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Price was $55.26. This stuff is magic in a ford 6. 0. Truck sounded rough on cold start and would buck until oil got hot, but there were not codes. Thought i was doing injectors again, but tried 2 bottles of rev-x in the oil change as a hail mary. Poured one bottle into the oil filter outlet and 1 bottle into the crankcase. . First start up was better, but not good enough to justify. However after a couple days driving, the truck smoothed right out. Cold starts are much better and no more bucking. Mileage also went up. Truck now idles smooth - enough of a difference for a couple of my friends to comment on how much better it runs. . I will be adding 1 bottle to each oil change from now on. . Previously tried archoil, which did not have as dramatic of a difference as the rev-x did.

-M. Tracey

Rev X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Two 4 Fl. Oz. The Automotive Industry Has An Issue Stiction In Diesel Fuel Injectors, Like The Ones Found In Ford’s 6. 0l And 7. 3l Powerstroke Engines. Where They Start To Experience Static Friction -Rev X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Two 4 Fl. Oz. Bottles

  1. Add-on: Releases Stuck Injectors Without Using Harmful And Dangerous Chemical Strippers!.
  2. Add-on: Can Be Used With Any Diesel Or Gasoline Engine.

Low-End Rev X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment – Two 4 Fl. Oz. Bottles (Auto Accessory) Rev0402

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2006 powerstroke diesel ran like crap for over 6 years. I saw a video on the rev x and in desperation bought the product. Within 5 minutes of running time i could feel the motor starting to smooth out. After a couple of tankfulls the motor was revving free and not sputtering while cold. I couldn't believe it! so i changed the oil and added a fresh treatment of rev x. The motor continues to run smoother with every fillup. Make no mistake. This stuff works! no bs. Just try it and thank me later. John kuhn sheffield, ma. Best rev x stiction fix oil treatment | Rev X Products-Auto Accessory Review as-of ( Feb 2019 ) Add-on REV X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment - Two 4 fl. oz. Bottles The original stiction fix!. Releases stuck injectors without using harmful and dangerous chemical strippers!. Can be used with any diesel or gasoline engine.. Stiction issue in heui injectors & turbo chargers can be repaired.. It's no secret, rev x works! .

Rev x stiction fix oil treatment - two 4 fl. oz. bottles Review (rev0402)

I was experiencing some stiction issues with my diesel truck's injectors and after adding two bottles of rev-x following my last oil change, it has noticeably smoother idle and sound. I will be using this product more in the in the future to keep my truck running its best. -O. Dorine

Rev Stiction Fix Oil Treatment

  1. Class: Automotive
  2. Brand: REV-X
  3. EAN: 0856649005001
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    Height:3.75 inches
    Length:3.50 inches
    Weight:0.50 pounds
    Width:2.00 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Rev X Products, Inc.
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  7. Model: REV0402
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rev x stiction fix oil treatment - two 4 fl. oz. Automotive Parts And Accessories, The automotive industry has an issue with stiction in diesel fuel injectors, like the ones found in ford's 6. 0l and 7. 3l powerstroke engines. where they start to experience static friction and fail to operate in proper time, this has become known as a "stiction" issue for these engines. the stiction issue happens no matter what the temperature outside is, but tends to be amplified with colder temperatures and can make fuel injection systems fail to operate properly, causing numerous problems such as hard cold starts, excessive fuel usage, loss of power and even engine failure. there are many ways to release stiction, such as using a lighter weight oil, cleaning the injectors, or replacing the injectors. but these are still only a temporary solution to the problem. there has only been one product that has consistently proven time and time again to be the stiction eliminator, and that is rev-x oil additive. Rev X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment - Two 4 Fl. Oz. Bottles (REV0402-Rev X).

Rev Stiction Fix Oil Treatment Automotive Parts And Accessories

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I had noticed over time that the oil pressure in my duramax deisel was not as high as it was when the truck was newer. With 170, 000 miles on it, i noticed that the truck "shook" when sitting still at idle. Then i had the low oil pressure warning come on when stopping after driving for some distance on hot days. I searched the internet to see what i could find, and the first suggestion was to replace the injectors. I read a lot of information, and some technical enough that i didn't understand it. Looking further, i saw several suggestions to try rev x. I decided to give it a try. It arrived earlier than expected using standard (free) shipping. I had the oil changed and added both bottles of rev x. I could tell a difference almost immediately. Within a short trip (10 miles), the shaking when stopped was no longer noticeable, and the oil pressure in general seemed to be higher. I haven't pushed the truck really hard yet, but have driven it on longer trips on hot days, and have not had the low oil pressure warning indication. I don't understand what an oil additive does to the fuel injectors, but this appears to be a great product.

Rev X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment - Two 4 Fl. Oz. Bottles
Click to see NoticeRev X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment - Two 4 Fl. Oz. Bottles (rev0402)"I was very, very hesitant on purchasing rev -x. You always hear stories on how this treatment is the best & that treatment is the best. Most of the time neither makes any difference what-so-ever. My personal 2005 diesel truck was experiencing the cold morning lazy butt. It would not get over 45 mph if you held it on the floor for 5 miles straight. It would start picking up injectors one at a time around 170 degrees of engine coolant temp and run perfect until the next cold soak. You could bet your life savings that it would repeat rough running, low power after every cold soak. I purchased the rev-x as a last resort before a full set of injectors. I poured it in a next service and drove roughly 5 miles. The next morning , started up truck (actually forgetting about installing rev-x) started my typical route and it had crisp, almost perfect power. It was mind blowing. I recommended it to 3 other friends, all 3 have the same results. I personally have a 100% repair rate on this product! how it does it? i don't have a clue. All i can tell you is, it has fixed four out of four diesel trucks with low power , skipping, running rough issues!"

Lisle 14500 35/36mm Low Profile Fuel Filter Socket

35/36mm low profile filter socket.

Lisle 14500 35/36mm Low Profile Fuel Filter SocketLisle-14500-Profile-Filter-Socket

Brand :    lisle
Size :    35/36 Millimeter
Weight :    0.25 pounds
  • Low profile oil and fuel filter canister sockets
  • For more information check the main lisle tool- 13300 or 13650
  • Use with 3/8" drive
  • 6 point 35/36mm sockets for use on oil and fuel filter canisters when replacing the lament
  • Replacement part for lisle tool- 13300 or 13650
Price :    $6.99 (was $9.10)
Model :    14500
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (lisle product review) for Lisle 14500 35/36mm Low Profile Fuel Filter Socket available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Shell ROTELLA T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil, 1 Gallon 550045347

Rotella t6 5w-40 diesel oil is a full synthetic motor oil that features exclusive triple protection plus technology with additives combined with fully synthetic base oils that protect against wear, deposits and oil breakdown. It provides better low temperature flow and increased fuel economy performance, without compromising durability, compared to conventional sae 15w-40 oils. Shell rotella t6 5w-40 engine oil provides: better fuel economy this full synthetic heavy-duty engine oil offers enhanced fuel economy capability of 1. 5% (1) that can save money in fuel consumption, without compromising engine protection or durability. Improved wear performance full synthetic ck-4 oil provides a significantly increased level of protection against harmful engine wear when compared to previous generation api cj-4 engine oils. Improved deposit control the advanced multifunctional dispersant additives, in combination with synthetic base oils, provide an enhanced level of protection against the effects of soot, dirt and other contaminants. Improved heat resistance full synthetic heavy-duty engine oil resists breakdown by heat to provide continuous protection throughout the service interval. Emissions system compatibility advanced low-ash formulation helps control blocking or poisoning of exhaust after-treatment devices, helping to maintain vehicle emission compliance and engine fuel efficiency. Outstanding shear stability shell rotella t6 synthetic oil resists viscosity loss through shear and will maintain optimal pressure in the engine. Meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specifications: api: ck-4, cj-4, ci-4 plus, ci-4, ch-4 acea e9; jaso dh-2; cummins ces 20086, 20081; volvo vds-4. 5, 4; detroit fluid specification (dfs) 93k222, 93k218, caterpillar ecf-2/ecf-3, man m3575, jaso ma/ma2, allison tes 439, mb-approval 228. 31 for more information, refer to the technical specification sheet or to your individual vehicle owner s manual. (1) compared to sae 15w-40 engine oils

Shell ROTELLA T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil, 1 Gallon 550045347Shell-ROTELLA-Synthetic-Diesel-550045347

Brand :    shell rotella t
Size :    1 Gallon
  • Engineered with shear stability to resist viscosity loss and maintain optimal engine oil pressure
  • Suitable for diesel-powered vehicles from tractors/trailers to classic cars and heavy-duty diesel pickups that allow an sae 5w-40
  • Heavy duty engine oil formulated with additive technology that protects against the effects of soot, dirt and other contaminants
  • 5w-40 full synthetic diesel oil provides 1. 5% improved fuel economy performance compared to sae 15w-40 oils
  • Triple protection plus formula combines fully synthetic base oils with advanced additives for excellent equipment protection and long engine life
Price :    $22.47
Model :    550045347
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (shell rotella t product review) for Shell ROTELLA T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil, 1 Gallon 550045347 available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Motorcraft FA1778 Air Filter

Motorcraft air filter is designed to filter outside air that enters the vehicle. It is manufactured from leak proof polyurethane seals. This air filter chemically treats dry type cleaner elements to withstand damage from oil and moisture. It is resistant to temperature extremes and has a 98. 5% efficiency standard. This air filter is treated to enhance capacity and efficiency as well as facilitates hassle free installation. It is backed by a 12 month warranty.

Motorcraft FA1778 Air FilterMotorcraft-FA1778-Air-Filter

Brand :    motorcraft
Weight :    4.80 pounds
  • 12 months warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Withstands damage from oil and moisture
  • Efficiently filters outside air
  • Leak proof
Price :    $49.96
Model :    FA1778
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (motorcraft product review) for Motorcraft FA1778 Air Filter available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter

Do Not Skimp On Your Diesel Parts. Only Purchase Motorcraft Parts. Check Here Forums And Other Sites And They Will All Tell You The Same. Buy Motorcraft Parts For Your Diesel.

Motorcraft oil filter is designed to capture engine-harming particles. It is provided with pressure relief valve to maintain the supply of oil to the engine under extreme cold conditions or if the filter gets clogged. This oil filter utilizes anti-drain back valves for high heat resistance and to help prevent dry starts. It has steel cases ironed for a precise fit and painted for resistance to rust. This oil filter facilitates hassle free installation and is backed by a 12 month warranty.

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil FilterMotorcraft-FL2016-Oil-Filter

Motorcraft Fl2016 Oil Filter (Auto Part) FAQ.

The Only Filter I Will Buy For My 6. 0l Power Stoke Going On 379k And Still Strong Must Buy For Your 6. 0l If You Love Her. -Notice from A. Heidi, Lancashire

Click to Show motorcraft fl2016 oil filter (auto part) Details

2nd Time Using These And Highly Recommend Do Not Use Any Other Oil Filter Other Than The Motorcraft Oem Filter For Your Trucks. I Bought This For My 6. 0 And It Works Perfectly.

Motorcraft-fl2016-oil-filter-(auto-part) set picture

- X. AdrienneExactly What I Needed For My Ford F250 Truck. It's So Nice To Be Able To Find These Parts Here As Well. Much Better Pricing And Exactly What I Needed. Happy With My Purchase

Oem Quality Dont Get Other Brands As They Are Slightly Shorter Due To Ford Patents And Will Not Filter The Oil As Well Allowing Some Bypass. Have No Worries With This Unit.

H. Edna, Lorraine

Price :    $12.59
  • Efficient filter media offers increased dirt-collecting capability and ability to capture more engine-harming particles
  • Pressure-relief valves also help maintain the supply of oil to the engine under extreme cold conditions or if the filter gets clogged
  • Helps protect against engine wear by screening out abrasives, such as carbon, sand, dust and bits of metal before they can get into your oil
  • Pressure-relief valves help minimize the chance of contaminated oil circulating back into the engine
  • Steel cases are "ironed" for a precise fit, fluted to ease removal and painted to resist rust
Brand :    motorcraft
Weight :    0.43 pounds
Model :    FL2016
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (motorcraft product review) for Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

WIX Filters - 24070 Heavy Duty Coolant Spin-On Filter, Pack of 1

Changed my first one after 500 miles of use on my 6. 0l f350. Cut it open with some tin snips, found it had collected a good amount of casting sand. Hopefully it keeps doing what it does and i don't have any issues with the oil cooler.

Wix coolant spin-on filters are designed to remove the particulate contaminants from the cooling system. They are made of pleated paper which filters the contaminants down to microscopic size and provide a linear path for low flow restriction. These filters reduce corrosion and abrasion of hydraulic components and are highly durable and reliable.

WIX Filters - 24070 Heavy Duty Coolant Spin-On Filter, Pack of 1WIX-Filters-Coolant-Spin-Filter

Wix Filters - 24070 Heavy Duty Coolant Spin-on Filter, Pack 1 (Auto Part) FAQ.

Fit great -Notice from X. Kristen, Herefordshire

Click to Show wix filters - 24070 heavy duty coolant spin-on filter, pack 1 (auto part) Details

I've been using these with a sinister diesel coolant filter kit on my 2005 f250 power stroke for a few years now. Nothing to complain about. Keeps my coolant clean. First few changes i cut them open to see what they had trapped. First couple had caught quite a bit. After that though, not much inside them, so they are working and keeping things clean. . Note: i had a little trouble with them leaking slightly. The first couple i spread some coolant on the sealing ring. Later i learned that a thin coat of oil was better to use and haven't had one leak a drop since switching to light oil film on the seal.

Wix-filters---24070-heavy-duty-coolant-spin-on-filter,-pack-1-(auto-part) set picture

- I. MariaGood filter, screws right on. no leak

Work as expected! better than purchasing at an auto parts store! happy customer will purchase again!

L. Kimberly, Wirral

Brand :    wix
Model :    24070
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Provides linear path for low flow restriction
  • Removes particle contaminants from the hydraulic fluid
  • Reduces corrosion and abrasion
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Easy installation with snug fit
Price :    $5.24 (was $11.73)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for WIX Filters - 24070 Heavy Duty Coolant Spin-On Filter, Pack of 1 available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

6.0 Blue Spring Kit Upgrade - Fuel Regulator Kit - Fits Ford Blue Spring Kit 6.0 Powerstroke F250, F350, F450, F550 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007-3C3Z-9T517-AG

The 6. 0 blue spring upgrade is a common upgrade for the ford 6. 0 powerstroke. One installed this fuel regulator kit will increase fuel pressue on your powerstroke by 10-15psi. This give many benefits to your ford 6. 0 including increased injector life, smoother power delivery, and increased drive-ability. The blue spring upgrade kit installs on the 6. 0 fuel pressure regulator housing in the engine bay. Access the link included with your blue spring kit and follow the step-by-step installation video. Fits ford 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007f250f350f450f550excursion this is not a genuine ford part, the term for is used only for vehicle identification purposes.

6.0 Blue Spring Kit Upgrade - Fuel Regulator Kit - Fits Ford Blue Spring Kit 6.0 Powerstroke F250, F350, F450, F550 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007-3C3Z-9T517-AG6-0-Blue-Spring-Upgrade-2007-3C3Z-9T517-AG

6.0 BLUE SPRING KIT UPGRADE - FUEL REGULATOR KIT - FITS FORD BLUE SPRING KIT 6.0 POWERSTROKE F250, F350, F450, F550 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007-3C3Z-9T517-AG Features
Brand :    aa ignition
Size :    3C3Z-9T517-AG
  • Equivalent to ford part 3c3z-9t517-ag perfect for stock or modified trucks. the 6. 0 blue spring kit is a common upgrade because it increases injector life, increases drive-ability, and gives smoother power delivery.
  • Easy to install. the 6. 0 blue spring kit includes all the gaskets, seals, bolts, spring, and regulator housing needed for installation. this fuel regulator kit includes a detailed installation video (link included in packaging) with step by step instructions for the blue spring upgrade.
  • Fits ford 6. 0 powerstroke f250, f350, f450, f550 model years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Increase fuel pressure for increased performance. this upgrade will increase the fuel pressure 10-15psi on your 6. 0 powerstoke. increases the life of fuel injectors too.
  • Complete kit with everything needed for installation on your 6. 0 powerstroke: blue spring upgrade, 4 rubber o-ring seals, 3 orifice seals, 4 screws, fuel pressure regulator housing
Price :    $23.99
Model :    GWA109
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (aa ignition product review) for 6.0 Blue Spring Kit Upgrade - Fuel Regulator Kit - Fits Ford Blue Spring Kit 6.0 Powerstroke F250, F350, F450, F550 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007-3C3Z-9T517-AG available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

REV X Distance + Diesel Fuel Additive - 16 oz. Treats 400 Gallons

Rev x distance plus(+) diesel fuel additive distance+ diesel fuel additive is simply the most cost effective, complete high performance diesel fuel additive available for any diesel-powered equipment in summer conditions. When you are looking for the highest quality fuel additive for today's ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, you need to look no further than our distance+ diesel fuel additive. The distance+ fuel additive was formulated to be a true all-in-one ulsd fuel additive that requires nothing else to be added. Distance+ fuel additive boosts ulsd fuel performance to a level that diesel owners simply have not had the opportunity to purchase. Benefits of rev x distance plus(+) diesel fuel additive keeps fuel stable to -0 f. 8 point cetane increase (not 6% like others). Neutralizes negative aspects of bio blend fuels (b5 - b20). Improved cold starting on all diesel engines. Increases detergent and lubrication properties. Increases corrosion protection. Increases engine performance. Reduces component wear reduces exhaust emissions and toxic smoke. Dramatically increases fuel storage life. Increases water dispersion. Reduces egt temperatures. Customers are reporting miles per gallon increases!

REV X Distance + Diesel Fuel Additive - 16 oz. Treats 400 GallonsREV-Distance-Diesel-Fuel-Additive

Brand :    rev-x
Size :    16 Ounce
Weight :    1.10 pounds
Model :    DIS1601
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Concentrated! treats up to 400 gallons of diesel fuel. includes built in measuring compartment. just squeeze the bottle and pour in measured amount.
  • Increases engine performance & fuel efficiency with minimum 8 cetane point increase.
  • Improved cold starting in all diesel engines.
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and toxic smoke.
  • Increases detergent and lubrication properties to clean entire fuel system.
Price :    $24.71 (was $31.95)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (rev-x product review) for REV X Distance + Diesel Fuel Additive - 16 oz. Treats 400 Gallons available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

REV X High Performance Oil Additive - 4 fl. oz. Bottle

Rev x high performance oil additive if you've been looking for an oil additive that ramps up the performance of any lubricating fluid, without any of the harmful additives used in the past, your search is over. Rev x has proven worldwide to outperform all other products while surpassing all expectations. Rev x was formulated to be the highest performing oil additive available at any cost with zero downsides. Blend into all types of lubricating fluids for the ultimate friction reduction agent that virtually eliminates high thermal temperatures within treated components providing extended service life for all component and lubricating fluids. Never before has the proper oil additive package been so instrumental in protecting today's high performance engines. With the epa mandating the removal of key lubricating components such as zinc, sulfur, and many more from today's diesel fuel and engine oils, the consumer has been left with only one choice for complete protection. Rev x fills the gap and then blows the previous specifications away with performance & protection for any lubricated component in your car, truck, suv, motorcycle or small engine! benefits of using rev x high performance oil additive: increases efficiency increases horsepower and torque. Greatly improves starting in cold weather. Provides smoother operation of all treated components. Extreme reductions in component wear. Reduces operating temperatures to increase performance. Increased lubricant service life. Can be used in all types of lubricating fluids (engine oils, gear lubricants, hydraulic fluid, etc). For use in a huge variety of applications that require the highest grade of lubrication possible. Contains no graphite, moly, teflon, acids or any other harmful additives. Rev-x is safe for all soft and exotic metals.

REV X High Performance Oil Additive - 4 fl. oz. BottleREV-High-Performance-Oil-Additive

Brand :    rev-x
Size :    4 oz
Model :    REV0401
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (rev-x product review) for REV X High Performance Oil Additive - 4 fl. oz. Bottle available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $32.69
  • One - 4oz engine oil treatment kit
  • Greatly improved cold start operation, dramatic reductions in component wear
  • Enhances ford powerstroke injection systems for proper operation
  • Increased efficiency, horsepower and torque
  • Smoother operation of all treated components

Motorcraft RT1169 190F 88C Thermostat

Good part at a good price. Holds the temp right at 190 under normal conditions.

Motorcraft 190f and 88c thermostats are designed and tested to meet oe specifications for durability and reliability under extreme conditions. They regulate the flow of the coolant and feature streamlined venture nozzle for maximum coolant flow. These stainless steel brass bridge channels ensure strength and rigidity.

Motorcraft RT1169 190F 88C ThermostatMotorcraft-RT1169-190F-88C-Thermostat

Motorcraft Rt1169 190f 88c Thermostat (Auto Part) FAQ.

For my 2005 ford f-350 dually. It's odd to me to run hotter thermostats, but i'm new to diesels! running right at 190 on my dashboss. -Notice from E. Tracey, Corse

Click to Show motorcraft rt1169 190f 88c thermostat (auto part) Details

Exact replacement for stock. Did not have any leaks and holds good temperature.

Motorcraft-rt1169-190f-88c-thermostat-(auto-part) set picture

- U. DonnaExactly what i needed. Aftermarket stuff does not cut it. Got this thermostat and my coolant temps (which are critical for efficiency) went right to 190f after warm up. While towing a 12k fifth wheel coolant temp never exceeded 215f on grades. Its important to have the right equipment. Even if it is "just" a thermostat! good stuff!

Works like it's supposed to on my 2004 f350 6. 0l powerstroke.

W. Denise, Brandenburg

Brand :    motorcraft
Weight :    3.00 pounds
  • Prevents leakage between two objects
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Superior service life
  • Maximizes performance
  • Ensures lasting durability
Price :    $23.08 (was $25.38)
Model :    RT1169
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (motorcraft product review) for Motorcraft RT1169 190F 88C Thermostat available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

rev x stiction fix oil treatment - two 4 fl. oz. bottles Price : 55.26, was : 0 as 2018-06-30
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The F.A.Q. for rev x stiction fix oil treatment - two 4 fl. oz. bottles

I had the very beginnings of stiction showing. It was time for an oil change, so changed out the oil, poured both bottles directly into the oil filter housing, and down the road it go. Stiction seems to be quelled for the moment. Seems to have worked as advertised, with 1k since it was put in.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: can you use rev ex in gas engines oil

(1) Question: is this product added prior to the oil change or after? conflicting responses from diesel mechanics. any help thanks.

(2) Question: does using rev-x void my engine warranty?

(3) Question: has anyone tried revx eboost?

(4) Question: is this item cheaper than archoil friction modifier

(5) Question: this stuff any good for a 7.3?

(6) Question: i changed the oil about a week ago in my f250. can i add rev x now? or do i need to wait until the next oil change?

(7) Question: i have an 05 6.0 with 280k rounds, live in wi, my truck runs rough, knocks, and doesn't warm up for 15 minutes. please give me your best review.

(note) Question: where/how to get Rev X (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Rev X's products


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My 2007 ford f-250 6. 0 powerstroke 147, 000 miles was having some serious stiction problems even after it warmed up. I changed the oil filled it back up with rotella t6 synthetic oil. Then i added two 4oz bottles of rev-x started her up and let it sit and idle for about 20 minutes then took it for a drive and to my amazement not a bit of hesitation at all. At the time of this review it s been three days and about 400 miles and it still hasn t hesitated at all and it was doing it constantly before adding this stuff. I would recommend this liquid gold in a bottle to anyone who knows the problem is stiction and not a failing ficm.

Additives 10881751, Automotive 18148651, Engine & Oil 12881751, Oils & Fluids 19781751Top Rev X Stiction Fix Oil Treatment - Two 4 Fl. Oz. Bottles (rev0402) FAQ Content

Best rev x stiction fix oil treatment - two 4 fl. oz. bottles (rev0402) in review

Cured the slight stiction issues i was having in cold weather, instantly. It's a good product. Even if the detractors claim you can make your own, and it's doesn't permanently solve the issue (you have to add more at every oil change) the fact is that it does work. Plus, after the first time, you only add one bottle per oil change afterwards, so it's not quite so costly. Still, the frequent oil changes required by the 6. 0 mean that the cost does add up over the course of a year, if you do much driving or heavy towing.

A. Helen, Camden

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B. Bethany, Sandwell says

I have a 04 ford f-250 diesel 6. 0, recently the truck during 3/4 throttle pull popped the top of the oil filter cap. I believe the bulletproof kit installer over tightened the cap and weakened it during the final buttoning up process. After dumping all 14 quarts out of the top of the motor and pulled home by a friend, we started looking for issues. We never figured out what caused the issue, but we did do a full oil change and replaced filter and cap with motorcraft products. After the oil change i noticed a severe bucking and missing like symptom that would go away after the motor reached 120 degrees or so. Once that temp was hit the motor would smooth out and work like it use to. I thought that the possible surge i had may have done something to the injector seals etc. After reading forums and finally landing on online stores review page i found rev-x . I m sure glad i did because what i thought was going to be an injector replacement job ended up just being a stiction issue and now all my issues are gone. It worked like magic! i put 1 bottle of rev-x in the valve cover fill neck and the other into the filter housing. Ran the truck for 20 mins. At initial start i did still have bucking and missing, but i expected that as it didn t have the time yet to mix properly with the oil. I let the truck set for the rest of the day and went out that evening in the cold and she fired right up! couldn t be happier!

C. Guest, Berlin

Rev x? more like "rev xcellent! " 2003 6. 0 powerstroke. Poor cold start, rough idle, blowing smoke (at acceleration), stiction when cold but continues to buck at lower rpm of overdrive (more than likely low pressure from an injector). All around just not driving like the truck i bought. Now, i have put 100, 000 miles on this truck, and bought it at 142, 000, so it is old and used, but it's a diesel and should run better than this. I changed my oil and dumped all 8 oz. Down my filter stack. Oh man, cold start nothing. Purr's like a kitten and runs like poop through a goose. It drives better than the day i bought it. Don't try the ("just as good as rev x") stuff. I have and there is no substitute. Hit that purchase button and you will be glad that you did. No, i was not paid for this review, but i ought to be :d

B. Cathy, Ile-de-France says

Great stuff - i had an injector that was sticking and within a week the issue was cleared up and the truck seems to run better than before . All my friends recommended it so i thought i would give it a shot! it definitely does what it is supposed to and i would recommend this to anyone now!

V. Marguerite, Hampshire

I was having an issue with the injectors for my ford 6. 0l power stroke diesel engine so i replaced all 8 of them. The injector stiction issue and hard cold starts began again within a few hundred miles. I run rotella t 15w-40 and change every 3000 miles with an oem motorcraft filter. I purchased the rev-x oil treatment and the injector stiction and hard start issues went away immediately. This product really works.

T. Nicole, Delaware says

I've purchased some snake oil in my day! i've been promised so many resultsfrom so many products that i can't keep track of all the hundreds or more dollars i've wasted on hollow promises that didn't come true! then came rev x! this was recommened to me by one fine diesel man who said he'd had very good results with this product. Well ron, so have i! from the first day i noticed faster and smoother pre-start clatter from my injectors, more power and faster throttle response. . I couldn't be happier with the results, and will tell all my soot loving friends to use this additive because it works!

I. Cecilia, Maine

Stopped my injector sticking issues long enough for me to trade my old diesel in. Missed badly when first started in the morning until i used this product. A bit expensive actually a lot expensive but it works!

N. Anonymous, Mississippi says

My 2006 f-250 hasn't started cold without a misfire for probably 2-3 years. We would typically start it and let it warm up for 10 minutes or so before it was even drivable. I was very skeptical that this could help my trucks stiction problem but with all of the positive reviews i was reading on the internet about this and after dieseltechron youtube review of this i thought it was worth a try. I added this during an oil change and put about 40 miles on the truck that day. The next morning it was 46 and to my surprise the truck fired up like i had already driven it 30 miles. Wow! another thing to point out is that my wife and i both swear the truck is running smoother, faster, and more responsive however i can't verify this with anything. If you're having stiction problems on your 7. 3 or 6. 0 powerstroke this is definitely worth a shot.

M. Bertie, North Carolina

Literally best additive i have ever used in my truck! keeps system running smooth in cold weather, and eliminates any striction problems. I had upgraded to full synthetic in my 6. 0 and immediately had striction problems from the gunk getting cleaned out of the engine. I added rev-x and it was gone almost instantly!

S. Sarah, Northern Territory says

Doing research on what i thought was a glow plug issue with my '06 powerstroke, found out about the stiction issue. 75k miles, always use rotella synthetic 5w/40 since new. Very rough start when cold even plugged in on a timer for 4 hours before starting, it really struggled, running on 4-5 cylinders with black and white smoke out of exhaust, . . Read the reviews but still figured this was $65 snake oil, boy was i wrong. I had just changed the oil so i drained a bit out and added 8oz of this. Fired up the truck and put a few miles on it, the next morning it fired right up and settled into a smooth idle after a 20 degree night with the block heater plugged in. I've even tried starting without plugging it in at 20 degrees after a 15 degree night, cycled the glow plugs twice and it fired up, maybe 15 seconds of slight roughness and it smoothed out. . Well worth the money imo, the alternative being replacing injectors for who knows how much.

G. Patricia, Alaska

A must have for any 6. 0 powerstroke not running synthetic oil. Prior to switching to full synthetic, my injectors always had stiction problems and smoked. Adding rev x immediately solved this problem. . I still run this stuff with rotella t6 and a bypass filter. Despite the bad rep, i love my 6. 0 once all the weak links are fixed. Rev-x is part of the bulletproofing process in my opinion.

N. Audrey, Utah says

Have 2006 f-350 4x4 with 233k. Although had egr delete done when doing the teflon o-ring upgrade. Ecm showed 3 weak injectors. Because of the weak injectors, they were affecting the egr sensor. Added rev x to last oil change, cold starts improved, cold idle improved, and now injector performance improved which stopped the tripping the egr fault code. Recently ran 1900 miles with overnight temps at -19. And truck ran excellent, no egr check engine light, and started extremely well under extreme conditions. Very pleased with results. Will be adding rev x to every oil change.

R. Alice, Maine

This is amazing. 6. 0l diesel was skipping intermittently, running rough. First drive i took for break in of oil change and rev x additive. Truck has been running smoother with more compression while still being quiet ever since. If you are stuck with what the forums tell you to check out with no positive results to speak of, give this product a shot. It may be the fix.

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