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Price was $319.90. It arrived today after online store's two-day shipping. For the packaging, they used recycled cardboard and the gauge itself is protected by another packaging (obviously). Upon opening the box, i was presented with a simple tire gauge with buttons that corresponds to the tire i'm measuring. The buttons are firm to press, and it also sports a backlit display. The display that lights up when turning on is not that bright, but it's enough to read the lcd though. Ergonomically, it is comfortable to hold and the device is much smaller than the slime 2071-a digital led tire gauge 0-99 psi that i have now. I have yet to update this review for a product test and see if it shows accurate reading. Lastly, the tip can be unscrewed if your tire valve is larger than the nozzle.

-E. Jarvis

Steelmate® wireless professional monitoring valve cap Auto Part

  1. Add-on: ✔ Your Security Guard – 24hs Real-time Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Truck
  2. Add-on: ✔ HD LCD Display – Uniuqe Large clear screen display to make sure data can be easy read at various light conditions

Steelmate®-wireless-professional-monitoring-valve-cap: Steelmate Auto Part . Brand: Steelmate . Think Safty Thanks Steelmate! . Model: Tp-81e 24 Real-time

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✔ Your Security Guard - 24hs Real-time Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Truck. ✔ HD LCD Display - Uniuqe Large Clear Screen Display To Make Sure Data Can Be Easy Read At Various Light Conditions. ✔ 2 Mounting Ways: Dashboard / Windshield Placement. ✔ Portable Display With Bulit-in Programmer And Special For Truck With 12V ~ 24V. ✔ User Friendly Model - Night Mode With Backlight Add-on STEELMATE® Wireless DIY Professional Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System TP-81E External Valve-Cap 6 TPMS Sensors Model.

STEELMATE® Wireless DIY Professional Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System TP-81E External Valve-Cap 6 TPMS Sensors Model Overview (TP-81Ea)

Steelmate® Wireless Diy Professional Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tp-81e External Valve-cap 6 Tpms Sensors Model

  • Brand : Steelmate
  • Color : TP-81Ea
  • EAN : 6097777683240
  • Manufacturer : STEELMATE
  • Warranty : Parts
  • MPN : TP-81Ea
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : TP-81Ea
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO PART
  • Title : STEELMATE® Wireless DIY Professional Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System TP-81E External Valve-Cap 6 TPMS Sensors Model

Steelmate® Wireless Diy Professional Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System Tp-81e External Valve-cap 6 Tpms Sensors Model Inexpensive Automotive Parts And Accessories Steelmate, Steelmate® wireless professional monitoring valve cap 6097777683240. . brand: steelmate . think safty thanks steelmate! . model: tp-81e 24 real-time monitoring tire pressure for truck model . overview of the features: . match with external valve-cap sensors . up to 4 22 tires customize offer default 6 tires . suitable for commercial vehicles with 12v or 24v . portable display with built-in programmer compact-size repeater included . 2 mounting way available: dashboard/windshield placement . user friendly: night mode with back light . self-testing once powered on and latest data will be updated automatically . different style of valve stems available . adjustable monitoring pressure range and temperature value . convertible pressure and temperature unit . system integration with customized programming . note : . 1. diy tire pressure is required a speed over 20kms/h & less than 5mins or more for in-turn matching! . 2. please keep high interfere electronic products away especial area might cause a provisional alert because of the high frequent interference. . 3. any puzzles please contact us via faq or message steelmate outlook. com at the first time!. no dust-cap is attached in the package because of a mistake made on the manual. Steelmate® wireless professional monitoring valve cap Auto Part.

Steelmate : STEELMATE® Wireless DIY Professional Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System TP-81E External Valve-Cap 6 TPMS Sensors Model

Works As Describe Display Hard To Read In Daytime But It's Easy To Read At Night. Wrench To Tighten Lock Nut Is A Little Flimsy. I Now Have Used For A Year They Continue To Work Well. My Only Problem Has Been Using The Tiny Mickey Mouse Wrench To Lock/unlock These Units To The Valve Stems Due To Small Wheel Openings In My Tacoma Wheels In Order To Add Air When Needed. I Solved The Problem By Buying A 13 Mm Open End Wrench At Dollartree And Bending To Fit Properly Inside My Rims. This Wrench Is 6 Inches Long And Now I Am Able To Lock And Unlock With Ease.

Click to see NoticeSteelmate® wireless professional monitoring valve cap (TP-81Ea)"Nice Packaging Arrived On Time Easy To Install. Just Review Manual And Check Youtube. Install Mine With 15-20mins. No Leaks. Tpms Workings Right Away. Update: 03-14-16 Here Are Some Photos Liking This Product."

Steelmate®-wireless-professional-monitoring-valve-capSTEELMATE® Wireless DIY Professional Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System TP-81E External Valve-Cap 6 TPMS Sensors Model (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Steelmate® wireless professional monitoring valve cap (TP-81Ea) Price : 255.92, was : 319.9 as 2017-01-22
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Super tpms. Accurate and easy to install. And more importantly the sensor batteries can be easily replaced. A word of caution though; must install metal valves. Rubber valves will bend/crack over time with the centrifugal force generated by added weight of these valve caps/sensors

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: can this be used with 6 wheels as you would have on a motorhome

(1) Question: how long do the batteries last? can the batteries be changed when drained?

(2) Question: i have a 28 ft. camper, what is the transmitting distance for this monitor?

(3) Question: how to can i change from bar to psi on tp-79 tpms monitor?

(4) Question: pressure range

(5) Question: will this model work when towing a single axle 17ft caravan?

(6) Question: usually we have one spare type, how can i buy one more external sensor for it ? what are the differences bwtween this model and tp-s3 ?

(7) Question: i have a camper and tire pressure is 65 psi with nitrogen will this work

(8) Question: my tp-79 comes with four sensors for four tyres, how do i get it to work with only two wheels?

(9) Question: what model would you recommend for 2500hd gmc with 55-80 psi range

(note) Question: where/how to get Steelmate (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Steelmate's products


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While The Monitors Have Excellent Range 1 Came Nonfunctional And I Have Been Unable To Locate A Replacement For It. It Was The Left Rear And Still Continues To Cause A Problem For The Other 3.

Accessories & Parts 18560751, Aftermarket Systems 1105671022, Automotive 18148651, Tire Accessories & Parts 11005997301, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) 1103671022, Tires & Wheels 17560751Top Steelmate® wireless professional monitoring valve cap (TP-81Ea) FAQ Content

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With A 4 Lbs Pressure Difference Between Leaving Home And Driving On A Trip For 3 Hours I Think Having An Eye On The Tires Pressure Was Not Only Interesting But Important. And If One Looses Pressure The Device Will Sound An Alarm Which Is Neat And A Good Safety Measure. My Awd Suv Requires 34 Lbs On All Tires I Have A Moroso Tire Pressure Gage With Perfect Calibration The Steelmate Device Got The Pressure Right But As Soon As I Started Driving The Front Tires Showed A Faster Increase In Pressure: Front Brake Rotors Get Hotter Also The Engine Weight Creates More Friction To Roll On The Front Tires. A Lot Of Things Hard To Notice Not Anymore

N. Amanda, Bayern

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R. Shayna, North Carolina says

Just works, 4 stars because the hassle of taking it off every time you need to inflate your tires

D. Elida, Islington

This arrived on time and i was very happy with the quality of the product. Install was fairly straight forward, provided you know where to get switched power from on your bike.  one issue is that the mounting bracket will only fit 7/8" bars. I have 1" bars, so it didn't fit. I installed it using two zip ties and some electrical tape to stop it from turning around. The product description does not mention the size of handle bars the bracket is designed to fit, so be aware! . The unit works great. Tire pressure seems very accurate, as does temperature. The unit also has a low voltage alar, which is nice as well. Easy to set, pretty clear instructions too. It appears to be very well built. I would recommend!

I. Cindy, Redbridge says

I Installed This On My 2016 Corolla. I Didn't Like How It Look On My Car. It Looks Too Bulky And It Can Easily Be Stolen. The Tire Reading Is Not That Accurate. I Compared With Two My Own Tire Pressure Readers And The Readings From Steelmate Were Different From Both Of My Tire Pressure Readers. My Tire Pressure Readers Read The Exact Same Value.

O. Sarah, Saarland

I Was Convinced By This Item From Youtube. Item Seemed Promising So I Ordered 2 Of These For My 2002 4runner And 2003 Dodge Ram. I Used 1 Manual Tire Pressure Reader And 1 Digital Both Reading At 32 Psi Before Sealing The Tire Caps With The Provided Hardware. Once I Connected To The Reading Unit I Had All Different Sorts Of Psis. So Then I Rechecked Them Using The Manual And Digital Psi Readers And Both Stayed At 32 Psi While The Tire Pressure Monitor Stayed Between 33-37 Psi. I Drove Around For A While Stopped And Drove Off Again. Im Still Getting Different Reading But My Manual And Digital Gauges Are Accurately At 32 Psi. Item Is Worthless But It Looks Like A Cool Digital Display On Your Dash. Stick With The Required Maintenance Of Using A Digital And/ Or Manual Tire Pressure Reader. Do Not Buy!!

F. Gladys, Hounslow says

Shipping was prompt, a bit of a pain in the but to set up initially. I had to screw and install the sensors one at a time, and even then the sensor would misread the pressure at 0. Essentially the sensors have a sequence and the timing on screwing on the sensor has to be just right. Im afraid of overtighting the sensors which to prevent damage so i only finger tightened as necessary and backed the screw on to the sensor just enough to prevent play and vibration. Hopefully the kit proves road worthy. I will update this review after a week.

W. Guest, Norfolk

I bought this as a gift because my husband was constantly worried about at least one tire (he commutes and potholes are unavoidable where we live). He installed this monitoring device and is thrilled- just glances to check the pressure. No more leaving early to circle the car and check each tire on freezing mornings!

S. Medina, Doncaster says

Works as describe, display hard to read in daytime but it's easy to read at night. Wrench to tighten lock nut is a little flimsy. I now have used for a year, they continue to work well. My only problem has been using the tiny mickey mouse wrench to lock/unlock these units to the valve stems, due to small wheel openings in my tacoma wheels in order to add air when needed. I solved the problem by buying a 13 mm open end wrench at dollartree and bending to fit properly inside my rims. This wrench is 6 inches long and now i am able to lock and unlock with ease.

B. Kristen, Tower Hamlets

So Far These Seem To Be Working With No Issues. Easy To Install Only Complaint Is That They Are Easy To Steal For Anyone That Happens To Walk By Your Car An Notice Them. Very Helpful When Traveling If You Ever Wonder About A Flat Tire Or A Small Leak In The Tire From A Nail Or Small Object. Not Sure They Are Truly Calibrated But From What I Can Tell As I Also Have A Tire Gauge These Seem To Be Right On! Glad I Bought Them!

B. Ross, Liverpool says

Though this serves its purpose well, when i would drive fast (excess of 75 mph) id start to feel like the tires would rotate weird, upon taking them off everything felt fine. Other than that, is it worth $100? probably not. But for someone who loves the information of seeing what psi their tires are always at, this is for them.

P. Veronica, Oregon

I Purchased This Item Because I Have A Pre-2007 Vehicle With No Built-in Pressure Monitoring System. My Vehicle Always Seems To Have At Least One Tire With A Slow Rim Leak That Loses 5-10 Psi Over The Course Of A Month Or So (currently My Right-rear Tire). Like Many People I Don't Check My Tires As Often As I Should And So I Would Sometimes Find That One Of My Tires Only Had About 20 Psi In It Which Presents An Obvious Potential Safety Problem. Installation Of The System Was Easy And Took No More Than 10 Minutes Total. Another Reviewer Has Posted An Installation Video Which Was Far More Helpful Than The Instruction Manual Which Is Very Poorly Translated In Spots. Sample Statement From The Manual: "the Display Will Turn Off After The Car Flame Out Even The Cigarette Lighter Is Kept Powering. " . Flame Out. Seriously!! Before Installing The System I Filled My Tires To Factory Specs. In My Case My Front Tires Are Inflated To 1 Psi More Than The Rear Tires. I Went Out For A Short Ride As The Sensors Only Transmit Data At Speeds Over 12. 4 Mph (20 Kph) To Conserve Battery Power. During My Ride The Display Showed All Four Tires As Having The Same Pressure Which Was 1-2 Psi Greater Than What I Had Filled Them To. This May Be Attributable To The Accuracy Of My Tire Gauge But My Gut Feeling Is That The Pressure Readings Of This System Should Be Considered Accurate To Just +/- 1-2 Psi Which Is Still Perfectly Fine For Its Intended Purpose. Over The Last Two Weeks My Right Rear Tire Has Been Slowly Losing Air As I Expected And The Display Has Reflected This Loss. Therefore I Think This System Will Do What I Need It To By Alerting Me To Fill This Tire Before It Becomes Dangerous. I Will Plan On Having The Rim Cleaned The Next Time I Get My Vehicle Serviced But In The Meantime This Will Enable Me To Keep It Safely Inflated. I Also Am Confident That If I Were To Pick Up A Nail While Driving And Developed A More Serious Leak That The System Would Alert Me Both Visually And Audibly That I Have A Problem That Needs Immediate Attention. Many Times When This Situation Occurs We Get No Warning Until We Come Out One Morning And Find One Of Our Tires Completely Flat. Having Said This I Do Have One Complaint About The System. When You First Start Your Car The Display Shows The Tire Pressures That Were Last Registered The Last Time It Was Driven. As A Result If You Drive Your Car Infrequently Or Happened To Have Picked Up A Nail Shortly Before You Parked Your Car The Last Time The System Would Still Show Everything As Normal. You Could Drive Off With An Almost Flat Tire Thinking Everything Was Perfectly Fine And Wouldn't Know Something Was Wrong Until You Reached A Speed Of 12. 4 Mph By Which Time Some Serious Tire Damage Could Have Already Occurred. I Think It Would Be Better If The Initial Display At Startup Showed Just Dashes Until Good Current Pressure Data Has Been Received. It Would Be Even Better If The System Could Poll The Sensors Immediately Upon Startup But This Would Probably Compromise Battery Life. Bottom Line Is That You Should Still Plan On Making At Least A Brief Visual Inspection Of Your Tires Before Driving Off.

L. June, Northamptonshire says

So far these seem to be working with no issues. Easy to install, only complaint is that they are easy to steal for anyone that happens to walk by your car an notice them. Very helpful when traveling if you ever wonder about a flat tire, or a small leak in the tire from a nail or small object. Not sure they are truly calibrated but from what i can tell as i also have a tire gauge, these seem to be right on! glad i bought them!

Y. Garner, Ontario

Relatively easy to install. Have to check pressure first then install. I gave it 4 starts because pumping up the tire will require removing the sensor (as in when outside temp drops, have to pump air in tire to keep it at a certain psi). Also had to go into question section of online store product page to find out how to switch from bar to psi reading (instruction page did not have it). Will see if the sensor leaks.

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