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Price was $17.57. Look at the before & after pictures on my wife's 2005 honda odyssey. 3 months later they still look just as good! . . It took a total of about 35 minutes. Most of that time was reading and re-reading the directions which i highly recommend as if you get out of sequence it could mess things up. . I priced out replacement lenses at over $200 each.

-H. Neva

Sylvania headlight restoration kit (sylvania) the sylvania headlight restoration kit uses exclusive technology to restore hazy and sun damaged headlight lenses. this easy-to-use kit provides clarity and durable, long lasting protection auto accessory

  • Featured: Lifetime Warranty-performance Is Guaranteed For As Long As You Own Your Car.
  • Featured: 3 Easy Steps That Provide Long Lasting Uv Protection.

Modest Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (Auto Accessory) Hrk Bx

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The Best SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit as-of ( Oct 2019 ) | Sylvania-Auto Accessory Review

Fully removes haze and corrosion from headlight lenses. Lifetime warranty-performance is guaranteed for as long as you own your car. 3 easy steps that provide long lasting uv protection. Light output and beam pattern restored Featured SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit.

SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit Review (HRK.BX)

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

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Weight:0.6 pounds
Width:1.00 inches
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SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit

Automotive Parts And Accessories(046135387715:Auto Accessory), Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (0046135387715:Sylvania), The sylvania headlight restoration kit uses exclusive technology to restore hazy and sun damaged headlight lenses. this easy-to-use kit provides clarity and durable, long lasting protection in less than 30 minutes. your headlight lens is an engineered system and needs to be properly restored for best performance.

Sylvania Hrk Bx Sylvania Headlight Restoration Automotive Parts And Accessories

Sylvania Hrk Bx Sylvania Headlight RestorationSYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Hazy, yellowed headlights are an inevitable consequence of weather and wear on plastic headlight lenses that is both unsightly and dangerous, as light output lessens and glare is increased. Restore original clarity and vision to plastic headlight lenses in minutes with the headlight restoration kit from sylvania. The sylvania restoration kit is easy to use in three simple steps, requires no tools and is the only headlight restoration kit currently available that comes with a finishing uv-resistant clear coat application, designed to preserve lens clarity. Headlight restoration that provides up to 3 times more light and up to a 70% reduction in glare. View larger. The headlight restoration kit from sylvania will: remove unsightly yellowing and haze improve downroad vision by up to 3x dramatically reduce glare your headlights put off provide a uv barrier coating to prevent future deterioration save you time, as no tools are needed and project completion on 2 lenses is estimated at 30 minutes restore headlight lens performance. View larger. Dramatic before and after results. View larger. Plastic headlights degrade over time new plastic headlight lenses have a factory applied uv coating to protect the plastic from degradation. Over time, harsh uv rays and road debris penetrate the factory uv coating resulting in hazing and yellowing. This hazing is not only unsightly, it is a serious safety concern, in fact hazed lenses reduce downroad illumination by 66% and increases oncoming driver glare by scattering light upward. Permanent restoration from the lighting experts at sylvania unlike other lens restoration products designed just to remove the haze and yellowing, the sylvania headlight restoration kit restores the lens to like-new clarity and protection using our proprietary uv block clear coat. This easy-to-apply durable coating has engineered polymers as well as active and passive uv blockers to protect the plastic from future deterioration. No other product offers this level of protection. Amazing results saving hundreds of $ in replacement costs with a 30 minute restoration, downroad illumination is improved by 3 times and glare, caused by refraction of head lamp light through clouded and scratched lenses, is reduced by 70%. In addition, by using the sylvania headlight restoration kit lenses are restored to a like new appearance at a fraction of the cost of an all-new lens replacement job, which can cost over $300 a pair. Easy and simple to use the sylvania headlight restoration kit includes everything you need to restore 2 plastic headlight lenses. And with its tool-free design virtually anyone can regain crystal clear, like-new headlights in as little as 30 minutes via three simple steps. It isn t like so many other kits on the market, that require drills and attachments and power cords. All you need to provide is water and maybe a few extra paper towels. Simple, tool-free restoration in three easy steps three simple, tool-free steps to new-looking headlights step 1: preparation wash lenses, mask painted surface (tape included in kit). Next, spray on the surface activator-a proprietary surface corrosion softener only from sylvania. Immediately, you ll see the yellow gunk start to break down. Step 2: sand/polish remove corrosion with a wet-sanding process using the provided 3 grades of premium waterproof sanding papers (400, 1000, 2000 grit). You ll notice the lens to take on a cloudy, smooth finish. Apply the oil-free clarifying compound. Already, this step will help you feel confident in the kit s ability. You ll be amazed at how clear the lenses will be. Step 3: clarify/seal you ll then apply the uv block clear coat. It s simple. Just apply as instructed in smooth, even applications. This uv block clear coat is a specially formulated polymer coating with active and passive uv blockers. This is the component that gives you long-lasting results. What critics are saying about the sylvania headlight restoration kit "sylvania's headlight restoration kit is the only headlight restoration kit that comes with a finishing uv-resistant clear coat to preserve lens clarity. " -popular mechanics (editor's choice award) lifetime warranty not only does this headlight restoration kit provide you with fantastic results, but it's backed by sylvania's lifetime warranty. Simply register at and sylvania will replace the kit if your headlight lenses become clouded again (restrictions apply). What's in the box 1 oz. Of surface activator ½ oz. Of clarifying compound 1 oz. Of uv blocking clear coat 3 grades of waterproof premium sandpaper (400, 1000 and 2000 grit) 2 white applicator cloths 1 blue lint-free uv clear coat applicator cloth 1 roll of protective tape 1 vinyl glove about osram sylvania osram sylvania, together with osram gmbh, is the world leader in automotive lighting for original equipment manufacturers (oems) and the aftermarket. The company s global automotive lighting division has its principal north american operations in hillsboro, n. H. , with nearly 500 employees. In addition to ts 16949, this facility has also achieved iso 9001 and 14001 certifications. Automotive lighting designs, develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art automotive light sources, including auxiliary, advanced halogen, led and high-intensity discharge lighting for interior, exterior and forward lighting applications. More than 400 lamp types are produced for cars, trucks, and electronics in facilities throughout the u. S. , europe, and asia. Automotive applications for oems are marketed under the osram brand while products for the aftermarket are sold under the sylvania brand. * actual results will depend on the severity of uv degradation. Greater existing uv damage will allow for greater performance improvements.

This kit delivered. The husband and i spent an hour restoring the headlights of my 1997 toyota camry, which went from murky to perfectly clear after the final step of the process. We watched the video and read the instructions carefully before we started. We followed every single step as described, and used the timer on my smartphone to make sure we spent the required 5 minutes per sanding step. We also used distilled water for rinsing. . The process is not difficult at all if you take your time and follow the instructions, which are written well. If you use elbow grease instead of power tools, there will be some soreness but it's not life-ending. You also get to enjoy minor bragging rights. ; ). . Everything we needed was provided in the box except the roll of protective tape, which ought to be removed from the section titled what's in the box in the product description above. This omission, however, does not warrant the loss of a star since the picture shown does exclude the tape. Regular 3m painter's tape did the job just fine. . Will i buy this again when the time comes for another restoration? definitely!

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (Auto Accessory) Hrk Bx
Click to see NoticeSylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (HRK.BX)"This Products Works On Your Headlight But Ruins Your Car's Paint. After Following All Directions I Got To The Step Where I Remove The Tape (provided In The Kit). It Peeled A Layer Of Paint Off My Car. I Now Have Visible Lines Above Each Headlight And You Can Feel A Distinct Edge Where Each Piece Of Tape Was. This Product Says "note: The Tape Provided Will Not Harm Painted Surfaces That Are In Good Condition. " Clearly That's Not True I'll Give Them This. My Headlights Do Look Fantastic. So Maybe Just Use Your Own Tape. But If They're Going To Sell A Product With Tape That Will Ruin Your Car And In The Instructions Tell You To Use It Then This Will Always Get 1 Star."

3M 03433 36 mm x 32 m Automotive Performance Masking Tape

A quality automotive masking tape that provides excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, a sharp paint line, and removes cleanly upon completion of the job.

3M 03433 36 mm x 32 m Automotive Performance Masking Tape3M-03433-Automotive-Performance-Masking

See 3m 03433 36 Mm X 32 M Automotive Performance Masking Tape (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Works Great. Used It To Protect Paint During Sylvania Headlight Lens Restoration Kit Use. Just At The Tail End Of The 30 Minute Restoration Process It Absorbed Enough Water To Lose Adhesion. By Then It Didn't Matter. In Dry Applications Or Wet It Comes Off Clean Without Leaving Any Residual. Great Stick Potential. Bright Color. -Notice from P. Alma, South Gloucestershire

Click to Show 3m 03433 36 mm x 32 m automotive performance masking tape (auto accessory) Details

Works As Designed. I Used This To Cover Head Lights And Tail Lights On My Car While Detailing. It Is Easy To Work With And Is Very Easy To Remove. I Had Previously Tried Painters Tape. Blue Tape Is Ok Doesn't Stick As Well As This Automotive Tape. The Green "frog" Brand Painters Tape Is Worthless.

3m-03433-36-mm-x-32-m-automotive-performance-masking-tape-(auto-accessory) set picture

- J. BrendaI Use This Tape Primarily For Working On Automobiles. Works Excellent For Masking Off Areas When Painting. It Stays On And Comes Off Easy. I Never Had Any Problems With 3m Products. They Make High Quality Products. You May Pay More For Them But They Are Well Worth The Extra Price. I Don't Need The Cheap Tape That Does Not Stick To Your Project. Do It Right The First Time And Buy 3m Tape.

Be Warned That Temperature Rating For This Tape Is Less Than It's Blue Counterpart. Would Not Stick In Semi-cold Weather While Blue Tape Did In Fact Stick. In Ideal Condition(s) This Is The Best Tape When It Comes To Detailing. Get Bigger And Smaller Version Of This Tape So You Don't Waste Your Money And Product.

Y. Carrie, Washington

Brand :    3m
Size :    1
Weight :    0.35 pounds
Model :    3433
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Highly resistant to bleed-through
  • Conforms easily to surfaces
  • Better uv resistance than traditional masking tape
  • 36 mm width
  • Transfer resistant
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for 3M 03433 36 mm x 32 m Automotive Performance Masking Tape available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

SYLVANIA H7 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs

The sylvania silverstar ultra high performance headlight is our brightest downroad and whiter light. The combination of our farthest downroad, more sideroad, and whiter light helps the driver achieve more clarity helping to make night driving a less stressful, more comfortable experience. Sylvania achieves this using a specially designed filament, propriety gas mixture as well as a lamp coating that makes a brighter downroad light and shifts the color temperature towards a whiter light.

SYLVANIA H7 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 BulbsSYLVANIA-SilverStar-Performance-Headlight-Contains

See Sylvania silverstar performance headlight contains (H7SU.BP2) FAQ.

First Of All American Cars Mostly Using Low Wattage Light Bulbs (which Is Good Cause Most Misadjusted Lights Don't Bother You That Much) And Power Supplied Through The Headlight Switch. Therefore Lights Are Not Really "bright". Also If You Have Old Or Worn Headlight The Best Bulbs Won't Make A Difference. I Used These Bulbs In A '99 Marquis Except For The Lights To Appear Much Whiter; We Did Not Notice Any Difference In Brightness. Lights And Reflectors Were In Great Shape. At The Same Time We Put Them Into A '99 Intrepid And Wow What A Difference! First Off All: The Headlight Color Is White. This Is Even More Dramatic At A Clear Night When Sitting Next To A Car Without These Bulbs. Second: They Are Slightly Brighter. Don't Believe Any Of The Ads Telling You That You Can Suddenly See 100 Feet Further This Is Impossible Due To Legality As You Would Blind Oncoming Traffic. But The Beam Is Wider; You Have A Bigger "spot Of Light" In Front Of You. Third: During Rain I Found That These Lights Provide A Sharper Contrast Between The Falling Rain (clear Raindrops) And Other Objects. The Beam Of Light On The Road Seems To Be "crisper". End Of Story: I Think They Are Worth It. -Notice from G. Angela, Alsace

Click to Show sylvania silverstar performance headlight contains (h7su.bp2) Details

Package Was Damaged Hard Plastic Protecting Light Bulbs Is Crunched Against Light Bulbs. Hope They Last And Work.

Sylvania-silverstar-performance-headlight-contains-(h7su.bp2) set picture

- W. MablePerformance 5 Star. Outstanding Light Output And White Color. I Didn't Need To Do A Side By Side. These Were Far Superior To My Stock Lights. Longevity 2 Star. They Lasted 5 Months / 5500 Miles. I Drive Most Of The Time At Dusk And Dawn And It Rains Often Where I Live So The Lights Are Almost Always On. Both Lights Burned Out Within 1 Day Of Each Other And Left Me To Drive Home One Night With My High Beams On. Product Information 1 Star. There Are Lots Of Reviews Out There Warning Of The Short Life-span Of These Bulbs But The Sylvania (and Online Store) Are Guilty Of Not Making The Rated Life Readily Available. In Fine Print On The Back Of The Packing It States "rated Life: 125 Hrs". I Did The Math: 45 Minute Commute Translates To About 4 Months Of Advertised Life. I Made It 5 Months So Although I'm Still Disappointed They Out-performed The Advertised Life. I Think If More People Knew This Going In Less Would Be Disappointed. Overall I'm Going 3 Star. I Loved These Bulbs But I'm Not Paying $30+ Every 4-5 Months For Headlights. I'd Be More Likely To Purchase An Hid Retrofit.

I Bought These Light Bulbs Because I Wanted A Bright White Headlight For My Honda Goldwing To Replace The Hid Kit The Previous Owner Installed. These Lights Are Nice But Did Not Last Long Both The Low Beams Burned Out Within 10 Months Of Purchase. Granted The Low Beams Are On Continuously On My Motorcycle But Then I Don't Drive It Every Day Like You Do Your Automobile. These Are Expensive Bulbs And To Have Them Burn Out Like This When The Standard Bulb Will Last Years In Normal Service Is Not Worth The Brighter Light. I Will Not Be Buying "silverstar Ultra" Bulbs Again.

Q. Clara, Yukon Territory

Brand :    sylvania
Model :    H7SU.BP2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Oe (original equipment) manufacturer
  • Legal for on road use
  • Whiter light for added clarity
  • Brightest headlight most downroad visibility
  • See sylvania's automotive bulb replacement guide in the technical details below to confirm compatibility
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (sylvania product review) for SYLVANIA H7 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Philips 9006 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack

Philips crystalvision ultra is for drivers seeking to personalize their vehicles. With crystalvision ultra, drivers enjoy a look that is unmatched in a dot compliant, street-legal bulb. Crystalvision ultra provides a white 4000k light on the road at night, while its blue-capped bulb creates a cool blue effect in the headlight in the daytime. This is the perfect choice if you're looking to add style to your vehicle.

Philips 9006 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb, 2 PackPhilips-9006-CrystalVision-Upgrade-Headlight

See Philips 9006 Crystalvision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack (Auto Part) FAQ.

This Is A Review From A Guy Who Just Had Enough Of Sylvania Silver Star Or W. E. Their Fancy Bulbs Are. Most Of Us Can Agree That Sylvania Is Good For A Few Days Or Weeks. If You're Lucky But Then It Starts To Lose Its Brightness And Fades. The Philips Hasn't Faded Out And I've Had It For Several Months Now. And Boy! Does It Make A Difference In Distance And Brightness. I Can See About 3-4 Blocks Ahead And Its Bright Not Yellowish But A White/light Blue Color. To Be Clear It's Not Bright Enough To Blind Oncoming Drivers. -Notice from R. Guest, Queensland

Click to Show philips 9006 crystalvision ultra upgrade headlight bulb, 2 pack (auto part) Details

And This Is Based On Experience. I Plugged A Pair Of Sylvania Silverstar Ultra Headlights Into My Previous Car A 1996 Subaru Legacy. Displeased With The Results I Restored The Headlight Lenses With The 3m Kit. The Lenses Were Crystal Clear To The Naked Eye And The Light Thrown By The Silverstars Appeared Pure White From The Driver's Seat But Head-on The Headlights Still Revealed A Trace Of Yellow. In Addition To Oxidation Plastic Headlight Lenses Yellow Over Time On The Inside. The Only 100% Solution: Replace The Lenses. That Said When I Replaced The Stock Low-beams On My 2013 Subaru Impreza Hatchback The Crystalvision Ultra H11s Delivered 99. 99999% Of The Marketing Claims. The Light Output Is Pure White From Both The Driver's Seat And To Oncoming Traffic But Without The Harsh Glare Of Misaligned Or Aftermarket Hids. At Certain Angles One Can See A Trace Of The Blue Tips In The Reflector But It's Not The Cheesy Blue Of Non-steet-legal Bulbs. Longevity Is Unknown At This Time But I Donated The Legacy To Charity With The Silverstars Installed After At Least Three Years Of Nighttime-only Operation (the Impreza Uses The 9005 High-beams As Daytime Running Lights). We Can Only Hope The Crystalvisions Perform As Well. Update 03/17/15: Still Burnin' Bright After A Year And Then Some! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Update 03/17/16: Another St. Patrick's Day Another Year Of Bright White Night Driving.

Philips-9006-crystalvision-ultra-upgrade-headlight-bulb,-2-pack-(auto-part) set picture

- B. CortneyI'm A Die-hard Car Guy And Good Lighting At Night Is Very Critical For Me. These Bulbs Were A Perfect Replacement For The Stock Bulbs In My 2012 Chrysler 300 C. The Stock Bulbs Were Very Dim And Yellow Leaving Me Straining A Bit To See The Road At Night Especially With Oncoming Traffic Head Lights. I Also Didn't Like That The Stock Bulbs Didn't Match The White Led Surround Of The Headlights. After Putting In These Bulbs I Can See Better Further And With Less Eye Strain. Win Win Win! I Have Silverstar Bulbs In My 2006 Charger Srt-8 And These Are Far Better Than Those. Worth Every Penny Of The Reasonable Cost And I Have Purchased The Same Type Bulbs To Replace My Fog Lights Too! The Photos Show How They Look At Night On Low Beam With The Stock Fog Lights (which Add A Little Bit Of Yellow Color). The Photos Are Taken With My Iphone And Unedited Other Than Size And Cropping. Good White Light And Good Illumination Of The Roadway. I Am Very Pleased With These Bulbs.

Quite A Bit Whiter Than Stock Headlight On 2016 Canyon With Just A Hint Of Yellow Still. Picture Shows New Bulb In Left Headlight And Stock Still In Right.

N. Elanor, Sandwell

Brand :    philips
Color :    White
Weight :    0.10 pounds
Model :    9006
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance
  • Get the bright white xenon look
  • All philips upgrade headlights are dot compliant (street-legal)
  • Choose philips crystalvision ultra headlight bulbs for the look of hid and get 4000k bright white light on the road
  • A unique blue cap on the bulb creates a cool blue effect in the headlamp's reflector in daytime
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (philips product review) for Philips 9006 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Philips 9006 VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb, Pack of 2

Philips visionplus upgrade headlight bulbs produce a light beam that is up to 80 foot longer than the beam produced by standard halogen headlight bulbs, which allows drivers to see farther for greater safety and comfort. Philips visionplus is the performance choice for safety-conscious drivers. Offering high-performance and excellent value, visionplus is the right choice for today's demanding drivers.

Philips 9006 VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb, Pack of 2Philips-9006-VisionPlus-Upgrade-Headlight

See Philips 9006 Visionplus Upgrade Headlight Bulb, Pack Of 2 (9006VPB2) FAQ.

I Changed One So I Could Compare To The Originals; My Wife And I Both Could See Only The Slightest Difference. And New Bulbs Are Generally A Tiny Bit Brighter Than Old Ones Anyway. So There You Have It. From My Research It Doesn't Seem That Any Conventional (non-hid) Bulbs Are Really Significantly Brighter Than "regular" Ones Except When They Have A Much Shorter Life. That Actually Makes Sense Thinking About The Way Light Bulbs Work. So Save Your Money Or Expect To Spend A Lot Replacing Them Often. So I'm Happy These Were Only $2 More Than The Cheapest Bulbs. Philips Has A Good Reputation For Quality So It's A Reasonable Price To Pay For A Better Likelihood That These Will Actually Live Out Their Expected Lifetime. If You Want More Light Add Fog Lights. -Notice from P. Margaret, Tameside

Click to Show philips 9006 visionplus upgrade headlight bulb, pack of 2 (9006vpb2) Details

My Brother Honda Civic Ex 2006 Headlight Bulbs Died So We Got This One Based On The Model Number. Installation Takes About 5 Minutes After Looking On Youtube. It's A Very Easy Task That You Can Diy And Save Money Instead Of Going To A Mechanic Same With Replacing Your Cabin Filter. Overall The Light Is A Lot More Brighter Now Compared To The Oem.

Philips-9006-visionplus-upgrade-headlight-bulb,-pack-of-2-(9006vpb2) set picture

- S. MoniqueI Purchased A Pair Of These 9004 Bulbs For My Wife's Car And We Were Impressed With The Improved Beam Pattern Compared To The No-name Generic Bulbs We Had Been Running Previously. More Light Is Projected On The Road And Further Ahead Than With The Generic Bulbs And The Difference In High Beam/low Beam Angle Is Much More Appropriate Than With The Old Bulbs Whose Beam Either Lit The Ground Immediately In Front Of The Bumper On Low Or Shined Too High On High Beams.

Fit My E90 Perfectly And Stopped The Extra Chimes Telling Me A Light Is Out. Only Problem Is On My Car The Passenger Side Was Missing The Metal Clip That Holds Pressure On The Back Of The Bulb And They Don't Seem To Be Available Anywhere Online. No Way I'm Paying Several Hundred To Get A $0. 50 Clip I Guess I Might Need To Make My Own Out Of Some Wire.

Y. Sherry, City of Bristol

  • Choose philips visionplus headlights for superior quality with enhanced visibility
  • Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance
  • Get up to 60% more light on the road compared to a standard halogen headlight bulb
  • Always replace in pairs to ensure a symmetric light beam from both bulbs on the road. headlights dim over time.
  • All philips upgrade headlights are dot compliant (street-legal)
Brand :    philips
Model :    9006VPB2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (philips product review) for Philips 9006 VisionPlus Upgrade Headlight Bulb, Pack of 2 available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

SYLVANIA 9006 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs

The sylvania silverstar ultra high performance headlight is our brightest downroad and whiter light. The combination of our farthest downroad, more sideroad, and whiter light helps the driver achieve more clarity helping to make night driving a less stressful, more comfortable experience. Sylvania achieves this using a specially designed filament, propriety gas mixture as well as a lamp coating that makes a brighter downroad light and shifts the color temperature towards a whiter light.

SYLVANIA 9006 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 BulbsSYLVANIA-SilverStar-Performance-Headlight-Contains

Brand :    sylvania
Weight :    0.14 pounds
Model :    9006SU.BP2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (sylvania product review) for SYLVANIA 9006 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
  • See sylvania's automotive bulb replacement guide in the technical details below to confirm compatibility
  • Whiter light for added clarity
  • Brightest headlight most downroad visibility
  • Oe (original equipment) manufacturer
  • Legal for on road use

SYLVANIA 9005 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs

Sylvania silverstar zxe headlights are the newest halogen bulbs on the scene. Looking for the whitest, most stylized light for your vehicle? our silverstar zxe headlights are the whitest in our silverstar high performance series. Style and performance in a single package.

SYLVANIA 9005 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 BulbsSYLVANIA-SilverStar-Performance-Headlight-Contains

See Sylvania silverstar performance headlight contains (9005SZ.PB2) FAQ.

Let Me Just Say That These Lights Do Exactly What They Claim To Do. The Light Output Is Much Much Brighter And Whiter. I'm Very Pleased With My Purchase. I've Noticed Allot Of People Bashing This Product Because The Light Isn't Whiter But If You Think About It Those Reviews Are Basing It On The Color Of The Light When Looking Into The Headlamps. Yes They Are Still Yellow When You Stare Into Them When Standing In Front Of The Vehicle But Besides That They Are Defiantly White When On The Road At Night. Now They Are Not As White As The Leds And Hids Can Get So If You Want Extreme Whiteness These Aren't For You Especially If You Have Projector Headlight. But If You Got Reflector Headlights Then This As Good As It Gets Because Using Those Hids And Leds Are Very Dangerous And Blinding In Reflector Headlights. Keep In Mind That Most Places In The World Still Use Halogen Street Lights So The Light They Put Out Is Super Yellow Which Over Power These Sometimes Because Like I've Said They Aren't Hids So The Zxe May Appear To Be The Same As Oem. I Got A Pair For My Headlights And I Will Now Be Buying For My Fogs And Yes My Fogs Use The Same Bulb. My Vehicle Is A 2013 4runner Btw. Another Thing Just In Case You Decide To Buy. The Light Is Very Yellow When Turning On For The First Time But Once They Warm Up They Become Washed Out And Look More Whitish When You Look Into Them But It's Still A Little Yellow Even After Warm Up. I'll Post A Photo Below With Just Zxe In My Headlamps Then Last Post A Photo With Zxe Also In My Fogs Too -Notice from U. Colleen, Haute-Normandie

Click to Show sylvania silverstar performance headlight contains (9005sz.pb2) Details

When I Bought These I Was A Little Worried They Would Be A Little Blue For My Liking But They Are Just A Very Nice Eye Pleasing White. These Have Lasted Very Well And I Even Had To Move Them From One Set Of Lights To Another And It Has Been About A Year And A Half And A Deer Strike Since Then. I Had A Set Of Silverstar Ultras Before These Which Didn't Last Half As Long. All In All I Will Buy Another Set When These Burn Out.

Sylvania-silverstar-performance-headlight-contains-(9005sz.pb2) set picture

- S. LewisOkay First Off There Are A Lot Of People Complaining That Online Store Recommended Or Sent The Wrong Type Bulb For Their Car. Here's A Tip: Open Your Car's Hood And Verify The Bulb Is The Same Or Confirm It's Different. Then Search For The Bulb Size. I. E. 9007 Silver Star. You'll Get The Correct One Every Time. Okay Now That You Know How To Order The Correct Bulb Let's Talk About The Product Itself. I Was Able To Get The Pair For $30. So Why Not Well If You Are Expecting Hid Style Output Then Stop Right There. These 55/65 Watt Lights Can't Come Close To Hid So Stop Fooling Yourself. But If The Old Oem Lights In Your Older Car (mine Is A 2007 Saturn Ion 2) Are So Dim After 9 Years In Service That They Almost Appear Brown Then These Are For You. They Are Indeed A Vast Improvement Over Old Stock Lights And You'll Definitely Notice The Difference. The Brighter Whiter Light Is Apparent And It Looks Really Good. They Definitely Feel Like They Are In The 40k Range But They Are Nowhere Near The Claim That They Make Of Hid Attitude. Still They Don't Appear Yellow. And Did I Mention They Are Bright Yes Indeed They Are A Definite Upgrade Over Stock. Just Don't Go Spending The Money To Upgrade A Perfectly Good Working Lamp. Wait Until Yours Are Ready To Be Replaced And Then Take The Plunge.

I Hate To Give A Bad Review But I Bought These For That "white" Look And For More Light Than The Stock Bulbs On My 2008 Jeep Wrangler (which Shouldn't Have Been Hard To Accomplish Since Stock Wrangler Headlights. Never Mind). These Are Not Significantly Brighter Than My Stock Bulbs. The Only Difference I Could Tell Is That They Do Provide More Peripheral Light. That Might Have Been Okay If They At Least Looked White More Similar To The New Led Bulbs. But They Don't. They Are Not As Yellow As Stock But Are Still Very Yellow.

E. Maria, Idaho

Brand :    sylvania
Color :    White
Model :    9005SZ.PB2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Best alternative and value compared to dropping in hid upgrades
  • Crisp, white light, for the look, feel, and attitude of hid
  • See sylvania's automotive bulb replacement guide in the technical details below to confirm compatibility
  • Proprietary xenon halogen gas technology
  • Cobalt blue coating provides optimal light transmission and color
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (sylvania product review) for SYLVANIA 9005 SilverStar zXe High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

SYLVANIA 9003/H4 SilverStar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs

The sylvania silverstar ultra high performance headlight is our brightest downroad and whiter light. The combination of our farthest downroad, more sideroad, and whiter light helps the driver achieve more clarity helping to make night driving a less stressful, more comfortable experience. Sylvania achieves this using a specially designed filament, propriety gas mixture as well as a lamp coating that makes a brighter downroad light and shifts the color temperature towards a whiter light.

SYLVANIA 9003/H4 SilverStar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 BulbsSYLVANIA-SilverStar-Halogen-Headlight-Contains

See Sylvania 9003/h4 Silverstar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb, (contains 2 Bulbs) (9003SU.BP2) FAQ.

There Is Nothing I Can Say Besides That I'm Completely Satisfied. I Do Have To Say One Thing Before I Begin. These Headlights Are Bright. They Are Certainly Brighter Than The Ones I Had Previously. The Ones I Had Previously Were In My Car Since I Got It Which Was Three Years Ago. Who Knows How Long They Were In There Before That. With That Said Yes These Headlights Are Extremely Bright. They Do Not Have The Blue Tint That I Thought They Would When Looking At The Bulb Itself. They Were Very Easy To Replace In My 2010 Camry And Took About Fifteen Minutes For Both Lights. They Illuminate Downrange To The Point Where I Don't Use My High Beams For Times I Would Have Before I Replaced The Headlights. In Fact I Plan On Replacing My High Beam Bulbs Now Because They Seem A Little Dim In Comparison. Great Product I Just Wish The Price Was A Little Cheaper. Note: Don't Touch The Bulbs After Turning Them On For Even A Second. I Replaced The Wrong One And Had To Fix It. I Accidentally Touched The Bulb (don't Worry I Was Wearing Gloves) And It Was Hot! I Almost Dropped The Bulb From The Shock. Be Careful -Notice from Y. Lorenz, Trafford

Click to Show sylvania 9003/h4 silverstar ultra halogen headlight bulb, (contains 2 bulbs) (9003su.bp2) Details

We Own A 2004 Toyota Camry. We Had The Original Headlights (using Drl All The Time) For Seven Years Until One Headlight Finally Burnt Out After Seven Years. After Hearing About These New Bulbs I Decided To Spend A Few Extra Bucks For Some Brighter Headlights (both Regular And High Beam). This Is My Wife's Car So Her Safety Is My Priority. After These Headlights Were Installed The Difference Was Clear. Much Brighter And Much Whiter Than The Original Headlamps So I Figured I Had A Good Buy. However After Only 10 Months One Of The Regular Headlamps Burnt Out. I Fugured This Was Just A Fluke And Rather Than Spending More Money On These Bulbs I Just Went With Toyota's Replacement Bulb. I'm Glad I Did Because A Month Later The Other Regular Headlight Burnt Out! This Is Beyond A Fluke. Don't Waste Your Money With These Bulbs Unless You Don't Mind Replacing Them Every Year. They Are Very Bright And Perform As Advertised But They Are Just Not Very Long-lasting. By The Way Zero Stars Was Not An Option.

Sylvania-9003/h4-silverstar-ultra-halogen-headlight-bulb,-(contains-2-bulbs)-(9003su.bp2) set picture

- D. LawrenceBought These At The Beginning Of July And Installed Them Right Away. Due To The Long Daylight Periods I Didn't Have To Use My Headlights Until Yesterday Morning (august 29th. ) So Basically The First Time I Turned Them On Other Than Checking Them After The Install And Only One Was Working! Both Low And High Beams Too. I Have Used These In The Past And Them Last Several Months While On All The Time But This Is Ridiculous And Enough Time Has Now Passed That It Is Too Late To Return Them To Online Store. I Have Seen Lots Of Negative Reviews On The Lifespan Of These Headlights But Have Taken Them In Stride Because I Have Had Better Luck Myself But No More. Update: Took The Headlight Out And Reinstalled The Original Headlight. It Didn't Work Either. Tried The Other Original. Same Thing. Turns Out There Is A Problem With The Ctm Of My Truck Which Controls The Individual Headlights. So I Go Back To My Original Assessment. I Really Like These Lights. However If They Are Used Every Day All Day Like In My Work Truck Then They Will Get Hot And Burn Out Prematurely But I Had Them In My Last Pickup For Over 8 Years And Never Had To Replace Them. I Only Give Them 4 Stars Due To The Premature Life Span In Constant Use Situations. Otherwise I Would Give Them A Full 5 Stars.

Pros: Great Value Great Brightness And Impressive Longevity Cons: Not As Blue As Advertised High-beams Aren't Too Much Brighter Than Normal Usage I Purchased These Over A Year Ago For My Ford Ranger And I Gotta Say I'm Quite Impressed. My Old Bulbs Simply Weren't Cutting It And I Decided To Upgrade On A Budget However. I'm Not Familiar With Pricing On Headlamp Bulbs But I Decided To Jump The Gun With This One And Give These Babies A Whirl. And Let Me Tell You I Am Beyond Impressed At Their Performance. They Are Very Bright But Not Bright Enough To Annoy Whoever Is Driving In Front Of You. Although Sylvania Advertises Them As Having That Hid-like Blue Tint They Do Not Unfortunately. On The Bright Side Though (pun Intended) They Are Almost Perfectly White Giving You A Perfectly Adequate View Of The Road Ahead Of You Even In Rainy Weather. In Fact My Only Complaint Would Have To Be That Activating The High-beams Isn't Technically 'brighter' Than The Normal Lights. Rather Than Utilizing Both Filaments When High Beams Are Switched On Only The Opposite Filament Is Used Illuminating Everything From The Street Signs To The Sky But Only Part Of The Road Below. If You Toggle The High Beams However You'll Notice Both Filaments Being Used And More Than Enough Brightness To See Everything In Front Of You Like It's Broad Daylight. Overall I Think These Bulbs Have Superb Value And I Won't Stop Using Them Anytime Soon.

I. Valencia, Stockton-on-Tees

Brand :    sylvania
Model :    9003SU.BP2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Whiter light for added clarity
  • Legal for on road use
  • See sylvania's automotive bulb replacement guide in the technical details below to confirm compatibility
  • Oe (original equipment) manufacturer
  • Brightest headlight most downroad visibility
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (sylvania product review) for SYLVANIA 9003/H4 SilverStar Ultra Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Plastic & Trim Restorer - Dye-Free Formula Shines & Darkens Faded Plastic, Vinyl & Rubber Surfaces - Protects Cars & Motorcycles Rain, Salt & Dirt - Prevent Fading - 8 OZ - TriNova

Keep your car looking fresh off the show floor with trinova's plastic & trim restorer. With trinova's plastic & trim restorer, you'll get all of the benefits you're looking for in caring for your vehicle: - shines and darkens surfaces - repels water, dirt and salt - prevents fading and cracking - safe for on plastic, vinyl, rubber and other outer surfaces with trinova, rest assured you will receive the best customer care and highest-quality plastic & trim restorer around. - 8 oz bottle for best value - made in the usa

Plastic & Trim Restorer - Dye-Free Formula Shines & Darkens Faded Plastic, Vinyl & Rubber Surfaces - Protects Cars & Motorcycles Rain, Salt & Dirt - Prevent Fading - 8 OZ - TriNovaPlastic-Trim-Restorer-Dye-Free-Motorcycles

See Plastic trim restorer dye free motorcycles (Trinova) FAQ.

This Product Works! I Have Tried Several Products To Restore Plastic Trim On My Truck. The Trim Around My Windshield Wipers And Bumper Cleaned Up Like It's New. I Did The Trim Around The Windows And Truck Bed. Highly Recommend! -Notice from A. Jarvis, Missouri

Click to Show plastic trim restorer dye free motorcycles (trinova) Details

I Had Used The Renew "as Seen On Tv" Stuff In The Yellow Box Several Times But Never Got Really Good Results Plus You Only Got A Little 2 Oz Bottle. This Trinova Is So Much Better Plus You Get More And Use Less For Far Better Results. I Have A 2002 Nissan Xterra With Lots Of Plastic And It Looks Great It Brings Out The New Look.

Plastic-trim-restorer-dye-free-motorcycles-(trinova) set picture

- F. AudreyI Bought This Item To Use On The Outside Of My Car. I Use It On The Luggage Rack Trim Around Window And All Other Outside Plastic Or Matte Dull Metal Pieces. It Has Worked Well So Far Turning Dull Looking Worn Out Plastic Parts New Looking Again And My Car Is Out In The Az Sun So It Took A Beating. Not Sure How Well It Protects As Only Time Will Tell But So Far It Has Worked Well And Trinova's Customer Support Has Been Very Good So Far.

I Bought This To Help Perk Up My Chevy Avalanche. Lots Of Plastic. And Oh My It Works So Great! The Results Of Using This Restorer Were Way Beyond My Expectations Just See My Truck Now . I Bought Two Bottles Thinking I Would Need Them Both But I Didn't A Little Goes A Very Long Way. I Maybe Used Half A Bottle If That. But Now I Have Spare So That's A Big Plus. The Foam Applicator It Comes With Works Great!! I Love It And It Cleans Up Easily With Some Warm Water And Dawn Dish Soap. So Glad I Bought This And Even Happier With The Results It Provided. Definately Will Recommend And Buy Again

H. Denise, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

  • Free applicator for quick & easy application - trinova has made this restorative blend easy to apply quickly and efficiently. all you have to do is use the included applicator pad to wipe the surface with the product and let it dry.
  • Advanced protection, rain or shine - this gel provides surfaces with a protective coating that repels rain, salt and dirt. this means you don't have to worry about maintaining your car's shine-even in rain or on rough terrain.
  • Streak-free formula - unlike other trim products which are really just black dye, this restorer won't leave streaky residue after a rain shower or car wash.
  • Ultimate plastic & trim solution - trinova's plastic & trim restorer is the best way to bring your vehicle back to life, giving it the showroom look you want. by darkening and shining surfaces, this restorer is the solution you're looking for to revitalize your car or motorcycle.
  • Prevents surface aging - natural elements can dull and damage surfaces over time, but with trinova's plastic & trim restorer you can rest assured that your car won't show its age. with a powerful and effective formula, this product will fight against fading and cracking, keeping your vehicle looking new for years to come.
Brand :    trinova
Size :    8 Ounces
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    TriNova Plastic Restore
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (trinova product review) for Plastic & Trim Restorer - Dye-Free Formula Shines & Darkens Faded Plastic, Vinyl & Rubber Surfaces - Protects Cars & Motorcycles Rain, Salt & Dirt - Prevent Fading - 8 OZ - TriNova available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

Meguiar's G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - 19 oz.

Meguiar's carpet and upholstery cleaner foam quickly breaks down stains. It's professional formula is perfect for general cleaning or spot and stain removal. For further application or technical questions about this or any meguiar s products, please contact our customer service team at 800-347-5700.

Meguiar's G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - 19 oz.Meguiars-G9719-Carpet-Upholstery-Cleaner


Meguiar's G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - 19 Oz. (Meguiar S) reviewImage of Meguiar's-g9719-carpet-&-upholstery-cleaner---19-oz.-(meguiar-s)Meguiar's G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - 19 Oz. Auto Accessory G9719
  • Extra: Fast acting foam quickly breaks down stains
  • Extra: Dries quickly without leaving behind a sticky residue
  • Extra: Professional-strength cleaning foam with deep cleaning power to remove staining and odors
meguiar's g9719 carpet & upholstery cleaner - 19 oz.: meguiar s auto accessory meguiar's carpet and upholstery cleaner foam quickly breaks down stains.
Brand :    meguiar's
Size :    19 oz.
Weight :    1.19 pounds
  • Penetrates and dissolves stains for deep cleaning leaving carpets and upholstery looking and smelling fresh, and feeling like-new
  • Dual purpose sprayer is perfect for general cleaning or spot and stain removal
  • Dries quickly without leaving behind a sticky residue
  • Professional-strength cleaning foam with deep cleaning power to remove staining and odors
  • Fast acting foam quickly breaks down stains
Model :    G9719
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (meguiar's product review) for Meguiar's G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - 19 oz. available as-of ( Oct 2019 )

SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs

The sylvania silverstar ultra high performance headlight is our brightest downroad and whiter light. The combination of our farthest downroad, more sideroad, and whiter light helps the driver achieve more clarity helping to make night driving a less stressful, more comfortable experience. Sylvania achieves this using a specially designed filament, propriety gas mixture as well as a lamp coating that makes a brighter downroad light and shifts the color temperature towards a whiter light.

SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 BulbsSYLVANIA-SilverStar-Performance-Headlight-Contains

See Sylvania silverstar performance headlight contains (H11SU.BP2) FAQ.

These Are Great Headlight Bulbs. Many People Say They Don't Last More Than A Year But They Have A One Year Warranty On The For A Reason. Otherwise It Is Stated In The Back As Well. It Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Change These Bulbs And That Includes Washing My Hands Afterwards. Even If There Wasn't A Year Warranty On These I Would Still Buy Them Becuase They Do Make A Huge Difference Compared To The Long Lasting Headlights. I Would Rather Be Able To See Further Down The Road And Spend A Little More Than Cheapskate Out $20 For Some Cheaper Bulbs. Can't Put A Price On Visibility While Driving. I Put Up A Picture Of The Difference The Lightbulb Makes In Real Life. I'd Say It Is A Lot Brighter But Not So Much Wider Than Before. Maybe Around 40-50 % Brighter And 10% Wider Visibility. -Notice from A. Alexia, Rhode Island

Click to Show sylvania silverstar performance headlight contains (h11su.bp2) Details

Unfortunately I Didn't Take A Before And After Picture But It Is Brighter And Clearer. My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Gsr Stock Headlights' Light Was Very Narrow So I Could Only See A Small Distance From The Front Of My Car. The Sylvanias Shine A Further Distance And Wider So I Can See Everything In Front Of The Car. Ps: Do Not Get These Expecting The White Light From The Hid Or Xenon Bulbs.

Sylvania-silverstar-performance-headlight-contains-(h11su.bp2) set picture

- J. WhitemanThese Lights Are A Big Improvement Over Stock Bulbs Without Being Obnoxious To Other Drivers. I Have Not Had Failures Of This Lamp In Any Vehicle. I Am Careful Not To Touch The Glass Of The Bulb With Bare Skin. Finger Oils Can Supposedly Damage The Glass And Shorten The Life. As An Electrician Sylvania Bulbs Are My First Choice. They Have Served Me Well Over The Years With Impressive Longevity.

Two Weeks And Both Bulbs Burned Out Picture And Description Of Product Doesn't Say What It Work Only 100 Hours Per Year But My Package Say I Found It When My Bulbs Already Burned. The Picture Of My Package Is Attached

G. Rochelle, Dorset

Brand :    sylvania
Weight :    0.16 pounds
  • Oe (original equipment) manufacturer
  • See sylvania's automotive bulb replacement guide in the technical details below to confirm compatibility
  • Whiter light for added clarity
  • Brightest headlight most downroad visibility
  • Legal for on road use
Model :    H11SU.BP2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (sylvania product review) for SYLVANIA H11 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen Headlight Bulb, Contains 2 Bulbs available as-of ( Oct 2019 )
Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (HRK.BX) Price : 12.49, was : 18.63 as 2017-02-07
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (HRK.BX) Reviewed by on

Top sylvania headlight restoration kit (hrk.bx) Content

The F.A.Q. for Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (HRK.BX)

In 02/2012 I Bought This Kit Based On Consumer Reports Tests And Used It On A 2002 Lexus Es. The Product Lasted Much Longer Than I Anticipated And Started Showing Wear About 1-1. 5 Years After I Used It. I Liked It So Much I Just Bought Another Kit And Used It Again On The Same Car Last Night. The Car Looks New Again. Couple Tips Based On My Experience: 1) Go Easy With The 400 Grit Paper Unless Your Lenses Are Really Bad. . . It Takes A Lot More Sanding With The Lighter Grits After To Get Those Marks Out 2) Use Plenty Of Water To Avoid Deep Scratching I Used A Spray Bottle Like The Video Showed And It Works Good 3) If You Redo Lights Again Later Skip The 400 Grit. I Tried It Both Ways And The Lenses Come Out Clearer With Less Work If Really Work At Them With The 1000/2000/compound Skipping The 400 4) Make Sure You Use Plenty Of The Compound And Keep It Wet It Works Better And Don't Be Afraid To Really Work It In 5) Do This Inside If Possible And Make Sure You Keep Any Dirt/dust/bugs Away If Possible Until The Clear Coat Sets Up (no Long).

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: how long do the results last?

(1) Question: should you apply this product indoors or in the shade?

(2) Question: how many lenses will the kit restore, and has anyone called for another kit using the lifetime warranty?

(3) Question: i have a 1997 infiniti i30t and i believe the lens are glass so can this product be used on glass lens?

(4) Question: do you need a drill to use this kit?

(5) Question: i used this product on my headlight covers with fantastic results my red tail lights have also been damaged by the environment.can it be used on red?

(6) Question: i missed a step. i forgot to spray the surface activator on one of the headlights after the compound and before the clearcoat. will it be ok??

(7) Question: has anyone sprayed clear coat uv resistant paint on after applying the provied one for the final step

(8) Question: are there any good reasons not to apply this as extra protection to new headlamps?

(9) Question: can te process be done in cold weather

(note) Question: where/how to get Sylvania (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sylvania's products


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I Got This About 6 Months Ago And Actually Used It About 5 Months Ago. The Instructions Are Clear And Detailed But Allow Yourself More Than The Suggested Time To Be Sure You Get It Done. Also Please Remember That You Are Not Supposed To Drive For Several Hours After Using This And That The Headlights Are Supposed To Stay Dry For Several Hours After Using The Kit As Well. First The Result Was Pretty Impressive. My Headlights Were Still Ok But Quite Visibly Yellow And Hazy. After Using The Kit The Headlights Really Looked Like New And My Headlights Were Shining Brighter. And That Is Why I Would Still Recommend The Kit It Is Worth The Effort And The Money As Long As The Price Does Not Increase Very Much (around 22 Dollars Right Now). However Now Only 5 Months Later My Headlights Are Turning Hazy Again. Not As Bad As They Were Before Using The Kit But I Can See That I Will Have To Repeat This Procedure Again In A Few Months Maybe With A Different Manufacturer This Time. The Company Offers A Lifetime Warranty And Will Send A New Kit But Only If You Register The Kit Right When You Buy It And Have The Receipt Ready Whenever You Want To Make Use Of The Warranty. I Did Not Register My Kit And Therefore Don't Qualify For The Warranty. But If I Buy This Again I Will Make Sure To Register The Kit To Avoid Having To Buy A New One Every Year. In Conclusion If Your Headlights Are Yellow And Hazy Go Ahead And Buy This But Make Sure You Keep The Receipt And Register The Product On The Manufacturer's Website.

Automotive 18148651, Bulbs 14363751, Headlight Bulbs 15103751, Lights & Lighting Accessories 12363751Top Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit (HRK.BX) FAQ Content

Best sylvania headlight restoration kit (hrk.bx) in review

Others have already posted very thorough and helpful reviews, including steps for using this product effectively so i will only add that when you do step 3, where you apply the "sealant" (i forget what it's actually called), do follow the instructions to the letter. If you do not, and instead like me, try to not use the recommended amount of the sealing/protecting liquid and don; t properly saturate the blue towel with this liquid what you will do instead of applying the liquid from the blue towel is wipe off what you are trying to add. Your towel should have enough of the liquid so that i smoothly glides over the plastic headlight lens and does not instead smear it about, which will happen if you try to save some of the solution for "next time. " i erred in this fashion and as a result on my first headlight i left some streak marks. You can fix it, kind of, by waiting an hour for the layer to dry a bit and then do a second pass over the area to be corrected. You can then add another layer after the full cure, after about 6 hours. Just make sure dust and other particles in the air are minimized if possible as they will stick to the lens when you apply this solution, it's sticky. I would definitely recommend this product highly. It does take some elbow grease, about an hour with about 30 mins or so dedicated to the actual sanding but it's worth the effort and the money.

Q. Mary, Kent

You might like to see Mothers 07240 california gold clay bar system (mothers) you ve heard about clay bars professional detailers, body men and your car buddies all talk about how well they work. now use the clay bar everybody wants. created to remove the particulate auto accessory
  • Quality: Safe To Use On Paint.
  • Quality: Includes 2 Clay Bars, Showtime Instant Detailer, Microfiber Towel.
Sale Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System (Auto Accessory) 7240 Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System (Auto
Or you might like to consider Meguiars G17216 Ultimate Compound 15 2 (Meguiar S) For Further Application Or Technical Questions About This Or Any Meguiar S Products, Please Contact Our Customer Service Team At 800-347-5700. Auto Accessory
  1. Benefit: Cuts As Fast As Harsh Abrasives Restoring Surface Clarity Without Scratching Or Swirling.
  2. Benefit: Formula Dramatically Reduces The Time And Effort To Restore Abused Or Neglected Paint Finishes.
Reasonable Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound - 15.2 Oz. (Auto Accessory) G17216 Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound - 15.2 Oz. (Meguiar

G. Amanda, Ohio says

The headlights on my 1999 honda civic were getting worse and worse hazed over. They were borderline useless at night in the rain. Now they're 100% better. The pictures i attached are taken immediately before and after i did it. However, it's now been over 2 weeks since i fixed the lenses and they're still as clear as ever. . The instructions are quite good and detailed. I'd recommend following them very strictly, so you know how much of each liquid to use for each step and how much to budged. I also got a suggestion from another review on here to cut all the sandpaper in half so you use exactly half for each headlight. I'd also budget more than the suggested 30 minutes to do it right, and have plenty of water, and clean paper towels or something similar to keep them as washed off as possible. The biggest mistake i made is at the end not putting the final sealing coat on thicker. Whatever you don't use is thrown away because the instructions strictly state it is unwise to try to add another coat or thicken it up after applying it. My suggestion is make sure the cloth you're using to apply the sealer is soaked so you can get a nice even thick coat on the headlights.

L. Annette, Nevada

I Gave This Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit A Try In October 2012 On Our 2006 Prius Whose Headlight Lenses Were Significantly Yellowed. I Followed The Directions Precisely - Multiple Steps Of Abrasive Sanding And Chemical Application. Upon Application Of The Final Clear Coat And Uv Protectant The Lenses Looked Amazing - Like New! However Less Than Eight (8) Months Later The Upper Portion Of The Lens Has Yellowed Again. I Can't Explain It As The Lens Is Monolithic But The Lower Portion Of The Lens Has Remained Clear (as Promised By The Literature) However The Upper Portion Which Is Markedly More Inclined To The Horizontal Has Lost Its Clarity Again. The Entire Lens Upper And Lower Received The Same Treatment But For Some Reason They Have Weathered Differently. Pros: Low Cost. Easy To Use Requiring Only Time And A Water Source. Great Results (albeit Inconsistently And Only For A While). Cons: Takes 2-3 Hours Didn't Provide Consistent Long Lasting Results. Must Be Careful To Protect Adjacent Body Panels From Abrasive Sanding. I'm Not Sure If The Orientation Of The Lens Resulted In Stronger Uv Exposure To The Top Half But For Whatever The Reason I Am Greatly Disappointed And Would Not Recommend It To A Friend. I've Uploaded Some Customer Images To Accompany This Review And Have Also Contacted Slyvania Customer Service. Details To Follow.

X. Anonymous, Bournemouth says

I Followed The Video Instructions Exactly And I'm Very Impressed With The Results. I Have Tried Other Methods In The Past To Restore Headlights On Older Vehicles And This Has Provided The Best Result For Me. The 30-minute Claim Is A Bit Optimistic And There Is A Little Bit Of Effort Needed (mostly The Hand Sanding Can Start To Get Tiring After A While) But I Can't Find Too Much To Complain About Here. I Do Recommend Not Using The Written Directions And Following The Video On Online Store Or Youtube Instead.

M. Lisa, Wisconsin

Kit works great however if you have some 600, 800 and 1500 grit wet dry paper you can do a far better job in less time. The kit jumps from 400 to 1000 grit and then to 2000 grit. These jumps are too big. You either spend an inordinate amount of time using the 1000 and 2000 grit papers or leave some 400 grit scratches. For instance the 600 grit paper will quickly do a good job of removing the 400 grit scratches far faster and better than the 1000 grit paper. Same thing on the jump from 1500 to 2000 grit: use the 1500 grit paper for better results. I also used windex as a wetting agent and lubricant. It works so well that your paper hardly wears at all. I'm going to try using a buffer and compound to get a haze free surface before i apply the uv protectorate. As it is once the uv coating is gone you still have only a 2000 grit haze underneath. As new the surface is gloss and then coated. Why not do the same thing? . . The box offers a lifetime warranty only if you register. For iphone/ipad users i suggest you bring up your online store order on your ipad and take a picture with your iphone and then air print it back to your ipad. When you register it will ask for an image of the receipt. Not a pdf. Do as suggested and things will go smoothly.

N. Nellie, Bayern says

My Headlights Most Likely Weren't Near As Bad As Those Belonging To The Average Person Considering This Project. I Don't Live On The East Coast Where My Car Would Be Subjected To Extreme Humidity Salty Air And Harsh Winters (though We Do Live Near The Beach)- And The Car Was Primarily Garaged For The Second Half Of It's Life Before I Purchased It. But The Passenger's Side Headlight Was Covered In Strange Splotchy Patches Of Buildup And The Driver's Side Was Considerably Fogged Over. It Was Clear At One Point In It's Life The Car Had Received Primarily Direct Sun To The Driver's Side. This Is A Bit More Involved Than Just Wiping Away The Years From Your Headlights- But It Does Include Everything You Need (no Extra Tools Required) And Will Take The Average Diyer About An Hour To Complete Both Headlights. Keep In Mind That While Anyone Can Do This Project Your Results Will Vary Depending On How Strictly You Follow The Instructions And If You Have An Previous Experience With Restoration Or Wet Sanding. Yes I Said Sanding. + I Suggest You Also Have On Hand Before Starting- Painters Tape Lots Of Shop Rags A Bowl Of Water And A Bucket Of Water An Extra Glove A Face Mask A Marker To Label The Back Of Your Sandpaper Halves And Something To Sit On. + Work In A Well Aerated Area In The Shade- Away From Any Natural Or Artificial Wind. Begin By Taping Off The Liner And Paint Immediately Surrounding Your Headlight With A Durable Painter's Tape. The Kit Claims That The Materials Used Will Not Harm Paint- But The Instructions Suggest Taping- And I Certainly Would For 2 Reasons: 1. ) We Noticed The First Solution We Used Took The Color Off Our Shop Rags So It Seemed To Have Some Sort Of Acid Or Bleach In It 2. ) You Will Eventually Be Sanding Right Up Against Your Car's Paint- Not Point In Risking Anything There. You Will Also Want To Start With A Clean Car. Next Treat The Headlight Surface With The Step 1 Activator Generously Spraying And Allow It To Sit About 30 Seconds Before Washing Away. Here's What We Noticed About This Process- 1. ) The Spray Is Very Aromatic In A Chemical Sense- You Will Need To Step Back For Air And You Should Always Be Working In An Open Well Aerated Shady Area. I Highly Suggest Wearing A Simple Paper Face Mask To Help Diffuse Fumes And That You Keep Your Face As Far Back From The Solution/mist As Possible. 2. ) You Will Be Using This Bottle A Total Of 4 Times 2 Treatments Each Headlight So You Should Expect To Use About 1/4 Of The Bottle Each Time. 3. ) Given The Nature Of The Product And Spray We Suggest You Wear Gloves And Wipe The Solution Off With A Wet Rag To Clean The Lens Before Continuing- Rather Than Use A Hose Which May Send The Solution Flying Onto Your Car And Other Surfaces. Once The Activator Solution Has Been Cleaned Off The Lens And The Lens Has Been Dried It Will Quickly Begin To Cloud. This Is Normal And You Will See This After Every Step From Here Until The Final Uv Coat. Now You're Ready To Begin Sanding- The Kit Includes 3 Sheets 1 Each Of 2000 1000 And 400 Grit Wet Sanding Paper. You Should Tear Them In Half And Make Note Of Which Is Which With A Written Indicator On The Back Since You Will Be Using Half A Sheet For Each Lens My Father And I Had Some Disagreement As To Whether A Mask Should Be Worn Through The Sanding Process- Since This Is A Wet Sanding Procedure. I Am Going To Suggest You Do Since We Did See Quite A Bit Of Kickback Debris On Clothing And Even In His Ear After The Sanding Process. To Wet Sand You Will Want A Small Bowl Of Clean Water Nearby And A Clean Cloth (to Wipe Up Any Drips That May Make Their Way Onto Your Car's Paint. Wet The Lens With The Wet Cloth And Submerge The Sanding Paper Into The Water. Begin Sanding (you'll Start With The 400 Grit For The First Step) In Circular Motions From The Top Corner Of The Headlight Inward. You Should Expect To Continue Sanding For Approximately 5 Minutes- Though Cars With Less Build Up May Require Less Time. You Will Be Able To Tell You Are Done When The Headlight Has Reached A Uniform Smooth Texture And There Are No Clear Sections Visible. Rinse Your Headlight And Continue With The Repeating The Above Process Of Sanding Using The 1000 Grit Sandpaper. Sand In Circular Motions With A Wet Lens And Sandpaper For Approximately 5 Minutes Clean Then Repeat With The 2000 Grit. When You Are Done Sanding You Should Have A Clean Dry Foggy Lens. Next You Will Apply The Clarifying Compound Which We Closely Attribute To A Sort Of Buffing Wax. Wet Your Lens With A Clean Wet Rag And Apply Half Of The Compound To The Provided White Towel. Starting At The Lower Corner Of The Headlight In Sweeping Circular Motions Buff The Clarifying Compound Into The Lens For Approximately 5 Minutes. We Were Worried This Compound Would Dry Out During A 5 Minute Buff But It Actually Seemed To Break Down And Glide Even More The Longer We Worked It Into The Lens. Once You Are Done Clean And Dry The Lens. You Will Begin To Notice The Lens Will Maintain A Glossy 'wet' Look As Though It Is Holding Water Along The Surface. Now You'll Treat With The Activator Once More- Spraying Evenly Approximately 1/4 Of The Original Bottle Fill. Allow The Solution To Sit On The Surface Of The Lens For 30 Seconds Then Clean Thoroughly And Dry. It's Important After This Step That You Remove The Tape And Any Residue And Dry The Lens And Surrounding Rubber Gasket. The Lend And Surrounding Surfaces Should Be Entirely Dry Before Moving On To The Final Step. It's Important To Note That All Of The Steps Up To This Point Should Be Completed On Both Headlights Before Moving Onto The Final Step As To Ensure One Headlight Is Not Disturbed While Curing Etc. You're Provided One Glove For The Final Step The Uv Treatment- Both Of Us Agree You'll Want 2 Gloves If Possible. This Uv Block Clear Coat Sets Really Quick And Feels Like Superglue Nail Polish As It Tacks To Your Skin- Be Sure To Avoid Contact With Your Fingers And Have A Damp Clean Rag On Hand To Wipe Up Any Drips That Might Get Into Your Car's Paint Surface. For This Final Step You Really Can't 'go Back' And Add A Second Layer Or Adjust It After The Fact. The Uv Coat Dries Rapidly So You'll Want To Try And Get As Much Of The Solution Onto The Provided Shammy As Possible So You Can Really Drench The Lens And Apply In As Minimal Strokes As Possible. Going Back And 'swiping' Through After Even 30 Seconds Can Leave Tacky Streaks And Impurities In The Final Coating. It's Also Important To Note You Will Not Want To Drive Your Car Or Touch The Headlights For A Minimum Of 4-6 Hours- The Surface Of My Headlights Was Still 'tacky' At Around 4 So I Suggest Going The Full 6. Throughout This Process You Really Don't Have A Proper Idea Of The Final Impact Until That Last Uv Treatment Reveal- It Truly Does Instantly Clarify. I'll Admit The Thought Of Sanding My Headlights To Make Them Clearer Was Initially Unnerving But It Really Makes A Lot Of Sense! There's No Arguing My Headlights Look Practically New To The Naked Eye And The Kit's Manufacturer Guarantees The New Uv Coating Will Last The Life Of My Car. Even Better I've Gained Over Double The Visibility At Night Which Was A Huge Safety Concern Before! I Would Definitely Do This Again On Other Vehicles And Recommend It To Friends And Family!

B. Dorothy, California

This stuff works like magic. I bought a used a6 avant with less than stellar headlights. Typical for a 14 year old car exposed to uv damage. I spent about 45 minutes start to finish on the headlight. Kits like these produce better results if you take your time. Everything you need comes in this kit except water and dry towels. I recommend using a general use spray bottle with water for rinsing and wet sanding duties. Drying duties should be done with clean cotton or better yet, microfiber towels. Do not use the supplied white and blue towels in the kit for drying purposes. The white towel is used for the polishing compound and the blue, for the uv protective clear coat sealant which is the final step. It's this step that brings the headlights to a crystal clear shine. Follow the instructions to the "t" and about 5 minutes of sanding with each grit and for the polish will net great results. For really screwed up lenses you may want to spend more time sanding. End results will be worth it. The entire job will go faster if you have a buddy help you knock out the other headlight if you work simultaneously. A 6 pack of beer usually does the trick. As for longevity, consumer reports compared multiple kits with this, this having the best initial results for clarity with no noticeable degradation over time. I'll post long term results if i can remember. So far, this headlight is "like new" in clarity.

X. Harrison, West Virginia says

Was planning on buying this thru online store, but had free time today so i bought it locally for more or less the same price. . Kit is great. Make sure to watch the video here as its extremely helpful. . This kit doubles as a headlight restoration kit and a forearm workout. . My 2013 honda fit headlights were looking pretty bad. To the point that it made the rest of the car look bad. Had some time to do the restore today. . Simple steps, clean headlight, use cleaning/surface activator, wet sand with the provided 400/1000/2000 grit sand paper, use polishing compound, use cleaner/surface activator again, then use the uv clear coat. . If you have amazing forearms and unlimited stamina. This could take you the claimed 30 minutes to do both. However, the headlights on this generation of honda fit are huge. 1 headlight is easily the size of (2) headlights of another subcompact/compact vehicle. . So, since i do not have unlimited forearm stamina. And using my left hand was worthless at making consistent small uniform circular motions. This process took me about 75 minutes. And that was with me checking the video at each step. . Make sure to have a stool or something otherwise this will triple as a calf/leg workout as well. Or you'll get a kink in your back if you're just hunched over. . Anyhow, here are the before and pictures from today. I will post back up if the restoration fails. Great outcome for $20.

R. Evelyn, Shropshire

Finally used this product and i really liked it. My headlights were past the point of repair, but using this product with all included sandpapers(i had to purchase more, because of the state of my headlights) and the other included products this was a blessing. I did cheat with a power buffer to get the final polish/clarity. My headlight was so rough that it was more coarse than the supplied sheets of sandpaper (felt like a 150 grit). You do have to put in the effort (elbow grease) if you want this to work, though. I've attached two pics of before & after.

T. Mahood, Queensland says

My headlights were getting pretty bad, and so i finally decided i needed to do something about it. I purchased this kit because it came with a protected clear coat, which seems like it would last longer than just the polish and wax that come in other kits. . The first step is to you should watch the instructional video on the osram website. This video gives you tips not included in the written instructions, such as using a spray bottle for rinsing and wetting the headlights. Then you tape off your lights with the provided electrical tape. I'm accident prone, so i also used masking tape to tape off a larger area. Next you spray on an "activator". I don't know how it works, but after 30 seconds the clear liquid had turned yellow, and when rinsed off all the yellow from my lenses was gone (although they were still cloudy). I started with the sanding steps. You use three grits of sandpaper and a polishing compound, and sand each lens for 5 minutes at each grit and with the compound. This step alone therefore took 40 minutes of rubbing, plus extra time rinsing and cleaning the lenses in between. The last grit and the polish both require firm pressure, and after 20 minutes of firm pressure my hands were pretty sore. Next, you completely clean and dry the lens, add the surface activator, and rinse and dry again. Finally, you use the included blue shop towel to apply the clear coat sealant and let it cure for 4 to 6 hours. . In all, the process took an hour and a half from start to finish, not the "less than 30 minutes" claimed on the box, and left me pretty sore. So why did i give it five stars? because it works. My headlights look almost as good as new (except for a couple spots where a leaf landed on the clear coat while it was drying), and they have a nice thick coat of protective clear coat. . The product has a lifetime guarantee, which means that they will send me another kit if my lenses cloud up again. If this happened, i would probably go out and buy one of the kits that use an electric drill to save wear and tear on my arms, but use the surface activator and clear coat from this kit to protect it. However, if i just had to use one kit, i would definitely choose this one again in the future.

A. Miller, Oldham

This is great stuff - everything needed in one box and in the right amount. . What you get:. 1 - one bottle of surface prep solution. This removes oxidation and surface oils & dirt. What is this? it is basically the same as "simple green" or "that purple stuff". Same idea, same function same result. This is a very important step but it is not really a secret sauce. . 2 - three sheets of wet/dry sand paper - 500, 1000, 2000 grit. Just the right size for the job, but the quality of the sand paper is not top shelf. Yes it gets the job done, no problem with that, but i already have much better product in my shop. . 3 - polishing compound. Again, this is nothing special but you do get a tube of compound which is just enough for the job. I already own several types of polishing compound and this is just as good as any of them. It is however slightly more course a grit compound than you would use on a painted finish. . 4 - two low lint cloths for applying the compound and drying it afterwords. . 5 - one bottle of uv protection & application cloth. . 6 - one reel of protective tape. This is actually just electrical tape and you get quite a bit of it. I only used about 1/4 of the reel and the rest goes into my shop drawer. . How to use:. Tape off the areas surrounding the headlight. You are going to use sand paper and do not want to scratch the paint - electrical tape is a good choice here because it is going to get soaking wet. . Spray the prep solution - this removes all of the road junk and oxidized layers. Go through all the sand paper going from coarse to fine grit, finish off with the compound. Re-clean with the solution, dry, remove tape and then apply the uv protection. They state "30 minutes" - took me more like 45. . Results:. Wow - this is great stuff. At the start of the process you will have your doubts right away. These doubts increase as the headlights start to look like frosted glass but hang in there. As you go through the finer grits and compound the lens clarity starts to return. The you add the final step of uv protection and it all comes back. The uv protection is quasi clear coat paint and it fills in all of the gaps created by the polishing. Once this stuff is on your headlights look like new. Really - like new. . So, where is the bonus? well when i was done with the entire application, everything was spent. The paper showed its wear, the surface prep solution was gone as was the compound. However, i still have 1/2 bottle of uv protection. To be honest, i already have paper, compound, tape & purple stuff in my garage so i can easily go through all the steps to prep the headlights on my own. I just need some of the uv protection to finish the job; which i now have. So you are faced with two scenarios. 1- use the kit and toss the leftovers, 2 - use the kit and save the uv and if you have some basic items you can go after car 2. . Nice!

W. Hurst, Louisiana says

When I Was In Las Vegas Back In October For The Sema Convention (car Stuff) I Saw A Demonstration Of A Product That Was Similar To This One. I Learned That The Key Was A New Uv Coating. I Decided To Buy This Sylvania Kit And Give It A Go Since It Was The Only One I Found That Included A New Uv Coating. First Of All Follow All Directions In The Box. Spray Activate Wipe Sand 5 Min Wipe Sand Another 5 Min Wipe Sand Another 5 Min Wipe Polishing Compound 5 Min Then Uv Coat. About 30 Minutes Per Headlight ("wax On Wax Off Mr. Miyagi"). This Process Will Literally Sand Everything Off And Make It Look Completely White During The Process The Kind Of Oops Moment That Makes You Think You Ruined It. Fear Not Follow The Steps Then Like Magic I Now Have Crystal Clear Headlights. Truly Amazing Product. Do Not Waste Time And Money On Any Product That Is A Polish Or Quick Fix. I Tried Many This Is The Only One That Worked. I Suggested This To My Friend He Gave It A Go On His Bmw. Same Result Amazing Clarity.

C. Dorothy, North Tyneside

Look At The Before & After Pictures On My Wife's 2005 Honda Odyssey. 3 Months Later They Still Look Just As Good! It Took A Total Of About 35 Minutes. Most Of That Time Was Reading And Re-reading The Directions Which I Highly Recommend As If You Get Out Of Sequence It Could Mess Things Up. I Priced Out Replacement Lenses At Over $200 Each.

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