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Price was $248.08. I bought this meguiar's d. A polisher back in december 27, 2012 as a gift to myself. After about a year use i'm very happy with it. In the beginning i had used cheaper polisher bought from chain auto stores. Those polisher are not as good in quality. Cheaply made and wouldn't last for a long time, in other words you get what you pay for. Before i bought this buffer i was doing some researching and reviews on online store and youtube. In the end i bought this buffer. . Assembling the polisher is very easy, handle 2 bolts and backing plate screw on with the supplied wrench. The cord is long therefore you don't have to worry about the outlet hitting the car pant job and causing more marks, scratches etc. . Ever since i got my 2012 honda accord coup 3rd quarter of the year i have been detailing my car with this buffer and friends' car such as lexus is250 and lotus elise and along with the meguiar's product line of compounds, waxes etc. The out come of the work product by this buffer is great. . Within this year i have also bought the meguiar's microfiber paint correction kit and i have yet to use it. But the kit included a 5 inch backing plate that is the same thread, so switching between the foam and microfiber pads is very easy.

-Q. Stacey

Professional dual action this is meguiar’s new and improved v2 of the g110 dual action polisher. the g110v2 touts a new cruise control feature – an internal feedback circuit that actually increases torque -meguiar’s g110v2 professional dual action polisher

  • Special: 1800opm – 6800opm, The Most Versatile Speed Range In It’s Class.
  • Special: Easy Side-port Access For Quick Brush Changes.

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This buffer works very well. I would rate it higher except that the metric fasteners were too short to attach the handle. I called meguiar's and the mailed me two screws the same as i had. I installed longer screws and all is well. If i recall the screws were about 15 mm long and needed to be 20 mm. The Best professional dual action as-of ( May 2019 ) | Meguiar S-Auto Accessory Review Special Meguiar's G110V2 Professional Dual Action Polisher Internal feedback circuit increases torque when downward pressure is applied. 1800opm - 6800opm, the most versatile speed range in it's class. Easy side-port access for quick brush changes. Includes w68da soft buff 2. 0 da backing plate and embroidered canvas bag. Soft touch finish prevents scratching your vehicles paint .

Meguiar's G110v2 Professional Dual Action Polisher Review (g110v2)

Very easy to handle in tight spots and smooth to control. Completely avoids the possibility of "burning" the paint since it move in a random orbit. First unit was defective in its on/switch but online store quickly replaced the unit even before i returned the defective one. Accessory bag is heavy duty and useful to keep buffing materials together with the polisher. Pricey but makes the buffing process much less fatiguing. Recommend applying any. Product by hand first and then use a velcro attachable pad to buff. You will use much less product that way and. Still achieve the necessary application. With today's products, more does not lead to a better shine or cleaning. -Z. Rhonda

Meguiars G110v2 Professional Action Polisher

  • Order: Automotive
  • Brand: Meguiar's
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0070382002602
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:6.00 inches
    Length:15.00 inches
    Weight:8.45 pounds
    Width:7.00 inches
  • Manufacturer: Meguiar's
  • Warranty-Part: Parts
  • Model: G110V2
  • MPN: G110V2
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: G110V2
  • Sub-Type: Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category: AUTO ACCESSORY
  • UPC: 070382002602
  • Warranty: 1 Year

professional dual action Automotive Parts And Accessories, This is meguiar's new and improved v2 of the g110 dual action polisher. the g110v2 touts a new cruise control feature - an internal feedback circuit that actually increases torque when downward pressure is applied. and with an opm (orbits per minute) range of 1800 - 6800, it has the most versatile speed range in its class. other features include easy side-port access for quick brush changes - same as most professional rotary buffers. the meguiar's g110v2 also features a new rubber cord, convenient meguiar's canvas bag, and even includes a w68da soft buff 2. 0 da backing plate. Meguiar's G110v2 Professional Dual Action Polisher (G110V2-Meguiar S).

Meguiars G110v2 Professional Action Polisher Automotive Parts And Accessories

professional dual actionMeguiar's G110V2 Professional Dual Action Polisher (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Having to do car care by hand can be a time-consuming effort, but with meguiar's dual action polisher, compounding, polishing and waxing can be done with minimal effort. Meguiar's dual action polisher produces a low risk, dual-action, rotation and orbit pattern that produces far superior results than mere hand application.

I bought a new car about a year ago and as of recently i noticed my car was covered in small surface scratches aka "swirl marks or cob webs". Unfortunately it's black and they showed alot during sun and when light was on it at night. This was my first black car so i really didn't know running it through an automatic car wash did so much damage to the clear coat. I was hesitant to buy this product due to the price but let me tell you this is the best product i have ever bought for a car. It is effortless to use even for a first time buffer/polisher to use. I just watched a few youtube videos on how to use it. It is impossible to mess up your paint with this product as it will stop working if you apply too much pressure. I combined this with maguires ultimate compound and in little over 20 minutes i had done half my hood and all i can say is wow! no scratches left at all looks like brand new paint. Honestly if you have alot of swirl marks or cob webbing the hand applicator will not do the job from experience but this you won't regret it! now all my friends want to pay me to do their car

Meguiar's G110v2 Professional Dual Action Polisher
Click to see NoticeMeguiar's G110v2 Professional Dual Action Polisher (Auto Accessory)"Just received this mequiars g110v2 as a christmas gift along with the 6" da pro pads, backing plate & compound/finishing wax kit. In the 2 family cars completed so far, i'm very impressed with the quality of the machine and the whole system works together to provide superior results with assurances built-in so diy guys like me can't screw-up a car's paint job. Received many compliments so far on how great the cars look! the weight and balance of the machine in your hand, the variable speed control, the different pads and backing plates coupled with the superior mequiars product line of cleaners, compounds, polishes and waxes equates to a brand loyal fan of this consumer. I just ordered and received the xtra cut pad for our old chevy tahoe that has been our camping, scoutmaster vehicles for years that needs some extra attention in the paint dept. I'll report back later on how it turned out."

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Meguiar's G14422 Ultimate Quik Detailer - 22 oz. Premium Spray Detailer

Usually i'm unhappy with most detailing products. This stuff is spot on. Just got done a wash and water spots after the wash and dry allays happen to me. Decided instead of a 40 minute wax i'd give this a run. . Fantastic application and a fantastic shine. . Don't hesitate pulling the button on this one.

Meguiar's ultimate quik detailer enhances depth of color and wax protection while being safe on all surfaces. Its hydrophobic ( fear of water ) polymer technology creates a water-repellent surface to give your car extra protection. Use this quick detailer to safely remove dust and fresh surface contaminants while making your car shine with a just washed look. It s perfect for removing dust and fingerprints and leaves behind a slick, glossy, ultra-dark finish.

Meguiar's G14422 Ultimate Quik Detailer - 22 oz. Premium Spray DetailerMeguiars-G14422-Ultimate-Quik-Detailer

Meguiar's G14422 Ultimate Quik Detailer - 22 Oz. (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This is really good stuff to have around. Great for cleaning off that light layer or dirt or dust and at the same time keeping up the protection and shine. So long as your car was shiny before it got a little dirty, it will be just as shiny after using this. It's like a level up for the quick detailer in the red bottle. . But, if your car is really dirty, just wash it. Using these sort of mist and wipe products on a very dirty car just makes you rub that dirt into your paint and mess it up. -Notice from L. Judith, Languedoc-Roussillon

Click to Show meguiar's g14422 ultimate quik detailer - 22 oz. (auto accessory) Details

I'm sold. Prior to this, i was cleaning my car with the local car wash or just wiping down the dirt with a damp cloth. I'm still looking for a place that can wax my car every now and then. For now, this will suffice. I have a dark red car, and it looks amazing after the solution cures. My car is shinier than when i use the car wash or plain old water. It doesn't attract as much dust, dirt, or water stains. Water beads up and slides off my car easily. . I use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe down the dirt, bird poop, etc. Off of my car first. I then go over small sections, spraying this directly onto the car, then spreading the solution in the area, and buffing it dry. I use two cloths: one is used to spread the solution and the other stays relatively dry for the buffing/wiping. I always turn to a clean portion of the cloth if it gets too dirty/wet. You don't have to apply too much pressure if you're doing this by hand, but it does take time and effort, and i felt sore after wiping down my entire car (and windows with the meguiar's glass cleaner). I cleaned my car in the late afternoon and finished before it got dark; that way i don't have to worry about the car being in the sun. The next morning, my car looked incredibly shiny and clean than when i first got done cleaning. . I've had my car cleaned up in a shop before this, and i honestly did the equivalent to their waxing job with this (and manually done). I highly recommend getting this product to spruce up your car in between washes/waxes.

Meguiar's-g14422-ultimate-quik-detailer---22-oz.-(auto-accessory) set picture

- K. BrendaCompared to the "best" money can buy. Meguiar's is a solid quality product. Dollar for dollar can't be beat. You couldn't see the difference between the results from using meguires or those costing hundreds of dollars more. Check out the so called top of the line car care products from "z. " no way would i ever spend $500 for a car care product when item for item meguires is just as good. I own a bmw z3 roadster. It's mostly a "garage queen", but i do drive it in good weather. No rain and not ever in the winter. Stays in my garage in the winter with a cover on it. Since i found out about quick detailers i don't wash the z3 with water. Before using meguiars detailer i blow the car off with a leaf blower. And then use the meguiars detailer. Takes about 20 minutes and the results are outstanding. Absolutely no scratches. I use microfiber towels (2) 1 rag to wipe the detailer off and the other to 'dry" with. The microfiber rags are collected for washing later, and fresh ones used next time. Learned about quick detailers from a auto body repairman. His car was painted black, and 5 years old. No visible scratches and he never ever used water to wash from day one. I keep the microfiber in a separate container with a lid on it and these particular rags are only used with the detailer. Sounds crazy and too many considerations, but this is the way i do it, and this is why i'm asked if the paint is new by admirers. Above all else follow meguires instructions to the letter. Thanks meguiars for helping me keep my z3 looking like new.

I have a 2012 gmc sierra denali crew cab in white diamond. After using this product its amazing a smooth the paint surface feels. Also the depth of the pearl is incredible. Just glows in the sunlight. I also use meguiar's gold class leather cleaner & conditioner for the interior to as expected results. Great products at a great prices. Highly recommend

Q. Rowe, Sheffield

Brand :    meguiar's
Color :    Black
Size :    22 oz.
Weight :    2.20 pounds
Model :    G14422
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Achieve a just-washed look: this quick spray detailer safely and quickly removes dust and surface contaminants between washings
  • Safe to use: ph neutral so it won't strip or remove wax protection from the paint
  • Enhances protection: strengthens wax protection and enhances shine, color and gloss
  • Slick, glossy finish: high-lubricity formula gives the finish an ultra-slick, ultra-dark gloss. it's clear coat safe and ideal for all paint types
  • Water rolls right off: hydrophobic polymer technology pushes water right off the surface to minimize water spots and makes drying the paint easier
Price :    $7.87
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (meguiar's product review) for Meguiar's G14422 Ultimate Quik Detailer - 22 oz. Premium Spray Detailer available as-of ( May 2019 )

Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels Reusable Towels Deliver Impressive Shine X2020 3-Pack

Meguiar's supreme shine microfiber towels are great - not just for auto detailing but are perfect for cleaning your boat, home or office too! . . These towels are incredibly plush, even more plush than zwipes brand microfiber towels, and are far more absorbent than zwipes and many other traditional terry cloth towel brands out on the market. They are double sided, machine washable and reusable. Although they are reusable i replace them once per year since i use them for every step of detailing so they tend to take a beating. . I have used these microfiber towels for detailing my car and they leave no lint and no scratches at all, what they do leave however is a swirl free finish on your car's exterior :) they are great for chrome rims too! i have found them helpful for cleaning the mirrors and windows in my home as well as cleaning chrome faucets and other fixtures! . . I am all around pleased with the quality of this product and highly recommend them!

Meguiar's supreme shine microfiber produces amazing mirror-like shine on all finishes. The thick, deep, dual-sided microfiber pile absorbs more product quicker than traditional terry towels, and safety edging eliminates the possibility of swirling or scratching. These towels are prewashed for maximum absorbency and are safe on all paint and clear coats. Since they are rusable and machine washable you can use them again and again to keep paint pampered and swirl-free.

Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels Reusable Towels Deliver Impressive Shine X2020 3-PackMeguiars-Supreme-Shine-Microfiber-Towels

Meguiar's X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Cloths Pack 3 (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Our church uses these to clean the silver plate serving trays after communion. The trays are passed and handled by 200 people. If we polished the silver every time, the plate would wear off quickly. These cloths take off grime, mild tarnish and fingerprints without polish and without scratching. -Notice from Z. Whiteman, Bolton

Click to Show meguiar's x2020 supreme shine microfiber cloths pack 3 (auto accessory) Details

I have tried several microfiber towels recently, they are all great in comparison to using a standard terry cloth, that being said not all microfiber towels are created equally. First and foremost always be certain to pull the tags off any towel you use before working on that show car in your garage. These towels i give a good 4 star rating but not five to due to the fact that while being microfiber they still left some minute residue behind on my cars finish. They are better than zwipes, they are much much bigger than zwipes, but sadly pale in comparison to cobra microfiber towels. I feel the cost versus value regarding this item isn't very good, you only get 3 towels for nearly $9. 00 so for me this is a once and once only purchase.

Meguiar's-x2020-supreme-shine-microfiber-cloths-pack-3-(auto-accessory) set picture

- G. WimbishThese micro fiber towels are great for many applications. I bought them with the intent of using them for cleaning my cars. It works great for that and i keep 1 of the towels for that. Another use i have for them is wiping down windows with windex. The lint free towel provides a great no-streak finish on the glass. Lastly, i use these towels for applying a wax/oil wood finish to my woodworking projects. It does a good job getting into all of the nooks and crannies of the wood. . Each towel is 16"x24" and holds a lot of water. . Included in this pack are 3 towels. . Pros:. *multiple uses. *lint free. *large. . Cons:. *none. . Additional considerations:. You may want more than three towels if you find as many uses for them as i have. . Overall: 5/5 stars ( . 5 rounds up, . 5 rounds down) 5 stars. . If you have any further questions regarding the product in my review please leave a comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

My primary use for these was to test them against the "cooling towels" that are so popular today. I have a couple of those, made of pva and they're very effective though they're annoyingly stiff when dry so they're hard to put back in their containers after use. The top consumer review mag tested the pva against regular towels and found they work similarly. My experience was about the same though the meguiar cloths need to be turned quite a bit more frequently to maintain the cooling, i imagine that's the difference in materials. As a multi-purpose cloth that i can also use as a cooling cloth in a pinch these work great, the edges are soft and they should hold up nicely although they are a bit small when draping around the neck for cooling while doing yard work. I also tested a cloth towel and it didn't work nearly as well as the meguiar. Overall, the 02 cool and frogg toggs towels i have get an a grade, meguiar's gets a b to b+ and a dish towel comes in at a c or lower.

J. Alba, Vermont

Brand :    meguiar's
Size :    Pack of 3
Weight :    0.55 pounds
Model :    X2020
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Absorbs twice as much: thick, deep dual-sided microfiber pile absorbs two times more than traditional terry towels providing faster wipe off with less strokes
  • Fast results: the easiest and fastest way to remove compounds, polishes, waxes, and spray detailers
  • No more swirls: incredibly plush microfiber towel for producing swirl-free, mirror-like results
  • Multipack: pack of 3 16" x 24" towels. machine wash for multiple uses
  • Show car results: the ultimate polishing towel to use on paint, glass, plastic and chrome for show-car perfect results
Price :    $3.59 (was $4.50)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (meguiar's product review) for Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels Reusable Towels Deliver Impressive Shine X2020 3-Pack available as-of ( May 2019 )

Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt Super-Thick Reusable Wash Mitt Ultimate Finish X3002

This one is a newer type of material and sturdier construction. My older one had more fluff. I like that it has a medium pile microfiber plush. I thought it was the old one and bought two. Looks like i am going to have these for a long time the old one had deeper pile and ended up fraying after three years of use. These look as thought they'll last. Using the old one to do the wheels.

Meguiar s microfiber wash mitt is the ultimate choice for show car perfect finishes. Our super-soft, extra-thick wash mitt lifts and traps dirt, allowing for swirl-free washing. This premium mitt also features a comfort-fit cuff and soft inner lining for comfortable use. Super-absorbent microfiber lifts and carries more suds and water for faster, safer washing delivering a brilliant finish on all automobile surfaces.

Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt Super-Thick Reusable Wash Mitt Ultimate Finish X3002Meguiars-Microfiber-Wash-Mitt-Super-ThickMeguiar s microfiber wash mitt features super absorbent microfiber that carries more water and suds. It s super-soft, deep microfiber safely lifts and traps dirt and grime for a brilliant, swirl-free finish that is lint-free and can be washed and re-used repeatedly. Meguiar s microfiber wash mitt is an essential tool in creating and maintaining a show car perfect finish each time you wash your vehicle. Use a two-bucket method with a grit guard (sold separately) to prevent paint damage two bucket method meguiar's recommends that you use the two bucket method in conjunction with the meguiar's grit guard to reduce the chances of inflicting swirls into your paint. The two-bucket method makes use of one bucket for your wash solution and a second bucket with just plain water to use as a rinse for meguiar's microfiber wash mitt. 1. Use the water bucket to dunk your microfiber wash mitt into the soapy water bucket and wash a panel or section of your vehicle. 2. Dunk the microfiber wash mitt and any loose contaminants it picked up, into the rinse bucket, swish it around and wring it out. 3. The grit guard is simply a baffle in the bottom of the bucket, preventing loose contaminants from being dispersed back into the water the next time you rinse your wash mitt. 4. Now you can dunk your mitt into the soapy water bucket and wash the next panel or section of your vehicle. As an added safety precaution you can insert a grit guard into your soapy water bucket as well. Selecting a drying cloth drying cloths or chamois should be used after washing your vehicle, because you should never just let your vehicle air dry as this leads to water spots. Selecting your drying towel is every bit as important as choosing your wash mitt as you want to select something that is absorbent but also very soft and gentle to the paint. Meguiar's offers a microfiber drying towels for you to select from that will not harm or scratch your paint. Meguiar's water magnet microfiber drying towel reduces drying time with less wring-outs by absorbing up to two times the water of traditional terry towels. The extra large 22" x 30" waffle texture wrings out easily and leaves a spot-free finish. Br clear "all"

Meguiar's X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Love this mitt and i must admit i'm surprised how much i do. I now more about detailing cars than i should, but i like researching it. I've tried all kinds of products from zaino to meguiar's and as a result also tried many different mitts. This one is my favorite, again, which sort of surprises me because at this price i wasn't really expecting much. I like it that it is white so it easy to pick out any artifacts that might have been picked up that needs to be pulled out. I also like it for the fact that the microfiber loops are extremely small. With so many other products there are big strands of it that can possibly get caught in little corners. However, the thing i like the most about this mitt, and i'm not sure why it has this property, is how it glides over the surface. I don't know why, but this mitt doesn't grab nearly as much as my other mitts. It just slides with ease. It is a nice feeling, but i also feel like i'm not apply much pressure at all when i'm washing the vehicle. That is a good thing because if you apply more pressure i would think you increase the risk of possibly running something across the surface that could result in a scratch. -Notice from C. Valencia, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

Click to Show meguiar's x3002 microfiber wash mitt (auto accessory) Details

Softest and most effective mitt on the market. When you dunk it into your rinse bucket, it's easy to get dirt off before you dip into shampoo bucket. I never feel like i'm harming the paint and i'm not going over spots twice unalike other lesser mitts.

Meguiar's-x3002-microfiber-wash-mitt-(auto-accessory) set picture

- N. EdnaThese mitts as part of the rest of the mequiar's products i now use did an awesome job on my truck. I did plenty of research on how best to wash a car, which included learning the correct process and using right soap, clay bar, polish and wax. The truck came out unbelievable and although the mitt was a small part of the process it surely made a difference. . How i review:. When i review a product said product automatically starts with four stars as i rarely will purchase anything below four stars. I then add and/subtract stars based on certain criteria as listed below. 1. If an item is exactly what i expected and nothing more it will receive a four star rating. 2. If an item surpasses my expectations it will gain a star. 3. If an item goes slightly below my expectations it will lose a star. 4. If the instructions for the product (if needed) are poorly written (hard to understand due to language issues or grammar) or just too hard to follow it will lose a star no matter if the product meets or exceed my expectations. 5. If a product is significantly below my expectations i will deduct two stars. 6. It will be rare that i would give a product one star since i buy mostly items that have a 4+ rating but in rare instances there may be a good reason that even a four star product gets a one star rating from me. It could be because of customer service issues from the company but whatever the case is i will clearly explain my reason for giving a product one star

I don't know if i'm the only one who gets hand cramps while washing my car with a rag, but this mitt definitely takes away my pain! just slip you hand in and go! i've also been surprised at the lack of smell despite multiple uses (although i always make a point to wring it out after i'm done). This is slightly more rough than a microfiber cloth, which is a good thing because washing your car with a super soft cloth is a no-no (it doesn't get the dirt out of the grooves, which can later damage your paint). Sure, this is a luxury and is definitely not necessary, but one less excuse to not wash your car as often as you should!

S. Walsh, Wisconsin

Brand :    meguiar's
Color :    Red
Size :    7 B(M) US
Weight :    0.4 pounds
  • Reusable: 8" x 10" hand wash mitt, machine washable and reusable
  • Show car finish: the ultimate wash mitt for show car perfect finishes
  • Clear coat safe: incredibly soft lint-free microfiber lifts and traps dirt and grime for a brilliant, swirl-free finish
  • Wet or dry wash: can be used with traditional car wash soap or used dry with meguiar's quik detailer mist & wipe a3316
  • Sudsy water wash: our wash mitt is made of super-absorbent microfiber to carry more suds for faster, safer washing
Price :    $3.99 (was $5.57)
Model :    X3002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt Super-Thick Reusable Wash Mitt Ultimate Finish X3002 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Turbo-Wash Pressure Washer

The turbowash kit lets you power wash your cars, windows, patio furniture, trash cans, boats and more. The included industrial strength turbowash soap is bio-degradable for cleaning. The turbowash original power pressure washer fits on any garden hose and sprays pressurized clean or soapy water to clean most surfaces. With turbowash, there are no brushes to scratch your finish. Turbowash is made in the usa and uses only the best materials to ensure excellent results.

Turbo-Wash Pressure WasherTurbo-Wash-1100-Pressure-Washer

Brand :    turbo-wash
  • Use it to clean wheels, wheel wheels, undersides of car bodies, tops of suvs, second story windows and more
  • Brushless fan spray tip provides a broad fine spray especially useful for washing and rinsing large surfaces
  • With three different spray tips included, you can either shoot a strong 60 foot stream, spray a broad flat area or direct an angle spray into hard-to-reach places
  • The 45 degree angle spray tip ensures thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas
  • No brushes means no scratches
Price :    —
Model :    1100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (turbo-wash product review) for Turbo-Wash Pressure Washer available as-of ( May 2019 )

Meguiar's W9006 Mirror Glaze Professional Soft Buff 6.5 Foam Finishing Pad

Meguiar's soft buff foam finishing pad uses luxurious foam to pamper the finish. It restores high gloss and features an exclusive foam cell structure to improve air flow. Pad changes are easy with the velcro backing system.

Meguiar's W9006 Mirror Glaze Professional Soft Buff 6.5 Foam Finishing PadMeguiars-W9006-Mirror-Professional-FinishingWhether using a rotary buffer or meguiar s g110v2 professional dual action polisher (sold separately, with the soft buff foam finishing pad you can easily and quickly shine and protect a vehicle s paint. Meguiar's soft buff foam finishing pad pampers paint finishes and helps to restore a high gloss to surfaces. Each pad features an exclusive foam cell structure to improve air flow. Pad changes are easy with the velcro backing system.

Brand :    meguiar's
Size :    6.5"
Weight :    0.15 pounds
  • Foam cell structure improves air flow
  • Backing system allows quick and easy pad changes
  • Foam pampers surface finishes
  • Restores high gloss to surfaces
Price :    —
Model :    W9006
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (meguiar's product review) for Meguiar's W9006 Mirror Glaze Professional Soft Buff 6.5 Foam Finishing Pad available as-of ( May 2019 )

meguiar's g110v2 professional dual action polisher Price : 248.08, was : 0 as 2018-10-28
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Did exactly what it said. Used the youtube videos for techniques and then used it. Works perfectly and gives the results expected. The youtube videos are awesome which give you great details on how to use this product. Use this kind of product for the first time and the car now shines amazing. . I used it on my decade old sonata and it shines amazing now. . Highly recommended.

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(0) Question: What pads come with meguiars prof da. do i need to buy applicator pads and polishing pads and if so which ones !

(1) Question: Can you use this as a buffer or just polisher

(2) Question: How many watts is the machine? i want to know the electricity information on it.

(3) Question: Does the appliance comply with bahrain power standards, where voltage is 400/230 and frequency is 50z?

(4) Question: Can it be used with 220votage sysyem?

(5) Question: What's the amperage of this model?

(6) Question: This polisher is 120v-240v? thanks

(7) Question: If i buy this in the states and then took it to the uk with a 240v electricity supply would this work or not work? tia

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Why did it take half my life to find something like this machine? i don't get it. For an initial round of clay/compound/polish and wax took me 8 hours and a sore back. But when looking at the results. Unbelievable. I am so proud of the job done. What i appreciate especially is that at no point i felt like i could create any damage to my car. When cleaning the cutting pads from the compound with a brush the pad will fly away when the speed is set to 5. So you may want to reduce that to 3 or so prior to the cleaning procedure. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has fun to do those jobs by yourself. Tip: make sure to watch the how-to videos at the meguiairs website as they have helped me a lot before doing my first car.

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Been using my old buffer for years, big old oribital polisher. It did an ok job. What makes this system work so well is the dual actions and different speeds the polisher has - long with using the foam polishing pads and the various meguiar's compounds, polishers and waxes. My classic 911 was a 3 year old paint job, and i could never remove the small scratches and swirl marks. In fact i think my old polisher made it worse! . Paint and clear coat were in good shape, but dull and hazy. Started by using the meguiars wwlc7 solo wool light cutting pad 7 inch with the ultimate compound - paint looked new with zero imperfections! then used the foam polishing pad for wax and man, i was thrilled. You can't go wrong and this takes very little work to do - check out the meguiars videos on line to get a good idea on how to do it right the 1st time.

W. Hayward, Rhode Island

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K. Sandra, Suffolk says

I had swirl marks and spider web scratches on my new car from improperly washing it and treating my black paint like i did my old white car. Nothing worked by hand so i invested in this. Best thing ever. Using swirl x and applying moderate pressure on setting 3 1/2 the marks were gone. Since i was in the shade i used a flashlight to see the results. Amazing. My new car looks better than it did when i brought it home. . I would suggest watching the how to videos on meguiar's website, they gave me the confidence i needed that i wasn't going to destroy my paint. After using the swirl x with the da polisher i applied meguiar's ultimate polish then the tech wax 2. 0 by hand. Only because i didn't have any other clean pads for all three steps. Buy spares and the black polishing pad to wax it. Great product. Get it!

I. Nancy, Birmingham

This is my first time using a dap. I read the instructions thoroughly. Based off of reviews, i bought the 2. 0 version of the polishing pad and finishing pad. No problems with the pads coming off. Just remember to put the machine on the car first before turning it on and when you turn it off, wait for it to stop spinning on the car before pulling it off. The speed setting is located at the bottom near the cable. The on and off is conveniently located by the handle so you can use your thumb to actually turn it off. I was very grateful for this since i had to rest my arms and it made it easy to turn off while still holding it against the car. . After awhile, the vibrations will make your arm feel like jelly. Lucky, i had a buddy and we switched off so our arms could rest. We used the dap on the 3 setting and noticed that the machine got noticeably hotter after about 40 min of use. We were debating about letting it cool or trying to just finish since we were on the last section. We finished with no problems. . The noise level isn't too bad on 3. You may have to yell if you want to talk to people though. . The next time i use it, i may put it on the 4 setting. On 3, i noticed the pad wasn't spinning that much but on 4, it spins at double the speed (noticed this at the end). I do worry about the device overheating on 4. Something to be cautious of. . You may need an extension cable to get around your car. The cable isn't that long. . My car looks great, like new, and i neglected it for 5 years. The bird poo stains are off. Most of the water stains are off (i got tired and careless at some points). Most of the swirls are off. The car shines. . What i did: wash clay bar polish wax.

D. Isabel, Louisiana says

Online store's "frequently bought together" shows 6. 5" polishing and finishing pads as being appropriate for this wonderful polisher. I fell into that trap and ordered those with my new polisher on online store's suggestion. Then i found out from meguiars that they recently upgraded the backing pad to a 7" backing pad and that now 7" pads are the order of the day. . Not only that i just found out from meguiars that the 6. 5" pads are not washable without risk of the velcro backing coming off. Do not waste your money on the 6. 5" pads! . . So be sure to order the w8207 and w9207 7" pads to go with your new polisher's 7" backing plate. Fortunately for me online store's wonderful customer service fully took care of my exchange and is changing the website as i type this. . Here are the links to the correct pads:. Softbuff 2. 0 foam polishing pad 7 inch. Meguiar's w 9207 7" soft buff 2. 0 foam finishing pad. . Also, meguiars highly recommends their 4" backing plate and pads for doing small areas of the car like bumpers and "a" pillars. I plan on ordering those but unfortunately online store does not yet carry them. . Finally, i will be writing a proper review once i have had a chance to fully experience this product. So far it seems awesome.

B. Lindsey, Isle of Wight

No more tingly arms like my other buffers cause. This one is quieter too. With a polishing pad attached and some megiar's polishing compound, my cars mirror finish was gleaming. I would recommend this polisher to anyone who cares about their car's finish. No swirls or scratches after polishing with this polisher. The sparkle in metallic paint comes right back from that dull look. Every size of pad fits on this polisher with a velcro like system, from the 6. 5 inch to the 8 inch for larger surfaces. It's easy to get into small hard to reach areas with this one with the 6. 5 inch pad attached.

S. Wade, Franche-Comte says

I really love this buffer. Light and easy to get into the tight spaces. Assorted pads are easy to replace via velcro type attachment without fighting with elastic bands around the larger normal pads. Buffer is well built and very helpful speed control. Detailed my black 2003 gmc sierra with this and in no time it was shining like a mirror. Love black vehicles. . If you spend a day detailing your vehicle or just like throwing on a good coat of wax you will count this buffer as one of your top tools for a terrific job.

C. Sherry, Hampshire

I've been detailing my own cars by hand application for 20 years. Never used a polisher before because i always heard that applying products by hand is the best method. This was a tried and true method for me, but the car colors i've had before were white, silver, and burgundy. Pretty easy and manageable colors. Now i've finally purchased my first black car thinking that it couldn't be as hard as people say it is. Boy was i wrong! i should have looked up car care on the internet first. As one person had put it, "caring for a black car isn't a chore, it's a second job! " doh! wish i read about that before i bought the black car. . After looking at the results of my first detail job on that car, there were swirls galore and weird fingerprint impressions that i couldn't buff out by hand. In fact i only made it worse as i tried to correct it. I was determined to learn how to detail a black paint finish correctly and not pay someone else to do it. After talking to some people who do professional detailing work, they said the best and easiest way to get rid of the swirls is to use a dual action buffer like the porter cable. My first thought was "yikes! that thing looks like it can strip the paint off the car! " now you are probably wondering why i mentioned the porter cable when i'm writing a review for meguiar's g110v2? meguiar's is a brand i've used for years and their products are ones that i've trusted because of their easy application and awesome results. Not to say that other brands aren't good, it's just that everyone eventually becomes partial to using certain products that suits their style. The porter cable is a great tool, but after finding the g110v2 on the internet, i decided to take a chance on this one purely because of the meguiar's name. Plus the video reviews on the internet were positive. . After claying the car, applying the polish (which made the car look awesome), followed by polymer sealant to protect it, the black paint looks absolutely stunning. You can tell it's stunning because pedestrians do a double-take when they see my car driving by. Not trying to brag here, they really do look! when the car's finish was ugly, nobody was looking. Now it seems to attract too much attention. I just wanted a nice clean car, i wasn't expecting a showroom stopper. It is so easy to achieve that stunning and flawless look with this machine that i regret all those years of detailing by hand. Simply put, i am never going back to my old ways of detailing. It's incredibly difficult to get the same results by hand that can be done quicker and easier with a buffing machine. . To summarize, here what you want to know:. 1) very easy to use, even if you have no prior experience with polishing buffers. You cannot screw up with this buffer. 2) results are beyond amazing. 3) it does help to watch some how-to videos on the internet and pay close attention to their "technique". Search for "how to remove swirls" or "how to use a porter cable 7274" or simply "g110v2 review". The technique or method of using a polishing buffer is more important than the buffer itself. 4) if you choose to go with the porter cable, you will get the same results but keep in mind that the porter cable does feel "heavier" in your hands than the meguiar's. But that is a personal preference and you should try to find a display model or a friend who has one so you can decide for yourself. The meguiar's feels more comfortable to me, maybe due to the shape and weight distribution? . 5) the g110v2 feels solid and well made. The motor is very powerful and comes with a long power cord. 6) i would buy this product again and would highly recommend it to other people.

T. Cathy, Sachsen-Anhalt says

I owned a detail business in az and that part of the country can sort out good from the bad in a hurry. This random orbital is a nice unit for what it does. It wont replace a regular polisher nor is it meant too. When doing fast cuts on paint for color sands or scratch removal, this is probably not the best choice. It is far too slow and does not put any heat in to the work surface. . For finishing? you would be hard pressed to find a better tool. For final polish and then sealing? this could be a favorite of mine. . Although a bit bulky, the automatic speed control adapts to pressure put on the polishing head and keeps the thing from slowing down. I feel a couple keys to any of these tools is simply knowing how to use them correctly and on the right applications. If you are out to remove typical carwash scratches, a bit of paint transfer or just surface crud, use a clay bar and then finish with this device. You wont be disappointed (i suggest quality sealants and polishes as well, this maker has some good ones too). . Do yourself a favor and youtube or research a bit on how to best use the tool and you will be further ahead of the game . Cheers!

M. Kimberly, Oklahoma

This is an expensive buffer but the results are worth every penny. Over the years i have tried less expensive buffers, everything from a "grinder" style that worked well for it's era, the 70's and 80's (but you had to be careful of burning through the paint on corners and edges) to newer orbital buffers that also did an ok job of applying waxes and buffing out very minor imperfections. I had read reviews and watched online videos of this buffer and after a lot of debate i finally loosened the purse strings and bought it along with several meguiars pads. I washed my car and wiped it down and let it dry overnight. I had recently clay barred my car so next day i applied meguiars nxt wax using their black pad and this buffer. The results exceeded my expectations. No swirl marks, no wax marks. The wax went on easy and wiped off easily. Between the wax, pad and buffer it did a great job of hiding minor imperfections and scratches and the shine is amazing. I will never go back to waxing by hand. This buffer is so easy to use i could reach over the roof and apply wax using just one hand! my black car never looked so good.

O. Adrienne, Bournemouth says

There is a little black cardboard like circle on the backing plate shaft where it screws into the device. Do not lose it or throw it away, it is an important washer. I did not have it on the shaft when i first tried to use the machine. When i put any amount of pressure on the polisher, it would make an awful rubbing noise and stop. The assembly instructions are lacking and make no mention of this washer in them. . Other than that small issue, it works perfect for getting water spots out of your paint. Would buy again, makes car paint look brand new.

A. Mable, Alabama

I purchased this da polisher for two reasons. 1) i needed to polish and wax my 1976 piper archer airplane in order to get it ready to sell. 2) my wife and i just purchased 2 2014 mazda cx5's. On the cars i wanted something that could help me keep the cars like new. The plane was my first project and if you never stopped to think about it there is a lot of surface area on a plane. This machine was unbelievable. It made the polishing and waxing a snap. Easy to use and light weight. My friend brought over his porter machine and it did a good job but was much heavier. I can not believe i how fast and easy it was to use. I also took the plunge and used meguiars polish and wax on the plane. It made the plane shine like the day it came off the paint floor. A word of advise. If you are hesitant about this machine don't be. Don't waste another minute it is worth every penny.

Z. Eleanor, Nottingham says

I recieved this product today and was very pleased with it! it feels a tad heavy but only because it is a solid product and having the handle gives you extra control. I have read several reviews about the power cord feeling cheap and/ or doa but as soon as i unboxed mine i pluged it in and started it up running smooth! the cord however is heavy duty so that is a plus, maguiar must have made some changes to this product recently. Over all it is awesome but it does not come with any pads! i have not used it yet but that is because i am waiting on my maguiars ultimate car care kit, water magnet drying towel, scratch x 2. 0 and my 6. 5 inch cutting, polishing, finishing pads from online store. I will update my review once i get my other maguiar products from online store!

C. Delgado, York

I had an orbital polisher prior to this, which burned the paint on 2 of my cars even using it at a slow speed. Obviously not happy with that result, i stopped buffing out my cars. . When i saw good reviews on this, along with a brand name i trust, i gave it a try. I'm very, very happy i did. This thing knocks out polishing jobs in no time. I'm still using my orbital polisher for really rough finishes, but i'm now using meguiar's mirror glaze soft buff 8" buffing pad and meguiar's heavy cut cleaner 4. That combination at about 1500rpm takes off oxidation and other imperfections without burning or even hazing the paint finish. You do have to be careful that you don't get too frisky with it or it will go through the clear coat after a short while. . If the paint has any scratches, i'll use this da polisher along with meguiar's 6. 5" soft buff foam cutting pad and their swirl remover 2. 0 ( 9. ) again, not getting too aggressive or it will eat too much into the clear coat. . Once everything is nice and shiny, i'll apply their synthetic sealer 2. 0 ( 21) using their 6. 5" soft buff foam polishing pad, and it looks fantastic for months. . Although it's not a small job to do a car with less than a shiny finish, i've tackled about a half dozen cars now because i actually enjoy doing it. Every time it's always the same response - "my car didn't look that good when i bought it! " or "that looks like it's ready for the showroom. " i also did my in-laws car that got some minor scratches down one whole side in a parking lot, and everything buffed out nicely. The local body-shop gave them a $1, 500 estimate to do the exact same thing i did in about 2 hours. . If you're an automotive enthusiast like me and enjoys doing stuff like this yourself, you really can't go wrong with this da polisher. . If i had to complain about anything, it would be that nearly the whole unit is made of plastic (although sturdy plastic) and that the pads aren't cheap. But as the proverbial saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and that is true in this case. Yes, it's initially expensive but if this lasts as long as i expect it to, it'll pay for itself in longer life of my vehicles' paint. It's also just a good feeling to drive in a car that looks like it's new. . Would i recommend this to my closest friends? absolutely!

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