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Price was $27.95. Figured there was something better than hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling. This is it. Set up for both cars. When the red dot rolls off the dash, you're in. We have shelves in the front of the garage, so it's a tight fit. Takes the guess work out of pulling into the garage. No issues of timing out before we get into the garage either. Works great.

-E. Meghan

Dual Laser Parking Two Package Contents 2 Laser Park Laser Swivel Mounts 10 Foot Cables For Large Vehicles Ceiling Mounting Screws Quick Installationn Guide Power Pack A/c Adapter On/off Chain Easy Installation -Maxsa Dual Laser Parking Two Cars

  1. Benefit: 10 Foot Cables For Large Vehicles.
  2. Benefit: Ceiling Mounting Screws.

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Installed the product as directed but it did not work properly. After several unsuccessful attempts to get it working and making sure that i installed it properly, i called the company for tech support. As i suspected the motion detector was not working and the company representative agreed. We made some additional attempts at getting it to work and making sure that the power cord was good, i was sent a new one. In a few days it arrived and it works exactly as advertised. It is an excellent product as my two car garage is a bit tight so having the laser guide us into the proper position is great. Best dual laser parking two | Maxsa-Auto Accessory Review as-of ( Oct 2019 ) Benefit Maxsa Dual Laser Parking For TWO Cars 2 laser park laser swivel mounts. 10 foot cables for large vehicles. Ceiling mounting screws. Hassle free no wiring, no tools .

Maxsa dual laser parking for two cars Review (maxsa dual 3)

This works just as advertised! my granddaughter was afraid to pull her car in the garage because she was afraid of hitting the wall or the other car. My husband mounted this and taught her where the light would be for her to be able to pull in without mishap. She is one happy driver now and parks in the garage like a pro! -V. Anonymous

Maxsa Dual Laser Parking Cars

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dual laser parking two Automotive Parts And Accessories, Package contents 2 laser park laser swivel mounts 10 foot cables for large vehicles ceiling mounting screws quick installationn guide power pack a/c adapter with on/off chain easy installation 1, 2, 3. hassle free no wiring, no tools Maxsa Dual Laser Parking Two Cars (-Maxsa).

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Works fine, just needed a little time to get used to it. We had little stop signs on a 4 foot rod before which we were targeting when we drove in the garage (and then bumped into them). Now we like the laser way better although we don't have a reference point to target anymore. But after getting used to it we now can position our cars where they should be. Nothing is in your way when you work in the garage or trip over something or you have to pick up after you ran over it. Was worth the money, easy to install. Just needs a little time to adjust.

Maxsa Dual Laser Parking Two Cars
Click to see NoticeMaxsa Dual Laser Parking Two Cars (maxsa dual 3)"Very easy to install and works very well. Lots of adjustment for the angle on each beam to perfectly center it for proper car positioning. I like the battery backup feature too in case of power failure. But then getting my garage door to open and close would be my next challenge in that event. ; ). . Overall a great product that works well."

MAXSA Innovations 37310 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Single Laser

An innovative and unique device to help you park your car. The garage laser park turns on a visible laser when you enter the garage, allowing you to park in the exact right place every time. General laser information.   the laser pinpoints where you should stop when you park your car,   the laser is visible and easy to see.   for safety s sake, never aim laser beams into your eyes.    

MAXSA Innovations 37310 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Single LaserMAXSA-Innovations-37310-Garage-Single


Maxsa Innovations 37310 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Single Laser (Auto Accessory) reviewImage of Maxsa-innovations-37310-park-right-garage-laser-park,-single-laser-(auto-accessory)Maxsa Innovations 37310 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Single Laser Auto Accessory 37310
  1. Highlight: Easy installation with included screws
  2. Highlight: Always park your car correctly
Maxsa-innovations-37310-garage-single: Maxsa Auto Accessory An Innovative And Unique Device To Help You Park Your Car. The Garage Laser Park Turns On
Brand :    maxsa
Color :    Silver
Size :    Single laser
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    37310
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Always park your car correctly
  • Requires no wiring
  • Easy installation with included screws
  • No more bashed-in bumpers
  • Motion sensor allows you to only use the device when you need it
Price :    $15.51 (was $17.28)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for MAXSA Innovations 37310 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Single Laser available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

MAXSA Innovations 37312 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Dual Lasers

Great product so far. I can't write a bad review because my experience has been great. You do have to pay attention where you mount it due to the limitations in the rotation of the lazers. Put batteries in for this process and then hold it in place and make your adjustments prior to mounting it. I used a white piece of electrical tape and covered a portion of the motion sensor. That way it's not activated until i reach the back end of the garage. If it takes you longer than the time delay on the sensor you should probably have someone else park the car. I do unplug it if i'm working in the garage so it's not wasting it's life span.

An innovative and unique device to help you park your cars. The dual garage laser park turns on two visible lasers when you enter the garage, allowing you to park both cars in the exact right place every time. General laser information.   the laser pinpoints where you should stop when you park your car,   the laser is visible and easy to see.   for safety s sake, never aim laser beams into your eyes.    

MAXSA Innovations 37312 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Dual LasersMAXSA-Innovations-37312-Garage-Lasers

Maxsa Innovations 37312 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Dual Lasers (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Parking sensor arrived quickly. The plate that is used to attach it to the ceiling of my garage (drywall) only took 3 screws and the sensor is so light that it didn't require an anchor. I plugged the power adapter into one of the open outlet slots using where the garage door opener plugs in for power. Lining up the laser was the trickiest part but the whole installation took about 15 minutes. I like that this sensor has a motion detector so that it isn't on all the time. The red laser light is easy to see as i enter the garage even during the day time. The power cord was plenty long enough to reach the outlet on my ceiling. It's at least 6 or 8 feet long. The sensor can also take a 9v battery for backup power but i chose not to use this since my garage door wouldn't open to allow my vehicle to enter during a power outage. Only had thing is that upon receiving the product the prongs on the power adapter were bent. I was able to bend them back with needle nose pliers and the adapter is working fine. It's a good product. So far no complaints or problems aside from the bent prongs which i was able to fix easily. -Notice from H. Connie, Kentucky

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I bought this on online store a couple of months ago and was at first only generally satisfied. The laser did what it was supposed to, but within a few days the ac adapter droned on and on with an annoying buzz. When i pressed against it the noise quieted for a few minutes, but would quickly return. I even tried to secure it tightly to the ceiling with a long strap of velcro, but the adapter just kept buzzing. I finally contacted the manufacturer to see if i could do anything to fix it. No questions asked, except for proof of purchase, they shipped me a new adapter fast. It's perfect now; i park in the exact spot i want to every time in a quiet garage. Love their customer service.

Maxsa-innovations-37312-park-right-garage-laser-park,-dual-lasers-(auto-accessory) set picture

- J. EmilyI have the silver version, mounted to the ceiling. The motion detector seems to cover a broad area, and is easily triggered by the opening garage door. It is also triggered by movement in the garage, which is to be expected. Installation was easy. For a ceiling installation one removes the baseplate (push down on the tab and slide the silver part toward the top of the black tab), marks three holes on the ceiling using the baseplate as a template, drill pilot holes, and screw the baseplate to the ceiling. I used a stud finder to be sure the screws hit wood. For a wall mount, they include the option of two strips of double-stick foam tape (not to be used for a ceiling mount). The cord on the ac transformer is long enough (8-9 feet? ) to easily reach the ceiling outlet that was meant for an opener (i have a sidejack). . The laser spot was bright, even with the garage door open in sunny southern california. The lasers in their mounts are tight enough that the laser holds its position when set. Contrary to some complaints, the device shuts off promptly. You just have to hold still and make certain nothing is moving in the garage. . The maxsa innovations 37312 laser guided parking device is inexpensive, less goofy than a tennis ball, and more accurate than the old ultra-sonic ones. It s very handy if parking in your garage needs to be precise, due to limited space or obstacles. And for those people who don t think they need one, may i suggest that perhaps someone else in the family might benefit from it. . Installation note: try to leave yourself enough room to get up on a ladder and adjust the laser while the car is parked in position. If the device is directly over the car, you may not be able to reach, and will have to adjust through repeat guesses, while the car is backed out of the way.

I have tried the wall mount parking systems and was not happy with the way they worked. I want my car parked so the rear bumper just clears the garage door, so i thought i would try this laser indicator. . The laser projects a very visible, bright red dot that i have aligned to the edge of my dash. It doesn't get any easier then that. Pull the car into the garage until the dot is at the edge of the dash and your in. . Installation is very easy - figure out where you want it on the ceiling and install 3 small screws. Keep in mind when you pick your location that you would normally plug the ac adapter into the same outlet you plug your garage door opener into. There should be plenty of cord with the adapter for most peoole. . I found that when i was out walking around in my garage, the built in motion detector would activate the laser, even if i was in front of my car. I didn't like the idea of having the laser on when it didn't really need to be on. So, i bought a "light socket to plug adapter" (google it) from my local home depot for less then $1. My garage door opener has two light bulbs built in. I removed one of the light bulbs and screwed in the plug adapter. I then plugged the ac adapter for the laser indicator into that plug. Now, the laser will only turn on when the garage door opener light is on. (when i open the garage door, the light turns on and if the door is open for a while, if i cross the electric eye at the front of the garage the light will turn on). If the light is on, this means the laser indicator is will get power and it will probably turn on also. . I give this product a 4 instead of 5 stars because you can only adjust the laser in one direction - from the front of the garage to the back. It would be nice if you could adjust it from side to side, but the laser sits in a "slot", so you can't

C. Rochelle, Oklahoma

Price :    $22.65 (was $24.00)
  • Perfect for 2-car garages
  • The power cords on the ac adapters for the park right garage laser park devices with one laser are 9 feet long. the power cords on the ac adapters for the park right garage laser park devices with two lasers are 6. 5 feet long.
  • Laser shines onto vehicle to precisely guide to the correct spot
  • Helps prevent damage to car & garage
Brand :    maxsa
Color :    Silver
Size :    Dual Laser
Weight :    0.70 pounds
Model :    37312
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Car Audio Or Theater :    Best Auto Accessory (maxsa product review) for MAXSA Innovations 37312 Park Right Garage Laser Park, Dual Lasers available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

maxsa dual laser parking for two cars Price : 23.13, was : 27.95 as 2017-03-19
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Easy to install except that fine tuning laser dot location is a little tricky due to stickiness of swivel arms of lasers. However with a little effort it worked out okay. Laser dot takes a little getting used to in vehicle, but after a few times it is easy and very accurate.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: does anyone know about the 14 second timeout issue or the one laser that goes dead? lots of reports of this...are they fixed?

(1) Question: what triggers the lasers to come on?

(2) Question: can i use one of the lasers for pull in signal and the other for backing in of same car? not sure if signal can get over roof of suv when backing.

(3) Question: did anyone have this work from a 10' ceiling?

(4) Question: do u connect the decice to the garage opener or just to outlet?

(5) Question: can you adjust the lasers front and back and left and right?

(6) Question: can i use your product backing into the garage????

(7) Question: what is 10ft cable for?

(8) Question: ac or dc powered?

(9) Question: how it work ? how can i do that the car move in to garage does not hit the wall ?

(note) Question: where/how to get Maxsa (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Maxsa's products


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This product does the job well. I don't seem to have the issue with the short laser time. It stays on for at least a minute. Plenty of time to part the car. Without it my wife and kids could not get the cars parked correctly.

Automotive 18148651, Garage & Shop 10770751, Parking Gadgets 15970751, Tools & Equipment 14960751Top Maxsa Dual Laser Parking Two Cars (maxsa dual 3) FAQ Content

Best maxsa dual laser parking two cars (maxsa dual 3) in review

We installed this a few months after receiving it and it has worked well. I think after using it for almost a year i would have choose a different kind because the motion activation for the laser gets annoying if you use your garage for more than just parking. My husband uses our third bay for wood working, and my kids have their bikes and scooters they get in and out. Also we have a freezer and i do some painting so having the laser on constantly gets annoying.

J. Taylor, North Somerset

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I. Isabel, Tennessee says

We were looking to solve the issue of consistent parking so that the fridge in the garage could have the door fully open without hitting the car bumper. I decided i didn't want to fiddle with hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling, so i hopped online to see what kind of new garage parking assistance was available. I located this product and have been 100% absolutely delighted with it. Once i discovered these laser parking systems, i searched out a 2 car laser so that both cars could have the advantage of consistent parking. . Other reviewers might have mentioned issues with aligning the lasers on both cars. I did not have any trouble. My garage ceiling is higher than normal, so it is possible that is why. The lasers were a bit stiff to get moving out of the package in their ball and socket joints, but once the initial adjustment is complete, there is no more work involved. It was super easy to hang. Note that you should have a second person on-hand for the initial setup to help with the laser alignment, particularly if the second car isn't yours :). . Have not had any trouble with the lasers turning off too soon while parking as some customers remarked. The solution doesn't take any space in the garage isn't large, ugly, or obtrusive and is not a tripping hazard if the car is not there. . Bottom line: totally worth it!

N. Parker, Aquitaine

Some gizmos seem self-indulgent. Surely i can figure out how to park the car in my own garage without yet another device with blinking lights? yet, i haven't regretted this purchase for a moment. . I'm sure the the architectural drawings for my house list that space as a "two car garage. " but fitting our single car into the space is always a challenge. The garage is also the workshop, to begin with, which means that the car has to scrunch in between the table saw and the lathe without bumping into the bandsaw - not to mention the woodworking project underway (currently a big gate for the backyard). And not to mention the bicycles, outdoor-storage items (such as ice chests), and all the boxes of stuff that we'll look at again someday. We also have a huge stash of wood for the aforementioned projects. Really, i can't imagine how anyone could just drive into a garage. . With wood piled in front of the car "spot" and blade-encrusted power tools on either side, the result is that we spent precious time nudging the car forward (bang! okay just a little too far. ) or realizing that the garage door wouldn't close. Usually i realized this after i'd gotten out of the car and adjusted the seat for the taller person so he could get in. In our previous house we used the ping-pong-ball-and-string trick (actually a cat toy disdained by the felines, which was softer) but that doesn't work if the space is also a workshop. . While i can't speak to its suitability for a two-car garage, this gizmo utterly removed that annoyance from our lives. It's attached at the front of the garage, and (after five minutes of setup) shines a laser on an easily identifiable spot on the dashboard. When the red light lines up with that grill. I'm parked. Done. . That's it. One simplification of my life. That's worth twenty bucks. No question.

G. Anderson, Buckinghamshire says

Laser is strong, no problems seeing it. Tip: mount it within 3 or 4 feet of your opener, the laser heads to not adjust enough if you mount it farther back. Motion detector works great.

Y. Campbell, Kentucky

I like having this instead of a shoe string hanging from my ceiling. It's a pretty straight forward device. Mount it, park the car where you want it, and point the laser to a spot on the car so every time the dot hits that spot you stop. . Couple things to be aware of though. Do not use the double sided sticky tape they provide. Maybe it was too hot that day but i stuck them to the ceiling and positioned the lasers perfectly only to find the unit swinging from the ceiling later that day. . To position the lasers, they are simply plastic "ball and socket" joints. When i first tried to move them i felt and heard a pop. I thought i broke it but they are fine. They are a little tricky to position because they don't move smoothly but the good news is that you know they won't move around at all once positioned. . Overall, it does what it's supposed to do. When positioning though, make sure you give yourself a little buffer. I consider myself a good parker but even i can't park exactly in the same spot each time. The lasers are precise which means wherever you positioned them initially, that's where they'll end up.

B. Anonymous, Northamptonshire says

Installs really easily to the ceiling amd performs as advertised. Point the lasers where you want them and you're good to go! after that you don't have to do anything. They don't move and you can use them to assist with your parking. Recommended for those with a busy garage who need hell figuring out how far to pulll the car in.

R. Widmer, Rhode Island

I ordered this device after one of my neighbors installed it in his garage. I was impressed. When i received my unit he installed it for me and we found that the unit had an intermittent failure with the led's. So i was bummed out and called the customer support line. It was about 5:15 edt and rita answered the phone in a few rings. I explained the problem. She agreed the unit was faulty and would replace it. She said i needed to forward my confirmation email from my online store purchase. I said that it was after 5:00 and was that her normal end of day for work. She said yes but told me that she would wait until i found my email and forward to her with the necessary shipping information so she s could prepare it for shipping. I received the replacement unit in two days. Way to go rita. It was easy to install the replacement module since i had the mounting bracket and wiring already in place. The unit was positioned for both cars and works great. My neighbor varied the installation by running the wiring into the attic and connecting to the garage door opener bulb socket using an outlet adapter. Not only is this a clean look, it allows the unit to turn on when the garage opens but does not need to function when i am working around in the garage. Also, i am ordering additional units for christmas gifts since friends are using the tennis ball strung form the ceiling and other rigged methods.

A. Theresa, Salford says

I bought this to help my wife park her car evenly in the garage parking space. We had tried a tennis ball on a string as a guide, which can't be adjusted. This laser guide works perfectly! it's adjustable, so the beam can be aimed. I have it pointing to the center of the dashboard, when the car is aligned. We need this so that we have space in front of the car to move to the door to our home. Great pruct and easy to use! the hardest part was climbing a step ladder to place the unit.

A. Guest, Auvergne

Installed in garage. Pulled cars in and positioned them where i wanted. I then aimed the laser on a spot on the dash where i know i need to center and stop. . You need to put this on the back wall or ceiling of your garage. My outlet was not as far back on the ceiling so i mounted it about 5 feet from the back wall. The lasers adjusted but would not aim to the sides of the unit where i needed them. I had to modify it slightly by snipping a notch to allow the lasers to point more to the sides. Wasnt hard to do but did need a slight modification. Would have gave it 5 stars if it met my adjustment out of the box. . My wife an i love the lased parking aid though. Sure beats the ole tennis balls hanging down. :) we will see how it holds up.

L. Gloria, Michigan says

I was concerned when i read of the dots being too dim or the heads only adjusting on one axis. Not true and not true! they must have upgraded the lasers because the dots are very easy to see in the garage, even when it's very bright outside (in fact they reflect of the windshield and are even easy to see on the ceiling). They also adjust both in all directions you could need. It's a bit fiddly to get them right where you want them as the ball and socket are plastic on plastic, but they seem to hold firm once in place. One tip, i mounted mine with poster putty to make sure i could get the lasers in the right spot before i screwed this to the ceiling. Measure twice, cut once. Also, there were some comments about the lights staying on only 14 seconds. My unit stays on 17 seconds, which is more than enough time for me to pull in. Also, remember a tip from another poster - if you are worried about the laser coming on while walking around an empty garage, you can screw a socket adaptor into the light bulb socket, then screw the bulb into that and plug in your unit there. That way, the laser will only have power to operate when the door goes up or down.

K. Suzanne, Cumbria

Absolutely love this. It was super easy to install next to my garage door opener in the ceiling of my garage. It plugs in, so no need to worry about batteries. I should have purchased this years ago. My wife get the car pulled into the garage pretty good, but side to side, she would vary by at least a foot. This gets her within an inch every time.

D. Sheila, Ontario says

We recently moved to new home and the garage is doubling as my work area so getting an suv and a small pickup in is tight. I ordered one of these and mounted it and then decided to get a second. Here's why - when my wife shops for groceries, she likes to back in. When she's just coming home from work - she pulls straight in. I thought i might be able to use one for both the front and the rear of her car, but to get the best placement of the "dot", it helps to have the units positioned about 3-4 feet apart on the ceiling. The battery back up is not something i'm going to waste batteries on . If the powers out - the garage door isn't going to open anyway . . The unit is a bit lightweight and flimsy feeling. I'm hoping the motion detectors and the laser bulbs keep functioning. I'm writing this review at the beginning of dec 2015. If there are no problems . I will not come back to revise - in which case, you can consider this a 5 star rating - because it's working great as installed this weekend - but my only concern is if it will last .

E. Janice, Wisconsin

I've had this for several months now and absolutely love it! i don't know how i made it this long without one and never will go without one again. It is so much better than driving up on one of those pads, having a mark on the floor or having the tennis ball hanging. You just find the perfect spot on your dashboard and park perfectly every time. It automatically goes on when it senses motion and has worked absolutely perfectly since i installed it which only took about 30 minutes.

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