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Price was $132.39. I purchased this to haul extra cargo behind a toyota highlander and i'm glad i purchased it. We just used it for a 1500 mile round trip and it performed wonderfully. I used it in conjunction with a hitch tightener to guard against bounce and sway. I also purchased the rolo led tail light assembly that fits this carrier. It held a cooler and several suitcases in a cargo bag very well. . I used a torque wrench for assembly as directed, and things went smoothly. I think that mine assembled a little crooked - either that or the hitch is a little askew, which is totally possible. Regardless, i'm very pleased with the quality and build of this carrier. . It is light enough for one person to carry and install. Probably easiest to set the bottom on the ground and lean the tongue up onto the hitch before lifting into place, but feel free to install it however you like. If you're feeling sporty you could try a sideways javelin toss if you have good aim and a steady arm. . I'd recommend this to you if you want to carry extra cargo without climbing up on a step stool or ladder to load a rooftop carrier. This is easy to access and it doesn't wreck gas mileage either. . Update 3/12/14: still a five star review from me. I've used this a few times in two months and it remains easy and solid on the back of our suv. After putting it in and out of the hitch a few times, the paint has chipped off the edge of the hitch attachment, which is to be expected. Otherwise, no rust, and this has been through several rain storms. We are very glad we have this for extra cargo. We are getting a hitch extender that will allow us to mount a bike rack above it so we can use it when we go on vacation and take our four bikes with us. . Update 8/15/14: we took a 2000 mile journey last month for a family vacation, using this cargo carrier for the entire trip. It continues to perform well, and there is very little sign of rust despite being dragged across the garage floor, scraped around a bit during installation and removal, and being rained on countless times. I used it this last time with hitch extender and a bike rack, and it did well. I am glad i added optional tail lights to this carrier, as the taillights of our car were almost completely blocked. I will revise one initial statement - not everyone can install this by themselves. It is too heavy for my wife to manage on her own, but i do it by myself. People who would have trouble with 50-60 lbs will need another set of hands. I also use a hitch tightener with this every time i use it, and it rides quietly over bumps of all sizes. . Note about the picture - this is best picture i have of the cargo carrier in use with a hitch extender and a bike rack. The extender is the maxxtow 70070, and the bike carrier is an allen sports deluxe 4-bike with the arms oriented towards the rear hatch. It just barely fit!

-V. Glenda

Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier 2″ Receivers Auto Accessory 63153

  1. Feature: 5.5″ side rails keep cargo secure and in place
  2. Feature: Robust 500 lb. capacity on a 60″ x 24″ platform; ideal for camping, tailgates, road trips or whatever else life throws at you

Pro-63153-rambler-carrier-receivers: Pro Series Auto Accessory The Rambler 2 Piece Construction Cargo Rack With Serious 500 Lbs. Capacity On A 60 In.

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Robust 500 Lb. Capacity On A 60" X 24" Platform; Ideal For Camping, Tailgates, Road Trips Or Whatever Else Life Throws At You. 5.5" Side Rails Keep Cargo Secure And In Place. Smart, Rugged Mesh Floors Make Clean-up Quick And Easy. Fits 2" Vehicle Receivers, Features Rise Shank Design That Elevates Cargo For Improved Ground Clearance. 2 Piece Construction With Durable Powder Coat Finish That Resists The Elements, Scratches, And Rust Feature Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier for 2" Receivers.

Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier for 2" Receivers Overview (63153)

Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier 2" Receivers

  • Order : Automotive
  • Brand : Pro Series
  • Color : Black
  • EAN : 0016118055542
  • Manufacturer : Pro-Series
  • Warranty : Parts
  • Model : 63153
  • MPN : 63153
  • Total Items : 1
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : 63153
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO ACCESSORY
  • Title : Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier For 2" Receivers
  • UPC : 016118055542
  • Warranty : 1 Year

Automotive Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier 2" Receivers 63153 Lower Price Automotive Parts And Accessories 016118055542 Pro Series, Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier 2" Receivers 0016118055542. the rambler 2 piece construction cargo rack with serious 500 lbs. capacity on a 60 in. x 24 in. (inside dimensions) cargo platform. ideal for bikes gear or anything else that can be loaded up and strapped down. 5. 5 in. side rails keep cargo secure and in place. smart rugged mesh floors make clean-up quick and easy. rise shank design elevates cargo for improved ground clearance. durable powder coat finish resists the elements scratches and rust. fits 2 in. square receivers. need a cargo rack for a 1-1/4" receiver see pro-series rambler 63154 or 63155. optional light kits available: rola 59516 led light kit or rola 20174 incandescent light kit; optional bike clips available: rola 59904 dart fork mounted bike clip. limited 1 year warranty. Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier 2" Receivers Auto Accessory 63153.

Pro Series Automotive 63153: Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier for 2" Receivers

I'm quite pleased with this cargo rack. I'm using it on a 2013 toyota rav4 with the curt 13149 black class 3 trailer hitch. The rack has a 500lb weight limit and the hitch is rated for 525lb tongue weight, so it's a good match. I've hauled firewood, game hauling carts, and coolers. It's a great buy. . Pros:. - wow, it's big! . - no license/registration required. Can't say the same for a trailer. - easy to assemble with common hand tools. It comes in five pieces: two rack halves, the main square mount tube, and the two flat plates that hold the rack halves together. Rock solid but heavy once assembled. - good fit and finish. Paint is robust, though the metal will rust if i scratch off the paint. - has a slight upward tilt so that it tends to sit flat as weight is added to the rack or to the back of the vehicle. - easy to secure with an anti-rattle hitch pin. I'm using the tow ready 63201 j-pin anti-rattle pin and barrel lockset for 2" square receivers and it stops all movement and rattle. - the additional cross bars underneath the diamond grate add confidence and keep the diamond grate from sagging. - a convenient place to temporarily set gear if out hunting, fishing, or camping. Also serves as a convenient place to sit while afield. . Cons:. - it's heavy. You may wish to use two people for assembly and installation. - takes up significant storage space when not in use. - depending on clearance, you may have to remove stuff from the rack to get your rear gate open. - the diamond grating is a tighter weave, so only small strap hooks will fit through the grating if one needs to attach straps to something other than the side bars. - it blends in to the back of the vehicle and could be struck by following drivers. I applied incom re800 1. 5-inch by 4-foot highly reflective tape, red and silver to the top bar to make it more visible. - the rear of the hitch tube is open, so it can collect dirt & water, and makes the rack look a tad unfinished. . I have no regrets on this purchase.

Click to see NoticePro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier 2" Receivers (Auto Accessory)"I Recieved This In 1 Day. I Don't Know How It Arrived So Quickly. It Comes In Two Pieces. You Only Need To Attach 4 Small And Three Large Bolts And You Are Ready To Go. Be Sure To Get A Hitch Pin ( Sold Seperately) I Went To Home Depot For Mine. This Carrier Is Nice Cause It Is Extra Large Very Sturdy But Not Overly Akward To Attach. I Store Mine On 2 Recycling Bins So That I Can Easily Slide It A Bit To Adjust For Attaching To The Hitch. You Need A Torque Wrench ( Or A Friend Who Has One ) To Secure The 11 Bolts. Very Simple Assembly. This One Is The Larger Size And I'm Glad I Chose It Cause As You Will Find That In Practical Use You Can Haul Many More Items. I Bought Wratcheting Straps But The "octopus-style" Bungee Cords Seem To Work Best For My Uses Unless You Really Have A Top-heavy Or Tippy Item. I Also Like The Fact That With This One You Can Add Lights. The Cutouts Are Built In The Frame. You Dont Need Them For Day Errands But If I Were Driving Long Distance Or Night Travel I Would Go For The Lights. The Frame Seems Very Sturdy And I Have Kept It Outside Uncovered For Several Months Now. There Is The Start Of Rusting At The Bolt Heads But I Suppose That Is To Be Expected. Perhaps You Could Spray Rustoleum On Them As A Preventitive. I Also Notice That There Is A Very Light Rust Tinge Along Only One Support Bar Where The Steel Mesh Lies Over And Must Be Welded To It. If I Could I Would Store It In A Shed Or Garage. The Hitch Bar Has A Rise To It And I Wouldn't Buy One Without The Rise Feature As It Adds Necessary Clearance. Mine Has Had Zero Problems Over Gradings And Culverts. For 125 Dollars Delivered It Is Well Worth The Price For Saving Me And My Forester The Aggravation Of Loading Messy/bulky/stinky Items Into My Car And Adding Lots Of Cargo Carring Capacity."

Pro-63153-rambler-carrier-receiversPro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier for 2" Receivers (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

2-inch Hitch-Mounted Bike, Ski and Cargo Rack Storage Fits,THULE, Yakima, SARIS, Allen, Swagman Carriers

The Rack Stash Saves The Day And Precious Time Before And After Any Adventure Involving Your Trailer Hitch-mounted Bike Rack Ski Rack Or Cargo Rack Carrier. Thanks To The Clever Thinkers At Rack Stash Now It's A Snap To Quickly Transfer Your Bike Rack From It's Place On The Vehicle To This Simple Space-saving Storage Spot. Rack Stash Is Quickly And Easily Mounted On Any Wall Stud In Your Garageall Necessary Hardware Is Included. Not Only Can You Store Your Quiver Of Bikes On Your Hitch Cycling Rack Above The Floor And Out Of The Way But You Can Also Use Your Rack Stash As A Bike Repair Stand. No More Tripping Over Racks Bikes And Hitches That Are Not In Use. Rack Stash Is Built In The Usa For Use With 2-inch Hitch Rack Accessories Or Any Hitch Rack Using A 2-inch Adapter.

2-inch Hitch-Mounted Bike, Ski and Cargo Rack Storage Fits,THULE, Yakima, SARIS, Allen, Swagman CarriersHitch-Mounted-Rack-Storage-Swagman-Carriers

Brand :    rack stash
Color :    Black
Size :    2"
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    Rack Stash 1 - 0001-OG
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Outdoor Recreation Sale (Sports) reviews for 2-inch Hitch-Mounted Bike, Ski and Cargo Rack Storage Fits,THULE, Yakima, SARIS, Allen, Swagman Carriers available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Store bulky bike ski or cargo racks above your garage floor and out of the wayRack Stash quickly mounts to the stud on virtually any available wall spaceQuick side loading design makes mounting even the most awkward hitch mounted bike racks a breezeCan be used as a bike repair stand as well as a convenient location to store all of your hitch gearRack Stash creates a convenient storage spot for your 2-inch hitch mounted bike, ski and cargo racks and related hitch accessories.

ROLA 59119 Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag 59" x 24" x 24" (20 Cu Ft)

These Cargo Bags Are Meant To Withstand The Elements - Wind Snow And Rain - So Nothing Gets In The Way Of A Good Time. Constructed Of Quality Waterproof Materials And Sonic Welding Technology. All Zippers Are Protected With Rain Flaps. Tie Downs And Installation Hardware Included.

ROLA 59119 Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag 59" x 24" x 24" (20 Cu Ft)ROLA-59119-Rainproof-Cargo-Carrier

ROLA 59119 RAINPROOF CARGO CARRIER BAG 59" X 24" X 24" (20 CU FT) Highlight
Brand :    rola
Color :    Black
Size :    59 Inch x 24 Inch x 24 Inch
Weight :    8.75 pounds
Model :    59119
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (rola) reviews for ROLA 59119 Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag 59" x 24" x 24" (20 Cu Ft) available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Fits cargo baskets up to 60 x 24" and upExpertly engineered six-strap system keeps everything in placeLimited 5 Year WarrantyRugged weather-resistant construction, concealed zipper, and sonically sealed seams keep your stuff protected from the elements and prying eyesFolds up for easy storage when not in use

Tooluxe 50969L Premium 36-Inch x 60-Inch Cargo Net with 16 Adjustable Hooks | Stretches to 60-Inch x 90-Inch

Haul Bulky And Oddly Shaped Loads With The Tooluxe Cargo Net. The Nylon Webbings And Flexible Bungee Frame Can Expand And Fit More Items While Secure It.

Tooluxe 50969L Premium 36-Inch x 60-Inch Cargo Net with 16 Adjustable Hooks | Stretches to 60-Inch x 90-InchTooluxe-50969L-Premium-Adjustable-Stretches

Brand :    tooluxe
Color :    Black with yellow hooks
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    50969L
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Tools (tooluxe) reviews for Tooluxe 50969L Premium 36-Inch x 60-Inch Cargo Net with 16 Adjustable Hooks | Stretches to 60-Inch x 90-Inch available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Heavy duty 5mm thick black bungee cords constructed from super elastic natural rubber bands are more durable and UV resistant for extended term serviceSpecially designed 6" x 5" grid pattern keeps smaller-size items secure and prevents them from falling throughIncludes 16 movable strong nylon hooks for added security and flexible size adjustmentsPremium 36 in. x 60 in. cargo net stretches to max. 60 in. x 90 in. and provides tight covering on oversized or stacked loadingsIdeal for securing boxes, bags and personal belongings in pickup truck bed, hitch cargo carrier and roof rack cargo basket

Master Lock 2866DATSC Swivel Head Receiver Lock, Chrome

The Master Lock No. 2866dat Features 1/2 Inch (13mm) And 5/8 Inch (16mm) Swivel Head Receiver Locks. The Receiver Lock Includes The Push To Lock Locking Mechanism Easily Used By Pushing The Lock Body Firmly Onto The Pin And Removing The Key. The Weather Tough Seal And Water Tight Cap Provides Additional Protection From Moisture And Dirt. The 4-pin Cylinder For Added Pick Resistance. The Limited Lifetime Warranty Provides Peace Of Mind From A Brand You Can Trust.

Master Lock 2866DATSC Swivel Head Receiver Lock, ChromeMaster-Lock-2866DATSC-Swivel-Receiver

Brand :    master lock
Size :    Inquiries - by email
Weight :    1.10 pounds
Model :    2866DATSC
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (master lock) reviews for Master Lock 2866DATSC Swivel Head Receiver Lock, Chrome available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
1/2-inch pin is rated for Class I/II 3,500 pound load rating and 5/8-inch pin is rated for Class III/IV 10,000 pound load ratingPush to lock locking mechanism, push lock body onto pin firmly and remove keyFits both 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch receiversWeather resistant seal and cap protects lock from moisture and dirt, not recommended to be left on vehicle for extended timeUsable length of receiver pin is 2-3/4-inch

ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag

Rola Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Bag Features Rainproof Material And Sealed Construction This Cargo Bag Easily Expands To Hold Gear. It Includes 6-straps For Secure Attachment 2 Interior Pockets For Easy Organization And Expands From 9. 5 To 11. 5 Cubic Feet By Unzipping.

ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo BagROLA-59102-Wallaroo-Cargo-Bag

Brand :    rola
Color :    Black
Weight :    6.46 pounds
Model :    59102
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for ROLA 59102 Wallaroo Cargo Bag available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Premium quality rainproof construction provides protectionDimensions : 11.6" L x 9.2" W x 5.7" H2 interior pockets hold small items and help organization6 straps provide secure attachmentFits hitch mounted cargo traysConstructed from premium quality rainproof material with sonically sealed seams

Stainless Steel "Quiet-Collar" Hitch Tightener by HitchTech - Superior Lock Washers

Made In The Usa With Globally Sourced Materials.

Stainless Steel "Quiet-Collar" Hitch Tightener by HitchTech - Superior Lock WashersStainless-Steel-Quiet-Collar-Tightener-HitchTech

Brand :    hitchtech
Color :    Stainless
Model :    003
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (hitchtech) reviews for Stainless Steel "Quiet-Collar" Hitch Tightener by HitchTech - Superior Lock Washers available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Simple InstallationBlack powder coated carbon steel plate and stainless steel heavy duty U-bolt for maximum durability and a seamless lookFits 2" hitchesTightens hitch to eliminate any wobbling or rattling from bike racks, hitch racks and trailer ball mountsLifetime Warrenty

StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1. 25 Inch Hitches

The Stowaway Hitch Tightener Is A Proven Solution To Prevent Hitch Movement Whether It Be For A Bike Rack Cargo Rack Spare Tire Mount Trailer Or Pretty Much Anything Else Youre Towing Are Carrying In Your Hitch. Our Anti-wobble Kit Fits 2 And 1. 25 Hitches And Effectively Prevents Rattling Wobbling Rocking And Movement Behind Your Vehicle Caused By A Common Hitch Connection. The Stainless Steel U-bolt And Heavy-duty Powder Coated Tightening Plate Are Specifically Designed To Endure Weather Heavy Loads And General Wear-and-tear With A Lifetime Warranty. If Youre Looking For A Product That Is Easy To Install And Will Prevent Hitch Noise And Wobble The Stowaway Hitch Tightener Is A Guaranteed Quiet Ride. Simply Slide The Sturdy U-bolt Over The Hitch Bar Install The Anti-rattle Tightening Plate And Listen To That Sweet Sound Of Silence! Its As Easy As That. The Stowaway Hitch Tightener Is A High-quality American Made Product For The Hitch Rack And Trailering Market.

StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1. 25 Inch HitchesStowAway-Tightener-Anti-Rattle-Stabilizer-Hitches

Brand :    stowaway cargo carriers
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    20.6
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1. 25 Inch Hitches available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Hitch tightener is compatible with all hitch brands, including Curt, Blue Ox, Hidden Hitch and U-Haul, among others, and hitch classes I, II, III, and IV (1, 2, 3 and 4), both 2" and 1.25" models, ideal for hitches on SUV's, vans, trucks, RV's, sedans and trailers.Manufactured in the USA with a lifetime warrantyOriginal anti-rattle hitch tightener design is proven to be one of the strongest and most effective on the marketHitch tightener prevents rattling, wobbling, rocking and hitch movement for cargo carriers, hitch racks, bike racks and trailer ball mount brands such as Thule, Rola, Yakima, Inno, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Reese and StowAwayIncludes a heavy-duty stainless steel U-bolt and thick powder coated plate that will stand up to all weather conditions and loads. Easy installation by sliding the U-bolt over the stinger, sliding the tightener plate into the bolt, and tightening it in place with the included hardware, can be mounted from the bottom if hitch ground clearance is low

Pro-Series 63604 Amigo Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag

Pro Series Amigo Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag Protects Gear From The Elements With 15 Cubic Feet Of Dry Storage 59" Length X 18. 5" Width X 24" Height.

Pro-Series 63604 Amigo Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag63604-Amigo-Hitch-Cargo-Carrier

Brand :    pro series
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    63604
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (pro series) reviews for Pro-Series 63604 Amigo Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
15 Cubic Feet of dry storageSize: 59 x 18.5 x 24 inchesFits any basket with a platform larger than 59" x 18.5"Includes Tie Down Straps attached to bagRainproof construction with 6 tie-down points

ROLA 59516 LED Light Kit for ROLA Railed Cargo Carrier

Rola Led Light Kit For Cargo Carriers Part 63152 63153 63154 63155 59108 59109 59110 59502 59507 59550 38174.

ROLA 59516 LED Light Kit for ROLA Railed Cargo Carrier59516-Light-Railed-Cargo-Carrier

Brand :    rola
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    59516
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for ROLA 59516 LED Light Kit for ROLA Railed Cargo Carrier available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Lights certified to FMVSS/CMVSS 108 requirementsIncludes 2 Red lights with connections and zip tiesCompatible with ROLA Vortex and Dart hitch basketsEasy plug and play installation with 4-way flat connectionWaterproof, 6-inch oval light kit includes running, brake, and signal functions

ROLA 20174 Red Cargo Carrier Light Kit

The Incandescent Light Kit From Rola Is The Perfect Addition To Your Rola Or Pro Series Hitch-mounted Cargo Carrier. Youre Just One Quick And Easy Install Away From Adding Stop Turn And Taillight Functions To Your Hitch Cargo Carrier And A Whole Lot Of Safety And Peace Of Mind To Whatever It Is That Youre Hauling. The Kit Includes A Pair Of Red Incandescent Lights Along With Two Mounting Grommets And The Wiring Harness Which Uses A Standard 4-way Flat Trailer-end Connector Making Connecting And Disconnecting A Breeze.

ROLA 20174 Red Cargo Carrier Light KitROLA-20174-Cargo-Carrier-Light

Brand :    rola
Color :    Red
Weight :    2.35 pounds
Model :    20174
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for ROLA 20174 Red Cargo Carrier Light Kit available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Wiring harness with standard 4-way flat trailer-end connector ensures easy setup and use-simply plug in and goCompatible with ROLA (Models 59502, 59507, and 59550) and Pro Series (Models 63152, 63153, 63154 and 63155) Hitch-Mounted Cargo CarriersTail light kit for cargo carrier #63152. 6" Oval Tail Lights with a 4-Flat Wiring HarnessIncandescent Light Kit provides stop, turn and taillight functions for your Hitch-Mounted Cargo CarrierIncludes zip-ties for securing loose wires(2) 6" Oval grommets keep the lights in their place on your cargo carrier

Hitch Tightener for 1. 25" and 2" Hitches - Heavy-Duty, Easy-Install, No-Rust - Made in the USA

If You've Ever Towed A Car Truck Or Boat Or Used A Hitch-mounted Carrying Rack You're Probably Familiar With The Wobbling Rocking Banging Clanking And Jerking That Can Come From Sloppy/ill-fitting Receivers And Uneven Loading (that Annoying Trailer Hitch Rattle). Our Anti Wobble Hitch Stabilizer / Hitch Anti-rattle Product Which Works For Class I Ii Iii Or Iv (1 2 3 Or 4) Hitches That Measure Either 1. 25-inch Or 2-inch Will Easily Solve Your Problems. Easy-to-install Our Trailer Hitch Stabilizer Works With A Wide Variety Of Trailers Racks Carriers Hitches And Ball Mounts. Though Our Hitch Tightner Anti Wobble Is Not A Conversion Tool It Can Be Used To Solidify The Connection Made When Using One. If You Are Worried About Bottoming Out When Pulling Into Certain Areas You Can Flip The Hitch Tightener Over. Please Note: You Will Need A 3/4-inch Deep Socket Or Adjustable Wrench To Fully Tighten The Nuts When Using The Product. Re-tighten The Nuts On Your Anti Rattle Hitch Bracket After Every Use To Get The Strongest Hold At All Times (a Necessary Evil To Balance The Tightest Hold With An Ability To Still Remove The Hitch Tightener / Hitch Rattle Stop). Our Anti Rattle Hitch Tightener Is Proudly Made In The Usa And Packaged By Americans With Disabilities In Pittsburgh Pa.

Hitch Tightener for 1. 25" and 2" Hitches - Heavy-Duty, Easy-Install, No-Rust - Made in the USAHitch-Tightener-1-25-Hitches-Easy-Install

Brand :    mission automotive
Model :    MA2029
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (mission automotive) reviews for Hitch Tightener for 1. 25" and 2" Hitches - Heavy-Duty, Easy-Install, No-Rust - Made in the USA available as-of ( Jan 2020 )
Compatible with a variety of tow/carry vehicles - truck, SUV, sedan, RV, van, camper, and minivan. Can be used with standard ball tow hitch, hidden hitch, drop hitch, hitch extender, hitch adapters, weight distribution hitch, front hitches, and moreStops wobbling, rocking, banging, clanking and jerking caused by sloppy/ill-fitting receivers and uneven loading, providing a smooth and quiet towing or carrying experience. Proudly made in the USAWorks with many hitches, ball mounts and racks from a wide variety of companies, including Thule, Reese, Saris, CURT Manufacturing, Draw Tite, Rhode Gear, Graber, Yakima, XPort, Curtis, Masterbuilt, StowAway, Valley, Bauer, Larin, Roadmaster and moreEasily installs with Class I, II, III or IV (1, 2, 3 or 4) hitches that measure either 1.25" or 2" (will not work on a 2.5" or larger hitch). Powder-coated, heavy-duty galvanized steel means it will never rustPerfect for a variety of trailers, racks, and carriers, including car/auto, bike/bicycle, boat, motorcycle, cargo, luggage, dirt bike, platform, ATV, scooter, wheelchair, box, basket
Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier 2" Receivers (Auto Accessory) Price : 106.71, was : 125.25 as 2017-01-22
United States
Great Britain
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Disappointed In How First Weekend Using It Three Days After I Bought It - All The Screws Were Already Rusted As If It Was Years Old. One Would Have Thought Since It Is A Product Out In The Elements - The Paint Coating Would Have Been Rust Proof. Very Disappointed In The Quality This Is Displaying. Would Love To Be Able To Resolve This Dilemma.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: does this come with a hitch pin.

(1) Question: are the deck width dimensions (24") measured from the inside or outside? (i.e. will a machine with an outside wheelbase of 23" fit inside the rails?

(2) Question: is it made in the usa?

(3) Question: do i really need a torque wrench to put this together?

(4) Question: does this fit a jeep wrangler?

(5) Question: does this model fold up when not in use?

(6) Question: what is the weight? listing says 4.3 lbs.

(7) Question: what is the shank length? i have a rav 4 with a hard shell cover mounted on the back door.

(8) Question: what type of cotter pin do i need?

(9) Question: i want to put lifetime 60012 extra large deck box (60"x24") on this, will it fit? has anyone installed this on a basket (it says it is 60x24")?

(note) Question: where/how to get Pro Series (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Pro Series's products


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Good: - This Unit Is Bigger Than The Others. It Is 24" Wide When Most Are 20". I Like The Extra Space For Holding Those Plastic Boxes. - Arrived Fast - Seems Strong Enough Looks Good Enough - Weighs 60lb. Easy To Carry By Rails With One Person And Lots Of Space. For Tight Areas May Be Better With Two People. Not So Good: - Shipping Box As Others Have Said Seems Inadequate. My Ups Guy Apologized And Said I Might Want To Inspect The Package. I Told Him It's Ok The Thing Is Strong Metal Won't Be Broken But Will Be Scratched. No Big Deal Since It's Not Fragile But It Should Be Better. Assembly: - Very Easy I Thought. But You Are Asked To Provide A Torque Wrench - And Not Just Any Torque Wrench. I Have Two And One Only Goes Up To 45 Ft-lbs. Only My Heavy-duty Torque Wrench Can Handle The 75 Ft-lbs Required By The 3 Big Bolts Of This Carrier. However My Thinking Is That You Could Use A Regular Ratchet/wrench If You Are A Strong 175lb+ Man And Just Tighten It As Hard As You Can. (you Assume The Risk If Your Bolts Don't Hold Of Course. ) Better To Do It Right At Some Point Or Swing By Any Mechanic Once You Have It Basically Built - But You Could Use It Right Away And Fix The Torque Later. - 13mm And 19mm Wrenches/sockets Needed.

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Best pro series 63153 rambler hitch cargo carrier 2" receivers (auto accessory) in review

The carrier arrived in 2 days and it seems to be of good quality. Assembly was easy. It is larger than i had pictured (even though reviews had warned me). I consider myself a strong female but carrying this and putting it on my jeep is a bit of a struggle for me. I can do it, but having help would be good. Also, i had to put my first load on a little off center to make it all fit and it was a little crooked but it seemed stable. A note for wrangler owners: you can only open the back a tiny bit with this on. I made the mistake of mounting it with my rear window rolled up and there wasn't enough room to open the gate to propley secure it back so some rain got in even with it zipped. It isn't a big deal, just know you can't get in the back with this attached.

F. Jennifer, Lorraine

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T. Delgado, Utah says

I recieved this in 1 day. I don't know how it arrived so quickly. It comes in two pieces. You only need to attach 4 small and three large bolts and you are ready to go. Be sure to get a hitch pin ( sold seperately) i went to home depot for mine. This carrier is nice cause it is extra large, very sturdy, but not overly akward to attach. I store mine on 2 recycling bins so that i can easily slide it a bit to adjust for attaching to the hitch. You need a torque wrench ( or a friend who has one ) to secure the 11 bolts. Very simple assembly. This one is the larger size and i'm glad i chose it cause as you will find that in practical use you can haul many more items. I bought wratcheting straps, but the "octopus-style" bungee cords seem to work best for my uses unless you really have a top-heavy or tippy item. I also like the fact that with this one you can add lights. The cutouts are built in the frame. You dont need them for day errands but if i were driving long distance or night travel i would go for the lights. The frame seems very sturdy and i have kept it outside uncovered for several months now. There is the start of rusting at the bolt heads, but i suppose that is to be expected. Perhaps you could spray rustoleum on them as a preventitive. I also notice that there is a very light rust tinge along only one support bar where the steel mesh lies over and must be welded to it. If i could, i would store it in a shed or garage. The hitch bar has a rise to it and i wouldn't. Buy one without the rise feature as it adds necessary clearance. Mine has had zero problems over gradings and culverts. For 125 dollars delivered, it is well worth the price for saving me and my forester the aggravation of loading messy/bulky/stinky items into my car and adding lots of cargo carring capacity.

Y. Carol, Bremen

I Bought This Cargo Basket To Transport My Dresser Off The Back Of My Jeep Wrangler During My Cross-country Move. The Cargo Carrier Held Up Great Across 3 Days And 2500 Miles Of Highway Driving And A Heavy Load ( 350 Lbs). I've Since Used It On Numerous Occasions For Transporting Furniture And Other Items That Won't Quite Fit In The Back Of My Cargo Space-limited Jeep. It's Got A Heavy Duty Build And Feels Relatively Sturdy When Attached To My Cargo Hitch. One Recommendation Is To Secure The Hitch At A Second Point Of Contact If Travelling Long Distances Otherwise The Load Will Rock Side To Side Pivoting On The Cargo Hitch Connection. I Strapped One End To My Jeep's Rear Tow Hook And That Took Care Of The Problem. Only Other Potential Downside I Noticed Is That It Is A Little Difficult To Hook Standard Cargo Strap Hook To Some Parts Of The Basket. Still I Haven't Had Any Issues With Strapping Things Down Securely.

R. Bethany, Vermont says

After Researching Many Other Hitch Racks I Bought This Pro Series Rack For A Long Trip From Georgia To Utah And Back. Total Mileage Was About 4 000 Miles Over The Course Of Two Weeks. Let Me Tell You Why I Like It: 1. It Has Raised Sides To Keep Gear From Sliding Around Or Falling Out. 2. The "stinger " Which Is The Part That Slides Into Your Vehicle Receiver Hitch Has An Upward Bend That Gives The Rack More Ground Clearance. I Have A Steep Driveway And I Can Still Go Up And Down Without The Rack Ever Scraping The Ground. 3. Another Advantage Of The Extra Ground Clearance Is That The Rack Sits High Enough That It Is Totally Protected By The Vehicle. As You Drive The Rack Is In The Vehicle's Slipstream So There's No Additional Drag That Reduces Gas Mileage As You Drive. With A Loaded Down '14 Dodge Durango And 6 People In The Car I Averaged 25. 1 Mpg On A Two Day Drive From Georgia To Utah. Without The Rack I Get Similar Mileage. 4. It's Sturdy. If You Look At The Welds And Feel The Weight Of The Metal You'll See That This Thing Is Built With Quality Materials. 5. It Has Cutouts For Installing Lights. I Bought The Rola Led Light Set On Online Store (online Store/gp/product/b008l17jrc/ref Cm Cr Ryp Prd Ttl Sol 3). Lights Give You An Extra Measure Of Safety And Visibility As You Drive. 6. Ease Of Installation. Out Of The Box I Put This Thing Together In About 30 Minutes. It Comes In Three Parts With All The Hardware Necessary. You Might Have To Go To Your Local Auto Parts Store And Borrow A Torque Wrench To Torque The Screws To Factory Specs. Not A Big Deal. 7. Even With A Cargo Bag Full Of Luggage There Is Enough Clearance To Raise The Back Hatch Of My Durango. 8. With Some Racks You Might Risk Having The Exhaust Melt Your Cargo Bag. Again With This Product Because It Has A Slightly Raised Platform You Avoid All Exhaust Problems. A Couple Of Tips That Will Make This Already Great Cargo Rack Even Better: 1. After You Put It Together And Torque The Nuts Spray Some Black Paint On All Nuts And Bolts. I Think This May Prevent Rust Later One. I Keep A Can Of Black Spray Paint Handy And Just Touch Up Parts That Get Scratched Occasionally. 2. Buy A Locking Hitch Pin On Online Store (online Store/gp/product/b0009v1ws4/ref Cm Cr Ryp Prd Ttl Sol 10) Which Is Helpful To Keep The Rack From Being Stolen While You're Spending The Night In A Hotel. 3. Use This Hitch Tightener (also From Online Store: Online Store/gp/product/b0001cmuv4/ref Cm Cr Ryp Prd Ttl Sol 11). Anything You Plug Into A Receiver Hitch Is Going To Have A Small Amount Of Play Which Can Create Wobble Back And Forth. The Hitch Tightener Will Prevent That Wobble So As You're Driving Down The Road And Hit A Rough Patch You Won't Hear A Bumping Sound From The Hitch Rack Behind You. 4. Buy A Quality Cargo Carrying Bag To Use With Your Rack. I Happened To Buy A Bag Made By The Same Company Pro Series. It's Called The Amigo And It Can Also Be Purchased On Online Store Where I Got Mine Online Store/gp/product/b00hvvveym/ref Cm Cr Ryp Prd Ttl Sol 4. I Highly Highly Recommend This Bag. We Encountered Rain On Almost Every Day Of Our Trip. At The End Of The Day I Would Check The Contents Of The Bag And They Were Bone Dry. No Moisture At All. This Bag Is Made Out Of Some Kind Of Vinyl Rubber The Same Kind Of Material You Would Find On A Heavy Quality Raincoat. The Sturdy Zippers Are Covered By Flaps And Secured By Velcro. The Bag Also Comes With Built In Lashing Straps So You Can Secure The Bag To The Cargo Rack. I Also Used Some Separate Lashing Straps For Added Security. If You Are Looking At Other Hitch Racks Don't Get Caught Up In How Much Weight They Will Hold. This One Is Rated At 500 Lbs But I Guarantee You Will Not Likely Max It Out. In The Attached Pictures I Have Filled The Bag With Luggage And The Total Weight Was Only About 200 Lbs. Also You May Not Want To Fully Load This Rack. The More Weight You Add To The Rear Of Your Vehicle The More It May Lift The Front Of Your Vehicle. 200 Lbs Didn't Affect The Steering On My Durango But If I Had 500 Lbs It Might Have. You Will Also Want To Check The Tongue Weight Rating On Your Vehicle To See If Your Vehicle Can Even Withstand 500 Lbs Of Tongue Weight. Final Comment. As I Was Driving Across The Country I Saw Many Other Vehicles With Hitch Racks. Most Were The $50 Kind You Can Buy At Walmart Or Any Other Auto Parts Store. Many Were Sagging Or Leaning To One Side. My Was Straight Secure And Strong. I Love This Pro Series Rack.

V. Claudia, Derbyshire

I Purchased This To Haul Extra Cargo Behind A Toyota Highlander And I'm Glad I Purchased It. We Just Used It For A 1500 Mile Round Trip And It Performed Wonderfully. I Used It In Conjunction With A Hitch Tightener To Guard Against Bounce And Sway. I Also Purchased The Rolo Led Tail Light Assembly That Fits This Carrier. It Held A Cooler And Several Suitcases In A Cargo Bag Very Well. I Used A Torque Wrench For Assembly As Directed And Things Went Smoothly. I Think That Mine Assembled A Little Crooked - Either That Or The Hitch Is A Little Askew Which Is Totally Possible. Regardless I'm Very Pleased With The Quality And Build Of This Carrier. It Is Light Enough For One Person To Carry And Install. Probably Easiest To Set The Bottom On The Ground And Lean The Tongue Up Onto The Hitch Before Lifting Into Place But Feel Free To Install It However You Like. If You're Feeling Sporty You Could Try A Sideways Javelin Toss If You Have Good Aim And A Steady Arm. I'd Recommend This To You If You Want To Carry Extra Cargo Without Climbing Up On A Step Stool Or Ladder To Load A Rooftop Carrier. This Is Easy To Access And It Doesn't Wreck Gas Mileage Either. Update 3/12/14: Still A Five Star Review From Me. I've Used This A Few Times In Two Months And It Remains Easy And Solid On The Back Of Our Suv. After Putting It In And Out Of The Hitch A Few Times The Paint Has Chipped Off The Edge Of The Hitch Attachment Which Is To Be Expected. Otherwise No Rust And This Has Been Through Several Rain Storms. We Are Very Glad We Have This For Extra Cargo. We Are Getting A Hitch Extender That Will Allow Us To Mount A Bike Rack Above It So We Can Use It When We Go On Vacation And Take Our Four Bikes With Us. Update 8/15/14: We Took A 2000 Mile Journey Last Month For A Family Vacation Using This Cargo Carrier For The Entire Trip. It Continues To Perform Well And There Is Very Little Sign Of Rust Despite Being Dragged Across The Garage Floor Scraped Around A Bit During Installation And Removal And Being Rained On Countless Times. I Used It This Last Time With Hitch Extender And A Bike Rack And It Did Well. I Am Glad I Added Optional Tail Lights To This Carrier As The Taillights Of Our Car Were Almost Completely Blocked. I Will Revise One Initial Statement - Not Everyone Can Install This By Themselves. It Is Too Heavy For My Wife To Manage On Her Own But I Do It By Myself. People Who Would Have Trouble With 50-60 Lbs Will Need Another Set Of Hands. I Also Use A Hitch Tightener With This Every Time I Use It And It Rides Quietly Over Bumps Of All Sizes. Note About The Picture - This Is Best Picture I Have Of The Cargo Carrier In Use With A Hitch Extender And A Bike Rack. The Extender Is The Maxxtow 70070 And The Bike Carrier Is An Allen Sports Deluxe 4-bike With The Arms Oriented Towards The Rear Hatch. It Just Barely Fit!

I. Parker, Auvergne says

Mine Was Delivered 3 Weeks Ago. I Put It Together With Separate Tow Ready 20174 Light Kit In About An Hour With Basic Tools. Took It On A 1000-mile Camping Trip. Seems Sturdy Haven't Heard Any Noises Or Noticed Any Wobbling With A Balanced Load. I've Attached A Pic Of Mine With A Loaded 64qt Cooler With Cable-lock 4-man Tent 2 Folding Recliners A Cot 2 Inflatable Air Mattresses And A Full Large Duffle Bag. My 4runner Rear Hatch Even Opens & Clears With The Cooler Pushed All The Way Forward. Get Extra Tie Wraps If You Install A Light Kit And Also Consider A License Plate Mount/light To Wire Into That. I Added A Couple Of Stick-on Reflectors To The Back For Extra Night Visibility Too. I Like The Tight Mesh Floor But If You Use The Pro Series 7330 Stretch Net Cargo Net It Is Hard To Get The Large Plastic Hooks Into So I Got Creative With A Combo Of Hooking To Rails And Wrapping Under To Hooks From Other Side Of Net.

Y. Rita, Massachusetts

I purchased this cargo carrier with a pro series cargo bag to transport luggage on our yearly family christmas trip that covers about 2, 000 miles. We were using a roof basket, but had some issues with water intrusion via the zippers on our hard luggage. We hope that the combination of this carrier with the bag will add another layer so that even if some water gets through the bag it won't get all the way into our luggage. . Assembly was very easy. Basically flip the pieces of the basket upside down, slide them together, put on the two plates but don't tighten them down, then put in the big bolts, then tighten the large bolts first then the little ones. The hardest part was the 75 ft-lb torque requirement on the larger bolts. My torque wrench had the setting for that much, but it is a lot of torque and even though i'm a big guy there was plenty of grunting. . The one thing this carrier is missing is a pin or bolt for the hitch itself. I guess if you have plenty of hitch items you'll have one or two laying about, i only have a bike rack which has a bolt, and i keep that with the bike rack. A quick trip to a local store and i got a hitch bolt and pin set and i'm good to go. . I can get this on the car myself, although it is a bit heavy and unwieldy and the next time i do it if there is someone helpful around i'll probably go ahead and get help. The hardest part was lining up the holes for the bolt/pin in the hitch. It fits my hidden hitch (hidden hitch 87568 - class 3 hitch here on online store) almost exactly, which means sliding it a slight amount forward/back can be tricky. . I took a quick trip on the highway at 75 mph to test this and the bag out and didn't hear any rattles, although my 2011 subaru outback does a decent job of dully road noises and such. . The raised rails give plenty of opportunity for tying down the cargo. Luckily the way it fits on my outback it doesn't block my lights at all so i won't need the optional lighting kit. It also is smaller than the width of the car, and so while driving i don't see it at all via the windows or mirrors. However it does obviously block the view of the backup camera. My hatch can open fine with the carrier and the bag. However with some taller cargo that would obviously be a problem. . With the price and functionality this is pretty much a no brainer purchase. I don't know why i waited so long to get one.

R. Ruby, Wigan says

We bought this to increase the hauling capacity of our jeep wrangler. This carrier is wide enough to haul lots of stuff, but not wider than the wrangler. Assembly was easy (one man, 10 minutes). It is very sturdy and solid. It met every expectation we had and we couldn't be happier. . We purchased this along with the following:. . * rola 59119 rainproof cargo carrier bag 59" x 24" x 24" (20 cu ft). * tooluxe 50969l 36-inch x 60-inch cargo net with 16 adjustable hooks stretches to 60-inch x 90-inch. * connor towing 1615190- new 5/8" receiver lock for class iii, iv, v black nickel

A. Hurst, Sutton

I Will Keep This Short Because My Title Sums Up My Overall Sentiment. Pros. + Solid Construction + Design Allows For Good Distance Between Carrier & Bumper - Easy Access To Rear Tailgate (suv) - Plenty Of Clearance To Open Tailgate Vertically + Assembly Was Straight Forward But Allow For Extra Time - Follow Directions; Use A Torque Wrench For Peace Of Mind + Impact To Fuel Economy Was Relatively Minimal. - Hwy Mpg Was 17. 8 Vs 19. 4 With 200 Load Secured In Rainproof Duffle Cons (minor). + Packaging Could Use A Redesign; Incurred Minor Chips And Scratches Fixed With Rustoleum - One Of Two Zip Ties Holding Arm Broke Allowing For It To Swing In Transit - The Two Corner Supports Need To Be Sturdy Cardboard Or Foam And Need To Be Adhered + Item Is Bulky. - Practice Putting It On & Removing It A Few Times Before Your First Use Separate Note On: Assembly. Take Time To Consider How You Will Orient The Arm. It Is Designed With A Slight Arc To Allow For Additional Clearance If You Need It. Generally Car Or Minivan Hitches Will Be Lower To The Ground Than A Hitch On A Suv Or Truck. Recommended Purchases. Consider The Following (i Bought These; Added Peace Of Mind And Increase My Overall Satisfaction Of The Carrier): Rola 59102 Expandable Hitch Tray Cargo Bag Master Lock 1480dat Stainless Steel Receiver Lock For 5/8' Receiver Hole Grizzly Gear Large 36" X 60" Cargo Net With 16 Durable Nylon Hooks - Stretches To 60" X 90"

I. Wilson, Rutland says

It's the best hitch carrier you can get. From the second you open the box of it great material shows it self. Very well built, clean welding, and a heavy duty arm. I have researched a lot before getting this one, and i'm totally satisfied with it. Could be nice if it was folding, but i guess it will loose some reliability and it's toughness. It wasn't complicated to set it up and install it. Kinda heavy though, so be careful! . As concern of blocking license plate , for it it was fine , i have used on my 2017 santa fe, and it not blocking license plate at all. I have got a "hitch tightener" with it and it is the best i guess. Don't under estimate the importance of that little guy , you definitely need a hitch tightener, trust me. And "rola 59516 led light kit for rola railed cargo carrier" as the lightning system , that again you will need it. Worked like a charm. . As an improvement point , a path for cabling could be nice. So instead of leaving wires on top or beneath of tray , i have broken some of "rooms" in between, this way none of the cables will be bend or brake under 225 lbs. Of weight and or even extreme sunlight/snow.

G. Angela, Missouri

This Is A Very Rugged Rack. Its Durable And Strong. I Wouldn't Hesitate To Pack My Mother-in-law Back There And Know She Is Safe.

D. Wimbish, Lorraine says

This Is A Fantastic Rack. Don't Bother With Any Of The Smaller Sized Racks You Are Going To Want The Cargo Room Once You Start Using Your Rack. I Fit The Highland 13 Ft 3 Bag And A Large 24" Wide Cooler On The Back. Note: 24" Wide Coolers Fit Perfect Front To Back On This Rack. The Light Openings Are Standard Trailer/truck Oval Lights. I Installed And Wired Up A Pair I Bought Locally Myself. I Use This On The Back Of My 2011 Chevy Equinox I4 Which Is A Smaller Suv And The Rack Is Not Too Big For It (i Was Worried). Fits Perfect With Clearance For Both The Hatch And The Exhaust.

Z. Megan, Newham

After getting rid of my wife's mini-van and buying a chevy traverse, i needed a better option to carry luggage for our road trips (4 kids, two are teenagers). I researched lots of hitch carriers as i did not want some cheap junk that would move around and cause regrets later, and i do not want a carrier on the roof that will lower gas mileage. I ended up buying this one and am glad i did. The hitch goes together easily. If you know how to tighten a bolt, you can get this together in 5 minutes. The carrier is solid and holds weight great. We put all of the luggage (family of 6) in a bag we bought for this (rola 59119 rainproof cargo carrier bag) which left the back of our traverse reserved for the cooler and food. This hitch is wider than others, yet i could not see it in the side mirrors which was great. Of course being wider means it can hold more. . After adding luggage, i noticed the tail lights of my traverse were barely above the bag. I was concerned about this, so i bought led lights and added them to this carrier. After looking at reviews here on online store, i found that the light kits sold here did not have wires long enough to reach both lights. I ended up going to an auto parts store and bought the kit there. Having the ovals cut out for the lights already was great. I would definitely recommend this carrier to anyone looking for an option to carry luggage with their hitch. . Addition: i have had this for a year now. After lots of trips from sonoma ca to salt lake city and north east oregon, the carrier is holding up like new. I probably put about 500 pounds on it every time and it has never failed. Don't buy anything else. I see others on the road all the time that are falling apart. This one will last without bending and will not fail!

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