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Price was $46.29. I've Been Using The Rain-x Weatherbeater Blades For A Couple Years. I Live Down South And Routinely Drive Through Heavy Rain Storms. These Blades Keep The Windshield Clear When I Need It The Most. First Off These Blades Are Easy To Install. They Come With An Adapter Piece But I Haven't Had To Use It With Either Of My Vehicles. The Old Ones Pop Off And These Snap Right On. After Using These Blades I Found That They Perform Exceptionally The First Couple Months And Then Perform Adequately For The Next Couple Months. In My Case I Think The Decrease In Performance Is Due To Environmental Factors More Than The Product Design Itself. Granted I Do Leave My Vehicles Outside And Exposed To All Weather Conditions So 6 Months Is An Acceptable Length Of Time For Me To Have To Replace Any Brand Of Wiper Blades. It Seems That The Sun Deteriorates The Rubber Blades And Poor Weather Will Cause Any Rubber Blades To Crack Over Time No Matter How Well They Perform Initially. If You Keep The Vehicles In A Garage Or Sheltered From The Environment I Would Expect These Blades Might Last Up To A Year.

-J. Angela

Rain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade – 21″, (pack Of 5) Auto Part Rx30221 5pk

  1. Components: All natural squeegee rubber resists cracking, splitting and tearing caused by heat, cold, windshield wiper fluid and salt
  2. Components: Long lasting durability defined by a galvanized steel frame that prevents rust and corrosion

Rain-x-rx30221-5pk-weatherbeater-wiper-blade: Rain X Auto Part The Rainx Weatherbeater Wiper Blade Provides A Smooth Clean Streak-free Wipe By Using Embedded

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Long Lasting Durability Defined By A Galvanized Steel Frame That Prevents Rust And Corrosion. All Natural Squeegee Rubber Resists Cracking, Splitting And Tearing Caused By Heat, Cold, Windshield Wiper Fluid And Salt. High Quality Traditional Blade That Meets Or Exceeds All Original Equipment Manufacturer's Standards. Quick And Easy To Install With Pre-installed Small J-hook Adapter And Contains Multi-adapter For Side Pin, Large J-hook And Bayonet Wiper Blade Arms. Provides A Smooth, Clean, Streak-free Wipe By Using Embedded Friction Reducers And Multiple Pressure Points Components Rain-X RX30221-5PK Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (Pack of 5).

Rain-X RX30221-5PK Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (Pack of 5) Overview (RX30221-5PK)

Rain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (pack Of 5)

  • Order : Automotive
  • Brand : Rain-X
  • Manufacturer : Rain-X
  • Model : RX30221-5PK
  • MPN : RX30221-5PK
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : RX30221-5PK
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO PART
  • ReleaseDate : 2014-09-25
  • Size : 21"
  • Title : Rain-X RX30221-5PK Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (Pack Of 5)

Automotive Rain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (pack Of 5) Rx30221 5pk Competitive Automotive Parts And Accessories Rain X, Rain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (pack Of 5) . the rainx weatherbeater wiper blade provides a smooth clean streak-free wipe by using embedded friction reducers and multiple pressure points. for the last 40 years rainx has provided drivers with products to help them outsmart the elements. all rainx products are designed to help keep customers a confident step ahead of mother nature on the road. Rain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (pack Of 5) Auto Part Rx30221 5pk.

Rain X Automotive Rx30221 5pk: Rain-X RX30221-5PK Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (Pack of 5)

Horrible Horrible Wiper Blades. On The Plus Side: They Clean Pretty Well On The Other Side: They Squeak Like There Is No Tomorrow. Through The Sound-shield Oem Front Windshield Of My 2015 F150 The Squeaking Is So Loud That It's Distracting And You Cringe Every Time That Wiper Blade Goes Over The Windshield. The Wiper Blade Is Poorly Designed And Must Put Stupid Pressure On The Rubber Squeak Squeak Squeak. Returning Back To Online Store And Buying Bosch Icon Blades Instead.

Click to see NoticeRain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (pack Of 5) (Rain X)"Initially This Worked Great. A Couple Of Months Later This Blade Won't Stop Squeaking! It Skips And Drags Across My Windshield And Makes An Incredibly Loud And Annoying Sound Each Pass. I Now Wait Until I Can Barely See Before I Turn Them On Because The Noise Is So Awful. Obviously Not Safe. Will Never Buy Again. Going Back To Bosch."

Rain-x-rx30221-5pk-weatherbeater-wiper-bladeRain-X RX30221-5PK Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (Pack of 5) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Rain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (pack Of 5) (Rain X) Price : 40.52, was : 0 as 2017-01-22
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The F.A.Q. for Rain-x Rx30221-5pk Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 21", (pack Of 5) (Rain X)

These windshield wipers are the best i've used yet. I'm not sure about longevity but they're streamlined in design so they work well in the winter weather of northern new england. The larger wipers i've used tore apart or broke down quicker because of the weight of snow and ice but these are low profile so they should last longer than most others. . Unfortunately i ordered these and then shortly after traded in my car, unplanned, and so i haven't had a chance to fully test them, so i won't make any recommendation at this time, beyond recommending you give them a shot yourself. I will be purchasing these for my new car very soon, my current ones are streaking constantly.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: is this fit for 2003 beetle?

(1) Question: how difficult is installation?

(2) Question: on the blade length notes and heading, it says 20"...though on the description and selective box, it shows 10"...which is it?

(3) Question: honda

(4) Question: does this fit a 2012 expedition?

(5) Question: will these fit my 2008 mitsubishi lancer gts?

(6) Question: are any of the connectors made of plastic?the plastic cracks in very cold icey weather.

(7) Question: have a 2005 toyota

(note) Question: where/how to get Rain X (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Rain X's products


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I have a 2008 4runner. I replaced with windshield wipers with the weatherbeaters. They worked great. Naturally i wanted to replace the rear wiper with the weatherbeater. . It took me awhile to figure out how to remove the original blade. I had to roll down the rear window first. Then i lifted the arm up so that i could rotate the blade clockwise (looking down on it) about 90 degrees and then pull straight out. It was obvious that the 12" rear blade was not a standard item. I ended up removing the blade insert from the new arm. I installed that into the original 4runner arm. It works fine. . I don't know if the 12" weatherbeater is available as just an insert. But to me, it was worth buying the whole assembly just to get the insert. I like the weatherbeater that much. Btw, i use the rain-x washer fluid which has worked well for me. Too.

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It's items like this that make me love online store. They sell these blades up the road at the auto part store for almost twice the price. Don't make the mistake of buying blades that have been sitting out on the shelves dry rotting at your local auto-part store, like i did less than a year ago. Get fresh new blades like these and have them delivered to your door! they arrived in 2 days and they were so easy to install. They fit my cars perfectly and i'm loving my new blades! it's so nice to be able to see well when driving in the rain.

D. Margaret, Colorado

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U. Ross, New Jersey says

I've tried several other brands and the rain-x always seem to be the ones i return to. I have something against paying $25 for a single wiper blade and these seem to last me through most of the year.

D. Meyer, Auvergne

I Purchased The Rain-x Weatherbeather For My 2011 Dodge Ram. After 4 Years It Was Time To Replace The Oem Wipers (living In California We Dont Do This Alot). I Had To Watch A Video On Youtube To Better Get An Understanding Because The Instructions On The Back Of The Package Werent The Greatest Imo. The Online Store Description Confused Me Because It Made It Seem As If I Needed To Order A Specific Left Blade And Right Blade. This Is Not The Case The Blade Will Fit Either Left Or Right Sides. Now As For The Blades They Work Great. However I Did Have Some Issues. Just My Luck A Rare Rain Storm Came Into Los Angeles And I Needed The Blades To Work. After About 10 Minutes Of Rain I Heard A Clicking Sound From The Blades And Noticed That The Actual Rubber Blade Was Coming Loose From The Arm. I Pulled Over At A Gas Station And On Further Inspection The Rubber Blade Had Come Loose From The Clip That Holds It To The Arm To The Arm (see Pic). Luckily The Blade Wasnt Damaged I Simply Had To Back The Rubber Blade Out Of The Arm And Re-thread Into The Clips That Hold The Rubber Blade To The Arm. After That The Blades Performed Great! I Took One Star Off Because Imo The Blades Shouldnt Have Done That. Maybe It Came Loose During Shipping I Dont Know But It Shouldnt Have Happened. Once The Blade Was Working Properly It Was Giving Me Great Visibility With Every Wipe And My Windshield Remained Clear. I Really Liked That That The Blades Kept My Windshield Clean. Sometimes Your Windshield Will Look Hazy After A Rain Because The Wipers Leave The Glass Dirty. The Rain-x Blades Kept My Glass Clean. I Will Gladly Buy Again Buy I Will Make Sure The Rubber Contacts Are Properly Attached To The Arm Before Installing. Hope This Review Helped!

R. Campbell, Sheffield says

These Wiper Blades Work Really Well. I Am A Big Fan Of Rain-x Products They Are Better Made Than Standard Wiper Blades Imo And Generally Last Longer. I Believe That The Weatherbeaeter Blades Are The Base Model And Something Like The Latitude Is At The Higher End Of The Product Line. I Have Used Both And The More Expensive Latitude Blades Perform Just As Well As These Cheaper Weatherbeater Blades. These Fit Great On My Car With The Standard Small J Clips And Also Come With An Adapter For Other Style Hooks. Overall I Would Recommend These For Anyone Who Wants A Basic Wiper Blade That Will Work Well And Last A Long Time. Any Wiper Will Last Longer With Some Maintenance. Here Are Some Quick Tips To Keep Your Wipers In Good Shape: -dont Use Your Wipers To Scrape Ice Off Of Your Windshield -clean The Area Where The Wipers Rest When Not In Use Regularly (once A Month Should Be Fine) -clean The Wiper Blades Themselves With 90% Rubbing Or Denatured Alcohol (about Once A Month) -if You Really Want To Extend Their Life You Can "sharpen" Your Wiper Blades By Holding Some Sandpaper In Your Hand In A V Shape And Running The Blades Through It. Or You Can Carefully Trim Away The Extra Rubber With A Razor Blade. The Wipers Like A Knife Blade Will Become Dull Over Time So You Can Easilly Sharpen Them To Increase Their Lifespan.

M. Pamela, Rotherham

I Would Not Recommend These Wipers For Snow Conditions. Both Of My Brand New Wiper Blades Came Off In Terrible Near White Out Conditions. The Supplied Plastic Brackets Would Not Hold Or Cracked And Broke To Due Cold. The Wipers Were Not Even Pushing A Snow Load. It Put Me In A Dangerous Situation At 7740ft Elevation To Have No Wipers In Severe Snow And Have To Exit The Vehicle To Remedy The Situation. Done With This Brand.

E. Mahood, Georgia says

I Had Purchased These Wipers After My Other Silicone Wipers Had Failed Me They Even Had A Lifetime Warranty. After Not Wanting To Deal With Sub-par Wipers I Bought These Through A Friends Recommendation And Will Had Pressed To Use Another Brand Of Wiper. These Wipers Were So Great That I Bought Them For My Other Vehicle As Well. Had Them For Over A Few Months And During Rain Snow And The Weird Cash Wash They Have Endured. I Personally Have Recommended Them To My Friends And Family And None Have Had Anything Bad To Say About It. Hope This Helps.

T. Peggy, Bedfordshire

My car has a large j-hook, and these wipers come with an adapter for that. However, it's difficult to get the smaller adapter that comes installed off - if you look on youtube, there is a video suggesting that you use a pencil or pen in one of the pin-holes next to the connector to lever it off. I tried that and it broke the tip of the pencil off! i finally used a small screwdriver through the hole, and that worked fine. . But then getting the new adapter to snap on to the post in the middle was *also* difficult for my poor little girl-thumbs. You need to apply firm pressure from both sides to get it to snap on to the post. If it's not working, try lubricating the post with some liquid hand-soap or some isopropyl rubbing alcohol. . I live in socal so it's not like it's rained yet, so i can't really comment on much more than installation - the wiper blades seem to hug the windshield so far, but who knows how they'll perform. . Good luck getting them set up!

O. Monique, Merton says

I purchased the rain-x weatherbeather for my 2011 dodge ram. After 4 years, it was time to replace the oem wipers (living in california, we dont do this alot). I had to watch a video on youtube to better get an understanding, because the instructions on the back of the package werent the greatest imo. The online store description confused me, because it made it seem as if i needed to order a specific left blade and right blade. This is not the case, the blade will fit either left or right sides. . Now as for the blades, they work great. However, i did have some issues. Just my luck, a rare rain storm came into los angeles and i needed the blades to work. After about 10 minutes of rain, i heard a clicking sound from the blades and noticed that the actual rubber blade was coming loose from the arm. I pulled over at a gas station, and on further inspection the rubber blade had come loose from the clip that holds it to the arm to the arm (see pic). Luckily, the blade wasnt damaged, i simply had to back the rubber blade out of the arm and re-thread into the clips that hold the rubber blade to the arm. After that, the blades performed great! . . I took one star off, because imo the blades shouldnt have done that. Maybe it came loose during shipping, i dont know, but it shouldnt have happened. Once the blade was working properly, it was giving me great visibility with every wipe and my windshield remained clear. I really liked that that the blades kept my windshield clean. Sometimes, your windshield will look hazy after a rain because the wipers leave the glass dirty. The rain-x blades kept my glass clean. I will gladly buy again, buy i will make sure the rubber contacts are properly attached to the arm before installing. Hope this review helped!

X. April, Buckinghamshire

Great Wipers That Install In Seconds. They Last A Little Less Than A Year Here In Southern California Due To The Heat Of The Summer. Low To Little Noise When On High Speed And Have Great Visibility When Compared To To Rain-x Solid Blade. I Highly Recommend This Product.

J. Rose, Lancashire says

Installed dec 23rd, 2016. So far, these wiper blades have been perfect. No streaking, no squeaking. Granted, i've only just installed them. If anything changes, i'll update this review.

C. Michele, Somerset

It took me a moment to figure out how to install this since it has hardware for different types of cars but i eventually got it. I must say, the instructions didn't clarify much but staring at my old wiper did. I was startled by how curved it was when i removed it from the box but i saw that it hugged my windshield very well. My old blades (from factory) sucked and sucked even more as time went on. These bad boys remove all traces of water without streaking or squeaking. This is my first replacement of the blades so i have nothing so compare it to. . And for those reviews who say the wiper scratched your blade. I'm going to go ahead and assume you didn't remove the plastic guard. I don't know how you could miss that but i also don't see any other possible way this wiper could scratch a windshield otherwise.

W. Alexia, Saskatchewan says

This Wiper Is A Welcome Arrival To Be Sure! I'd Just Bought A Car A Few Months Ago And It Had An Old Wiper On The Passenger Side That Was Driving Me Positively Crazy! When I Got This I Just Popped Off The Old Crappy One And Slid This One On And Viola! Clear Vision Again. I Am A Bit Obsessive About Clear Clean Windshields And Now I Have That Again. I Used It First Time Out Of The Box In A Snow Storm With Sleet And Freezing Rain And Had No Problems. After I Got Back That Evening The Snow/sleet/frozen Rain Froze All Over My Car Naturally But When I Was Going Out Next Day After Clearing The Windshield (and Car) Manually I Had No Trouble. The Wiper Didn't Freeze To The Windshield Which If Ever It Should Have/would Have It Was Then. Others Have. : / I Have A Slightly Higher Grade Rainex Wiper On The Drivers Side But I Can't Remember Which One I'm Sorry (they Have So Many!). They Work Equally Well The Other Wiper Is Just A Beefier Looking Rainex Wiper. Bottom Line Is I Don't Think I Will Ever Buy A Different Brand I Really Like These That Much. Quality Purchase That Last.

N. Pamela, Schleswig-Holstein

I am really impressed with these wipers on my 1996 explorer. I only tried them out with water and using the windshield washers so far but, i have to say, they really leave a very clean surface and are very quiet too. My old wipers were about 4-5 years old and worked okay except the passenger side rubber was splitting. So, before the metal would do any damage to my windshield, i chose these reasonably priced wiper blades. I am very happy with these wiper blades. . Previously, i had only changed the rubber blade portion but, since these wiper blades (with new metal connectors/holders) were about the same price, i thought i'd replace the blade and metal holder. It took me a moment to figure out how to simply release (it needed to be pushed down on the arm and lifts off) the old connector and then just snap these new wiper blades onto the wiper arm. These new wiper blades and connectors/holders look great. . My only concern will be longevity. I am hoping they last 4-5 years since it only rains, like, three times a year where i live. Okay, a few more times but, i probably only drive in the rain a few times a year.

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