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Price was $38.41. We bought these to have in our car for traveling on vacation to a state that typically has snow. I wanted them just in case as we don't own snow tires. It didn't snow and we not able to use them, but the actual product is very nice. Made well, and comes in a perfect storage box. We had a chrysler town and country minivan, and this fit nicely inside the stow and go compartment.

-U. Gloria

Company radial chain cable traction tire chain – set originally designed to save sidewall wear on radial tires, radial chain was the first real brand name in cable chain winter traction products. a history of performance testing from -security chain company sc1026 radial chain cable traction tire chain – set 2

  • Attribute: Low Weight Facilitates Simple Mounting And Removal.
  • Attribute: Improves Starting, Stopping And Cornering Performance.

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I just had these on my rav4 for about a week after a snow/ice storm. Like all inexpensive chains and cables, you have to attach them behind the front wheel, so be prepared to lay on the ground, but once installed they stayed in place effectively. Cables provide less traction than chains, but i had few issues with these and they weren't nearly as loud as an inexpensive chain set. Overall they are fantastic for people who need extra traction from time to time and don't want to spend a lot of money. The Best company radial chain cable traction as-of ( Jun 2019 ) | Security Chain-Auto Accessory Review Attribute Security Chain Company SC1026 Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain - Set of 2 Requires low operating space around drive tires. Low weight facilitates simple mounting and removal. Improves starting, stopping and cornering performance. Constructed from stainless steel and are highly durable. Ensures smooth ride .

Security Chain Company Sc1026 Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain - Set Of 2 Review (sc1026)

We had a rough winter and i bought some of these for my little hyundai. They helped a lot when i needed to get up some icy hills. Putting them on wasn't too difficult and i imagine that most people would be able to do it. The company has a good instructional video showing how to do it. Like any chains, its a bit loud and uncomfortable to drive with these on, especially once you get to plowed roads, so i used them to get up the hill out of our neighborhood, then pulled over and took them off. It only took a minute or so. . My only complaint is that after removing the chains and putting them in my trunk, then next time i went back to them, they were covered with rust. Maybe i should have expected that with metal and all of that water, but there isn't always a way to dry them off after use and i would have hoped that they held up to corrosion a bit better. They are still functional, but i am going to have to be careful that they don't put rust stains in my car and that i keep an old towel or something to remove as much of the snow and ice as i can after use. -Q. Stacey

Security Chain Company Sc1026 Traction

  1. Class: Automotive
  2. Brand: Security Chain
  3. EAN: 0044182003046
  4. Product Dimensions:
    Height:4.60 inches
    Length:14.00 inches
    Weight:5.05 pounds
    Width:7.90 inches
  5. Manufacturer: Security Chain
  6. Part-Warranty: Parts
  7. Model: SC1026
  8. MPN: SC1026
  9. Quantity: 1
  10. Part/Serial Number: SC1026
  11. Type: Automotive Parts And Accessories
  12. Category: AUTO ACCESSORY
  13. ReleaseDate: 2006-09-15
  14. Size: SC1026
  15. UPC: 044182003046
  16. Warranty: All SCC Products Are Warranted Free From Defect In Workmanship And Materials For One Year From Date Of Purchase By User.

company radial chain cable traction tire chain - set Automotive Parts And Accessories, Originally designed to save sidewall wear on radial tires, radial chain was the first real brand name in cable chain winter traction products. with a history of performance testing from alaska to switzerland and a tire application chart that contains every original equipment tire sold in north america, radial chain is an excellent, yet affordable choice in winter traction. radial chain s plastic package is durable, waterproof and recyclable. chain tensioners should not be used. Security Chain Company Sc1026 Traction (SC1026-Security Chain).

Security Chain Company Sc1026 Traction Automotive Parts And Accessories

company radial chain cable traction Security Chain Company SC1026 Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain - Set of 2 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

They fit great work great and when i put them on i was the only one able to get around and up and down the hills in my area and we had a really bad snow storm a few weeks back everybody was sliding off the road and getting stuck in ditches and i was able to march right on through and my van

Security Chain Company Sc1026 Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain - Set 2
Click to see NoticeSecurity Chain Company Sc1026 Traction (Auto Accessory)"The good:. I put these on my 2015 mustang gt on 19" wheels which, apparently, could get stuck on a snowflake and a slight incline. Couldn't get out of the parking lot at work without them, so i put them on and drove home, impossible in this storm without these beauties. They worked better than i expected, on a rwd car with no weight over the driving axle. . The bad:. I stopped after about 1/2 mile to tighten the outside of the cables. Well, it's important to read the directions. Let me say that again. It's important to read the directions. Well, in hindsight, i should have tightened the inside cable first, as other reviews stated. . The ugly:. Unfortunately, by the time i got home, shovelled the steep driveway, and attempted the climb, one of the traction cables was sliding to the outside of the tire. I was tired, cranky, and really just wanted to be done with the whole snowstorm situation so i hit the throttle and tore up the cable. . What will i do now, you ask? . Fortunately, it didn't do any damage to my car. And, since i can see where the fault was mine, i'm actually ordering another set because they worked so well. . What would you do differently? . Just check to make sure they are tightened equally inside and outside your tire, and realize that they are meant for light duty."

Autolite FLG1 FlareGlo Safety Lite

With the autolite flareglo safety lite, you will always be prepared for any travel emergencies. Unlike dangerous conventional flares that require igniting before use, the flareglo safety lite is battery powered with super bright led lights that blink rapidly and can be seen from up to 500 feet away at night.

Autolite FLG1 FlareGlo Safety LiteAutolite-FLG1-FlareGlo-Safety-Lite

Brand :    autolite
Model :    FLG1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • Safe and convenient electronic flare
  • For use in any roadside emergency
  • Reusable
  • Visible from up to 500 feet
Price :    —
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (autolite product review) for Autolite FLG1 FlareGlo Safety Lite available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

Genuine Honda Parts 17220-RB0-000 Air Filter Honda Fit

This Is A Honda Part So Fit And Performance Will Not Be A Problem. Replacing It In Your Honda Fit Requires No Tools. I Highly Recommend A Youtube Video With "diy" In The Title To Show You How. In Summary You Disconnect One Cable Connector (this Is For The Mass Air Sensor In The Cover Assembly) Remove Two Clamps In Front And Two In Back And Lift The Cover Assembly Up And Toward You. The Old Filter Comes Out The New Filter Goes In. A Tab In Front Shows You How To Orient It. Then You Replace The Cover Assembly By Placing The Large Round Piece In The Rear Into The Round Fitting Immediately Behind The Cover Put The Four Clamps In Place And Attach The Cable Connector. A Few Minutes Of Your Time Will Save Significant Dollars Over The Dealer Or Shop Cost. On Another Note Replacing Your Own Cabin Air Filter Is Another No-tool Service Job You Can Do Yourself.

Genuine honda replacement air filter is a factory replacement filter which is the same as what originally came as standard equipment on your honda vehicle.

Genuine Honda Parts 17220-RB0-000 Air Filter Honda FitGenuine-Honda-Parts-17220-RB0-000-Filter

Genuine Honda Parts 17220-rb0-000 Air Filter Honda Fit (Auto Part) FAQ.

Fast Shipping Correct Part J Easy Install. I Used The Car Profile When Selecting The Filter And It Helped Alot. I Had This Bad Boy Installed In Less Than 1 Minute. Great Do It Yourself Job. Save The Money Having Someone Else Install It. This Is Really Easy To Do. -Notice from W. Alma, Ohio

Click to Show genuine honda parts 17220-rb0-000 air filter honda fit (auto part) Details

This Is The 2nd Time I Bought This Product From A-c-s It's Online Store Fulfillment Item However When I Wish To Return This Item I Was Asked To Pay For $6. 7x Return Shipping Fees Which I've Never Experienced For Any Previous Online Store Fulfillment Orders. We Consumers All Prefer Better Price When It's Available A-c-s Price Is 20+% More Than Others (e. G. Longriauto & Gpw) And All Provide Free-shipping. I Do Not Support This Kind Of Business Model And Today I'm An Unhappy Customer. Pros: - Fit Perfectly For Honda Fit 2013 - Easy To Replace Just Follow The Arrow & Grids On Part - Save Time Gas Trip & Fees On Mechanic-visit Side Note: - Be Gentle & Careful When Opening & Closing The Cover's Side Snap Clip It Came Off & Fell When I Was Opening It. It's Not Much Fun Trying To Find A Small Clip Through All Other Parts In A Dark Tight Space . Haha

Genuine-honda-parts-17220-rb0-000-air-filter-honda-fit-(auto-part) set picture

- M. Edna2010 Honda Fit - Perfect Fit Great Price. Don't Let The Dealer Or Jiffy Lube Take Advantage Of You. During An Oil Change The Honda Dealer's Service Rep Wanted To Charge $125 For An Air Filter A Cabin Air Filter And Labor. $125! So I Checked Online Store - Right In Front Of His Face - And Ordered The Genuine Honda Parts 17220-rb0-000 Air Filter And The Fram Cf11182 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter. Total Came To About $33 Took 5 Days To Arrive And Only Took Me 5-6 Minutes To Install Both. If You Don't Know How To Change 'em Out Just Youtube It For A Demo Video. Order The Parts Online Save About A $100 And Your Pride.

Product Shipped From China So I'm A Little Leary About Whether It's A Genuine Honda Part. Raised Letterings Are Located On A Different Spot Than My Original Filter Which Was Original To The Car. (2013 Honda Fit). Cottony Portion Of The Filter Was Also Pink While My Original Was White. It Does Fit Though And I'll Use It.

D. Emma, Barnsley

Price :    $17.65 (was $20.09)
  • Designed to trap dirt and particles from entering your engine
  • Factory replacement filter, designed to give your vehicle ideal performance
  • Designed for maximum air flow to give ideal gas mileage
Brand :    honda
Model :    17220-RB0-000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (honda product review) for Genuine Honda Parts 17220-RB0-000 Air Filter Honda Fit available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

Security Chain Company QG20070 Quik Grip Passenger Vehicle Traction Chain Rubber Tightener - Set of 2

These are simple and effective at quickly snugging up the tire chain to ensure it stays where you want it. I recommend these even for cam-style chains, as they take any remaining slack out of the install. For the price, just get an extra pair now as backup! . . In terms of fit, these work perfectly for full-size pickup tires (or suvs with equivalent sized tires), but would likely not be effective for smaller vehicles (compact and perhaps even mid-size suv or similar). In terms of installation, i agree with reviewer "e. Richards" in that you should install at 4 and 8, then 12, then 10 and 2 for the easiest/quickest install possible. . Please note that while these might help keep oversized chains on the tire, it is critical to get the right size chain for your application both for performance and safety. Tire chains can cause substantial damage to a vehicle when they come loose, not to mention the risk associated with a sudden loss of traction. . Update jan 6, 2012: one "con" i found with these tighteners is that the "c" style connectors are likely to fall off the rubber ring during removal in cold temps. Because the rubber is stretched and stiff, it has a smaller diameter than at install and can easily slip through the opening. Drop one of those little buggers in some snow, and good luck finding it! i lost two on the first one i removed (i wised up after that and was far more careful). After removing, if you take the tighteners indoors for a few minutes, they will quickly shrink back to their original size and be ready for another installation. . Update jan 4, 2017: the quality of the rubber on these seems to be on the decline. Whereas i used to be able to get a season's use out of them, i am finding that i am now "lucky" to have them not break after being on the truck for a couple of months. Keep in mind that this is a couple of *winter* months in fairbanks, alaska, so uv degradation from sunlight should not be an issue. I was okay with spending approximately $20 per year on a set of four, but doing so multiple times a season just isn't acceptable. I am purchasing one more set today just to see how they do, but it will be my last if they break prematurely. I am also dropping my review to four stars (it may go lower with the next update! ).

Security chain company quik grip passenger vehicle traction chain rubber tightener is designed for virtually every type of use from passenger cars, suvs to trucks, airport transporters, atvs, garden tractor to snowblowers and forklift machines.

Security Chain Company QG20070 Quik Grip Passenger Vehicle Traction Chain Rubber Tightener - Set of 2Security-Chain-QG20070-Passenger-Tightener

Security chain qg20070 passenger tightener (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This product is just great, especially for the cables which don't have a tightening system of their own. I am currently using them with chains and they keep them very tight. You can forget with tires spinning inside chains and cables with this product. The rubber orings are very strong. They install easier if you hook one side and then stretch the third clasp across the tire and then hook the sides. Online store. Com is the only place that i have been able to find these even though the chain manufacturer states that they are recommended right on the box that the chains and cables are shipped in. I ordered 5 sets and got free shipping so i'm good to go for a few years. -Notice from F. Wanda, Bournemouth

Click to Show security chain qg20070 passenger tightener (auto accessory) Details

I purchased these tighteners to go along with my security tire chains. They are very necessary to insure a snug fit of your chains to the tires. I found them to be somewhat difficult to install the first time due to the fact that you must stretch the rubber to get the clips to reach the chains. The tension of the rubber ring is what tightens the chains. I hope that it will be easier next time. I recommend working clips at opposite ends of the ring as opposed to going around the ring in a circular fashion. When you go around, the last couple of hooks will be very tight and hard to attach. It should be easier if you clip one hook at 12 oclock and then the next at about 6 oclock, then work the sides from there.

Security-chain-qg20070-passenger-tightener-(auto-accessory) set picture

- V. MableHaven't had to use them yet but am sure when i do that i'd wish i was in fl. The price seemed appropriate and competive. Shipment was speedy.

Bought four of these (2 pairs) for my 4-wd john deere tractor. I have turf tires on it, and the chains are necessary for winter snow blowing and front end loading. These tighteners are working fine for now. Will be interested to see how long the rubber lasts.

B. Garner, Richmond upon Thames

Brand :    security chain
Size :    Passenger Vehicle
Weight :    0.35 pounds
  • For use with link chains
  • Passenger vehicle rubber tightener
  • Durable
  • Passenger cars applications
  • Creates great traction
Price :    $8.33 (was $11.11)
Model :    QG20070
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for Security Chain Company QG20070 Quik Grip Passenger Vehicle Traction Chain Rubber Tightener - Set of 2 available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

Security Chain Company SZ1172 Tire Traction Chain Rubber Tightener - Set of 2

I Ended Up Buying A New Set Of Tighteners When One Went Missing This Fall. I Had To Use A Bungee Cord During The First Big Snow This Year. It's Ironic That The Winter All 4 Of My Tires Would Have Low Tread Is The Year Of The Excessively Long Winter. I Have Had To Deploy My Chains On 5 Different Occasions Just To Make It Home And Into My Driveway. Not A Good Year Under Any Circumstances. But The Arrival Of These Tighteners Made The Whole Process Much Easier And More Secure Than It Would Have Been. I Did Have Some Trouble Finding Out Which Size I Needed. The Scc Catalog Lists These As 5-packs Only. But Using The Same Item On Online Store Gets You A Single Set Which Is Great.

This scc rubber tightener is for use with select shur grip z and super z6 traction tire chains. Replace your lost or broken tighteners, or you may want to keep a spare set on hand just in case. It is sold in pairs.

Security Chain Company SZ1172 Tire Traction Chain Rubber Tightener - Set of 2Security-Chain-SZ1172-Traction-Tightener

Security Chain Company Sz1172 Tire Traction Chain Rubber Tightener - Set Of 2 (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Not Much To Say. I Looked And I Found What I Needed And I Bought The Item. It Shipped And Arrived As Advertised; Have Not Had The Occasion To Use The Product But Based Upon Prior Reviews I Am Comfortable That They Will Work As Advertised. -Notice from U. Shirley, Ohio

Click to Show security chain company sz1172 tire traction chain rubber tightener - set of 2 (auto accessory) Details

This Is My First Purchase Of Tire Chains/cables So Nothing To Compare With. Pros: It Provided Good Traction On The Snow And Ice They Stayed On Alright Without Adjustment For Three Days Trip To Big Bear. Cons: While It Was Easy To Put In A Garage During Test It Proved To Be Very Hard In The Field Condition In Freezing Weather.

Security-chain-company-sz1172-tire-traction-chain-rubber-tightener---set-of-2-(auto-accessory) set picture

- R. CarolEasy To Put On Easy To Take Off. Great Traction In Near Blizzard Conditions. What's Not To Like Would Recommend To Others.

I Researched Just About Every Single Tire Chain Option And I Settled On These. Not Only Is The Price Great But The Quality Is Great! They Work Very Well For My Mazda 3 With Alloy Rims. They Are The Easiest Tire Chains I Have Ever Put On. I Like The Rubber-band/clip Tensioning System But As Other Reviewers Have Said Buy An Extra Pair Just In Case.

G. April, Hertfordshire

Brand :    security chain
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    SZ1172
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • For use with scc part numbers: sz115 - sz137, sz315 - sz335
  • Replace your lost or broken tighteners
  • 2 tighteners per bag
  • Good idea to keep a backup set on hand
Price :    $6.88 (was $13.18)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (security chain product review) for Security Chain Company SZ1172 Tire Traction Chain Rubber Tightener - Set of 2 available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

Security Chain Company SZ429 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain Passenger Cars, Pickups, SUVs - Set of 2

Bought Feb 2014 Then One Chain Broke Dec 2016. Used Only About 5-7 Times Total On 2010 Toyota Prius. I Thought They Would Have Lasted Longer. I Noticed After The First Use They Started To Rust. Sometimes When I Drove Above 25mph I Would Hear A Thumping. I Was Very Careful Not To Go Above 30mph. Examined The Fitting Several Times And Even Took Them Off And Reinstalled But Couldn't Figure Out What Was Causing The Sound Since Everything Seemed To Be A Tight Fit And No Visible Damage. Assumed It Was The Rubber Tighteners Banging Against The Tire Hub. I Did Notice The Blue Rubber Coating Over The Wire Showing Wear From The Rubber Tighteners Rubbing On Them. The Part That Broke Off Was One Of The Cables Going Over The Tire Tread. The Thumping Got Loud And Persistent Before The Chain Broke So I Wished I Could Have Seen What Was Causing The Sound. As For The Installation Process The Part That's Annoying Is Getting The Chains Around And Behind The Tire On The Ground And Secondly Attaching The Rubber Tighteners. Reaching Around The Tire With The Snow Scraper Didn't Always Work So Well. Sometimes There's Snow In The Way. The Cables Don't Lie Flat And Like To Curl So It Was A Challenge To Check They Didn't Get Twisted Behind The Tire. Other Times There's Slush And I Had To Put Down A Tarp So My Pants Didn't Get Dirty. The Long Plastic Gloves Are To Prevent Your Sleeves From Getting Dirty. I Even Bought Extra Pairs Of Those Gloves To Use. But Gloves Get In The Way Of Attaching The Fasteners On The Chain. I Had A Whole System Down Of Using Ski Gloves Plastic Gloves Over That Tarp To Kneel Down On And Garbage Bag To Throw Everything Into After Taking Them Off So They Don't Make A Mess In The Car. Attaching The Rubber Tighteners Was The Hardest Part Physically For Me Because The Last Hook Required A Bit More Muscle Than My Frozen Fingers Could Handle. I Always Gave That Job To A Passenger To Do. Since It Fitted So Tightly I Doubted Anything Would Be Lose And The Thumping Noise Was A Mystery. I've Watched And Helped Other People Put On Different Kinds Of Chains And Envy How They Didn't Have To Reach Behind The Tire Or Require Strong Grip Strength. For My Next Set Of Chains I'll Rather Try Another Product.

Super z6 was designed by scc for cars, trucks, and suv's with restricted clearance around the drive tires. Based on scc's experience with other products in the "z" family, super z6 has one very special quality: it will operate in less than half of the space required by most cable chains and tire chains. Super z6 requires only 6mm (1/4") of sidewall clearance to operate. The diagonal pattern provides constant traction, aggressive starting, stopping, cornering and ensures compatibility on vehicles equipped with traction control and electronically monitored brake systems. Traction coils, made from alloy steel are more durable than conventional tire or cable chains. A split outside cable with two fastening positions allows for easy installation without moving the vehicle, and there's no need to stop and retighten. Most cars, trucks and suv's manufactured since the late 80's will have special clearance requirements. Don't be fooled by the appearance of the tire positioning on your vehicle. Traction products not only have to fit the tire, but must also fit within the space provided around the tires. Most issues are hidden from view as they are behind the tire near braces, suspension parts, strut housings, splash guards and fuel and brake lines. More information should be located in the owner's manual under chains, traction devices, tires or similar heading. It is important to select a traction product that is compatible with the minimum class assigned to your vehicle. The class assigned to your vehicle is based on the original tire and wheel size shown in your owner's manual. Using a different size tire may affect the chain's ability to operate properly. Some owner's manuals state that certain tire sizes do not provide enough clearnace to accommmodate winter traction products. The fact is, many of these vehicles can use scc's super z6. Trying to measure the nearest obstruction under your vehicle could prove tricky.

Security Chain Company SZ429 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain Passenger Cars, Pickups, SUVs - Set of 2Security-Chain-Company-SZ429-PassengerThe scc super z6 sz429 winter traction product offers superior performance for pickups and suvs with very limited operating clearance around the drive tires. Be ready for winter driving with an innovative solution that is a step beyond traditional tire chains. New design based on the "z" family of products, the super z6 is designed for vehicles with restricted clearance around the drive tires. The super z6 requires only 6. 33 millimeters (. 25 inches) of sidewall clearance to operate, less than half the space required by most cable and tire chains. The super z6 installs quickly and easily. View installation guide. Be prepared for driving this winter with super z6 traction systems. A diagonal crossmember pattern provides better outstanding traction and durability than conventional chain systems. Easy to install a split outside cable with two fastening positions allows for easy installation without moving the vehicle, so there's no need to stop and retighten. The traction coils are manufactured from alloy steel to increase the lifespan of the product. The super z6 is also designed to prevent scratching of alloy or high performance tire rims. Versatility the super z6 is available to fit pickups and suv tire sizes. It offers a unique combination of performance and convenience features for every user, including a "designed-in" rubber tightener, better all-around traction performance than conventional tire chains or cables, and greater durability. Designed for high performance the super z6 has better compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive, and other electronically monitored control systems so as not to interfere with the normal handling characteristics of your vehicle. The unique design also offers a low potential for damage to vehicle body and mechanical components, even when abused. The super z6 sz429 is designed for tires sizes from approximately 6. 5-16lt up to 265 millimeters. Check the manufacturer's website for the exact product to fit your tire size. Also check your owner's manual for clearance specifications before installing winter traction products. What's in the box chains, plastic gloves, one pair of rubber tensioners, durable, re-usable nylon bag, and clear, illustrated step-by-step installation and removal instructions.

Security Chain Company Sz429 Passenger (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

These Chains Are Fantastic! I Moved From Florida To Reno Nv A Few Month Ago And Once We Got Our First Storm I Quickly Realized I Needed To Get Chains Asap. They've Held Up Well After About 4 Uses. I Like These Because There's No Retightening After You Install Them Thanks To The Rubber Fasteners. Also Their Design Allows You To Drive Over Asphalt For Minimal Periods Of Time Due To Their Hundreds Of Independent Rings. In Other Words There's No "single Link" That Can Break And Ruin Your Entire Chains. I've Never Rhode In A Car Using Other Chains So I Can't Compare. But It Sounds Like My Car Is Going To Raddle And Fall Apart At 25mph (i Guess That's Typical - But It Sure Is Obnoxious). Anyways I Recommend Buying A Spare Set Of Rubber Tensioner Because If One Snaps You Are Out Of Luck. *one More Thing: Read The Instructions Or Watch A Youtube Video Of How To Install Them. They're Pretty Easy To Put On But You Need To Know The Right Steps To Take. With All That Said. I Deff Recommend This Product No Anyone Looking For A Durable Set Of Chains Thats Medium Priced. -Notice from G. Julie, Barnsley

Click to Show security chain company sz429 passenger (auto accessory) Details

I Haven't Used These In The Snow Yet So My Review Doesn't Cover How Useful Or Not They Would Be Under Those Conditions. I Did Put Them On The Front Tires Of My 2002 Toyota Rav4 To Check The Fit. I Had No Trouble Putting Them (and The Tighteners) On Or Taking Them Off And The Enclosed Instructions While Brief Were Clear And Easy To Understand. They Appear To Be A Good Fit As Explained In The Instructions. The Carrying Bag Seems Rugged Enough Though Getting The Chains Back In Was A Tight Fit And I Wish It Were A Tad Larger. I Can See That I Will Have To Be Careful About How I Roll The Chains Up After Every Use If I Want To Get Them In The Bag. Some Reviewers Posted That They Stretched Out The Tighteners Before Putting Them On Which To Me Seems To Defeat Their Purpose. I Had No Trouble Putting Them On As They Are. The Enclosed Pair Of Gloves Are Pretty Thin Plastic And I Don't Know How Useful They Will Be For Multiple Uses So I Will Be Replacing Them With Something More Durable. All In All I Am Happy With This Purchase. I Got These For Emergency Use Only Since I Very Rarely Drive Anywhere Where There Is Snow On The Ground But I Will Feel More Comfortable Having These With Me If I Feel Like Taking A Drive Up Into The Sierras For Whatever Reason.

Security-chain-company-sz429-passenger-(auto-accessory) set picture

- W. ColleenSo I Just Tried These Today And They Seem To Work Fine. It's The Installing And Removal Parts That I Struggled With. But Before I Go Any Further I Must Confess That I Drive A Bmw 335i + Sports Package Which Basically Means That I Don't Have A Lot Of Workable Space (between The Tires And The Wheel Well) To Begin With. Maybe 2. 5" On The Sides And 1. 5" Space Between The Tire And Fender. The Instructions (and Online Video) Make Installation Look Like A Snap But Not In My Case. If You've Got Very Little Hand Clearance Like Me Or Big Hands I Can Pretty Much Guarantee That You'll Struggle With With Connecting The Inside Part Of The Chain. It Was Downright Impossible For Me Because I Had No Space For My Hands To Maneuver The Chain Around To Connect The Two Ends. I Even Parked Downhill To Try To Shift Some Of The Weight From The Rear (where I'm Installing The Chains) To The Front But That Didn't Really Help. The Solution For Me Was To Borrow Someone Else's Car Jack Since I Didn't Have One (fyi Bmw Doesn't Equip Cars With A Tire Jack If Their Car Has Run Flat Tires Like Mine. Guess I Should've Checked The Trunk Beforehand Eh ). This Lifting The Car's Rear Off Its Wheels And Gave Me The Clearance I Needed To Connect The Inner Link. What's The Lesson I've Learned For One Security Chain Company Claims That Their Product Here Will Install In As Little As 5mm Clearance And They're Right. Well They're Right And They're Wrong. While The Chain May Only Be 5mm Thick Your Hands And Arms Sure Aren't! So Just Look At How Much Actual Space You Have To Work With And Just Imagine Your Hands And Arms In There Because That's How Much Space You Really Need. Hope This Helps Someone. Yes They're Loud Really Loud. I Think That 'feature' Comes For Free As Is Probably The Case With All Snow Chains.

Bought These To Use On A 2016 Subaru Outback 3. 6r. Chains Were Very Easy To Install Compared To The $40 Basic Chains. Had Them On In A Matter Of Minutes Without Needing To Move The Car At All. The Tighteners That Were Included With These Seemed A Bit Loose So I Purchased The Sz1172 Tighteners Which Did Appear To Give A Tighter Fit And Wasn't Difficult To Install. Would Recommend!

D. Kimberly, Bayern

Brand :    security chain
Size :    SZ429
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    SZ429
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (security chain product review) for Security Chain Company SZ429 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain Passenger Cars, Pickups, SUVs - Set of 2 available as-of ( Jun 2019 )
Price :    $77.93 (was $97.41)
  • Better all-around traction performance than conventional tire chains or cables
  • Fast easy installation with no need to move the vehicle
  • Better compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive, and other electronically monitored control systems
  • Designed for pickups and suvs with very limited operating clearance around the drive tires
  • Designed-in rubber tightener means there is no need to stop and retighten after installation

Hopkins 19520 Subzero 22 Super Deluxe Snowbrush

Hi Friends I Have Not Used It So Far But I Am Sure Its Gonna Be Of Real Use To Me I Had A Small One Before . The Product Finish Is Real Nice And Sturdy It Includes A Bear-claw Blade And A Brush Which Should Solve The Purpose For Winter.

For over forty years hopkins manufacturing and subzero have shaped the winter snow and ice tools category. The wide blades on our ice scrapers clear away frost with fewer strokes and less effort, and the powerful ice chippers break up the thickest ice of the season. Our snowbrooms are capable of pushing the wettest, deepest snow from your entire vehicle.

Hopkins 19520 Subzero 22 Super Deluxe SnowbrushHopkins-19520-Subzero-Deluxe-Snowbrush

Hopkins 19520 Subzero 22" Super Deluxe Snowbrush (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

I Purchased This Particular Model After My Other Hopkins Snowbrush Snapped (due To Me Using It Incorrectly). I Was Very Satisfied With That Previous Model But Thought I'd Try This One. The Brush On This One Really Sucks And The Handle Is Extremely Uncomfortable. -Notice from O. Newell, Bournemouth

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The Scraper Works But Isn't The Best. It Seems The Plastic May Have A Slight Curve In It And Doesn't Conform Flat On The Windshield (as If It Were 3 Flat Maybe It Scrapes Off 2. 3" When Pushed Etc). But It Will Do. As For The Brush- It Was Smooshed In Packaging Apparently And When I Opened It- The Bristles Were Bent In Every Direction (except Up) For The Most Part And I've Yet To Be Able To Straighten Them Out To Actually Be Functional. I'm Afraid You Get What You Pay For With This Scraper. I Purchased It As A Cheap Add-on Item Because I Live In A Southern State That Gets Very Little Cold Weather And Minimal Ice To Deal With On My Vehicle (not Much Point In Buying Something Expensive I Thought) But This Turned Out To Be A Bit Of A Waste Of Money As Little As It Was.

Hopkins-19520-subzero-22"-super-deluxe-snowbrush-(auto-accessory) set picture

- Z. CortneyThese Are The Standard Quality Of The Less Expensive Scrapers But Cheap Enough To Order Several To Last All Winter In Northern Illinois. The Quality Of The Blade Was Perfect With No Cuts Holes Were Nice And Even All The Way Across.

This Scraper Works Well. It Was Smaller Than I Had Expected Though. I Wish It Had A Longer Handle Or An Extendable One But If You're Looking For One That's Small And Compact This One Will Work.

M. Paula, Maine

Brand :    subzero
Color :    Assorted
Size :    4"
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    19520
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 2-3 business days
  • Durable construction
  • Soft-molded grip for comfort
  • The right tool for winter conditions
  • Heavy duty brush for snow removal
  • Includes a bear-claw blade
Price :    $2.97 (was $7.70)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (subzero product review) for Hopkins 19520 Subzero 22 Super Deluxe Snowbrush available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chain - Set of 2

These Worked Much Better Than I Thought They Would. I Used Them On About 1 Inch Of Ice And Later On About 3 Inches Of Snow For About 3 Days. They Were Still Like New When I Took Them Off. Pros - Light And Fairly Easy To Put On. Fit My Tires Well And Did Not Slip. Come In A Travel Bag And Are Easy To Stow Away In Your Vehicle. Cons - Need To Use Pliers To Make Sure You Can Put Them On Snug. Keep A Cheap Pair Of Pliers In The Travel Bag. I Would Also Put A Few Zip Ties In The Travel Bag To Keep The Excess Cable Tied Back So They Won't Catch On Anything. Cause A Pretty Good Vibration While Driving If There Isn't Much Snow. I Did Not Need To Use The Optional Chain Straps. I Would Recommend These For Emergency Or Light Use Over A Few Days.

Limited clearance cable tire snow chains for most makes models of passenger automobiles.

Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chain - Set of 2Glacier-1046-Passenger-Cable-Chain

Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chain - Set Of 2 (Glacier Chains) FAQ.

I Order This Item In The Middle Of An Ice Storm It Was Delivered The Next Day By Fedex I Did Order The Optional Rubber Straps They Did Not Show Up Ups Was Supposed To Deliver Them I Work For The Post Office That Day Fedex And United States Postal Office Came To My House But Ups Did Not I Used This Item Two Days Straight While Delivering The Mail To 800 Houses On Ice And Snow And Pavement I Did Not Go Over 30 Miles Per Hour They Did Not Break And They Did Work Fine They Are Loud On Pavement They Are Not Hard To Put On There Are A Lot Of Youtube Videos On How To Put Them On Multiple Cars I Do Recommend Them I Just Wish I Could Have Had The Rubber Straps That Ups Has Still Not Delivered It Has Now Been 4 Days Since I Ordered The Straps -Notice from O. Lawrence, South Carolina

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Thankfully I Have Not Had To Use These So This Review Is Based Solely On How Good They Look. They Look Pretty Darned Good. I Bought Them Before A Long Road Trip To New England In January And Other Than A Bad Snowy Stretch Of About 50 Miles The Weather Was Good. I Knocked One Star Off Because Had I Not Actually Opened The Carry Bag Before I Left I Would Not Have Realized That It Was Zip Tied Shut. Had I Not Done That And Ended Up Needing Them On The Road I Would Have Been In A Very Bad Place.

Glacier-1046-passenger-cable-tire-chain---set-of-2-(glacier-chains) set picture

- V. WeberWorks As Directed. No Complaints From Me. Easy To Put On Your Tires. Be Sure To Get The Rubber Tensioner Strings To Keep It From Clanking On The Road. Great Product.

Only Used Them Once And They Worked Very Well On A Prius. No Slipping Or Trouble Getting Around One Snow And Ice Covered Roads. However Not Sure How Long They Will Last As They Rusted Up Significantly After One Use. I'll See How Long They Last.

M. Joanne, Saarland

Brand :    glacier chains
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    1046
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Suitable for front and rear wheel drive vehicles
  • Will not void vehicle warranty
  • Meets all state requirements for cable traction devices
  • Case hardened steel rollers on cable cross members
  • Type "s" limited clearance
Price :    $46.01 (was $61.35)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (glacier chains product review) for Glacier 1046 Passenger Cable Tire Chain - Set of 2 available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

NGK 4996 - Laser Iridium Spark Plugs - IFR5T11 -4 PCS NEW

Ngk laser iridium spark plugs are the choice of consumers, automotive enthusiasts, street racers and professional race teams around the world. Produced using advanced materials and cutting-edge technology, ngk spark plugs help maximize engine power and operating performance ride after ride.

NGK 4996 - Laser Iridium Spark Plugs - IFR5T11 -4 PCS NEWNGK-Laser-Iridium-Spark-IFR5T11

Brand :    ngk
Weight :    0.44 pounds
Model :    IFR5T11
Quantity :    7309
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (ngk product review) for NGK 4996 - Laser Iridium Spark Plugs - IFR5T11 -4 PCS NEW available as-of ( Jun 2019 )
Price :    $26.69
  • Laser iridium premium
  • Free shipping to anywhere in usa and territories for this item
  • 1order 4 pieces
  • Good brand name ngk
  • Better performance

Quality Chain 0212 Passenger Tire Chain Rubber Adjuster Spider Bungee

This pulls chain evenly. Has heavy duty rubber. It increases life of chain up to 40 per cent. No hooks to move or lose like traditional tightener.

Quality Chain 0212 Passenger Tire Chain Rubber Adjuster Spider BungeeQuality-Chain-0212-Passenger-Adjuster

Quality Chain 0212 Passenger Tire Chain Rubber Adjuster Spider Bungee (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This Chain Adjuster Works Great! I Used It On My John Deere Tractor And It Matches The Color Of The Tractor Wheel. Great Product. -Notice from P. Sarah, Auvergne

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Haven't Used Them Yet. Haven't Had To Chain Up Yet. For Honda 2006 Ridgeline. I Don't See Any Problems W/ Adjusters.

Quality-chain-0212-passenger-tire-chain-rubber-adjuster-spider-bungee-(auto-accessory) set picture

- N. JuneI Use These On My Four Wheeler And Have Worked Great In Mud And Snow And In The Woods.

Brand :    quality chain
Size :    0212
Model :    0212
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • Pulls chain evenly
  • 13" overall diameter (for use with 11"-16" rims)
  • Made from heavy duty rubber
  • Increases chain life & ensures a tighter fit
  • Sold in pairs
Price :    $14.99 (was $19.99)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (quality chain product review) for Quality Chain 0212 Passenger Tire Chain Rubber Adjuster Spider Bungee available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

Glacier Chains Rubber Adjuster Passenger Tire Chains

Got Tired Of Using Zip Ties And Spare Bungees On The Chains On My Tractor So I Took A Chance On These Because The Price Was Unbelievably Low For The Pair. Have Plowed With Them Twice Now And They Have Performed Exactly As I Hoped They Would. Don't Waste Money On More Expensive Alternatives; These Work Great!!!

Rubber ring type tensioning device for tire chains. Keep your chains tight for best performance and durability.

Glacier Chains Rubber Adjuster Passenger Tire ChainsGlacier-Chains-Rubber-Adjuster-Passenger

Glacier Chains Rubber Adjuster Passenger Tire Chains (100) FAQ.

Actually Using These On A John Deere 322 For Snow Removal. Solved The Chain Tension Problem Instantly And Work Wonderful. For Larger Tires Take The Time To Stretch As The Instructions Indicate. -Notice from M. Juliana, Tower Hamlets

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The Rubber Band Hadn't Lasted One Winter Before Breaking & The Others Are About To Break. I'll Order A Tensioner With Metal Springs The Next Time.

Glacier-chains-rubber-adjuster-passenger-tire-chains-(100) set picture

- E. SallyBuy Extra Ones As These Are A Necessity If You're Using Tire Chains And They Will Break Sooner Than Later.

Very Good Condition And Finish Of The Product. Yet To Use I Am Sure It Will Pass With Flying Colors In That Also.

Z. Olga, Hamburg

Brand :    glacier chains
Model :    100
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • For use on all passenger chains and cables
  • Hook up and go
  • No assembly required
  • Ideal for 12"-17" rim sizes
  • Solid rubber ring type with 5 metal hook fasteners
Price :    $2.95 (was $4.30)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (glacier chains product review) for Glacier Chains Rubber Adjuster Passenger Tire Chains available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper Colors May Vary

I live in an area where we have never had snow and only a few times of the year get frosty windows. I purchased this for those few times originally, but was somewhat bummed when the frost left before i got a chance to use it. Well, last night i found an alternative use for it. We have a chest freezer that needed to be cleaned out because lemon juice leaked everywhere! after talking about it a while- the idea popped it my hubbys head of using the scraper on it instead of waiting for the freezer ice to melt and having to toss all the food in the freezer. It took less than 10 minutes for the ice in the freezer to be scraped off all 4 walls and the floor of the freezer. We then used a trash bound box as a soup to scoop the ice up and trash it followed by wiping the ice free walls and floor of the freezer with a wet rag. The freezer is 3 years old and has never been cleaned or thawed because it seemed like a daunting task- the whole process took about 15 minutes with the both of us for a freezer large enough to fit a whole cow's worth of meat. I am very pleased with this little ice scraper. I had a different gas station one years ago when i did live where it snowed a lot, but that one was so big, bulky, and flimsy, that i tossed it when moving to warmer climates. This little gem, however, is very sturdy and doesn't give way. It is also compact enough to leave in a car kit at all times- snow or no snow. The ice of our freezer was really built on thick and a pain when we had to move racks, and this little puppy went through it like it was nothing. I am very pleased with this purchase and i think it will work wonders for when our frosted windows season starts again next year!

For over forty years hopkins manufacturing and subzero have shaped the winter snow and ice tools category. The hopkins subzero ice crusher scraper has a 4. 5" blade that clears frost instantly on one end and a separate ice chipper on the other end that improves ice removal capability

Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper Colors May VaryHopkins-Subzero-16621-Crusher-Scraper

Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper (colors May Vary) (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

We've had some pretty harsh frost, snow, and ice in winter 2017, and this ice scraper has taken it like a champ. The handle is comfortable, and both the scraper and crusher edges have proven to be exceptionally durable. -Notice from K. Wimbish, Ohio

Click to Show hopkins subzero 16621 ice crusher ice scraper (colors may vary) (auto accessory) Details

I bought this in preparation for our trip to lake arrowhead, ca and it just so happened to be at the same time as one of the worst winter storms in many years. Since i had the only ice scraper, i had to remove the ice from 3 cars total. I could see the plastic wearing off after the third car, but it's not a big deal. . And yes, i used the other end for the ice, then the flat end for frost. I found this most useful i got another, and kept it stored in our winter gear.

Hopkins-subzero-16621-ice-crusher-ice-scraper-(colors-may-vary)-(auto-accessory) set picture

- O. CrawfordI bought this a month ago, hoping to use it and i got to with a snow storm that came through. I used to use the snow brush/scraper handle type, which is great for brushing off snow, but not good at removing ice. I saw this on online store & saw the other great reviews and i knew i had to get it. We had a snow storm come through a few days ago & i woke up to iced over windows. I used claw part and started to rip into it, then i flipped the blade scraper part and cleaned the windows clean of ice. I was pretty amazed at how quick i took this ice off. This wasn't real thick but i'm pretty confident it'll eat through thick ice. For the price of this winter tool you really can't go wrong, and it'll sure make things easier on those cold mornings with the wind blowing & freezing out. I was so impressed i had to shoot a small video just to show how good it works. Do yourself a favor and get one of these.

Not that i have been through many, but this is by far the best window scraper that i have ever used. I feel compelled to offer a disclaimer at the beginning of this review: i do not live in new england or the upper midwest. I live in central north carolina, where a few inches of snow is a major event. So my primary use of this scraper is nearly always going to be for frost, not snow. Nonetheless, the times that i have had to use it this winter have been as effortless as ever. Normally, i let my car run with defrost on for several minutes in the morning, then scrape with a really cheap scraper. That usually still takes a little longer than expected and i still have a difficult time not having small streaks of frost that linger. Since i've been using this scraper, the job is effortless. All of the frost is cleared away in no time without streaks. This morning, i even used it without letting the car warm up on defrost first, and the effort and result were no different. . The foam handle is very comfortable and helps some to keep the coolness off your hands. The frost scraping end is very thin, which is a reason why i think it is so effective. It also is longer than most cheap scrapers, so i am able to reach 2/3 of the way across the windshield with no problems. . For my purposes of clearing away frost in the morning after cold nights (will probably use it on a few inches of snow 1-2 times per year) this scraper does as good of a job as any that i have used. My needs when it comes to scraping car windows are generally very mild, but i would still highly recommend this item.

D. Isabel, Hillingdon

Price :    $4.31 (was $8.14)
  • Innovative tool-like design
  • Extra wide 4. 5" blade
  • Features an 11" length that provides great reach
  • Palm and thumb rest increases scraping leverage
  • Oval shaped, soft foam grip provides maximum comfort
Brand :    subzero
Color :    Black/Blue
Weight :    0.25 pounds
Model :    16621
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (subzero product review) for Hopkins Subzero 16621 Ice Crusher Ice Scraper Colors May Vary available as-of ( Jun 2019 )

security chain company sc1026 radial chain cable traction tire chain - set of 2 Price : 29.48, was : 38.41 as 2018-04-04
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Security Chain Company Sc1026 Traction (Auto Accessory) Reviewed by on

Top security chain company sc1026 traction (auto accessory) Content

The F.A.Q. for security chain company sc1026 radial chain cable traction tire chain - set of 2

Arrived quickly and seem to fit ok. Bought them for a holiday trip to snow country, but didn't have a chance to use them yet because conditions didn't require chains, so i can't say yet how they perform. . However - the instructions explicitly warn in 3 places not to use chain tighteners with this product because it will damage your tires. The design is such that there needs to be a little bit of slippage for the steel coils on the cables to roll and make traction. Using chain tighteners will make them dig into the rubber instead. I only point this out because some of the other reviews said to order tighteners for these. I guess those reviewers didn't read the instructions.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: do these cables have to be constantly readjusted? also does anybody know how much clearance is required to put the cables on?

(1) Question: how do you put them on ?

(2) Question: do they work on ice?

(3) Question: how do they do on a gravel road?

(4) Question: are rubber adjusters needed for these chains? not according to the video, but wondering what other people have experienced

(5) Question: my tires size is 215/55-17. online store detects my car tires size as 215/55-17 and show that sc1034 would fit but the guide shows that sc1036 would fit?

(6) Question: does it come with 2 sets as in 4 chains or 2 chains only?

(7) Question: how do you pick the size name by the tire size?

(8) Question: 2013 honda fit sport has 185/55r16 tires. the owner's manual says to use sc1030, but scc fitment guide says sc1026. which is the right one?

(9) Question: do you need this on all tires or just 2 for a front wheel drive car?

(note) Question: where/how to get Security Chain (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Security Chain's products


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Very easy to install. Kind of self explanatory. I put it backward on the first tire but after reading the manual, undo the cable and redo it. Very important to place it correctly. Will see what i mean after looking at the manual. . The whole process took about 15mins. Tighten 5-6 notch on each side of one tire and lock the extra length cable with yellow plastic(jpg) secure lock. Used about 5mins to double check i installed it correctly. Drove for a mile, stop'd to check again. Drove more than 50 miles before removing it the first day. Total mileage 150miles in snow storm area. . Gas station and police check point people were charging 150$ to install. I paid online store 30$. My advise, buy a spare set and bring it along when travelling in winter storm location.

Accessories & Parts 18560751, Automotive 18148651, Car, Light Truck & SUV 1106919352, Snow Chains 17660751, Tire Accessories & Parts 11005997301, Tires & Wheels 17560751Top Security Chain Company Sc1026 Traction (Auto Accessory) FAQ Content

Best security chain company sc1026 traction (auto accessory) in review

I ordered these just in time for our tahoe trip (in ca) during the christmas break. Received them in 2 days (thanks online store prime). Due to the snowstorm warning, we knew we will have to use the chains. So we trialed it the day before in garage. It was pretty easy to the put chains on following the video shown on product page. Infact, we didnt even have to move the vehicle for first install. Once we linked the inner and outer hooks, we did move the van and made them tighter. On the day of the trip, we installed the chains in rain conditions. It took more time but we were able to install them correctly and drive through the snow conditions. This is my first time installing and driving with chains and i was able to do it without too much trouble (it does take some work but that's expected). Do carry gloves that give you flexibility to move your fingers. Also carry another box to place the chains when you take them off. They are wet and don't fit in supplied box easily right after you take them off. Next time i take the trip, i will know if the "used chains" fit and work as well as "new chains".

Y. Hakala, Bath and North East Somerset

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L. Hayward, Indiana says

These are easy to install, and provide very good 'bite'. The crossbars are cables with hardened wire wrapped around for traction and durability. The wrapping is in little segments to allow the cable to flex easily. Installation is fast and easy, once you get onto it (took maybe 10 minutes the first time, 5 min the second time, and maybe 3 minutes the 3rd time) imo, they seem to bite into snow and ice every bit as good as standard tire chains, and are much faster/easier to put on. Time will tell how well they hold up, i haven't used them enough to tell that yet. They provide great traction forwards and backwards, but do allow a little side-slip (the bars only go across the tread instead of criss-crossing) so if your driveway is on a side hill, you might want to look onto the style where the cross bars are arranged in an x pattern. Overall, very happy for the price (got them under $20), and are working great so far.

W. Ruff, Utah

Very easy to mount on my 2010 prius. Til it is mandatory to carry chains in the national parks during the winter. However, for our recent trip to yosemite, the chains were in the way back compartment, but never needed. The park service folks take excellent and quick care of the road surface.

S. Wayt, Leeds says

I bought these right before the january 2016 blizzard that hit the east coast. Okay, where i live it wasn't a blizzard per se, but it did leave 14 inches of snow on the ground. Here in central virginia we aren't used to that much snow, and my little ford focus wasn't exactly built for it, either. . I made the mistake of not putting these on the car before the snow started. There were only a couple of inches on the ground when i did, but the instructions (and just about every other review, probably) say to test fit them first so you'll know what you're doing when you really need them. Anyone who knows me knows i did not do that, so they took me a little longer to get around the tires than they should have. It isn't a difficult process, but doing it the first time with snow already under those tires is a pain and makes it take longer than it should. So please, for your own sake, if you know snow is coming the next day, put them on before it starts falling. If the forecast was wrong you can always take them off again. . Once these things were on, they worked like a champ. When it snows, i have to work. The snow started falling that friday and i drove to work right at the beginning of it. I did not put the chains on the tires until after i arrived. Like i said above, there were already a couple of inches on the ground by then, which made the process more difficult. I probably spend about half an hour doing it. By the time i left work that night, there were probably 6 or 7 inches on the ground. While that may not be a lot for many of you reading this, it's a lot for us here in richmond, va. Since the snow was coming down pretty steadily, the snow plows hadn't been able to accomplish much at that point, and a lot of the roads i had to take had not been touched. But, with these chains on the tires the focus had absolutely no problems whatsoever. The traction light did not come on one time-and it's pretty sensitive, usually lighting up whenever the car hits a decent-sized puddle. There was no speeding down the road (instructions say keep it to round 30 or 35, i believe) but no slipping or sliding. Braking wasn't a problem, nor was getting going from a stop. I only had a couple of small hills to traverse, but there were no problems there, either. . Fast-forward to sunday morning, and it was a different of a story. The car had been parked since friday night when i got home (not sure how i managed to not have to work saturday, but i wasn't complaining). By then, there were 14 inches of snow on the road (my road had not yet seen a plow of any kind) and it had drifted up over the headlights on the focus. In that situation, the chains really couldn't do much at all. Even after i dug out the car, this snow didn't pack very well, so it was impossible to get "on top of it". The chains really couldn't do much when the snow was high enough for the front bumper to be acting like a plow. Fortunately a real plow came along just in time for me to leave for work. It only had time to make one pass, so there were still about 6 inches on the ground when i was able to leave, but that was no more of a problem than it had been friday night. . So overall i was pleased with how the chains worked. For a small car like the focus, they make 6 or 7 inches of snow no problem to navigate. Having true winter tires might work just as well but chains are a lot cheaper-especially when you live in a place where you'll only have to use them once or twice a year.

N. Anonymous, Windsor and Maidenhead

Used these twice now in new hampshire and saved me hours of shoveling my jeep out. Had to get unstuck from an unpaved dirt driveway that was covered in deep snow (12-15 ). Once i was able to jack the car up enough to fit 1 set of chains i got out of the situation on the first try. The second time i used them i drove up a steep 150ft uncleared driveway (estimating 25-35 degree incline) after a 15 wet snow storm. I got up the hill without even using 4wd, and had traction control turned off.

M. Beale, Centre says

I purchased these "chains" for a honday odessey van (235 65 r16) in order to get up and down my steep and sometimes very icy driveway at the cottage . I already have 4 winter tires on the van but sometimes that is just not enough when you dont have four wheel drive in the winter. The chains grip very well on ice and are easy to put on and off if you follow the directions and watch a few videos. I would consider buying two more for the rear wheels to make braking safer on the downhill, but if you are smooth driver you can manage with just the two chains on the drive wheels. I cannot comment on the product durability as i have only used them a half dozen times for a total distance of about 3 miles. They have worked exactly as i had hoped they would so far.

Z. Clara, Centre

I just used these chains on my stock 2007 prius tires, 185/65r15, and they were terrific: helped me safely depart from a very snowy & icy mammoth mountain. The chains were very easy to install. I gave four stars instead of five because it took a bit of wiggling and driving/re-tightening to get the one end of the cable to feed far enough into the opposite side's clip so that enough cable was exposed to then secure it with the attached yellow safety clips. Performance-wise, i was amazed at how nimble and "sticky" my car was with these chains attached - fantastic!

C. Anonymous, Colorado says

I have used these cables three times so far, and my opinion is improving. Here are my observations so far. 1. Wear some sort of gloves that will protect you but not impair your dexterity. 2. Forget the step in the installation instructions that come in the box telling you to 'drape' them over the top of the tire (which forces you to muck around at the bottom in the snow, trying to attach the ends together where visibility and maneuverability are minimal). It was far easier for me to put them on and get them tightened without stopping repeatedly to adjust them by laying them on the ground with the knobbed dangly ends out front and the 'locks' right up against the front/leading edge of the tire. *the cables can come off if you do this backwards, ie, the locks out front and the knobs towards the tire*. You still need to make sure the smooth side of the cable cross piece attachment points will rest against the sidewall when finished (as stated). Slowly creep forward onto the cables about 12 to 18 inches (approximately midway up the length of the chains). Stop, set the parking brake and wrap the ends up around your tire, setting the inside first, then the outside (giving them a couple of good tugs to pull out the slack) and tighten again if needed, but now at a reasonable and much more convenient working height on the tire. Try to keep the knobbed ends set the same number inside and outside. If you have enough slack to do so, use the little 's' clips to secure the knobby ends which helps prevent the cables from working themselves loose. The instructions say to have some slack around the tire, but when i did that, my tires just spun inside the chains and i had to get out and snug them down anyway. If you're going longer distances, you might need to stop after while to tighten/adjust as suggested in the directions. I'm only using them to get up my uneven driveway that can only be marginally plowed, so i don't go very far with them on. Aside from figuring out the installation learning curve, they work well enough for my needs and time will tell how long they last. I hope this helps. I will try to remember to take pictures next time i'm putting them on and add them to the review to clarify any confusion. Good luck!

H. Eleanor, Brent

These worked fantastic. They are difficult to get on because our sienna sits really low, but we got caught in a blizzard with 3-4 inches of snow and were able to get them on, and drive out of the park. I actually bought two sets and put them on all 4 wheels at the recommendation of the park rangers and that definitely added extra traction. I would recommend getting two sets like we did.

B. Brendon, Rochdale says

We purchased these chains for our 2010 kia sedona on our trip back to oregon from arizona. When we hit the pass, i had to put the chains on. The instructions were straight forward and super simple. They fit snug and i was able to put them on with snow gloves. . The chains worked well in the light snow (just a few inches) and got us down the road far enough so we were in the clear. While they came off easily, getting them back in the case was a bit of a challenge. The case was and is bulging, but i finally got it to latch. . Overall, i highly recommend these chains. Even as a chain novice, i was able to hook it up easily.

Q. Anonymous, Berlin

Very good value. I strongly suggest that you practice installation and removal in dry+warm+lighted conditions, before you need to accomplish those tasks in the likely wet+cold+dark conditions when you really need them. It's good to know what the ideal fit is - in terms of number of stops/links - before you get out there in the muck. In the universe of tire chains, these are relatively easy to install and remove. Since those steps still require me to be on the ground in typically unpleasant conditions, i withhold the fifth star. But honestly, there's nothing wrong with these.

T. Terry, Iowa says

Caveat emptor! i honestly don't know whether these chains are any good or not. Online store suggested i order by my vehicle model, rather than , what i certainly should know better to do, by checking the tire size. I went with online store's suggestion, and it turns out, i have over-sized tires. Not the wrong ones, just a size the vehicle info online store has doesn't include. I did not discover my mistake until it was too late to return them. I assumed they were the right ones for the several months i had them before i needed them, and then found myself stuck in my driveway for several days until the roads in my remote area were passable. Do yourself a favor. Measure your tires.

P. Lawrence, Hammersmith and Fulham

I live in whittier, ca , i own a 2006 toyota sienna , fwd, stock wheels and tires, i bought this set for my trip to big bear , ca 11/23/16 , don't know much about snow chains , other then the more you pay , the better the product , while on big bear, ca a blizzard hit town , never seen so much snow everywhere , at least 1 foot deep, i had to put this on in the middle of the storm , i was freezing, took me 20 minutes , i think is easy to put them on because i can turn the wheel out, take a small plastic tarp, gloves and head light , you'll need them, drove for 30 miles , under blizzard conditions , total whiteout , nasty 2 line road , slippery, small chunks of ice falling, snowing , windy , really scary , driving always under 20 mph, just like everybody else , never expect this chains to last , see pics , no visible damage , just put some wd40 for corrosion , well i can't be thankfull enough , this "cheap" $ 30 snow chains are well built and save me and my family . O' reilly auto want it about $100 , will buy it again .

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