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Price was 179. The Orange Tps Is A Plug And Play Way To Check Your Air Pressure When The Ignition Is On! The Online Store Price Was Unbeatable And I Have These Tps's Set Up In My All Of My Cars. I Enjoy Spirited Driving And Cost Of Doing That Is Expensive Tires. The Cheapest Insurance For Those Tires Is This Orange P409s System. All Four Tires Are Displayed For Tire Pressure Continuously As I Drive. The Led Display Shows All Four Tires At Once! I Don't Have To Scroll Through A Device To Read Them One At A Time. The System Beeps And Calls My Attention To All Four Tires At Once. It Is Silent There After And Gives A Continuous Readout Of Current Pressure And Tempreature. I Have Been Using This System For Several Years Now And It Is Reliable And Has Saved Several Tires From Excessive Wear And Blow Outs. I Strongly Recommend This System To The Average Driver And Wonder Why All Driving Enthusiasts Don't Use The Same System. P. S. The Adhesive Velcro Really Blows Over Time. It Ataches The Display To Where You Install The Led Readout And Eventually Fails. Its A Cheap Fix This System Is A Car Lover's Dream.

-C. Anonymous

Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System Auto Accessory P409s

  1. Items: Projected 5 to 7-year battery life
  2. Items: Includes a Lithium-ion battery
  3. Items: Ergonomic Design that displays tire pressure

Orange-electronic-p409s-retrofit-monitoring: Orange Electronic Auto Accessory The Orange Electronics Retrofit Tire Pressure System Continually Monitors

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Includes A Lithium-ion Battery, Projected 5 To 7-year Battery Life, Ergonomic Design That Displays Tire Pressure, Designed For Vehicles That Did Not Come With A Factory Tire Pressure Monitoring Kit, Items Orange Electronic P409S Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Extra: Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Automotive Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System P409s Buy Automotive Parts And Accessories 795400844056 Orange Electronic, Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System 0729419070175. the orange electronics retrofit tire pressure system continually monitors tire pressure in all four wheels and helps provide a safer ride. this kit has been designed for vehicles that did not come with a factory tire pressure monitoring kit. the sensors feature a military specification lithium-ion battery with a projected 5 to 7 year battery life. all sensors come complete with a unique valve stem assembly which incorporates a ball joint fitting allowing the sensor to be positioned in the optimum location to prevent any potential damage in service. all sensors are guaranteed 100 percent compatible with the vehicle. Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System Auto Accessory P409s.

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Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • Order : Automotive
  • Brand : Orange Electronic
  • EAN : 0729419070175
  • Manufacturer : Orange Electronic
  • ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription : Parts
  • Model : P409S
  • MPN : P409S
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : P409S
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO ACCESSORY
  • Title : Orange Electronic P409S Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • UPC : 795400844056
  • Warranty : 12 MONTHS

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Orange Electronic Automotive P409s: Orange Electronic P409S Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • Projected 5 To 7-year Battery Life
  • Slime 10012 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 20 Oz.
  • Slime 10011 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 16 Oz.
  • Includes A Lithium-ion Battery
  • Ergonomic Design That Displays Tire Pressure

I Bought This For My 2005 Gmc Envoy Xl When I Had To Get New Tires. Tip: Costco Will Install These For Free For You. Overall It Works Great. Getting Pressure And Temperature Readings From All Four Tires Is Very Useful And Comforting Especially On Long Trips. There Are Three Mostly Minor Issues I Have Come Across: 1) On Cold Start It Can Take A Few Minutes For The Console To Get Readings From All Four Tires. It's Annoying To See 1/2/3 Tires With Readings But Not All. 2) Sometimes Readings From One Tire Will Give Error Message. If I Reset Console They Usually Go Away. 3) Many Vehicles These Days Have 12v Recepticles That Do Not Shut Off When The Vehicle Is Shut Off. If I Forget To Manually Turn Off The Console Then It Can Drain The Battery. The Console Should Automatically Shut Off After Say 12 Hours. For Around $100 This Is A Great Deal.

Click to see NoticeOrange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Auto Accessory)"As many boat owners will tell you, a trailer tire or bearing failure can ruin a long awaited trip. I recently installed this system on my tandem axle boat trailer. The system was simple to install. I had the wheel sensors installed by discount tire when they put on my new tires. I have some friends that use this same system on their travel and boat trailers, so i was confident it would perform well. It is so nice to see both pressure and temperature for each wheel. I have made one trip to the lake about 25 miles from my home and the system performed well. The temperature started at the ambient temperature and went up more than 40 degrees during the trip. The pressure rose from 50 to 55 psi. I could tell that the rear axle had the brakes because it was always a couple degrees warmer than the front axle. I will know if i have a dragging brake or impending bearing issue well before any failure. The pressure sensors are accurate and it even alerted me that discount tire failed to properly inflate one of the tires. I had read other reviews that indicated the system had trouble reading rear wheels on long pickup trucks. My trailer wheels (22 foot boat) are at least 18 feet behind my tow vehicle and they read just fine. If you are looking for a tpms that is reasonably priced and works great, the orange electronics tp409s should do well."

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Orange Electronic P409S Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Slime 10012 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 20 oz.

Slime Tubeless Tire Sealant Prevents And Repairs Flats In Tubeless Tires Caused By Punctures Up To A Quarter-inch. Non-flammable Non-corrosive And Non-toxic This Sealant Utilizes Fibro-seal Technology That Seals Instantly And Repeatedly. When A Puncture Occurs The Escaping Air Forces The Slime Sealant Into The Puncture Wound To Seal The Puncture Repeatedly Sealing The Tire For Up To Two Years. This Product Is Virtually Mess-free And Cleans Up Easily With Water. For Use In All Tubeless Tires Including Cars Trucks Tractors And Atvs This Sealant Is Compatible With Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

Slime 10012 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 20 oz.


Brand :    slime
Size :    20 Ounce
Weight :    1.58 pounds
Model :    10012
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (slime) reviews for Slime 10012 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 20 oz. available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-aerosolPrevents and repairs flats in tubeless tires caused by punctures up to a quarter-inchWorks repeatedly, puncture after punctureCleans up easily with waterLasts up to two years

Slime 10011 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 16 oz.

Slime Tubeless Tire Sealant Prevents And Repairs Flats In Tubeless Tires Caused By Punctures Up To A Quarter-inch. Non-flammable Non-corrosive And Non-toxic This Sealant Utilizes Fibro-seal Technology That Seals Instantly And Repeatedly. When A Puncture Occurs The Escaping Air Forces The Slime Sealant Into The Puncture Wound To Seal The Puncture Repeatedly Sealing The Tire For Up To Two Years. This Product Is Virtually Mess-free And Cleans Up Easily With Water. For Use In All Tubeless Tires Including Cars Trucks Tractors And Atvs This Sealant Is Compatible With Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.

Slime 10011 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 16 oz.


Review from O. Diana, Florida Slime Saved Me From A Mess With My Boat Trailer. We Loaded Up At Boat Ramp After Week Long Camping Trip To Find The Forward Tire Flat. Put In Slime Inflate And Brought The 6000 Lbs Rig 180 Miles Home Without Issue.

Slime 10011 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 16 Oz. (Auto Accessory) Review

Review from C. Bullock, Sunderland 
Just Put In Snow Thrower Tire. We Will See If It Is Still Inflated Next Winter
Image of Slime-10011-tubeless-tire-sealant---16-oz.-(auto-accessory)"Slime Works Like It Should. Fast Prime Shipping."

It Stopped My Leaks Which Is Huge But Not I Can't Drive Over 55 Mph Without The Car Wanting To Come Apart. All Four Of My Tires Were Slowly Leaking And I Hoped This Would Take Care Of It And It Did. However Now The Car Isn't Highway Functional Which Is Just As Big Of A Problem. I Bought This To Help Solve My Air Leakage Problem In Hopes Of Saving Some Cash But I'm Starting To Think That It Might All Be For Nothing. Not Sure This Product Is Best For Auto Tires But I Would Certainly Buy It Again For Other Applications.

F. Teresa, North Dakota

This Stuff Is Fantastic! One Of My Tires Was Losing Nearly 10lbs Of Pressure A Day! I Used This Stuff And It Has Held Pressure For A Couple Weeks Now. It Was Really Easy To Use And Didn't Require Any Tools.

L. Delgado, Oregon

Brand :    slime
Color :    Green
Size :    16 Ounce
Weight :    1.50 pounds
Model :    10011
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for Slime 10011 Tubeless Tire Sealant - 16 oz. available as-of ( Aug 2019 )
Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-aerosolWorks repeatedly, puncture after puncturePrevents and repairs flats in tubeless tires caused by punctures up to a quarter-inchLasts up to two years. Safe for TPMS.Cleans up easily with water
Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Auto Accessory) Price : 179, was : 0 as 2017-01-18
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I have used this system on two vehicles and have found it to be the best option for retrofitting effective tpms. The first vehicle was an older toyota that pre-dated factory tpms. The second was a 2008 sienna that came with a practically useless idiot-light tpms, which can only indicate that something is wrong with one or more of your tires! when i typed in the description of that vehicle on the online store page for the orange tpms system, the result was, "doesn't fit your vehicle! " after using the system before, however, i guessed that this result actually should be changed to read, "this system will not communicate with the installed factory idiot light receiver. ". . After simply replacing the much more expensive toyota wheel sensors with the universal orange sensors, the orange system works perfectly. Simultaneously and very accurately showing the condition of all four tires (pressure and temperature). The final step is to stick a small opaque self-adhesive round paper dot or piece of black tape over the idiot light on the dash (which will remain on, of course, since it's sensors aren't there). I'm sure the idiot light could be disconnected, or turned off in car's firmware, but the opaque dot is an easy and nearly instant solution. . The orange system also shows battery voltage when the engine is not running, and the alternator output voltage when it is. I've found this very useful to have, as few cars have a voltmeter display, and various personal electronics, chargers, etc. , can excessively discharge the car battery if used for extended times while parked. . The only significant less-than ideal aspects of the orange system i've encountered are:. . 1. Display unit tend to run quite hot, and should not be enclosed in a small space(such as a console box) while powered. This is probably due to the use of a fairly high power consumption led display. . 2. Display is very hard to see in bright light (impossible if sunlight is directly on the display), so mounting location should be chosen with this in mind. . 3. The highest settable low-pressure alarm point is only 35 psi, so if your are running high pressure tires, the audible alarm is really of less value than it should be. This is an easily fixable firmware issue that orange should definitely address right away! . . 4. The system does not monitor more than the four running tires. It would be much better if it were designed to also monitor the spare, for two reasons. People rarely check their spare tire pressure, and if the spare is needed an an air pump is not carried. Problem! also, if the spare is put on after a road hazard incident, the system will annoyingly be in continuous audible alarm mode until the original wheel and sensor are put back in service. Of course, the unit can be powered off most of the time and rechecked occasionally, but this is obviously not ideal. . I can't confirm the projected sensor life, but i suspect that it will be comparable to factory sensors (orange uses the best mil-spec batteries available). And the orange replacements are far less expensive when the time comes. Of course, since relacement sensors cost $38 each on ebay, it probably makes sense to just buy another complete $135 system if the first sensor failure happens after maybe three years or more. By running 51-psi rated tires at 42 psi (cold), i've been able to increase my gas mileage by 20% in a heavy awd sienna mini-van. . Of course, if the car is used in exceptionally high temperature climates, it might be necessary to decrease the cold pressures somewhat to stay a few psi below the maximum rated value. Fortunately, this important aspect of tire monitoring is no problem with the orange system. I've observed tire pressures ranging from 38 psi at 10 degrees f air temp parked, to 45 psi at 70 degrees f air temp (extended 75 mph cruising, heavily loaded) during a recent winter trip from san diego to colorado and back. During the summer in san diego, i've run 41 psi (cold) and have never seen over 45 psi up to air temperatures well into the 90's during lots of freeway driving. . Important safety note! . . Note that tpms sensors measure absolute pressure inside the tire, minus standard sea-level pressure. However, tires are rated for a maximum gauge pressure, which is absolute pressure inside the tire, minus the actual outside air pressure (as measured by standard tire guages). At high elevations, significant pressure measurement error will occur with the orange tpms, which you must adjust for when using the tpms, in order to stay within the maximum pressure rating of your tires! . . Tpms sensors measure the difference between absolute pressure inside a tire, and a constant 14. 7 psi (representing sea-level atmospheric pressure outside the tire). Tire gauges, on the other hand, measure the difference between absolute pressure inside the tire and the actual atmospheric pressure where the measurement is made. Thus, at 10, 000 feet, where the atmospheric pressure is 10. 2 psi, the tpms will read 4. 5 psi lower than a tire gauge would. Tires are rated for maximum gauge pressure. Therefore, if you choose to run higher pressure in your tires, make sure you never exceed 5. 5 psi (on the tpms) less than the maximum pressure rating of your tires, if you are operating at up to 10, 000 feet. This adjustment corresponds to the 4. 5 psi measurement error at 10, 000 feet, plus the +/- 1 psi accuracy of the orange tpms system.

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(0) Question: can these tpms work with nissan sentra 2011_

(1) Question: is it the p409s g sensor type or not and what the year manufactured on ?

(2) Question: motorhome

(3) Question: can these tpms work with ford explorer?

(4) Question: what are the monitor's dimensions?

(5) Question: can these be used on a formula ford race car?

(6) Question: water proof?

(7) Question: what is the lowest pressure the alarm can be set to?

(8) Question: will this sensor work with a 2014 toyota corolla?

(9) Question: when they were manufactured? for i have already bought from you and become their batteries ended

(note) Question: where/how to get Orange Electronic (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Orange Electronic's products


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I Have Purchased The System In October 2011. One Of The Sensors Failed At The End Of September. I Had A Really Hard Time Being Able To Get A Replacement Sensor (first Contacted Orange Co. Then Their Distributor Twg And Then Online Store Since Twg Initially Didn't Want To Honor The Warranty Even Though The Manufacturer Sends You To Them). In The End I Received A Spare Sensor And I Had It Installed At A Local Shop Only To Find Out That I Was Unable To Pair It With The Receiver. I Have Tried About 6-7 Times Following Word For Word The Manual Instructions But Without Success. I Called Back The Manufacturer And I Was Told That I Should Take It To A Local Shop Who Knows About Tpms Systems To Have It Tested Even If It Would Be At My Cost. At The Same Time If I Take It To The Twg Shop I Will Still End Up Paying For Labor According To The Manufacturer. I Have Emailed Twg And I Am Waiting To See What Is The Response. Overall Given The Purpose And Scope Of The Device The Company Should Do A Better Job In Designing The Sensors As Well As Improving Qa And Customer Support.

Accessories & Parts 18560751, Automotive 18148651, Replacement Sensors 1104671022, Tire Accessories & Parts 11005997301, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) 1103671022, Tires & Wheels 17560751Top Orange Electronic P409s Retrofit Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Auto Accessory) FAQ Content

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This was easy to install and is a useful addition. One thing i did not see in any other review was a strange issue i observed. I have an ipod classic directly connected to my stereo receiver. Whenever i select the ipod as the active input to the stereo and listen to that source the tpms display indicates e1 and the "no signal" icon illuminates. I reproduced this a couple of times. After a few minutes of playing the ipod the tpms display becomes unresponsive. The ipod is located in the glove box probably about 1. 5 feet from where i have the tpms mounted. . Apparently some signal bleeding out of the ipod interferes with the tpms wireless link. Turn off the ipod and the display returns to working normally.

Q. Megan, Trafford

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U. Fabian, New Hampshire says

I have several of these units in different older cars and trucks i own. First point - the system works and is good value. However, if, like me, you have some older vehicles you don't use all the time (hence the desire to keep an eye on the tire pressures) bear in mind that (as far as i can tell, the company is sporadic in replying to technical questions) the sensors in the tires will go dead quickly if you do lose air because the sensor (again, i am assuming) goes into permanent "alarm" mode and kills the battery. . In other words, despite orange's claims that the sensors "sleep" when not revolving, that doesn't appear to be true if the air pressure drops below the alarm value. The sensors then go into permanent alarm mode and kill the batteries quickly. . So, for a vehicle used frequently, this is a good system, but for one used infrequently, not a good idea, since replacing the sensors means removing the tires. I'd recommend one of the pressure-monitoring systems with screw-on sensors - at least then changing batteries doesn't require a trip to the shop (and $20).

W. Shayna, Minnesota

Installed With A New Set Of Tires On My 2004 Vehicle. Instructions Take A Little Extra Reading To Understand. All The Information Is There. Watch The Installers As Each Transmitter Is Wheel Specific. Number 1 Is Rf 2 Is Rr 3 Is Lr 4 Is Lf. If They Are Installed On The Wrong Wheels (as My Tire Shop Did) The Instructions Provide A Means Of Correcting This. A Little Confusing But Once The Correction Procedure Is Started It Is Automatic. To Correct You Do Need Access To An Air Hose. The Display Ok But Not Readable In Bright Sun But Ok Otherwise. The Display Is Rather Warm To The Touch If Left On. Over All A Good Product. We'll See How Long It Lasts. Maufacturer Warantee 1 Year

E. Patricia, Wyoming says

This product works well. The price is very reasonable and installation is straight forward. I also like the idea that this montiors the temp, pressure of the tires and a voltage meter of the car tells me the battery condition and alternator. Highly recommend. I will purchase again for my other cars when the tires have to be changed

Q. Stacey, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

As Many Boat Owners Will Tell You A Trailer Tire Or Bearing Failure Can Ruin A Long Awaited Trip. I Recently Installed This System On My Tandem Axle Boat Trailer. The System Was Simple To Install. I Had The Wheel Sensors Installed By Discount Tire When They Put On My New Tires. I Have Some Friends That Use This Same System On Their Travel And Boat Trailers So I Was Confident It Would Perform Well. It Is So Nice To See Both Pressure And Temperature For Each Wheel. I Have Made One Trip To The Lake About 25 Miles From My Home And The System Performed Well. The Temperature Started At The Ambient Temperature And Went Up More Than 40 Degrees During The Trip. The Pressure Rose From 50 To 55 Psi. I Could Tell That The Rear Axle Had The Brakes Because It Was Always A Couple Degrees Warmer Than The Front Axle. I Will Know If I Have A Dragging Brake Or Impending Bearing Issue Well Before Any Failure. The Pressure Sensors Are Accurate And It Even Alerted Me That Discount Tire Failed To Properly Inflate One Of The Tires. I Had Read Other Reviews That Indicated The System Had Trouble Reading Rear Wheels On Long Pickup Trucks. My Trailer Wheels (22 Foot Boat) Are At Least 18 Feet Behind My Tow Vehicle And They Read Just Fine. If You Are Looking For A Tpms That Is Reasonably Priced And Works Great The Orange Electronics Tp409s Should Do Well.

S. Judith, Bournemouth says

Sensors Are Advertised To Last 5-7 Years But Mine Died After 10 Months. Emailed Orange Support Multiple Times Without Any Replies Not Even A "this Message Has Been Received" Email. Before Purchasing This Item Consider Installation Costs ( $15 Per Wheel To Dismount/remount Tire Additional Costs To Drill Holes If Needed: Mine Was $40 Per Wheel) Consider Replacement Sensor Costs ($80/pair) And Consider That The Sensors Probably Will Not Last The Advertised Time Depending On How Long The Box Has Been Sitting In The Warehouse. A Decent Product But Extremely Poor Execution Considering The Inconvenience To Get Them Installed And The Lack Of Insight Regarding Battery Life.

B. Anonymous, South Carolina

I Have Several Of These Units In Different Older Cars And Trucks I Own. First Point - The System Works And Is Good Value. However If Like Me You Have Some Older Vehicles You Don't Use All The Time (hence The Desire To Keep An Eye On The Tire Pressures) Bear In Mind That (as Far As I Can Tell The Company Is Sporadic In Replying To Technical Questions) The Sensors In The Tires Will Go Dead Quickly If You Do Lose Air Because The Sensor (again I Am Assuming) Goes Into Permanent "alarm" Mode And Kills The Battery. In Other Words Despite Orange's Claims That The Sensors "sleep" When Not Revolving That Doesn't Appear To Be True If The Air Pressure Drops Below The Alarm Value. The Sensors Then Go Into Permanent Alarm Mode And Kill The Batteries Quickly. So For A Vehicle Used Frequently This Is A Good System But For One Used Infrequently Not A Good Idea Since Replacing The Sensors Means Removing The Tires. I'd Recommend One Of The Pressure-monitoring Systems With Screw-on Sensors - At Least Then Changing Batteries Doesn't Require A Trip To The Shop (and $20).

S. Maria, California says

I bought this system for a 1997 lincoln town car, which while being an excellent vehicle (full size v8, none of that small displacement 4 cylinder turbo crap, air suspension, large trunk), unfortunately does not have a tpms system. I placed the order when the system was out of stock, however, as soon as it was back in stock (within 3 days), it was shipped via lasership, and arrived 2 days afterwards. (in the morning. ) i immediately drove to tires plus to have the system installed. The technicians there were surprised to find out that there are aftermarket tpms systems, but as they have plenty of experience with factory-installed tpms systems, they had no problems installing the sensors. They said that the sensors are surprisingly well-made, better in fact than many oem systems. Once i got home, i installed the display. I tucked the wires under the dashboard, so it is very neat. (see pictures for details). . Note: the battery display that one reviewer complained about actually indicates the car battery, not the sensor batteries. It is capable of displaying accurate voltage information and is very useful for monitoring the charging system.

M. Noguera, Alberta

I Received The Orange Electronic Tire Pressure Management System And Immediately Had The Pressure Sensors Installed In Each Tire For $50 Not Including Tax. Then I Plugged The Display Unit Into A 12 Volt Power Jack And It Would Not Come On. It Did Not Show One Sign That It Had Power Available. I Wanted The Thing To Work So I Tried To Contact Orange Electronic. They Do Not Have Any Customer Service. With No One To Contact I Sent The Dead Display Unit Back For A Refund. The Tire Pressure Sensors Are Still Installed Because It Would Cost Me Another $50 To Remove Them. I Would Still Buy The Product If It Worked Because It Seems To Be The Closest Thing To One Originally Installed By The Car Manufacturer.

O. Noguera, Virginia says

Installed with a new set of tires on my 2004 vehicle. Instructions take a little extra reading to understand. All the information is there. Watch the installers as each transmitter is wheel specific. Number 1 is rf , 2 is rr , 3 is lr , 4 is lf. If they are installed on the wrong wheels (as my tire shop did) the instructions provide a means of correcting this. A little confusing but once the correction procedure is started it is automatic. To correct you do need access to an air hose. The display ok but not readable in bright sun but ok otherwise. The display is rather warm to the touch if left on. Over all a good product. We'll see how long it lasts. Maufacturer warantee 1 year

Z. Erin, Herefordshire

Do You Know How Much It Sucks To Have A Crappy Tpms Installed On Your Car Allot. My System Is Installed On A Ford F250 Pickup. The Rear Tires Won't Report In (brand New). The Pressure Sensors Operate Up To 87 Psi But The Over-pressure Alarm Is 40psi To 60psi. The Under-pressure Alarm Range Is 18psi To 35psi. So The Front Tire Over-pressure Alarm Goes Off Shortly After I Start Driving With My Front Tires At 55psi Cold. Of Course My Rear Tires Would Sound The Over-pressure Alarm Sitting Still On A Cold Morning At 70psi Cold But This Won't Happen Because The System Can't Even Read The Rear Tires Just Displays "e2" For Both Of Them. I Will Try Rotating My Tires To The Front And See If This Is A Bad Sensor Or A Radio Issue.

A. Paige, Leicestershire says

I bought this for my wife's subaru. Worked fine for about two years and then one by one the batteries died in each sensor. The battery life is suppose to be around 7 years. I need this product! my wife does not pay attention to tire inflation and the aluminum wheels just don't seem to seal well. So i bought another kit. While on online store, i must of clicked on something about customer complaint or my wife, a more frequent user of online store, told me what to do. Anyway, this chinese company, with a very fragile understanding of english, began emailing me about the issue and ultimately replaced all four sensors free of charge. I did not expect that. I returned my second kit, unopened to online store and all is working well. Of course i had to pay for the auto-tech work, but i was pleased with the way orange stood by their product. It has been about a year since the replacement. So i can't assure anyone about the longevity of the battery life. I will try to come back here and update when the first sensor goes. The company seems to have a much larger market share since my first kit. I view this as a good sign for their improved quality

V. Anonymous, Ealing

I verified with orange electronic, sales engineer yang baron yangbaron orange-electronic. Com that this unit is one of the newer units which transmits tire data only every 30 seconds when the wheels are not turning, every 5 seconds when the wheels are turning. This reduced transmission rate greatly increases the battery life since the radio transmitter uses a lot more power than the other microprocessor functions. . Not long after having a new set of 4 michelin defender 90, 000 mile tread warranty tires installed, at which time discount tire also installed the orange sensors (no extra charge), the left rear tire was detected as having lost 10 pounds air (35 to 25 lbs) yet still enough air to safely drive at low speed to the tire service center nearby. This one event, saving damage to the new tire, could easily have paid for the orange tpms unit.

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