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Price was $45.89. This product is very easy to apply, just follow the instructions that comes with the item. We used this product on our car windshield. Once properly applied, the glass treatment can last about a couple of months, depending on how often one's area rains. It is very satisfying to see how the rain water cannot stick to the glass. Our first bottle lasted a year and a half. I am also planning to apply it to our bathroom mirror. I wonder if it will make everyday maintenance easier.

-S. Jackson

Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment – 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) Auto Accessory 800002243 12pk

  1. Value: Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort
  2. Value: Helps easily remove frost, ice, salt, mud and bugs

Rain-x-800002243-12pk-original-glass-treatment: Rain X Auto Accessory Rainx Original Glass Treatment Dramatically Improves Wet Weather Driving Visibility.

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Improve All-weather Visibility, Safety And Driving Comfort. Helps Easily Remove Frost, Ice, Salt, Mud And Bugs. Apply To Exterior Glass. In Tests Conducted By A Major University, Better Visibility Improved Driving Response Time Up To A Full Second Or More. Repels Rain And Reduces The Adhesion Of Sleet And Snow Value Rain-X 800002243-12PK Original Glass Treatment - 7 fl oz., (Pack of 12).

Rain-X 800002243-12PK Original Glass Treatment - 7 fl oz., (Pack of 12) Overview (800002243-12PK)

Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12)

  • Order : Automotive
  • Brand : Rain-X
  • Manufacturer : Rain-X
  • Warranty : Parts
  • Model : 800002243-12PK
  • MPN : 800002243-12PK
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : 800002243-12PK
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO ACCESSORY
  • ReleaseDate : 2013-06-14
  • Size : Pack Of 12
  • Title : Rain-X 800002243-12PK Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (Pack Of 12)

Automotive Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) 800002243 12pk Buy Automotive Parts And Accessories Rain X, Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) . rainx original glass treatment dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility. simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windshield while driving. rainx helps improve visibility by repelling rain sleet and snow. in tests conducted by a major university better visibility improved driving response time up to a full second or more. at highway speeds thats almost four car lengths of extra stopping distance! for the last 40 years rainx has provided drivers with products to help them outsmart the elements. all rainx products are designed to help keep our customers a confident step ahead of mother nature on the road. Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) Auto Accessory 800002243 12pk.

Rain X Automotive 800002243 12pk: Rain-X 800002243-12PK Original Glass Treatment - 7 fl oz., (Pack of 12)

What can i say about rain-x that other's haven't already? it's one of the greatest products i've ever used. Visibility in heavy rain is 100 times better when it's been applied. When other people can barely see out of their windshields, my vision is perfect. It's really an incredible thing. . People sometimes complain that their wipers streak after applying rain-x. You must apply it properly to avoid this. When i apply it, i do so in the shade. Make sure to wash the window thoroughly first. Next, take a cotton cloth and squirt a little rain-x on it. Wipe the rain-x on in a circular motion. You'll have to squirt more on your cloth every few wipes. Let the rain-x dry for 15 minutes and then apply it again in the same way. Let it dry for 15 more minutes, then take a clean cotton or microfiber cloth and buff the window, turning the cloth often. Put a little elbow grease into it! this removes any excess rain-x. Apply it this way and you'll be streak free. Honestly, i rarely even have to use my wipers when i have fresh rain-x applied.

Click to see NoticeRain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) (Rain X)"Rain-x Is One Of My Favorite Products Of All Time. Rain-x Really Does Work. How I Apply It: - I Clean The Window With Rubbing Alcohol/water Mixture To Ensure No Dust Or Dirt Gets Trapped Under The Rainx. - I'm A Little Lazy So I Squirt The Rainx Directly On The Window And Spread It With A Paper Towel Using A Circular Motion - I Let The Rainx Sit Between 4-8 Minutes (usually Gets Hazy By Then) - I Put A Little Water On A Paper Towel. The Haze Should Disappear Tips: - Some People Say They Hate Rainx Because Of The Haze It Leaves Behind. There Shouldn't Be A Haze Left Behind. If There Is You Need To Make Sure You Don't Leave Rainx On Too Long And Also To Use A Little Water On The Paper Towel To Get Rid Of The Haze (see My Steps Above). - If The Rainx Has Been Sitting Around For Awhile Make Sure To Shake It A Little. The Solvent And Product Separates A Little Bit Sending The Product On The Bottom. If You Don't Shake It You End Up Just Applying Solvent Which Just Evaporates And Little Product Is Applied. **hit Helpful If This Was Helpful**"

Rain-x-800002243-12pk-original-glass-treatmentRain-X 800002243-12PK Original Glass Treatment - 7 fl oz., (Pack of 12) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

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Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) (Rain X) Price : 56.57, was : 0 as 2017-01-22
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The F.A.Q. for Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) (Rain X)

This is a great product. I liked it and how it made my windshield look clear during the raining season.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: how often does rain-x need to be reapplied?

(1) Question: approximately how many applications is this bottle (7 oz.) good for?

(2) Question: is this gel or a liquid?

(3) Question: has anybody tried this on a (plastic) motorcycle visor? does it work?

(4) Question: will this help in removing morning fog on the exterior side of wind shield especially, in humid and muggy climate of florida?

(5) Question: my rear window does not have wipers hence some times rain drops can cause poor visibility. can this product help me with the rear window as well?

(6) Question: how is this stuff applied? with a cloth like a wax?

(7) Question: as anyone tried rain-x to help keep snow accumulation off satellite dishes?

(8) Question: how is this different from the other one called rain x windshield treatment?

(9) Question: has anyone used rain x on the inside of eye goggles

(note) Question: where/how to get Rain X (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Rain X's products


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Amazing! i followed the instructions and put this on my car. At first i could tell that i didn't quite get the instructions down right since there were some streaks and glaring from the treatment. However, after the next time it rained, that took care of any issues with the streaking/glaring, and i also got to see this in action. With a light rain, i was able to drive and not even have to use my wiper, with heavier rain i used my wipers but i could have it on the slower speeds and still see fine. This was nice since i didn't have the constant back and forth of the wiper distracting from the road, and this will reduce wear on my wipers so i don't have to replace them as often. Definitely a great buy and something i will continue to use in the future.

Automotive 18148651, Car Care 17281751, Cleaners 15481751, Exterior Care 19281751Top Rain-x 800002243-12pk Original Glass Treatment - 7 Fl Oz., (pack Of 12) (Rain X) FAQ Content

Best rain-x 800002243-12pk original glass treatment - 7 fl oz., (pack of 12) (rain x) in review

When I Use Rain X On My Car's Windshield I Barely Need To Use My Wipers During Heavy Downpours. This Significantly Improves My Visibility While Also Reducing The Wear And Tear On My Wipers. I Also Use This Product On My Glass Shower Doors. It Keeps The Water From Staining The Glass Which Reduces The Frequency With Which I Need To Clean Them. Great Product.

Z. Gloria, Kingston upon Thames

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S. Barbara, Wolverhampton says

This Is Very Strange. Years Ago I Had A Small Metal Can Of This Stuff And It Was Like Magic! You Could Literally Be Driving In A Rain Storm And Not Use Your Wipers. I Finally Decided It Was Time To Try It Again. Not Sure Why I Waited So Long. With This New Bottle Something Just Isn't The Same. Back In The Day I Remember Quite A Bit Of Haze On The Window And The Effort Required To Apply It. It Was Tough But Worth It. Also It Was Fun Applying It Because It Was So Interesting To See The Water Bead Off It. It Looked Like Mercury In Those Old Thermometers Or That Black Alien Stuff From The X-files. However This Time Around It Was Different. Very Little Haze. It Didn't Seem To Smell As Potent And The Water Didn't Bead So Much. There Is Something Strange Going On Here! I Can't Believe This Is The Same Formulation As In The Past. I Also Had To Use A Lot More Of It To Get Any Effect. Another Reviewer Mentioned The Same Thing. This Is Not The Same As It Used To Be. Maybe I Have To Find The Product In That Little Metal Can Again. I Always Loved Rain-x So I Am Not Sure What It Up With This Product. If Anyone Has Similar Experiences Please Post Them.

N. Pearson, Camden

Works But Requires Frequent Application Or At Least Your Fore-knowledge Of The Weather. Otherwise It Does Wear Off Even If It Doesn't Rain. The Major Problem With The Product Is Not The Science Behind It But That You Have To Be Diligent About Frequent Re-application.

V. Rhonda, Delaware says

Never Used This Stuff On A Windshield So Have No Idea If It Works Or Not. On Scratched Cd's However This Stuff Is Magic. If You Have A Scratched Cd Or Dvd Skipping Or Erroring Apply This Stuff With A Cloth. It Fills The Scratch With A Clear Polymer That Will Bring 90% Of The Disks Back To Life. It Doesn't Last So Use The Opportunity To Burn A Backup And Be Happy.

Y. Megan, Alaska

I Discovered Rain-x In 1991 While Living In Nyc Where Rain Sleet Snow Rule During Winters. Back Then I Had Purchased My First New Car And Decided To Try Rain-x After Seeing A Promotional Display (convinced By The Marketing Claims Imprinted On The Box). After The First Application There Was A Hazy Glaze On The Windshield And Other Glass Surfaces I Had Applied Rain-x On. The Haze Dissapeared After Turning The Windshield Wipers On For A Couple Of Minutes. Performance: It Works As Advertised. Visibility While Driving In The Rain And Snow Increased Significantly As A Result Of The Elements Sliding Off The Glass Surfaced. The Best Way To Describe The Effect Of Rain-x And Water Is To Compare How One Would Add Oil To A Non-stick Pan. The Oil In The Pan Would Run Freely In The Direction Where The Pan Is Tilted. Water And Glass Surfaces Treated With Rain-x Act Similarly. At Freeway Speeds The Rain Would Just Be Pushed Off By The Effect Of The Wind. During Periods Of Light Rain I Don't Even Turn On The Wiper Blades Anymore Because Visibility Is Better Without The Wiper Blades On Thanks To Rain-x. I Now Apply Rain-x To Tail-lights Front Lights Fog Lights Side Mirrors Side Windows Moon-roof. Rain-x Needs To Be Re-applied Every So Often. For Me I Just Re-apply Every Now And Then After I Wash The Cars (which Is Not Frequent - 6 Months ). Application Is Simple: Use A Paper Towel Or A Cloth Apply Rain-x To The Cloth/paper Towel And Wipe On Glass Surfaces. I Use The Lazy Method: Squirt Directly Onto Glass Surfaces Allow Rain-x To Run Down To The Base Of The Glass Before Spreading With A Paper Towel. Either Method Works. One Of The Few Products That Works As Advertised.

E. June, South Dakota says

Solution Is Fast And Easy To Apply. Wipe On With A Rag Let It Dry To A Haze And Wipe With Another Rag Until Clean. The Hydrophobic Properties Not Only Cause The Water To Bead-up But I Noticed My Wipers Are Quieter As Friction Is Reduce On The Blades. I Have To Knock Off One Star For The Following Reasons. 1. The Glass Will Have A Slight Haze Even After Wiping The Excess Off (not Horrible Thought) 2. Doesn't Last As Long As I Would Have Hoped. I Reapply Once A Month To Keep The Water Beading Well. Overall I Recommend For Those Who Have To Drive In Inclement Weather Frequently.

R. Gina, Minnesota

I Bought This To Make Sure There Were No Spots On My Gopro Hero 3+ Silver Edition While Out In The Rain Or Coming Out Of The Water. Just Put Some Rain-x On A Mesh Cloth And Apply To The Front Of Your Casing And It Will Work Like A Gem. This Is The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do If You Want Consistently Great Videos. Update 12/22/14 After Using The Gopro At Our Wedding And Honeymoon Under Water I Can Still Say This Rain-x Is A Must Have For Anyone Planning To Use Their Gopro Underwater. Not One Droplet On The Case In All Our Footage. Fyi- Be Sure To Apply It With A Soft Cloth Like A Shamwow. I Used A Completely Smooth Fabric To Give A Smooth Application.

I. Theola, York says

I had a cheap, untempered windshield which was awful in the rain. A friend of mine from college recommended rain-x and i was shocked at the difference. It was liquidy and clearn and i applied it with a soft rag and sat there wondering if it was even on properly. I trusted the system and then later that night took my car out for a drive; it rained while i was out and the difference was instantly noticeable. . Before, when using my wipers, streaks would obscure my view so much that any lights would make driving in the rain hard. Now, the droplets don't smear and smaller ones sometimes just roll off. It's pretty great. . Not that this changed my opinion on the product either: but the description says it uses 'water bending technology'. I giggled at the idea that the water nation may have produced rain-x.

E. Julie, North Dakota

If you are in an area that has freak rainstorms that come down like cats and dogs, you may want this. I've used rain-x before and totally forgot about it because i was living in an area that doesn't rain often. Now i'm in an area that pours rain and i park my vehicle outside. This helps with the visibility while driving in those rain storms and reduces that fun morning dew that develops on your windows. What i found helps me when using this is using a microfiber cloth to clean the window and dry. When dried i use a different microfiber cloth to apply the liquid to the windows and then when it's dried i use the other side of the first microfiber cloth to shine up the window. I go this route as i heard from others that this isn't good for your paint job or the plastic or something. I'd rather not make an expensive mistake and drip on the wrong stuff. I haven't used this on the interior of my car windows so i'm not sure if that would help with the interior condensation and won't try. I'll just use my microfiber cloth to wipe that down before driving. Happy shopping!

Y. Lindsey, Niedersachsen says

Solution is fast and easy to apply. Wipe on with a rag, let it dry to a haze, and wipe with another rag until clean. The hydrophobic properties not only cause the water to bead-up, but i noticed my wipers are quieter as friction is reduce on the blades. I have to knock off one star for the following reasons. 1. The glass will have a slight haze even after wiping the excess off (not horrible thought). 2. Doesn't last as long as i would have hoped. I reapply once a month to keep the water beading well. . Overall, i recommend for those who have to drive in inclement weather frequently.

Q. Hurst, Manitoba

Product definitely works as described. Have used this in the past on all of my vehicles (3 over the last 16 years) and it does a great job of clearing your windshield/windows of rain and misting. . During light rains or when the roads are wet and mist is kicked up from the tires on the vehicle in front of you, this does a great job of keeping the beading moving up and off of the windows to the point that you don't really even need your wipers. In moderate or heavy rains, it does a great job of keeping the water beaded up so vision isn't as reduced as it is on untreated windows. . I docked one star though because i've found (thru multiple vehicles and uses) that my wiper blades doesn't seem to last as long after it has been applied. I've also spoken with multiple friends who reported the same issue. I haven't used this in conjunction with the rainx wiper blades so maybe that isn't an issue if you use them, but it is def noticeable with other commons brands. From the cheapest ones to the premium ones, it seems to affect the life of them all. . That being said, i now only apply to the side windows, moonroof and mirrors of my vehicles. The beading the product causes helps keep the rain off which minimizes water spots as well. Another plus especially in the spring when pollen is rampant and not washed away with constant "april showers".

J. Whiteman, South Dakota says

Darn good stuff! boy did this stuff work! used it on a 3000 mile road trip. When it rained, i literally didn't need the wipers. Basically, unless it's drizzling and you are going 10mph, the rain and your speed make the rain just slick off of your windshield. I would say it worked solid through at least 5+ hours of rain and wipers, no sign of it wearing off or working less. Smells awful when applying, but easy application. I will always use this.

I. Colleen, Lewisham

Rain-x Makes Terrible Wipers But You Don't Need Them If You Put Enough Of This On. Tip: Don't Put It On The Side Windows Unless You Want All The Rainwater Rushing Up Into Your Car Whenever You Crack Them Open.

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