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Price was $59.99. Please Read: Hid Lights Are No Longer On Truck. They Went Out In Less Than A Year. Yes I Know Hid Bulbs In Regular Lenses Blah Blah Blah Save It. They Aren't In There Any More. Start Product Review: The 5000ks Are White Once They Warm Up And Only Display The Slightest Amount Of Blue. High-beams Are More Yellow When Completely On. The Only Reason I Gave 4 Stars Is Because Of The Wiring That Hooks Into You Factory Wiring. There Is Not A Clip That Holds It Into The Housing Only 3 Wires That You Just Jam In. Ideally You Would Have A Female Housing To Attach Into The Male Plug That Goes Into Your Existing Light But That Is Not The Case For This Set Up. You Have To Jam Them In The Plug Or Clip The Plug Off And Splice The Wires Together. I Really Thought This Was A True Plug-and-play Setup But Wiring Is Needed. I Installed These On A 2007 F-150 Lariat Crew-cab (4-door) 6. 5' Bed. I Did Have To Remove The Headlights From The Frame To Install Them. 3 Bolts On Each Light To Get Them Off. One Last Thing; The 3 Wires That Jam Into The Factory Plug Must Go In In The Correct Order Or The High-beams Will Not Engage. Black Wire Goes In The Middle And Then You Have To Do Trial And Error To See Where The Red And Blue Ones Go. Overall Install Time For Me (i Am Mechanically Proficient But I've Never Installed These Before) About 1 Hour. Took A While To Figure Out The 1st One Second Light Was In In Less Than 30 Minutes. Came In A Really Cool Box. See My Customer Pictures For Before After And Side-by-side Comparison.

-F. Irene

Kensun conversion colors premium ballasts Auto Part

  • Value: #1 Customer Service & Quality, 2 Yr Warranty, HID Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit
  • Value: Easy and Simple installation. Usually takes less than 20 minutes! “Plug-and-Play” in most vehicles with clear, easy-to-follow instructions included. Some vehicles may need professional installation. The manufacturer provides free full technical support with hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. The Kensun friendly and experienced team is happy to help you with any questions or issues with the installation.

kensun hid xenon conversion kit “all bulb sizes colors” premium ballasts – h11 metal base – 6000k: kensun auto part kensun hid xenon headlight conversion

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#1 Customer Service & Quality, 2 Yr Warranty, HID Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit. Easy And Simple Installation. Usually Takes Less Than 20 Minutes! "Plug-and-Play" In Most Vehicles With Clear, Easy-to-follow Instructions Included. Some Vehicles May Need Professional Installation. The Manufacturer Provides Free Full Technical Support With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Satisfied Users. The Kensun Friendly And Experienced Team Is Happy To Help You With Any Questions Or Issues With The Installation. Includes: Smart Aluminium Carry-case; Pair Of H11 Metal Base Super-bright Performance Hid Xenon Bulbs; 100% Weather-proof, Shock-proof, Water-proof Universal High-performance Premium Ballasts; Mounting Brackets And Installation Instructions. We Specialize In Auto Parts And Universal Car Accessories. Upgrade Your Oem Stock Halogen Or LED Low Beam, High Beam, Fog Light, Interior Lights And All Off Road Driving Lamps. Our HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit And Replacement Bulbs Are Available In Cool Neon Colors Including White, Blue, Bright Yellow, Purple And Pink. Available In All Sizes. Confirm Your Bulb Size At Osram Sylvania Or Phillips Websites Or With The Seller Of Your Aftermarket Projector Headlight Housing Assemblies. Value Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Premium Ballasts - H11 Metal Base - 6000k.

Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Premium Ballasts - H11 Metal Base - 6000k Review (Ken-kr-H11MB-6k)

Kensun Hid Xenon Conversion Kit "all Bulb Sizes Colors" Premium Ballasts - H11 Metal Base - 6000k

H11 Metal Base
For "off-road" Use Only!
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H11 Metal Base
Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes And Colors" With Premium Ballasts - H11 Metal Base - 6000k

Kensun Hid Xenon Conversion Kit "all Bulb Sizes Colors" Premium Ballasts - H11 Metal Base - 6000k Discount Automotive Parts And Accessories Kensun, Kensun conversion colors premium ballasts . kensun hid xenon headlight conversion kit - hid lights have a glass chamber of gas replacing the filament of traditional halogen bulbs. the gas is ignited by a 23 000v charge and stays illuminated by a constant 12v source provided by a ballast which is connected directly to your battery. remarkably hid lights are able to provide greater light output with much less power consumption. studies show that a 35w hid lamp produces 3 times as much light than a 55w halogen bulb. also a halogen bulb uses a continuous power draw of 10-15 amps while the hid system uses 20 amps for ignition but then drops to a mere 3 amps during operation (i. e. up to 80% less power during use!). in addition the hid headlamp provides longer service life. with no filament to vibrate and fatigue under normal conditions hid bulbs last roughly 10 times longer than halogen bulbs. what is hid color temperature color temperature is a characteristic of light that is sometimes mistaken as brightness when it is more closely related to "cool" and "warm" tones of light. color temperature is a measure in degrees kelvin of the hue of a light source in this case the hid bulb. (the term color temperature actually refers to the color associated with the amount of heat needed to produce that color from an ideal black body. ) it is hard to describe hid colors accurately since many variables such as voltage type of ballast and the environment can affect color output. also color perception is subjective. that said here is a rough guide to color temperatures for hid bulbs: 3000k yellow 4300k bright white yellow tinge 5000k pure white 6000k bright white (some detect slight blue) 8000k white with blue tinge 10000k light blue 12000k blue 15000k darker blue (may appear violet) 20000k blue indigo 30000k indigo Kensun conversion colors premium ballasts Auto Part.

Kensun : Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Premium Ballasts - H11 Metal Base - 6000k

This Is My 3rd Install Of Hid Lights On My Vehicles. I Bought It Because It Was One Of The Top Rated Hid Kits On Online Store And It Sure Beats Sketchy Craigslist Installers Or Shady Ebay Sellers. Installation On My Truck Was Super Simple. The Most Time Consuming Part Of The Install For Me Was Having To Remove The Headlight On My F-150. Once I Did That Installation Was Simply Click Snap And Done. I Started The Project About 10 Pm And Was Completely Done By 1030. The Pieces On The Back Of The Lamp That You Use To Grip The Bulb Snapped Off On Both. That Loses A Star For Me Because Now In Order To Remove Them It Might Be Difficult But Being The Very First Hid Kit Where I Didn't Have To Spend 3 Hours Re-aligning My Headlights Because They Fit Perfectly Like The Oem Bulbs Do. Gains That Star Back. So All In All I'm Extremely Happy. Just A Note To Those Considering Hid Kits (i'm A Huge Proponent Of Hid And Energy Efficient Lighting Being The Son Of An Electrical Engineer) - I've Had Hids On My Vehicles Since 2008. I Will Not Have Anything Else. If You're Considering Buying A Kit But Not Quite Sure Go For It. You Will Not Be Disappointed. Xenon Is An Arcing Gas So The Light Pattern Is Different From Incandescent. That's Why The Beam Spread Is Higher. Do Not Be Fooled By "xenon Gas Charged Bulbs" - You Get Whiter Light But The Principle Remains The Same. Xenon Hid Is Not Prone To Damage From Shock And Vibration Like Incandescent. And Xenon Will Last You A Long Time. On One Car I Owned The Xenon Hid Lights Outlasted The Transmission. Lol. Xenon Also Has A Different Wavelength. In Rainy Weather Standard Incandescents Hit The Water On The Road And The Majority Of The Light (scientists Help Me Out With Exact Numbers Here) Is Refracted Back Off The Surface Of The Water. With Xenon Hid Wavelength The Majority Of The Light Isn't Refracted Off The Water But Is Able To Penetrate To Bounce Off The Road. Don't Believe Me Next Time You're Driving And It's Raining And You Pass A Vehicle With Hid Lights Look At The Road In Front Of Their Headlights. You'll See A Noticeable Difference. Just Be Safe And Don't Take Your Eyes Off The Road For More Than A Second Or Two Or Have A Passenger Look. ) I Have Noticed Over The Past Several Years That When I Drive Long Periods Of Time At Night My Eyes Are Not Tired Like They Are With Incandescent. Xenon Hid Kits Also Reduce The Electrical Load Of Your Current Vehicle Headlights By About 37% But Give You 200+% Brighter Light. Let's Talk About The Kelvin Scale. Don't Be Fooled By Thinking That The Brighter The Kelvin Scale The Brighter The Bulb. Not So. On A Kelvin Scale Of 3000-18000 The Actual Brightest Bulb For Your Money Is Going To Be 4000-6000. I Always Go With 5000k Personally Because I Like The Whiteness Of It. On A 5000k Bulb You're Going To See About 250% Brighter Than An Incandescent. The Higher The Kelvin Every 1000k You Go Up Reduces The Brightness Of The Bulb Of Between 5-15%. Depending On Your Vehicle You Might Want To Check The Alignment Of Your Headlights Prior To Installation. If You Have A Garage Or A Piece Of Plywood That You Can Prop Up To Mark Where The Current Beam Pattern Is You'll Save Yourself A Lot Of Time Adjusting The Headlights After Install. Hid Lights As Mentioned Above Have A Different Beam Wavelength And Pattern And Depending On Your Vehicle You Might Need To Adjust The Beam Downwards (i Got Lucky With My Truck But My Last Car I Had Major Issues With). If You Can Install This Kit You Can Adjust Your Headlights. It Just Requires A Philips Head Screwdriver. Masking Tape And A Garage Door Is Simplest - Just Back Your Vehicle Up Behind A Garage Door And Put Masking Tape On The Door Where The Concentrated Beam Hits. (and No I Don't Work For Kensun Or Any Other Manufacturer Of Hid Kits Lol)

Click to see NoticeKensun conversion colors premium ballasts (Ken-kr-H11MB-6k)"This product should only be installed in projector housings. Installing in a reflector housing makes you look silly but also is dangerous to other drivers. If you insist on installing in a reflector housing, please take 5 minutes and re-aim your lights. We all will thank you. . Easy to install, both ballast work with no issues. Used velcro to mount ballast to provide a little bit of vibration dampening and ease removal. You could spend $40 on halogen lights at the parts house or fetch one of these. I suggest no more than 6000k bulbs. I went with 6k then exchanged for 4300k as this puts out more usable light."

Kensun-conversion-colors-premium-ballastsKensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Premium Ballasts - H11 Metal Base - 6000k (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

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Kensun HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller & Anti Flicker (1 Pair)

Kensun's Hid Kit Computer Warning Canceller Solves A Problem Sometimes Encountered When Installing Hid Kits On Certain Car Models Such As Mercedes Benz Bmw And Audi. The Canbus System In These Vehicles Causes A Computer Error Warning To Be Displayed. By Using This Cable You Can Connect The Power Supply To The Hid Ballast Via This Unit Which Resolves The Computer Error Warning.

Kensun HID Kit Computer Warning Canceller & Anti Flicker (1 Pair)Kensun-Computer-Warning-Canceller-Flicker

Brand :    kensun
Model :    KENSUN-2WAC-HT
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#1 Customer Service & Quality, HID Xenon Anti-Flicker Warning CancellersIncludes: pair of warning-cancellersEasy and Simple installation. Usually takes less than 20 minutes! "Plug-and-Play" in most vehicles. Some vehicles may need professional installation. The manufacturer provides free full technical support with hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. The Kensun friendly and experienced team is happy to help you with any questions or issues with the installation.Ultra Bright Fused-Quartz Xenon Bulb: Produces 3X brighter light than halogen, uses up to 80% less power, increases visibility, and has long lasting non-fading lifetimeWe specialize in auto parts and universal car accessories. Upgrade your oem stock halogen or LED low beam, high beam, fog light, interior lights and all off road driving lamps. Our HID xenon headlight conversion kit and replacement bulbs are available in cool neon colors including white, blue, bright yellow, purple and pink. Available in all sizes. Confirm your bulb size at Osram Sylvania or Phillips websites or with the seller of your aftermarket projector headlight housing assemblies.
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I put a set in my deville without any problem. For other deville owners i suggest taking fuse 24 out. Thats the drl fuse and i wouldn't run these during the day. Also our headlights have anti-glare caps that do help alot in helping these things not to get too bright. Still point them down they are so much brighter then hologin you'll love it. . Also turn off your auto-on feature. Only one headlight comes on with auto but both do when turned on manually.

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(0) Question: how do hid high beam kits work with no warm up time?

(1) Question: ok so i have a 2008 dodge ram 2500 and the fog lights take 9006, but the 9006(hb4) i got from kensun don't fit all the way in and i'm wondering why?

(2) Question: 35 watt or 55 watt?

(3) Question: is there a difference between "premium ballasts" and "slim digital ballasts" ?

(4) Question: there is another kensun hid kit, with digital ballast. this kit says it has "premium ballasts". what is the difference between the kits ?

(5) Question: how does it work with fog?

(6) Question: has anyone had issues with 5202 - 6000k melting the fog lamp housing?

(7) Question: is this kit hi & lo beam, or just lo beam?

(8) Question: online store fit chart says this won't fit my 2004 gmc sierra, is this accurate?

(9) Question: does the hb4 hi/lo actually have both settings in the unit, or do i get low beam only out of this

(note) Question: where/how to get Kensun (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Kensun's products


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Overall The Lights Are Great. I Bought These To Replace My Old Hid Kit. Hookup Time Was 5 Minutes. I Bought The 6000 Because I Knew They Would Be Almost Equivalent To My Normal Expensive Brand 5000s. I Was Right. The Only Problem Is That They Didn't Want To Fit Into The Bulb Hole Of My 90s Model Chevy As Well As I Had Hoped But They Will Do. It Didn't Look Too Watertight But We Will See How It Goes.

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One item you must purchase if you buy these with a chevy tahoe is the kensun hid conversion kit universal single beam relay wiring harness. You only need it for the low beams because if not the car's computer will turn your lights off when you start the engine. . Installing the relay harness will bypass the computer and keep you lights on when you start the car. Heads up the resistors for the hardness (gold) get very very hot so make sure they are on metal or they will melt any plastic.

B. Anonymous, West Berkshire

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G. Nielsen, Picardie says

As a first time installer of an hid kit, this was by far the highest rated kit on the internet for good reason. Online store was fast with shipping per usual. The product itself was very easy to set up before installation. Lucky for me, my 2008 jeep liberty has easy access to the bulbs without having to take off any bumpers or reservoirs. The instructions would have been even easier if they had things color coded but it was still easy to see where everything connects. The only thing that gave me problems was finding a solid ground connection for both black wires because i was only getting one light on. I ended up finding 2 great bolts that worked perfectly. I'm a math teacher (very few mechanical skills) and the project took me about 45 minutes to install.

N. Emma, Rheinland-Pfalz

First off the packaging was a little messy but good thing is that the product worked lol after an hour of installation(newbie) i really loved the end result! i purchased the 5000k first cus i thought those would match my leds but they were slightly yellow, so i sold them to someone and repurchased the 6000k. Almost a perfect mach! there is some pics of the original lights(halogen) i had compared to the kensun hid.

S. Bertie, Corse says

First This Kit Is On Point When It Comes To Color Ranges. Ballast And Hid's Are Impeccable With Ease Of Installation And Life Span. Purchasing This Kit Was The Right Choice As I Recently Encountered A Problem With A Bulb Just A Year Later. But With No Worries (as Still Under Warranty) A Quick Email And Everything Was Covered With No Run Arounds Making Their Warranty Possibly The Best And Most Understanding One Around. I Will Be Including A Photo Of My 10k Hid Kit So Customers Can Actually View The Color As I've Seen Some Reviews Trying To Bash Kensun Cause There Color Wasn't As Blue As They Thought It May Be. News Flash 10k Is Suppose To Be A Sky Blue Mixture With White And If You Really Wanted Blue Blue You Should Of Bought A 12k So If You Like A Nice Clean Look With A Hint A Blue (viewing As A Skyblue) Then 10k Is Your Choice. Plus I Have To Mention Haim Who Was Great And Went Above And Beyond To Help Me Move Forward To Have My Hid Kit Back To Its Original State.

Y. Nielsen, Wokingham

After Reading Several Reviews I Decided To Make The Leap Into H. I. D. Headlights With The Kensun Conversion Kit. I Have A Tundra And I Have Been Running 100w Halogen Lights To Get Better Visibility At Night. The 100w Halogens Ended Up Baking My Sockets And The Wiring To My Headlights. So Since I Was Going To Have To Work On It Anyway I Decided To Finally Get Some H. I. D. Bulbs. The Kit Was Very Simple To Install Not Much In The Way Of Directions But Really It Was Very Adequate. They Are Dead Simple To Install I Could Have Done It In 15 Minutes Or So If It Weren't For A Couple Of Things That Are Specific To My Tundra. The Truck Came With Shields For The Stock Bulbs And These Light Ran Into Them. They Were A Bit Of A Hassle To Get Out Since The Headlight Assembly Is Completely Glued Tight And They Are A Little Bigger Than The Hole For The Bulb To Go Through. I Also Had To Spend A Few Minutes Figuring Out How To Put The Stock Rubber Boot On Over These Bulbs. The Bulbs Had A Twist Lock Bayonet Style Mount To Lock The Bulb To The Big Part In Back For The High Beam And I Had To Work The Boot On But It's All Good Now. The Lights Didn't Work At First And I Spent A Few Minutes Figuring Out What Was Wrong. The Directions Said To Reverse The Polarity But It Could Have Been More Clear If They Had Said To Reverse The Polarity Where The Harness Plugs Into The Ballast. The Ballast Are Marked "+" And "-" Right On The Plug Housing. But I Put A Volt Meter On The Harness And There Was No Power Coming Out Of It. Then I Ran Jumpers To The Ballasts Directly And Both Lights Lit Up. It Turned Out That The Relay Assembly (what They Call A "control Box" In The Directions) Was Not Working At All. I Called The Number At Their Web Site . . I Left A Message Since They Are Closed On Friday And Saturday. They Called Back And Got My Online Store Order Number And Said They'd Ship Me A Replacement. I Told Them I Would Need The Wiring Harness Too Since I Needed To Have Headlights In My Truck And I Cut The Harness To Wire In A Bosch Relay So I Would Have Low Beams At Least. They Said No Problem. A Couple Of Days Later The New Harness/relay Arrived And I Swapped It Out. Honestly Though I Don't Know If I Really Needed The Hid High Beams. (several Reviewers Said To Be Sure You Ordered The Bi-xenon Kit With Hid Low And High Beams. ) These Lights Are So Bright On Low Beam It Borders On Ridiculous! They Look Like They Put Out More Than Three Times The Light Of The 100w Halogen Bulbs. If I Bend Over And Look Right Into The Headlights From 20 Feet In Front Of The Truck I Am Temporarily Blind For 20 Or 30 Seconds. These Things Are Freaking Bright! When You Flip The High Beams It's Instantaneous. I Was Wondering If There Might Be A Slight Delay Because They Actually Actuate A Solenoid Type Of Assembly In The Back Of The Bulb To Reposition The Bulb. No Delay At All. And On High Beam My Truck Lights Up The Street All The Way Down To The End Of The Block. I'll Probably Not Use The High Beams Much But When I'm Driving Up In The Mountains At Night It Will Be Really Really Nice To Have These Things. When They Fire Up You Can Hear A Slight Buzzing From The Ballasts When You Are Standing Next To The Truck With The Hood Up And The Engine Not Running But There Is Absolutely No Electrical Noise. I Have The Toyota High End Stereo For The Truck And Also A Satellite Xm Radio And An Ipod Connector. No Interference At All With The Stereo System. I Am Planning On Replacing The Headlights In Two More Cars With These. I Don't Know How I Went So Long Without Putting In The Hid Bulbs But Now I Am A Huge Fan! I Just Have To Do It When My Wife Is Not Around So I Don't Get Yelled At. :-) (she Has Great Night Vision And She Doesn't See Why I Wanted Brighter Headlights. )

U. Edith, Wirral says

I drive 30, 000-40, 000 miles a year in my tundra. The headlights did a decent job, but i live in an area with a lot of deer and wildlife, and the beam pattern wasn't wide enough to see things coming from the sides, which is why i upgraded. The 55w bulbs in 5000k are incredibly bright. In fact, i had to aim my light housings down slightly as i was getting flashed from oncoming drivers constantly at first. Even aiming them down, i could still see farther and wider than the stock bulbs. Install was pretty easy and straight forward. The plugs are all designed so that you can't plug the wrong plugs together. If you have questions, watch a youtube video on how to. Great company to deal with, and plan to use this brand with each vehicle purchase in the future!

L. Ross, Wisconsin

I Received My Kit At The Beginning Of July. I Have Ford Fusion Projector Fog Lamps Retrofitted Into My 2007 Honda Accord. I Was Not Going To Put Hids In Anything But Projectors And Since I Installed These Into My Car I've Never Regretted. The Beam Pattern Of My Projectors Is Very Wide. These Hids Are Very Bright And As A Result It Spreads Really Nicely From The Projectors. Using These Hids In The Appropriate Housing (i. E. Projectors And Not Relfectors) Results In Uncompromised Illumination. I Have My Fogs Angled Almost Horizontally And I Can Safely That The Beam Really Does Throw Far. Only A Bright Light Source Can Do That. In Terms Of Colour 6000k Is True To Its Colour; White With That Hint Of Blue. Before I Got These Hids I Went Through Melted Lenses And Leds Etc. Here Is A Link To My Fog Lights Journey; Driveaccord. Net/forums/showthread. Php T 219633 I Had A Problem With One Ballast Though. When I Drive A Bit "spirited" Or Go Over A Pothole (it's An Accord; The Car Fools You Into Thinking Every Road Is Smooth) One Light Would Stop Lighting. A Simple Switch On And Off And Then They're Both Up And Running. So I Wrote Customer Service And They Sent A Replacement Ballast Free Of Charge. After Swapping Them Out No More Issues. Everything Works Fine. I Can Drive Or "drive" My Car Without Having To Wonder If I'm Rolling Around Like A Pirate. Excellent Customer Service! All In All I'm Satisfied. Pics Will Be Posted Soon.

W. Lawrence, Texas says

My Small Project Was To Replace The Night-time Driving Lights For A 2011 Toyota Sienna. This Is The Outer Light Which Is Low Beam Only. I Picked Up The Kensun H11 6000k To Replace Stock H11. I Settled On The 6000k Because I Did Not Want My Headlights Blue As Describe In 8000k. I Received The Hids Today And Was Going To Take Pictures For Everyone To See. But Before Taking Pictures I Had To Try It Out 'course. I Plugged Everything Together Without The Instructions And Both Hids Fired Up With No Problems. I Then Went Snooping Around Trying To Decide Where To Put The Ballasts. On The Driver Side I Mounted It Above The Bar Over The Headlight Housing In The Predrilled Stock Holes With The Provided Screw Nut And Washer. On The Passenger Side I Mounted On The Wheel Well With The Provided Screw And Washer. The Screw Provided Fit The Existing Tapped Hole Exactly. Heck It Was So Easy I Did Not Even Have A Chance To Take A Picture. I Spent More Time Trying To Decide Where To Put The Ballast Than Anything! So I Did My Test Drive And Found That It Takes About 30 Seconds For The Bulbs To Warm Up. The 6000k Are Indeed White With A Very Slight Hint Of Blue. This Is Exactly What I Wanted And I Am Glad I Did Not Buy The 8000k. Hope This Helps . Have Fun Everyone!!!

J. Amanda, Franche-Comte

It's True What They Say You Get What You Pay For And That Is Exactly What This Product Is. It's A Inexpensive Option For Hid Lights And That Is Exactly What You Are Getting. Everything Works The Kit Is Solid But The Quality Is Lacking. Instead Of A Solid Metal Base The Bulbs Have Hardened Plastic. The Rubber Gasket Is Extremely Flexible And For Some Reason They Wiring Harness Doubles Back Through The Gasket. The Biggest Problem I Had With The H4 Kit Is That The Connectors Are Too Close Together. On A Standard Bulb The Connectors Are About 1/2 Inch A Part. The Connectors In This Kit Are 5/8th Inches A Part. You Can See The Comparison Between A Standard Bulb And The Kit Connectors In The Added Photo. This May Not Be A Problem If You Have Individual Connectors In Your Vehicles Wiring Harness But On My Vehicle I Have A Single Plug That Attaches To The Bulb. It's An Easy Fix If You Need To Do It Simple Bend The Little Metal Flap On The Negative And Positive Connectors Back (it Is Inside The Plastic Housing Just Jam A Nail In It) Then Remove The Connects From The Plastic Housing. Also Kensun Will Send You A Lovely Automated Email Every Time You Purchases A Kit Telling You How Important Customer Satisfaction Is. Dealing With There Customer Service Was A Joke And After 2 Emails Everything Fell On Deaf Ears.

J. Marguerite, Pennsylvania says

I received these lights yesterday and installed them on my 2008 jeep liberty. Install time was about 45 minutes. The lights look beautiful! and im actually surprised at how simple the install process was- the hardest part was fitting the stock bulb plug onto the kensun one - i actually had to end up using electrical tape to secure the plugs on to each other or else the lights wont stay on. The headlight clicked perfectly into place (i took all rubber washers off), used 3m double stick tape to tape the ballas onto the car. They work great without the relay for my liberty. So much brighter aand more beautiful than stock. Although my high beams are still stock so i need to look into how to replace those ones.

L. Alma, California

The install is for the most part easy depending on the vehicle. Instructions could be more detailed. The bulbs only lasted me 7 months before they went from 6000k white to about 4500k. The ballasts seem to be functioning perfectly still, which is hard to find in hid kits. Most ballasts are junk. I was a little upset when the lights bulbs started to go back but i sent kensun a simple email with my online store order number and told them the issue and the first reply was sent saturday night at 11pm and had a response by 6am sunday morning. The first reply she apologized for the inconvience and said they would send me brand new bulbs at no charge and she already had my address from the online store order, she just asked me to confirm it. I confirmed it in my reply back and then she sent another reply within 2 hours saying that the bulbs are getting packaged and will be delivered within 5 days. The customer service is amazing and i'm very happy they don't make you send the existing bulbs back first or maybe not at all. The lights when purchased when new we're very bright and the color temp was very accurate. The bulbs might not have a long life span but with a two year warranty. If they go bad, your covered. I drive about 400 miles a week so they are put under a lot of use. Very satisfied.

F. Carolyn, Missouri says

Installed on 2011 wrangler jku. Easy install. When hooking to the ballast the two plug wire needs to be rotated upside down for the lights to work. Wranglers also must have the computer anit flicker or lights will not work when you start your jeep. Also the 5202 fog lights to fit on the wrangler must have the red rubber ring removed to fit into the housing and then hard wired into the ballast. Easy install after knowing those two pieces of information.

P. Campbell, North Dakota

Lamp Type H11 Color 6000k Why The Main Reason I Decided To Go With The Kensun Kit And Is Typical Of All Items I Purchase On Online Store; The Reviews. I Have Been Debating On Going With Hid For A While And My Coworker Told Me I Wouldn T Be Disappointed So I Decided To Get Myself A Birthday Gift. The Led Drls (daytime Running Lights) On My Car Provided A Nice Crisp White Light However The Low Beam Headlights Have Always Had A Yellowish Tinge To Them. After Getting These Installed I Couldn T Be Happier. This Will Likely Be One Of The Longest Reviews I Have Posted On Online Store So Read On If Interested. First Impressions: First Impressions Of The Hid Kit Were Quite Good My Wife Received The Box And I Wasn T Sure If I Would Need To Order The Male Connectors To Plug Into My Factory Harness So She Sent Me A Picture Of The Kit I Was Pleasantly Surprised To See I Would Not Need To Do Any Soldering Or Heat Shrinking To Get This Kit To Work With My 2013 Accord Exl V6. Packaging: The Package Included All Cabling Needed For A Plug-and-play Installation At Least For The Accord. It Included Mounting Brackets Which I Did Not End Up Using (more Information In Installation Sections) As Well As Protective Plastic Cases Around The Hid (high Intensity Discharge) Lamps. My Only Complaint About These Cases Is That It Can Be Tricky To Remove The Lamp Without Breaking The Plastic Case If Would Do It Again I Would Probably Just Break The Case I Wanted To However Put My Halogen Lamps Into Those Cases To Keep In My Glove Box For Use As A Spare If Needed. Although The Packaging Was Complete I Was Not Impressed With How It Came Packaged It Looked As Though Everything Was Just Thrown Into The Box. I Like The Idea Of The Metal Case However I Would Rather Have Seen The Money Used On The Metal Case In A Well-fitting Cardboard Box Or Something Of That Sort To Keep Everything Separate. See Attached Picture Ballast Is In Contact With Plastic Lamp Case Not Sure If Major Damage Could Be Had But Worth Pointing Out. Installation: The Projector Housings On My Car Are Kind Of In A Tight Spot So Tight In Fact That When I Gripped The New Hid Lamp I Could Not Fit My Hand Between The Housing And A Frame Member Without Touching The Lamp Itself Against The Housing. I Also Did Not Like The Idea Of Being Able To See The Ballasts Themselves Using Zip Ties/tie Wraps To Secure The Ballasts To The Vehicle. In Other Words I Wanted This To Look As Factor As Possible Without Have To Paint The Ballasts Or Make A New Wiring Harness. Originally I Assumed This Process Would Take About 20 Mins I Didn T Plan On Getting As In-depth As I Did. I Began By Removing My Front Bumper (see Attached Photos). This Was Mainly So That I Could Remove My Headlight Hosing And Gain Free And Clear Access To The Area. Once The Bumper And Headlights Were Removed The Perfect Mounting Place Became Apparent (see Picture). In Order To Secure The Ballast To The Support Of The Vehicle A Drill Was Used And A 4-40 Tap Was Used To Create Threads That Allowed Me To Use Stainless Screws With A Little Blue Loctite To Secure The Ballasts In Place. In Order To Cushion The Ballasts From Vibration I Used A Small Dab Of Rtv Gasket Sealer. Silicon Could Have Been Used In Lieu Of The Rtv Sealant. The Cables Were Neatly Laced And Secured With A Few Zip Ties. Before Buttoning The Car Back Up We Tested The Hids To Confirm They Worked As They Should. Once Confirmed Lola Was Buttoned Back Up And I Couldn T Wait To See How They Looked That Night. Final Thoughts: That Night I Was Finally Able To Test The Lights Out And I Couldn T Believe How Bright And White They Were. The Cutoffs In My Stock Housing Were Precise And Clean And I Couldn T Be Happier. I Will Continue To Update This Review If I Have Any Issues Or If I Notice A Change In Color. I Have Not Had To Contact Warranty For Any Reason However They Contacted Me Two Days After I Received The Kit To See If I Had Them Installed And If I Was Happy With My Purchase. Needless To Say From This Review I Am Very Happy.

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