching With A Wire Brush Or Etching With An Acid (but Be Sure To Wash Off All Traces Of The Acid). Apply A Thin Uniform Layer Of Jb Weld Lightly Clamp Together Hard Enough To Squeeze Out Any Excess. Sometimes A Thick Rubber Band Is Perfect. Often You Can Arrange Pieces So That The Weight Of The Top Piece Will Hold The Joint Together Until The Jb Weld Cures. Sometimes You Can Place A Weight (such As A Brick) On Top To Apply Gentle Pressure. Do Not Remove The Clamp Or Pressure Until The Jb Weld Has Cured Completely. After An Hour Or Two After The Glue Has Set But Is Still Soft You Can Cut Off Any Excess With A Knife Or Razor---but If You Don't Need To Cut The Excess Off Don't. Often You Can Build-up The Surfaces Around A Break For Added Strength. Sometimes Blue Painters Tape Can Be Used To Help Hold Pieces Together While The Glue Sets And/or To Make A Temporary Stand To Hold The Pieces In The Best Orientation.  scotchblue Painter's Tape For Multi-surfaces 2090-. 75a 3/4 Inches By 60 Yards 1 Roll Joining Dissimilar Parts: Minimize Any Gaps If Possible E. G. By Sanding If Possible So That The Contact As Perfect As Possible. If You Will Be Filling Substantial Gaps Sometimes It Is Helpful To Cover Openings With Blue Painters Tape To Prevent The Jb Weld From Flowing Away And Leaving Gaps. Joining Long Thin Parts (rods Or Sheets): Try To Overlap If Possible Or Reinforce Them With A Similar Overlapping Peice Of Metal Glued In Place With Jb Weld. To Join A 1/8" Steel Rod To Another 1/8" Steel Rod Forming A "t" (a Common And Easy Welding Job Almost Impossible With Just Jb-weld) Cut Two 1"-long "l's" From A Heavy-paper Clip (or Make L's From Similar Wire) And Embed Those With Jb-weld On Opposite Sides Of The Joint. You Can Further Strenthen The Joint By Wrapping Fine Steel Wire Around The Rods Holding The "l"s In Place---before Covering It All With Jb-weld. Be Sure To Thoroughly Clean The Rods And Wires First (see Below). For Small Parts Or When Wire Wouldn't Work Well Unwaxed Dental Floss Is Remarkably Strong And Can Do An Excellent Job Of Reinforcing Joints (when Embeded In Jb Weld). Ideally Apply The Jb Weld Then Wind The Floss Tightly Into The Soft Jb Weld. Filling Holes: Don't Forget To Prepare The Surfaces As Described Above---even If You Can Only Roughen The Surfaces With An Ice Pick Or Awl. Jb Weld Shrinks Very Little As It Cures So Fill The Hole Completely. If It Is Possible To Sand The Surface When The Jb Weld Has Hardened Then Overfill The Hole Slightly. Since Jb Weld Flows A Little Until It Sets The Surface Should Be Horizontal. If Not Horizontal You Can Apply The Jb Weld And Then Cover The Hole With Blue Painters Tape Until The Jb Weld Sets. Depending On The Job It Is Often A Better Strategy To Fill The Gap As Much As Possible With A Piece (or Pieces) Of Metal Embedded In Jb Weld That A Single Mass Of Pure Jb Weld. Reinforcing A Leaking Pipe: Work Jb Weld Into A Piece Of Fiberglass Cloth Or With A Spatula Apply And Then Add More Jb Weld To Any Thin Spots And To Feather Out The Edges. You May Have To Apply Several Layers Of The Jb Weld-saturated Fiberglass Cloth. Sometimes Wire Cloth (window Screening) Can Be Used. Holes In Car Body Panels Etc: If You Can Cover At Least One Side Of The Hole With A Piece Of Sheet Metal (held In Place By Jb Weld) That Is A Good Strategy---the Combination Of Pop-rivets And Jb Weld Often Works Especially Well Even If You Ultimately Sand The Heads Of The Pop Rivets Away.  tekton 6555 Rivet Gun With 40-pc. Rivets Mixing: Follow The Instructions. A Paper Plate Can Be A Good Mixing Surface; Popsicle Sticks Are The Best Mixing Tools. Beware That You Must Use The Same Amount Of Resin And Hardener And They Must Be Very Thoroughly Mixed. Mix Until You Are Certain That It Is Completely And Thoroughly Mixed And Then Continue Mixing For Twice That Time. Seriously!!! Curing: Follow The Instructions But Wait Longer Than Recommended: The Longer You Wait The Stronger The Bond. A A Day Or Two At 70 Or 80 Degrees Is A Reasonable Minimum. Note That Epoxies Do Not "dry"--there Are No Solvents To Evaporate Instead A Chemical Reaction Hardens The Cement (a Plastic Resin). Chemical Reactions Are Proportional To Temperature (the Rule Of Thumb Is That For Each 10 Degrees The Reaction Speed Doubles). Using The Rule Of Thumb If It Takes 1 Day To Cure At 80 Degrees Then It Takes 16 Days To Cure At 40 Degrees And That's Only To Minimally Cured. Okay I Know That Waiting This Long Is Not Practical In Many Circumstances---you Can Probably Get Away With Curing For 4 Hours At 90 Degrees (but Don't Go Much Higher Than 90 Degrees) And "take It Easy" For A Couple Of Days. When To Use Other Epoxies For Materials Other Than Metal Particularly For Rigid Plastics Other Epoxies Are Usually Better Than Jb Weld. Some Epoxies Are Clear Or White Or Specialized For Particular Purposes. For Example clearbond H-3s Clear Strong Epoxy Adhesive Syringe - . 85oz When To Use Quick-epoxies Ordinary (slow) Epoxies (whether Jb Weld Or Other Epoxies) Dry Harder Than Quick Epoxies And Are Generally The Best Choice. Maximum Strength Is The Whole Point Of Epoxies--if You Don't Need Maximum Strength---you Probably Do Not Need Epoxy. Use Quick Epoxies When 1) The Hardening Speed Is Essential 2) When The Item Cannot Be Supported In The Required Orientation While The Epoxy Sets (at Least Several Hours) Or 3) When You Have To Absolutely Minimize Flowage. Super-glue Is Often A Good Alternative In Such Situations. When To Use Other Cements Or Glues While Epoxies Are Ideal For A Few Specific Uses (primarily When You Need A Rigid Cement For Metal Or Rigid Plastic)--there Are Many Situations When Other Types Of Glue Are Better Choices. Epoxies Are Generally Not Recommended For Flexible Surfaces Such As Leather Wood Or Flexible Plastic And Generally Do Not Adhere Well To Glass Etc. While Epoxies May Work With Porous Surfaces (paper Wood Ceramics Etc. ) Other Adhesives Are Usually Better. White Glue: For Most Light-duty Indoor Household Applications Which Do Not Have To Be Waterproof Ordinary Household White Glue Is Safe Cleanup Is Very Easy And In Most Cases Repairs Are Redo-able If You Make A Mistake. White Glue Shrinks A Great Deal As It Dries And So Is Not Good For Filling Holes Or Large Gaps. For Example: elmer's All Multipurpose White Glue 7 5/8 Oz. (e379) Glue Stick: Think Of Glue Sticks As Thick White Household Glue In Stick Form. Glue Sticks Are Great With Paper But Have Few Other Applications. Avery Glue Stic 0. 26 Oz Pack Of 6 (98095) Wood Glue: Carpenters's Wood Glue Is Essentially Water-proof (when Dry) White Household Glue. It Penetrates And Strengthens The Wood Better Than Any Other Type Of Glue. It Is Safe And Cleanup Is Easy. If The Joint Breaks Again (because The Wood Is Weak) It Can Be Re-glued. For Example: elmer's E701 Carpenter's Wood Glue 8-ounce Goop: Goop Will Bond Virtually Any Material Including Leather Plastics Glass And Metal. The Bond Is Clear Very Strong Waterproof And Hard But Flexible. Since Goop Is Clear If A Little Extra Oozes Out It Is Barely Noticeable. I've Used Goop To Repair Ceramic Plant Pots Water Hoses And Shoes; To Seal Holes In Air-mattresses To Close Small Holes In Window Screens As Plumbers Paste In Assembling Plumbing Parts To I Also Use It To Seal Rust Spots On My Dishwasher Rack--the Goop It Also Makes A "cushioned" Surface That Will Prevent Scratches To Dishes. Goop Is Particular Good For Repairing Damaged Electrical Cords.  amazing Goop All-purpose Household Goop 3. 7-ounce Tube 130012 Silicon Glue: Silicon Glue Is Best For Glass And When You Want A Truly Flexible Connection (for Example To Absorb Vibrations). It Is A Good Alternative For Goop For General Household Use On Glass Plastic And Metal When You Do Not Need The Maximum Possible Strength. It Is Safer Than Goop And Cleanup Is Easier. Like Goop Silicon Glue Takes Days To Reach Reasonable Strength Weeks To Reach Maximum Strength. For Example: ge Silicone Ii Household Glue 2. 8 Oz Fabric Glue: beacon Fabri-tac Permanent Adhesive 4-ounce works Amazingly Well On Fabrics Saturating The Surfaces Enough To Provide A Very Strong Bond But Without Soaking Through. Depending On The Application Fabric Glue Can Be Better Than Sewing. It Remains Very Flexible E. G. It Would Probably Be Great On Leather Or Heavy Vinyl (e. G. Women's Handbags Shoes Luggage Etc. ) Super-glue (krazy Glue): Super-glue Is Very Strong Rigid And Fast. In Many Ways It Is Similar To 2-minute Epoxy---except That No Mixing Is Required. Although Very Hard Super-glue Is Brittle And So Is Not Recommended For Flexible Objects. Super-glue Is Hazardous In That It Can Easily Glue Fingers (etc. ) Together. Previously I Used Super-glue Frequently On Objects (e. G. Jewelry) When A Clear Bond Was Required---however Goop Is Better For Such Applications Safer And More Conveneient. Opened Super-glue Keeps Poorly Even In Tighly Sealed Glass Containers---so I Recommended Packages Of Multiple Very Small Tubes.  bazic Super Glue 3 Grams 0. 10 Ounces 6 Per Pack Liquid Nails/construction Adhesive: When You Need To Permanently Join A Large Amount Of Surface Of Almost Any Kind Construction Adhesive Is Usually Ideal. If You Need To Join 2 2x4s To Make A 4x4 Construction Adhesive Is Better Than Nails. Most Construction Adhesives Are Slightly Flexible And So Can Even Be Used On Leather (i. E. To Repair A Loose Shoe Sole) Etc. Construction Adhesive May Leave A Stain On Porous Surfaces And May Stain-through Thin Surfaces. For Small Projects Goop Is Usually A Better Choice. Caulking Compound: You Can Think Of Caulking Compound As White Household Glue With Alot Of Inert Filler--to Use When You Need To Fill Holes. As An Adhesive It Is The Weakest On This List But Is Strong Enough For Many Purposes When Spread Over A Large Surface Such As The Back Of A Ceramic Tile. A Few Years Ago I Made A Brick Column To Support A Mailbox. Traditionally I Should Have Used Mortar--which Would Have Been Very Time Consuming. I Could Have Used Construction Adhesive (albeit Any Excess That Squeezed Out Would Have Been Ugly)--but Caulking Compound Was Quick Cheap Looks Good And Was More Than Adequate For The Job.

L. Carrie, Derby says

My Expensive Delonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine That I Absolutely Can't Live Without Started Draining Water Out The Bottom Of The Machine One Day. I've Already Taken It In For A Repair For Something Else That Cost Me An Arm And A Leg And I Was Dreading Another Costly Repair (but I Love It So Much And I've Already Put So Much Money In This Machine And I Don't Want To Junk My Machine!!!). I Took It Apart And Found That The Water Steaming Element Had Sprung Two Pinholes In It And Was Misting Out Water. The Part Is Obsolete From The Manufacturer But I Found One On A Parts Replacement Site And Ordered It For $80. Put It On And It Didn't Fit Properly. I Didn't Know What To Do! My Husband Started Researching And Found This Stuff (and Assured Me It Was Non-toxic). It Was A Last Ditch Effort Before Having To Junk My Machine. I Cannot Believe How Easy It Was To Repair The Original Part! One Light Coat And He Let It Cure For 24 Hours And Put It Back On To Try. It Worked! We Assumed We'd Have To Do A Couple Coats But That First Coat Is Still On There And I've Been Using It For About A Month Now Several Times A Day With Absolutely No Problems! Cannot Tell You How Happy I Am!

N. Brenda, Liverpool

I really don't know why i'm bothering to write this review; the stuff is, and always has been amazing. I don't have to use it very often, but i've never encountered an issue where it wasn't around to save me time and hassle. I have gone so far as to patch a hole i knocked in an aluminum transmission housing several years ago. . I hit a frozen clump of mud on a section line road on the way home one evening and didn't realize i had actually knocked a hole in my transmission housing. Anyway, the metal caved in and when i got home realized i was lucky to 1) not have destroyed my transmission since it was mostly out of oil, and 2) the metal stayed in place, miraculously, which not only didn't destroy my transmission, but allowed me to pull it out and j-b weld it back together. I was in a rush to get my vehicle back up and running, so i didn't even wait for all the oil (90w manual transmission oil) to drain. That stuff is thick anyway, particularly when cold, but i digress. So i just 'welded' it back in there, not really expecting it to adhere with the oil still leaking. Much to my shock the next morning, i wiped a little oil away, and sure enough, it had sealed! i cleaned it up and added some more for good measure and never looked back. . By the way, i ended up trading that vehicle in 3 years later, and never had one problem after the repair. This stuff is simply awesome; i can't imagine what it would have cost to either replace part or all of my transmission. It would probably have been worse to try and get aluminum welded, particularly because that would have required pulling the transmission and who knows what kind of time/money that would have been, not to mention aluminum welders aren't exactly a dime a dozen in rural south dakota.

O. Erin, Manitoba says

Bought it because i drive a hooptie and knew i'd need it someday, that time came when i saw my old timing chain had worn a hole in the timing cover. Used this to fix the hole as a matter of pride - it's so easy to find chevy parts that sometimes you have to challenge yourself.

S. Dorothy, Stockton-on-Tees

I Hate The Choices At The Big Box Stores And Have Had Poor Results From Several Name Brands. I Needed To 'weld' Some Dissimilar Metals So I Bought This Larger Size Jb Weld. First This Is Not The Tiny 1 Oz Tubes That Don't Have Enough Material To Glue Anything Other Than Costume Jewelry. Of Course 10 Ozs Is More Expensive But It Also Has A Long Shelf Life So If You Are Any Kind Of Handyperson You Will Likely Use It Before It Expires. (also It Is Not In Those Silly Useless "injector" Tubes That Look Like Syringes. I've Tried The Injector Style Tubes And They Are A Total Waste Of Money Imo. If There Is A Secret To Getting The Two Parts To Come Out Of The Injestor Tubes I Haven't Mastered It Yet Or At My Age Maybe I Just Lack The Hand Strength To Compress The Injectors. Trying To Squeeze A Very Viscous Glue Through Two Tiny Openings Is Near Impossible And I Ended Up Throwing The Tubes Away. ) These Two Parts Come In Toothpaste Liike Tubes And Are Easy To Use Squeeze And Estimate Equal Amounts. Both Components Are Very Thick. For Best Results Mix Well And Then Keep Mixing For At Least Three Minutes! This Is Not Fast Drying So You Have Several Hours Of Workability But Within 24 Hours At Room Temperature It Feels As Hard As Metal. Even Though The Mixed Epoxy Is Pretty Thick It Will "run" For Several Hours So Plan Accordingly. Update: 1/16/17 Two Years Later My Original Box And Tubes Are Still Going Strong And I Haven't Had To Buy More Yet. Very Happy With Product . Every Use I Have Come Up With It Seems To Work Well. I Actually Used It To "weld" A Metal Gate Post To A Mounting Base Bracket And Two Years Later It Hasn't Failed. One Comment: I Recently Used It To Attach A Small Exterior Item In 60 Degree Weather And It Took Over 24 Hours To Set Up. Although I Expected Slower Cure Times For Cold Weather Uses This Was A Little Longer Than I Anticipated. Moral: Be Prepared For Very Slow Cure Times For Cold Temp Use.

Y. Michele, Quebec says

I had originally ordered this item to fix the lawn mower plastic gas tank that was chewed up by the squirrels but because the way the tank was chewed up made it difficult to close the leaks and therefore did not use the epoxy. A few days later, the plastic door handle (driver side) on my '97 camry broke when i tried to pull hard on the handle. I was not optimistic this expoxy will work because the surface area on which i could apply the expoxy was very narrow. Since i had this expoxy at home i gave it a try because replacing the handle would be a lot more expensive. Anyway, i mixed a small quantity of the black and white epoxy per the instructions and let it sit for 24 hours. The handle is now firmly glued to the door and it is working just as good before it broke. I will recommend it to anyone looking for a strong epoxy glue for bonding plastic, glass or metal surfaces.

Q. Watson, Texas

An amateur like me doesn't have an arc welder, so if i wanted a magic wand to wave and bond together two pieces of metal, this product would be my abracadabra presto-chango. . It is very forgiving during application. I mistakenly was in the habit of thinking glue is always quick-drying when mixed from two components, so when i started using this, i thought i had to rush. Wrong. The thing to remember when use this epoxy is to take your time and concentrate on application after mixing, because it gives you the time to do so. . It is messy, so when it is dry and you see petrified smears of it all over the place where you don't want them, i find that a grinder is the best way to clean it off metal. A torch and a file works, too. Don't let it get onto anything else. It is industrial strength, after all. . As far as cleaning your hands, that is a tremendous surprise - just soap and water works. You actually do not have to worry about getting it on your fingers while using it. . I relate this because it also seemed counter-intuitive when working with heavy-duty mega-glue. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty - even use your fingers as an application tool, if you want. You can become a sculpturer with this. Manipulate the maleable epoxy till it looks like it forms your strongest bond, otherwise you'll be like a batter who's afraid of the ball. . Zinc jinx: i heard on "rick's restorations" that paint won't stick to galvanized metal, so the pros apply vinegar to it before painting. In my efforts, this epoxy also does not stick to galvanized steel, even after using vinegar on it. I have to grind off all the galvinization before the epoxy binds to it.

A. Judith, Wyoming says

This stuff is the real deal. By far the best epoxy that i've ever used, and i've used a lot of epoxy. This epoxy worked so well, that i reordered more the next day. . The most important thing to know about epoxy is how well you mix it. If you mix it for only one minute and think that's good enough, then think again. Most epoxys perform best (and last the longest) when mixed for a minimum of 3 minutes (some like clear coat epoxys need 6 minutes of mixing). As long as you mix this epoxy properly, then you will be very happy with its performance.

T. Angelica, Lincolnshire

Can i curse on this review. How about the word dammit. Because, dammit this stuff works amazing! . . I mean, what planet is this stuff from? proof that we've been to the moon! harvest more of that amazing stuff and build everything out of it!

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