Valterra A01-1117vp Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Regulator (a011117vp) 5713

Review for lead-free adjustable water

Price was $51.86. After three uses, it works great. A bit pricey but my mh will accept 55 psi and there are no non-adjustable valves out there that will give you that high a pressure. At least none that i could find. . After about six uses, the guage got stuck on zero. An email to valterra resulted in a replacement guage very quickly and that resolved the problem. . By the way, valterra does make a high-flow preset valve that's preset to 50-55 psi for about $14. 00.

-F. Walsh

Lead-free adjustable water “shields your system from unregulated water pressures, adjusts easily a flathead screwdriver for maximum water flow, easy to read gauge and includes inlet screened washer *settings -valterra a01-1117vp brass lead-free adjustable water regulator

  • Featured: Adjusts Easily With A Flathead Screwdriver For Maximum Water Flow.
  • Featured: Easy To Read Gauge.

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First. The bad: after just a half-dozen uses, the gauge on the unit stopped working. It would go no lower than 80 psi, even when disconnected. Others have reported a similar problem. . Now, the good: i reached out to valterra by email, received a response the same day and a replacement gauge within a few days- excellent customer service. And, this is a nice product. It enables me to protect my rv water system while maximizing the water pressure delivered to my faucets. Give it a try! The Best lead-free adjustable water as-of ( May 2019 ) | Valterra-Auto Accessory Review Featured Valterra A01-1117VP Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Regulator Shields your system from unregulated water pressures. Adjusts easily with a flathead screwdriver for maximum water flow. Easy to read gauge. Includes inlet screened washer .

Valterra A01-1117vp Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Regulator Review (a011117vp)

So, i'm a cheapskate and tried to save a dollar buying the $15. 99 (valterra a01-1120vp 40-50 psi lead free water regulator) but had to return; it reduced the pressure too much rendering it useless. Big bump in price (valterra a01-1117vp brass lead-free adjustable water regulator) but at least it's 'adjustable' and for that purpose it's worth the extra $45 -. . Plus cost of return, don't forget. . I'm please and it's doing the job of regulating the water pressure of my 5th wheel. If you take a close look at the photo you'll see that i added a few extras:. (1) short extension, extra hookup space, . (2) inline shut-off, and. (3) quick disconnect. . Hey, low's home had all three, minimal installation time and at a reasonable low price . . . The payoff. . No need for channel-lock pliers and no need to turn the water off and back on at the waterline hookup. I open the tank gate and let it empty, fill and flush. It's that simple . . . My recommendation: 'yes'. Buy the adjustable valterra first and save the cost of return; and, . I'm pleased with the quick disconnect and inline shutoff, they all work together. . (august 6, 2017) a year later the "valterra a01-1117vp" is still doing its' job and yes, but i just replaced it with, 'renator m11-0660r water pressure regulator' and i also lowered my review rating from five down to four. Why? water valve burst down below, no big deal but it seemed advisable to replace it. For sale in case you're interested . . . Maybe. . Bill b flushing . . -B. Rowe

Valterra A01 1117vp Lead Free Adjustable Regulator

  1. Class: Automotive
  2. Brand: Valterra
  3. Color: Brass
  4. EAN: 0700360042817
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:5.00 inches
    Length:4.00 inches
    Weight:1.00 pounds
    Width:1.00 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Valterra
  7. Part-Warranty: Parts
  8. Model: A01-1117VP
  9. MPN: A011117VP
  10. Total Items: 1
  11. Quantity: 1
  12. Part/Serial Number: A011117VP
  13. Type: Automotive Parts And Accessories
  14. Category: AUTO ACCESSORY
  15. UPC: 019079911179
  16. Warranty: 1 Year

lead-free adjustable water Automotive Parts And Accessories, "shields your system from unregulated water pressures, adjusts easily with a flathead screwdriver for maximum water flow, easy to read gauge and includes inlet screened washer *settings above 60 psi not recommended; check your rv manual" Valterra A01-1117vp Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Regulator (A01-1117VP-Valterra).

Valterra A01 1117vp Lead Free Adjustable Regulator Automotive Parts And Accessories

lead-free adjustable waterValterra A01-1117VP Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Regulator (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

This is the best adjustable water regulator you can buy. You will pay a little bit more for it, but you'll be happy with it. I tried the other one with the black knob on it from online store and had to return them.

Valterra A01-1117vp Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Regulator
Click to see NoticeValterra A01-1117vp Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Regulator (a011117vp)"I ve had this regulator for a couple years on my garden irrigation system. So far it s been easily adjustable and dependable, even considering our really terrible well water. Definitely reassuringly solid. Nice."

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Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector

Electrical management system (ems) helps to protect your rv against voltage fluctuations, power surges and incorrectly wired shore power which can cause severe and costly damage to rv appliances and electronics. Improved design features include: state-of-the-art microprocessors, all weather shield assembly, rugged pull handle, secure locking bracket, built-in scrolling digital display and a tough lean housing.

Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge ProtectorProgressive-Industries-Portable-Protector-EMS-PT30X

Brand :    progressive industries
Color :    Black
Model :    EMS-PT30X
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Sports :    Best Sporting Goods (progressive industries product review) for Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $229.95 (was $255.00)
  • Rugged pull handle, tough lexan housing, all weather shield assembly
  • Weather resistant/designed for outdoor use
  • Security locking bracket
  • Surge protection: 3-mode / 1, 790j / 44, 000a. ratings: 30a / 120v / 3, 600w. operating temperatures: -40c to +105c
  • Lifetime warranty (excludes all weather shield assembly).

Camco Screen Door Cross Bar Handle - Allows For Easier Exit And Protection RV Screen Doors Sturdy Secure Grip Black 42183

Installation was easy and it seems solid so far. Our travel trailer screen door didn't have any good place to grab when opening or closing it from the inside. The kids were grabbing the frame where the bottom of the screen attaches which was making the screen work it's way out. It comes with detailed instructions and paper templates to get everything lined up but i found it easier to just place it where i wanted and mark the holes. They tell you to make sure the rv is level and use a level to position the bar but i lined it up to the door frame instead to make sure it's parallel to the frame. Otherwise, i think it would drive me crazy if it ended up looking crooked in relation to the door frame.

Camco rv screen door cross bar allows for easier exit and protection of the rv screen door. It adds a sturdy feel to the door and saves repair to screens. This bar adjusts from 21-5/8" - 28-5/8". It is easy to install and includes hardware.

Camco Screen Door Cross Bar Handle - Allows For Easier Exit And Protection RV Screen Doors Sturdy Secure Grip Black 42183Camco-Screen-Door-Cross-Handle

Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar Black (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

Installed this afternoon - 15 minutes - battery drill w/ 1/8" bit, pencil, and phillips screwdriver. We needed this! it works! this crossbar gives you a handle for the rv screen door, and you can actually use this handle to control the door. The screen door without this crossbar is hard to grasp, somewhat frail, subject to screen fabric damage, and generally a pain to open and close. This crossbar provides easy control of the door while you are entering or leaving, and even if you are just reaching around from inside to close the door. It is sturdy, and i expect it to last the duration. This said: it is not a grab handle or a handicapped assist handle to pull yourself up in to the trailer. It is a great aid in opening and closing the screen door, and i agree with several other reviewers that one might expect the manufacturers to add this at assembly. -Notice from L. Bullock, Middlesbrough

Click to Show camco 42183 screen door cross bar black (auto accessory) Details

Great door bar. Solid, we'll built plastic ends and attractive aluminum bar. Easy to install, fits with the overall look and feel of my camper screen soor. Makes opening and closing the door much easier and with less concern for breaking the factory plastic parts which are expensive to replace. Good product. Screws that came with it are just ok, snapped off 1 head while installing it luckily i had spares lying around. . Update: after a bit of use it's holding up well. Love the function it adds. Will be sure to put one of these on every camper i have in the future. Added photos to show the install.

Camco-42183-screen-door-cross-bar-black-(auto-accessory) set picture

- G. GinaI literally just finished installing this bar. It took a total of 10 mins. All you need is a screwdriver, drill, and a 1/8 drill bit. Pick your location for the bar, drill a few pilot holes, insert the screws. Ba boom! all done. It looks and feels pretty good. Now when i've had a few too many beers at the campground, i won't put my hand through the screen when i exit my rig. I slapped this bad boy on a 1998 34 ft fleetwood bounder. . I'd say anyone can install this rail, just take your time and get it done. It comes with a template for drilling the holes, but you shouldn't need it.

I should have purchased this when we moved into the discovery. Or, i should say that fleetwood should have installed this bar on their screen door as original equipment. It's rigid, secure, and looks great. Most importantly, this bar makes it easy and efficient to close the screen door when entering the coach. A common design problem with rv's is the position of the door in relation to the steps as it s necessary to walk down a few steps when trying to operate the door latch. Having this bar on the door provides a target for your grip. This bar doesn't have any moving parts, but it provides a great and secure grip for one hand as the other hits the latch, when closing, the bar is even better. The latches typically are paddles that have to be either pulled or pushed to activate. With the handle mounted on the door, it's easy to close the door when entering the rig. The handle is a must. Wish i saw it earlier. . Here's a mounting tip which makes the bar even more secure than simply fastening it with its included 4 sheet metal screws. The included mounting instructions are easy to follow but here's a tip on making the bar a part of the door. Before mounting, clean each of the flat surfaces of both black mounting arms with 70% ethanol and install 3m automotive-grade double-stick tape (it's black) on each of the black ends. Poke a hole for each of the screws, and then mount the bar. The flexible tape has a strong adhesive and will prevent the bar from working its way loose in-use. I use this mounting procedure for everything i mount in the rv and it hasn't failed yet. My bar is still strong, rigid, and secure. The product is well made and fit and finish is top-shelf.

J. Wayt, Hawaii

Price :    $11.36
  • Provides a sturdy feel to your door.
  • Allows for easier exit and protection of the rv screen door
  • Bar adjusts from 21-5/8" - 28-5/8"
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Easy installation instructions and hardware included
Brand :    camco
Color :    Black
Size :    Standard
Weight :    0.70 pounds
Model :    42183
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco Screen Door Cross Bar Handle - Allows For Easier Exit And Protection RV Screen Doors Sturdy Secure Grip Black 42183 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco RhinoFLEX 20ft RV Sewer Hose Kit, Includes Swivel Fitting Translucent Elbow 4-In-1 Dump Station Fitting, Storage Caps Included, Frustration-Free Packaging 39742

This Is My Second Hose. The First One I Got Was Perfect And Very Sturdy. Something You Definitely Want When It Is Transporting All Sorts Of Not Pleasant Stuff From Your Rig To The Sewer. I Ended Up Including The Hose When I Sold My Trailer So Purchased Another When I Got My New Trailer. Unfortunately This One Had A Qc Issue. On The Side That Attaches To The Trailer There Is A Metal Hoop That I Think Supports The Hose To The Connector. This Hoop Had One End Sticking Up Instead Of Being Flush So Paper And Other Debris Would End Up Getting Caught On It. Wasn't A Big Deal In The End I Just Cut The Excess Off And Hadn't Had An Issue Since. But Obviously It Isn't Something That Should Have Been Overlooked At The Factory. So Before You Use The Hose. . . Any Hose. . . Check It Out And Give It Quick Look To Make Sure There Isn't Anything Wrong With It. It Beats Having To Stick Your Hand In The Hose After The Fact.

Camco's rhinoflex 20-foot rv sewer hose kit with rhinoflex hose and swivel fittings is a ready-to-use kit made with the toughest hose you can buy. The two hoses are made of sturdy polyolefin and are reinforced with steel wire. They are collapsible, and you only have to extend as much hose as you need. This kit features bayonet fittings with four prongs for a more secure fit. Included is a translucent elbow with an easily detachable 4-in-1 adapter for connecting to 3-inch slip or 3-inch, 3-1/2-inch and 4-inch npt threaded sewer connection. The fittings swivel and feature reusable locking rings so that fittings can be moved to a new rhinoflex hose if needed. The kit also includes a storage cap for each end. The hose and fittings compress for storage, and once the 4-in-1 adapter is removed you can store the hose in standard 4-inch square bumpers.

Camco RhinoFLEX 20ft RV Sewer Hose Kit, Includes Swivel Fitting Translucent Elbow 4-In-1 Dump Station Fitting, Storage Caps Included, Frustration-Free Packaging 39742Camco-RhinoFLEX-Translucent-Frustration-Free-39742

Camco 39742 Rhinoflex 20' Rv Sewer Hose Kit Swivel Fitting (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This Has Been A Great Product As We Found Camco Brand To Be One Of Our Favorite For Rv Use. The 15' Is Our Common Length To Use And Plan On Getting A Second To Attach To It To Extend If Needed. This Is Very Simple To Use And Attach And Needs No Directions. It Does Have Caps For Both Ends As Pictured So It Keeps Everything Clean. I Do Suggest Still Keeping This Hose In Something (we Use An Open Tupperware Bin) Just In Case You Do Get A Little Of The Nasty Stuff On The Outside. The One Thing That I Wish Was Different Would Be The 90 Degree Elbow Being A Little More Clear. It Seems The Visibility Would Be Fine For It But We Found It Still Too Opaque. Overall Still A Great Quality Product And We Will Be Purchasing More. -Notice from R. Mahood, Bremen

Click to Show camco 39742 rhinoflex 20' rv sewer hose kit swivel fitting (auto accessory) Details

Great Product. Extremely Well Made And Engineered Very Well For Its Intended Purpose. However Be Aware Hose Will Not Fit In A 4" Rv Bumper With Ends On. Only The Hose Itself Will Fit In Square Bumper Ends Must Be Removed Every Time In Order For The Hose To Fit! Disappointed That The Product Description Is A Little Misleading. Product Description States "removable 4-in-1 Adapter Allows You To Store The Hose In 4" Square Bumpers" (removable Is The Key Word Here) It Means What It Says Just Don't Miss That Minor Detail! Everytime You Store This Hose In Your Bumper You Will Need To Remove The Ends Of This Hose After Your Black And Grey Water Has Gone Through It. So You Might Want To Consider Where You Are Going To Store The Ends And Still Be Sanitary. All In All Though Product Does Perform Flawlessly!

Camco-39742-rhinoflex-20'-rv-sewer-hose-kit-swivel-fitting-(auto-accessory) set picture

- E. BroylesWorst Quality Fittings On A Sewer Hose We Have Ever Owned. Failed In Less Than 20 Days Of Use. Cannot Return To Online Store Because Past 30 Days Since Shipment. Stuck At An Rv Park With No Legal Way To Drain. I Researched The Internet In Detail Before I Purchased. (blogs Forums Facebook Etc) And Felt This Was Best For The Buck. I Was Wrong. Beware Of Fittings Problem Folks Are Having. Update Camco And Online Store Came Through. We Are Now Happy Customers. The Customer Service Of Both Companies Came Through To Keep A Customer Satisfied. Thank You For Your Integrity. And Camco Has Redesigned Their Fittings.

Used This For The First Time Last Weekend. I Was Literally Excited To Try It After Fussing With Crappy (pun Intended) Traditional Hoses For The Last 5 Years. After Reading The Reviews With Some People Complaining About Leaks I Pre-checked The Connectors And Lock Collars To Make Sure Everything Was Tight. I'm Happy To Report That No Leak Of Any Kind Was Experienced And I'm Pretty Sure That Anyone Who Has Had That Problem Could Resolve It By Confirming Tightness At The Connections. I Can Also Tell You That This Is Among The Greatest Purchases Of My Rving Life. I Always Wear Nitrile Gloves When Handling The Sewer Stuff And I Could Have Seriously Gotten Away Without Using Them At All This System. And Although The Hookup At My Last Trip Was Very Close And Ideally Elevated I'm Certain That The "positionable" Nature Of This Bendy-straw-like Hose Will Make For Simple Placement In Less Ideal Situations. The Connectors Operate Smoothly And Function Well And The Swivels Work As They Should Taking Some Of The Minor Frustration Out Of Getting The Hose Laid Out And Set Up. In Short I Can't Recommend This Product Emphatically Enough.

O. Emma, Lambeth

Price :    $33.00
  • Includes two 10' rhinoflex sewer hoses with pre-attached bayonet and lug fittings, translucent elbow with 4-n-1 adapter and four storage caps
  • 4-in-1 translucent elbow adapter fits 3" slip or 3", 3-1/2" and 4" threaded dump-station pipes
  • Fittings swivel for ease of use and are detachable
  • Rhinoflex sewer hose is made of 23 mils of durable polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire
  • Each 10' section compresses to 39"with fittings for storage and the removable 4-in-1 adapter allows you to store the hose in 4" square bumpers
Brand :    camco
Size :    20'
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    39742
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco RhinoFLEX 20ft RV Sewer Hose Kit, Includes Swivel Fitting Translucent Elbow 4-In-1 Dump Station Fitting, Storage Caps Included, Frustration-Free Packaging 39742 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 25ft RhinoFLEX Gray/Black Water Tank Clean Out Hose - Ideal For Flushing Black Water, Grey Water Tote Tanks 5/8 Inside Diameter Orange 22990

If you are flushing your black and grey water tanks or cleaning out a tote tank, then you have to use a separate hose so that you don t risk cross-contamination with a drinking water hose. The camco rhinoflex 25 grey water hose is made of durable pvc and is bright orange so that you don t mix it up with your drinking water hoses by accident. The ends are compatible with standard garden hose threads.

Camco 25ft RhinoFLEX Gray/Black Water Tank Clean Out Hose - Ideal For Flushing Black Water, Grey Water Tote Tanks 5/8 Inside Diameter Orange 22990Camco-RhinoFLEX-Black-Water-Clean

Brand :    camco
  • Made of durable pvc
  • Keep contaminants separate from your drinking water hose or garden hose
  • Ideal for flushing black water, grey water or tote tanks
  • Bright orange color helps prevent hose mix-ups
  • Compatible with standard garden hose threads
Price :    $10.98 (was $14.99)
Model :    22990
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 25ft RhinoFLEX Gray/Black Water Tank Clean Out Hose - Ideal For Flushing Black Water, Grey Water Tote Tanks 5/8 Inside Diameter Orange 22990 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 90 Degree Hose Elbow- Eliminates Stress Strain On RV Water Intake Hose Fittings, Solid Brass 22505

Like Another Reviewer I Found The Casting To Be Full Of Pinholes; It Leaked Profusely Through The Metal Body And Was Not Usable. To It's Credit Online Store Reacted Well To My Problem.

Prevent hose crimping and strain, and extend hose life. Camco rv 90 degree hose elbow eliminates unnecessary stress and strain on all rv water intake hose fittings. It s perfect for rvs or just around the house. Elbow is made of brass for years of trouble-free use.

Camco 90 Degree Hose Elbow- Eliminates Stress Strain On RV Water Intake Hose Fittings, Solid Brass 22505Camco-Degree-Eliminates-Fittings-22505

Camco 22505 90 Degree Hose Elbow - Lead Free (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

This Elbow Is Great. Really Takes The Strain Off Of A Hose Going Straight In. Also Works Great To Get At A Hose Fitting With Limited Space. Have Used 4 For Various Task And Going To Have To Buy More. Really Works Good For A Sprinkler On A Base Where Putting The Hose Straight In Is A Problem. -Notice from R. Ruff, Herefordshire

Click to Show camco 22505 90 degree hose elbow - lead free (auto accessory) Details

Being Cast Metal The Pipe Center Portion Has A Very Thick Wall. The Problem With That Is That The Hole For The Water To Pass Is Tiny No More Than 3/8" Diameter. Does Not Work Well In Any Application I Have.

Camco-22505-90-degree-hose-elbow---lead-free-(auto-accessory) set picture

- I. GuestI Purchased Two Of These Elbows To Fix A Problem With A Clothes Washer. Unlike The Similar Items Found At Ace Hardware And Lowes This Item Solved The Problem. The Problem Was That Pushing The Washer As Close To The Wall As Possible Put A Lot Pressure On The Hot And Cold Hoses Which Came Straight Out Of The Back Of The Machine Horizontal To The Ground. The Problem Was Made More Difficult As The Hot And Cold Intake Fitting Was Stacked The Hot Below The Cold. Other Elbows I Looked At Had A Nice Handy Large Female Fitting That Prevented Installing Both Elbows On The Hot And Cold Male Fittings. The Female Fitting Was Too Large And Because The Hot And Cold Were Stacked To Close Together I Was Unable To Install Both. This Fitting Because Of The Wing Design On The Female Side Allowed Me To Put Both On At A Slight Angle So The Hoses Could Be Connected Without The Kink That Was There Before. I Admit I Had To Work With The Wings So They Would Not Get In The Way Of Each Other As I Tighten Them But Once I Figured That Out Things Went Very Smoothly. While Initially I Had Been Looking For A Simple Fitting On The Female Side This Design Allowed Me Use The Wings To Get A Little More Leverage When Tightening Or Loosing The Connection. As An Additional Benefit Of These Item It Works With The Hot Water. Other Elbows Usually Had A Disclaimer The They Were Only Rated For Cold Water And External Use. So All In All I Have Been Very Pleased With This Item.

This Is A Great Idea But The One I Received Had Several Pinhole Leaks. Not Just Seepage But Small Jets Of Water From Bad Casting.

D. Anonymous, Kirklees

Price :    $4.75
  • Compliant with all federal and state level low lead laws. csa low lead content certified to nsf/ansi 372
  • Solid brass
  • Eliminate unnecessary stress and strain on all rv water intake hose fittings
  • Prevent hose crimping and strain
  • Easy-grip connector
Brand :    camco
Color :    Brass
Size :    90 Degree
Weight :    0.20 pounds
Model :    22505
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 90 Degree Hose Elbow- Eliminates Stress Strain On RV Water Intake Hose Fittings, Solid Brass 22505 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 42005 Awning Roller Ball Screen Door Slide

Open your door without the worry of damaging your awning. Camco's rv awning door roller mounts directly on your door to protect your awning from wear and tear. Innovative roller-ball design rotates 360 degree to follow the arch of the door. Includes screen door slider and mounting hardware.

Camco 42005 Awning Roller Ball Screen Door SlideCamco-42005-Awning-Roller-Screen

Brand :    camco
Weight :    0.32 pounds
Model :    42005
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Mounts directly to the rv door
  • Protect our rv's awning from rips and tears that can be caused by the sharp corners of your doors
  • Works with round or square doors
  • Includes screen door slider and mounting hardware
  • Innovative roller-ball design rotates 360 degree to follow the arch of the door
Price :    $3.65 (was $7.02)
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 42005 Awning Roller Ball Screen Door Slide available as-of ( May 2019 )

Camco 20ft Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support, Made From Sturdy Lightweight Plastic, Won't Creep Closed, Holds Hoses In Place - No Need For Straps 43051

Since purchasing our rv we have noted many people using sewer hose supports while at various parks. When i was in the market for a new hose decided to splurge and purchase a sewer hose support as well and i am very glad i did. . As anyone who rv's knows when you empty the tanks at the end of your vacation it isn't much fun having to lift the hose up to ensure that all the matter inside has drained out or worse yet thinking the hose is empty then moving it only to end up with shoes covered in nasties. This sewer hose support will see an end to those worries. . The support is made out of plastic and is very easy to set up and take down. After removing the orange holder i set it under the sewer connector on the rv and then gently pulled it out until it reached the park sewer connection. Once in place i then lifted the hose onto the support and ensured it was sitting securely, i could see at this time that my sewer hose was angled in a natural downward slopping manner towards the park sewer connection. . At the end of our vacation i opened the black tank and waited while it drained out, with the sewer hose support in place everything moved through the hose very quickly and without leaving anything stuck in the hose. Following i flushed out the grey tank and again was so very happy to stand and be able to see that everything was draining out and i didn't have to lift it to clear any obstructions. Once the tanks had been completed drained detached the hose and was so happy to not have any nasties dripping out the end. . The support folds up easily just by folding it into itself, i agree with other reviews the orange plastic holder caused me some problems when trying to secure it to the support. However when i arrived home i found that like the hose support the orange keeper is also has a tall end and short end, if you take the time to look at it and ensure that the short end is placed over the short end of the support you won't have any trouble using it to keep the support together when not in use. . Only taken this out on one trip so far but it really is worth the money i paid for it and i'm hoping it stands up to use over time, should it be necessary i will update my review.

Camco rv 20' sidewinder plastic sewer hose support is sturdy and lightweight. Plastic support with strong snap-fit hinges has deep cradles to hold sewer hose in place without straps. No staples to rust. Easily positions around obstacles and stays where you put it. Won t creep closed. Convenient handle makes storage even easier. The bottom of the sidewinder cradle is 7-1/4" high at its highest point and 4" high at its lowest point. Patented.

Camco 20ft Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support, Made From Sturdy Lightweight Plastic, Won't Creep Closed, Holds Hoses In Place - No Need For Straps 43051Camco-Sidewinder-Support-Lightweight-Plastic

Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

It did not have the orange plastic carrying handle, it actually had a black velcro type strap which is more convenient to store anyways. It is easy to set up. Can be adjusted as needed. I did not need 30 feet but the 20 foot would have been too short. The folding design is nice to adjust to your needs. Nice quality plastic, looks like it should last for years. My camper is in a spot where the sewer hook up has an odd set up. It is on the opposite side of the camper hookup. I was easily able to set up the sidewinder and run it under the camper axles to reach the opposite side. Highly recommended. I also purchased an additional 20' camco sewer hose and connectors to be able reach the hook up. Another camco item i purchased was the swivel sewer hose hook up. There are multiple size sewer threads which should fit most hook ups. A lot easier than trying to measure then purchasing the wrong size. The 90 degree hookup can be set in 4 positions to ensure when it is firmly threaded in the sewer pipe the hose will have a straight path and not kinked when hooked up. -Notice from A. Benton, Hounslow

Click to Show camco 43051 20' sidewinder plastic sewer hose support (auto accessory) Details

We've been using this for a few years and we're frequent travelers (60-70 nights a year) and normally only stay at a campground for a day or 2 before moving on, so it gets set up and taken down a lot. It's held up well so far, including being kicked/tripped over more than i'd like to admit. It can get difficult to use on runs over 11 or 12 feet, but up to those lengths it holds our flexi-hose very well, and makes dumping very easy. It does take some common sense to make it last - it can't be moved much with the hose on it (set it up, lay out the hose, remove the hose for final adjustments and then re-lay the hose), it cannot be twisted, and it cannot be used on extremely uneven ground (slopes are fine, but putting bricks or blocks under part of it are a no no). It's been out in the sun and snow, no problem. The holder is easy to put on/take off and keeps the unit handy and easy to store. We just used it for the last 6 days at 3 different locations and i decided to order another for the day this one dies in case they aren't available anymore, and figured i'd review it while i was here.

Camco-43051-20'-sidewinder-plastic-sewer-hose-support-(auto-accessory) set picture

- H. LewisSuper nice bridge for srwer line. love it!

At first i wasn't sure why i would need this, now i wont go camping without one. The gentle angle from the rv to the inlet is perfect for a steady flow. It reduces the stress at the rv connection then slopes at a moderate angle to the deposit inlet without leaving residue in the hose itself. The convenient carry handle also holds it all together. Very good all around. 4 stars because i felt the manufacturer could have done better on the hinges. Very good overall.

W. Medina, Herefordshire

Price :    $30.00
  • The ultimate protection and support for your sewer hose: the 20ft sidewinder rv sewer hose support by camco lifts and cradles your sewer hose while in connection from your rv to the dump station. it keeps your sewer hose off the ground and prevents potential damage or punctures to your rv or camper sewer hose by safely nesting it in heavy duty plastic
  • Increased sewer hose drainage -angled to help in drain sewer hose contents, it is 7. 25" at its highest point and 4" at its lowest. each cradle, slightly decreases in height, creating a gentle downward slope as your hose gets closer to the septic connection ensuring better drainage in comparison to a non-angled surface
  • Hassle free preparation and setup: conveniently ready to use straight of the box with no assembly required! comes complete with winding sidewinder rv sewer hose support, and orange custom fit storage handle that clasps on to your compressed sidewinder for simple toting and handling
  • Lightweight yet durable and sturdy frame: this all plastic design, creates a lightweight and weatherproof product made to last long. it is constructed with a rust and corrosion resistant plastic material that is durable enough to carry your hose over the roughest terrains
  • Designed for simplicity and reliability - designed with deep cradles and grooves that will secure your sewer hose in place without having to use frustrating straps. once sewer hose support is extended to desired length, will remain in place without creeping closed. flexible design allows this support to curve around and avoid obstacles with ease. easy to clean-just hose it off and let air dry! compatible with all standard 3" diameter sewer hoses
Brand :    camco
Size :    20 Feet
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    43051
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco product review) for Camco 20ft Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support, Made From Sturdy Lightweight Plastic, Won't Creep Closed, Holds Hoses In Place - No Need For Straps 43051 available as-of ( May 2019 )

Valterra T58 Twist-On Waste Valve

Valterra's twist-on waste valve twists directly onto your current waste valve, eliminating expensive service work. No more mess with an old valve problem.

Valterra T58 Twist-On Waste ValveValterra-T58-Twist-On-Waste-Valve

Brand :    valterra
Color :    Black
Size :    Quantity 1
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Twists onto your current waste valve
  • Eliminates expensive service work
  • No more mess with an old valve problem
Price :    $21.03 (was $22.24)
Model :    T58
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (valterra product review) for Valterra T58 Twist-On Waste Valve available as-of ( May 2019 )

Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit

Expensive But Worth Every Penny. Build Quality Is Readily Apparent From The Moment You Open The Package. Plenty Of Power To Fill Any Sized Tires Up To 150 Psi. I Used It To Air Up Out Rv Tires This Morning And Was Able To Reach And Fill All Six Tires With Ease. Plus It's Quiet!

400p-automatic rv is viair s first automatic shut-off function portable compressor. This 33% duty cycle unit is capable of pressures up to 150 psi and can be operated for up to 40 minutes at a time before needing to be rested. While the unit is intended for rv tires, it can be used for virtually any tire since it comes with more accessories for more varied inflating situations than any other portable compressor kit on the market today. Viair 400p automatic rv portable compressors are shipped complete with a primary hose & an extension hose with a quick-connect coupling, a gas station-style air gun, a pressure gauge, 45 & 90 tire chucks, an air filter element with replaceable air filtration media, a vibration-resistant sand tray, inflation tips and a deluxe carry bag for simple stowage and increased portability.

Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit40047-400P-RV-Automatic-Portable-Compressor

Viair 40047 400p-rv Automatic Portable Compressor Kit (Auto Part) FAQ.

Ordered Sunday Arrived On Tuesday Used It Today. Works Fantastic! Easily Got All Of My 5th Wheel Tires To 80 Psi. I Typically Run My F450 Tires At 90 Psi When Not Planning To Tow For Awhile (they Are E Rated / 110 Psi) And Decided To Add 10 Lbs Just To See How It Would Go. Got Up To 100 With No Problem At All And Much Quicker Than I Would Have Thought. I Don't Have Any Doubt That This Unit Is Up To The Task Of Handling High Pressure Rv Tires. Pump Is Heavy Duty In Design And All Of The Components Work Very Well. Not Cheap But There Is A Premium To Pay For Quality. Buy It. -Notice from G. Alexia, Franche-Comte

Click to Show viair 40047 400p-rv automatic portable compressor kit (auto part) Details

Great Device. Works Very Well And Is Simple To Set Up. Nice To Be Able To Inflate The Tires When They Are Cold And You Really Know The Tire Pressure. I Was Worried About How Long The Power Leads Were But It Was Not An Issue There Was Plenty Of Slack In The Cable. Same With The Air Connections They Easily Reach The Rear Duals. Would Be Nice If They Had An Accessory That Would Allow You To Use The Shore Power When You Are At Home.

Viair-40047-400p-rv-automatic-portable-compressor-kit-(auto-part) set picture

- X. AnonymousI'm Using This To Add Air To My Huge 16" Tires On My Rv. It Does The Job Well If A Bit Slow But Maybe I'm Impatient! Ha! Generally I Like It Since It Has Everything You Need And Easily Reaches Around To All The Tires And Does The Job I Need It To Do. I Love That It Comes With A Carry-case.

I Have A Motor Coach That Requires 120 Psi And Finding Air These Days Is A Job All By Itself. I Found This One And Read Reviews But Kept Hesitating Because Of The Price. This Air Compressor Is Bad To The Bone :-) From The Time You Unpack It And Every Time You Use It You Will No Longer Think It Is Over Priced. The Attachments Are Top Quality And The Carry Bag Is Actually Configured So It's Useful. If Your Looking At This Your Thinking About A Compressor. And I Can't Imagine There's A Better One Than This. Now I Did Save $50 Because I Wasn't In A Hurry So I Ordered With A 4 To 6 Week Expected Delivery. But It Arrived In 3 Days :-)

W. Julie, Rutland

Brand :    viair
Color :    Silver
Size :    10.87 x 5.83 x 7.48 inches
Weight :    18.89 pounds
Model :    40047
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Part (viair product review) for Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit available as-of ( May 2019 )
Price :    $263.90 (was $279.99)
  • 12 volt - 150psi max working pressure, engine must be running during use.
  • Powered direct to the car battery with alligator clamps, duty cycle: 33 percent 100 psi max. working pressure: 150 psi max. amp draw: 30 amps tire inflation gun with 130 psi inline gauge
  • 2. 3cfm free flow 0 psi, power cord: 8' air hose: 60' 12-volt
  • Comes with a tire inflation gun and gauge, build in pressure switch, air hose, rv accessories and a carrying case.
  • Great for adjusting tire pressure on rvs and trailers.

Camco TastePURE Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine Sediment in Drinking Water 40043

I Am Not Please With This Product. Water Flow Slows After About 3 Weeks Of Use. Moreover As The Water Flow Slows A Brownish/yellowish Color Comes Out Of Any Faucet For A Few Seconds. I Got This Four Pack About A Month And A Half Ago And I'm Already On The 3rd One. I Have Used The 40045 Filters And Never Had This Problem - No Water Discoloration No Slowing Water Flow And The Filter Lasted Much Longer Than 3 Weeks. I Can Think Of 3 Possible Causes:1. These Filters Are Tainted/defective2. The 40045 Filters Do Not Do Proper Filtering3. The Water Quality Is Incredibly Badi Am Going To Finish Using Up These Filters And Then Go Back To The 40045 Filters. I Guess That's What Happens Sometimes When You Buy Cheap.

Camco tastepure kdf rv water filter is a larger capacity rv water filter that lasts an entire season. Greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water with a 20 micron sediment filter. Durable in-line, exterior mount filter has a wider body to increase flow. It includes a flexible hose protector. Not designed for fish tanks or ponds. No testing has been done for this purpose. Made in the usa.

Camco TastePURE Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine Sediment in Drinking Water 40043Camco-TastePURE-Flexible-Protector-40043

Camco 40043 Tastepure Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector (Auto Accessory) FAQ.

The Connection Piece Provided Leaks Due To Poor Compression Fitting While Being Manufactured. We Ditched This After The First Few Tires Of Connecting And Used A Lead Free Elbow Connector We Purchased At One Of The Camping Supply Stores. We Live With A Water Softener At Our Home And Are Quite Familiar Water Filters And Filtration Systems - However Even After Initial Fill And A Few Rinses (about Three 5-10 Minute Runs Of Water Through The Filter) To Wash The Carbon Away We Still Had Flecks Of The Occasional Carbon Sediment And A Chalky White Residue Showing Up In The Water. Water Taste Was Mediocre At Best. Instead Of Purchasing A New Filter For Next Season I Will Probably Switch To A Different Style Of Water Filter For Better Quality. -Notice from L. Harrison, Tower Hamlets

Click to Show camco 40043 tastepure water filter flexible hose protector (auto accessory) Details

Works Remarkably Well. I Was Expecting It To Work Well Due To The Reviews. I'm Very Pleased. My Home Is Fed By A Well That Has Iron In The Water That Leaves The Orange Iron Stain On Things. My Inside Plumbing Is Filtered And Runs The A Water Softener. My External Water Taps Bypass This. You Wouldn't Want To Filter And Soften Water That You Put On Your Grass. To The Point I Camp At Race Tracks Where There Is No Water Hookups And Need To Fill My Tanks Before Leaving Town. I Used To Have To Stop At My In-laws Or A Friends To Fill 60 Gallons. Now With This I Can Fill At Home While Doing Other Things And The Water Is Clean And Actually Tastes Great Coming Out Of A Crappy Water Hose. Even Better When I Use It At A Camp Ground Hookup With Suspect Water Conditions. Well Done. . . Will Always Use!!!

Camco-40043-tastepure-water-filter-flexible-hose-protector-(auto-accessory) set picture

- D. MathisOn The Very First Use Within 5 Minutes The Filter Exploded At The Seam. All Of The Charcoal Filtering Substance Blew Onto The Ground And Water Was Spewing Everywhere. The Water Source Was At A State Park At Had Low Water Pressure. Of Course As Luck Would Have It I Was Outside Of The 30 Day Return/replace Policy With Online Store. (i Hadn't Used It Yet Because We Hadn't Been Camping During Late December And January. )i Have Used These Filters Before And Never Had An Issue. I Don't Know If The Filter Got Damaged During Shipping Or If It Was Simply Defective From The Factory. Either Way I'm Stuck With Eating The Cost Of This One.

I Was Ready To Give This Just One Star Since Every Attempt To Hook Up Resulted In A Pool Of Water Underneath From All The Leaks. However That Ended Up Being Caused By The Flexible Hose Protector Rather Than The Filter Itself. No Matter How I Tried To Hook Up With Multiple Washers Or Different Configurations The Connector Leaked Like Crazy On Both Ends. When I Tossed That And Connected The Filter Directly To The Hose Bib And My Hose To The Other End No Leaks Whatsoever. I'm Using The Filter Inline To An Auto-watering System For My Dog. The Filter Works Great And Eliminates The Chlorine And Bad Taste Of Our City Water. Dogs Are More Susceptible To All The Crap They Treat The Water With And Since Filtering Her Water Her Digestive Issues Have Gone Away. I'm Planning On Picking Up A Couple More To Filter Other Water Supplies As Well.

G. Imelda, Dudley

Brand :    camco
Color :    Multicolor
Size :    Filter & Hose Protector
Weight :    1.30 pounds
  • Built-in filter removes bacteria, carbon, and more- reduces chlorine, odor, contaminants, sediment, and particulates for better taste and healthier drinking water. 20 micron sediment filter greatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking water, perfect for use at campsites. extra filtration with the use of gac and kdf technology- uses a kdf fluid treatment for filtration. kinetic degradation fluxion (kdf) is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chemicals that give unpleasant odors or tastes to water such as hydrogen sulfide and chlorine. kdf also prevents the growth of fungus, bacteria and mold when the filter is not in use
  • Inline design and higher flow rate- water filter stays aligned with water hose during use and has a wide body for higher capacity and flow rate
  • Comes with flexible hose protector- flexible hose protector by camco eliminates water hose crimping and straining. allows water hose to bend at sharp angles and prevents straining your water hose
  • One filter per camping season - can last an entire camping season and has granular activated carbon to provide safe drinking water from any potable water source. made in the usa and is csa certified
  • Multiple uses- can be attached to any standard gardening or water hose to provide healthier drinking water and cleaner water overall. great for rvs, boats, campers, pets, gardening, washing cars and much more
Price :    $13.90
Model :    40043
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories product review) for Camco TastePURE Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector Greatly Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine Sediment in Drinking Water 40043 available as-of ( May 2019 )

valterra a01-1117vp brass lead-free adjustable water regulator Price : 51.86, was : 0 as 2018-11-10
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Valterra A01-1117vp Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Regulator (a011117vp) Reviewed by on

Top valterra a01-1117vp brass lead-free adjustable water regulator (a011117vp) Content

The F.A.Q. for valterra a01-1117vp brass lead-free adjustable water regulator

I have used this 8 different locations. I dial in about 30psi at the pump, and still have plenty of pressure in the trailer. The only issue i have is when attaching it to the water supply. The nut on the gauge doesn t spin freely. So, it s difficult to attach.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: The water pressure psi from where i live is about 120psi, can this regulator bring down the water pressure psi to the 45 80 psi range?

(1) Question: What is minimum pressure it can be set to? i am not as concerned about flow as some, best low to conserve water.

(2) Question: Is this made for a garden hose? i need a whole-house regulator for 3/4" pipe.

(3) Question: What size is the threads on the ends of the regulator? is it 3/4in

(4) Question: Is it american made

(5) Question: Will this create more pressure i. e. the source is below 40 and i want it to output 50?

(6) Question: I would like to use this regulator for poultry nipple drinkers, which take about 5. 5 psi max. will this work?

(7) Question: The needle on the psi gauge broke on my regulator. what can be done to replace the gauge?

(note) Question: where/how to get Valterra (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Valterra's products


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I want to know what the water pressure is when we hook up at an rv park and this does it. Most pressure regulators regulate to 40 or 50 psi, which is a bit too low for showers. This one is the only one i found that would go to 60psi and as an added advantage, you can adjust the pressure. It is made of metal and is pretty sturdy.

Automotive 18148651, Freshwater Systems 110913551, RV Parts & Accessories 1109108522Top Valterra A01-1117vp Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Regulator (a011117vp) FAQ Content

Best valterra a01-1117vp brass lead-free adjustable water regulator (a011117vp) in review

First of all, you must have a pressure reducer in your rv's fresh water line. The fixtures in all rv's are rated at a maximum pressure of 50 to 60 psi. Campground water pressure can be over 100psi. The surest way to burst a fitting or fixture is to let this high pressure water go into your city water inlet. This device is a cheap way to avoid that problem. . There are pressure regulators that sell for a lot less than this one. They are fixed pressure reducers, mostly 45psi. They can be problematic. Check your rv's specs. My fixtures are rated at 60psi, so with this unit i can accurately set the city water pressure to what i like. I normally have it at 50 to 55 psi. This pressure vastly improves showers and dish washing. The pressure meter gives you an instant view of the water pressure. So if there is a problem, you can easily rule out the city water first. . Some tips on using this device:. . 1. This should be the first thing connecting to the campsite's city water connector. I follow this with a water filter and then my supply hose. By putting this regulator first, you protect your filter and hose as well. . 2. If you want to adjust pressure, do it only with all water turned off inside the rv. Make sure that no water is running or filling anywhere. Once done, gradually move the adjusting screw a bit. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and look at the pressure. Once set, you can begin using water. When water is running, don't expect the reading to always be at the set pressure. . 3. Replace this unit after a year or two. All pressure reducers wear out. For safety, i replace mine every year. $50 isn't a bad investment in protecting my water system. . 4. Use a water filter! there are lots of inline filters available. Most screen out particles bigger than 30 microns or so. This is enough to protect your fixtures. These inline filters do not purify the water. They just remove sediment in the water line. We never drink campground water. We do carry a good quality purifying filter and bottled water. . 5. Avoid banging up the regulator. This unit is not indestructible. We keep it in a plastic container in our "garage" when we travel. . Summary. You will be surprised how much better a shower in the rv can be when you can control the city water pressure. This unit does the job at a good price.

E. Elizabeth, Bournemouth

You might like to see Dodge smoothback ultimate bedrail bushwacker ultimate bedrail caps have earned their name. they stand up to hard use, protecting your truck bed s top edge from dents, dings, and scratches. they re also great at covering -bushwacker 58513 dodge smoothback ultimate bedrail cap
  • Highlight: Made From Our Proprietary Dura-flex 2000 Tpo Material To Absorb Impact And Resist Warping.
  • Highlight: 100% Uv Protected To Prevent Chalking.
Modest Bushwacker 58513 Dodge Smoothback Ultimate Bedrail Cap (Auto Accessory) 58513 Bushwacker 58513 Dodge Smoothback Ultimate Bedrail Cap (Auto
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Lower Price Trimax Premium Aluminum Adjustable Receiver (Auto Accessory) Ss Sms 4010231 Trimax Premium Aluminum Adjustable Receiver

P. Diana, West Virginia says

In a casita i was having leaking problems around the hot water heater. This valterra a01-117vp mounted on the incoming water line and adjusted to 40 psi has relieved me of the necessity of replacing this hot water heater.

D. Suzanne, Auvergne

This is my second valterra regulator, previous one lasted almost a year. Well made and easy to install. As a full-time rver and having traveled extensively an adjustable water regulator produces much better 'inside the rv' water pressure, especially showers. Different campground have varying water pressures and being able to adjust more or less water pressure respectively is a very useful feature. Modern rvs can safely take higher water pressure allowed by fixed 45psi regulators. I keep mine at 50psi with no problems at all. I would have given this product 5-stars if it were not so expensive and my last one lasted longer than a year. Note: once you have set the desired water pressure - don't fiddle with it - the more you mess with the control screw shorter the lifespan.

X. Broyles, Thueringen says

This works so much better than the basic camco dumb regulators that cost about 10 dollars. My trailer definitely works better at a steady 50 psi.

K. Melissa, Plymouth

. I was having an issue with a cheap adapter that was said to lower the pressure but did not have any meter or dial. Here i can see the pressure and get what i feel safe with so my lines won't blow out. I opened this item and only tested it and adjusted it to the pressure i want in my rv. It seemed to work fine. Then i put it away. I expect to use it extensively my next trip and if it works better than i expected or worse, i will come back and amend my review then,

P. Mahood, Newham says

Easy to mount and even when i had it down to 45 or 50 my shower flow was not diminished. It is easy to use. Turn on the outside water before opening indoor valves, that will adjust flow if it is too strong entering the rv. Have a flat tip handy for adjusting psi and that's it.

Z. Newell, Gateshead

This product has worked very well for us. Quality construction, easily adjusted with screw driver. May be over kill but i like seeing what our pressure is. Once i installed it on our water hose i haven't had to mess with it.

N. Monique, Norfolk says

This is the one to buy. I bought less expensive ones and should have just bought this one in the first place.

T. Lewis, Warwickshire

Must have for any rv water hook up! being able to see the psi and make adjustments is critical to ensuring the water lines in the rv aren't overtaxed.

M. Theola, Isle of Wight says

We have only used it one time but it worked great. Our water pressure was good and that was what i wanted. I hate using a regulator and just have a small stream of water. This product took care of that no problem.

O. Hadley, Telford and Wrekin

I got this because i rv, and it is a must, due to the varied water pressures in the parks and elsewhere. But, after a couple of weeks of steady use hooked to one source, the gauge started reading weird. The source was 62psi (i had a seperate gauge on it). So one time it would be correct at 50psi, then an hour later it might be 62psi, like its not working. Then it would be ok for a couple days, then go bad again. . I sent the company (not online store) an email alerting them to this problem. They responded right away, and sent me another one, no charge. It is working fine. . So, great service, and good product. I wouldn't leave home without it. . Valterra a01-1117vp brass lead-free adjustable water regulator.

U. Moore, Oldham says

I use this if needed at campground sites. I first check the actual pressure with another gage and it the pressure is higher than about 45 or 50 psi i put this in the line to protect my trailer plumbing. Great insurance in high water pressure areas and you can actually tell what pressure it is producing.

W. Angela, Wisconsin

Ok here's the deal. If read all of these reviews you will notice starting in the spring of 2014 they started getting terrible reviews. I bought one anyway. The problem everyone is having is the 1/2" to 3/4" garden hose fitting is breaking. Based on mine, the machine shop that cut those fittings for them cut the teeth too deep and left minimal "meat", and when it was tightened into the housing it fractured. Mine did the same thing. However, 1 call and an email picture to valterra and i have a new one in the way no charge. They are aware of the flaw and their new ones have been milled correctly. If that's not fast enough for you, the part that broke is only $5 at ace hardware. I'm giving it 5 stars, because the regulator performs like it is supposed, and a piece of hardware that i can purchase locally failed. Not the end of the world. Thanks valterra for standing behind your product and great customer service!

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