Walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester (BIO-11530) 1123

Review for walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester

Price was $11.05. These worked excellent. I tried the orange ones that came with the porta potty and in on a 5 day trip it needed to be changed on the 3rd day and it stunk. It also stuck after i got it home after 1 1/2 days use. These ones however did not! only used one packet and it lasted for 3 1/2! days, and could have gone longer. These even broke the waste up better too. When i emptied it at home hardly had any smell at all. I have already ordered more.

-W. Margaret

Walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester Auto Accessory Bio 11530

  1. Details: No need for special toilet paper
  2. Details: Deodorizes and breaks down waste and paper

Walex-bio-11530-bio-pak-deodorizer-digester: Walex Auto Accessory Bio-pak Is An All Natural Enzyme Deodorizer And Waste Digester. A Scientific Breakthrough

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No Need For Special Toilet Paper. Deodorizes And Breaks Down Waste And Paper. Pre-packaged Portion Control - No Measuring Or Pouring. Non-staining Color. Septic Tank Safe Details Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester, (Pack of 10).

Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester, (Pack of 10) Overview (BIO-11530)

Walex Bio-11530 Bio-pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer Waste Digester, (pack Of 10)

  • Order : Automotive
  • Brand : Walex
  • EAN : 7262318297944
  • Manufacturer : Walex
  • Warranty : Parts
  • Model : BIO-11530
  • MPN : BIO-11530
  • Quantity : 1
  • Part Number : BIO-11530
  • Group : Automotive Parts And Accessories
  • Category : AUTO ACCESSORY
  • Size : Pack Of 10
  • Title : Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer And Waste Digester, (Pack Of 10)
  • UPC : 742693115301

Automotive Walex Bio-11530 Bio-pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer Waste Digester, (pack Of 10) Bio 11530 Cut-Price Automotive Parts And Accessories 742693115301 Walex, Walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester 7262318297944. bio-pak is an all natural enzyme deodorizer and waste digester. a scientific breakthrough developed by the walex r and d group bio-pak holding tank deodorizer offers unique combination of waste-breakdown performance and portion control convenience that no other natural-based sanitation product available today can match. bio-pak's advanced enzyme formula deodorizes and breaks down waste and is safe and beneficial for use in septic tanks. no need for special rv grade toilet paper with bio-pak. it will break down the toughest of toilet paper brands. Walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester Auto Accessory Bio 11530.

Walex Automotive Bio 11530: Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester, (Pack of 10)

Seems to do what they are supposed to do.

Click to see NoticeWalex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester (BIO-11530)"Perfect, as advertised and works excellent."

Walex-bio-11530-bio-pak-deodorizer-digesterWalex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester, (Pack of 10) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting

Camco's Rhinoflex 15 Foot Rv Sewer Hose Kit With Rhinoflex Hose And Swivel Fittings Is A Ready-to-use Kit Made With The Toughest Hose You Can Buy. The Sturdy Polyolefin Is Reinforced With Steel Wire For An Ultra-tough Hose. It Is Also Collapsible So You Only Have To Extend As Much Hose As You Need. This Kit Features A Bayonet Fitting With Four Prongs For A More Secure Fit. At The Dump-station End We've Added A Translucent Elbow With An Easily Detachable 4-in-1 Adapter For Connecting To 3-inch Slip Or 3-inch 3-1/2-inch And 4-inch Npt Threaded Sewer Connection. The Fittings Swivel And Feature Reusable Locking Rings So That Fittings Can Be Moved To A New Rhinoflex Hose If Needed. The Kit Also Includes A Storage Cap For Each End. The Hose And Fittings Compress To 56 Inches For Storage And Once The 4-in-1 Adapter Is Removed You Can Store The Hose In Standard 4-inch Square Bumpers.

Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel FittingCamco-39770-RhinoFLEX-Swivel-Fitting

Brand :    camco
Size :    15 feet
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    39770
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco) reviews for Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15' RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Kit compresses to 56" for storage and the removable 4-in-1 adapter allows you to store the hose in 4" square bumpers4-in-1 translucent elbow adapter fits 3" slip or 3", 3-1/2" and 4" threaded dump-station pipesFittings swivel for ease of use and are detachableRhinoFLEX sewer hose is made of 23 mils of durable polyolefin and reinforced with steel wireIncludes RhinoFLEX sewer hose, swivel bayonet adapter, 4-in-1 translucent elbow, two locking rings and two storage caps

Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer and Cleaner

Elemonate Was Developed By Walex's R And D Department Representing The Latest Technology In Quick Dissolving Tablets. Elemonate Utilizes The Same Ultimate Odor Prevention Formula Found In Porta-pak Black Holding Tank Deodorizer Along With Special Enzymes Designed To Dissolve Grease And Organic Sludge Build-up In The Drain Lines Of The Sink And Grey Tank.

Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer and CleanerWalex-TOI-61776-Elemonate-Deodorizer-Cleaner

Brand :    walex
Size :    Quantity 1
Weight :    0.50 pounds
Model :    TOI-61776
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (walex) reviews for Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer and Cleaner available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Freshens sink and drain linesDissolves grease and organic sludge from drain lines and grey tankRapid dissolve tabletDeodorizes grey tankBio-degradable

Camco 39847 RhinoFLEX Clear 45 Degree RV Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting

Camco's Rv Rhinoflex 45 Degree Clear Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting Has A Swivel Lug And Bayonet Fitting For A Secure Connection To Your Rvs Waste Valve Fitting. Clear Fitting Allows You To See When Holding Tank Is Empty. It Is Made With Uv Stabilized Resin For Long Life. Bayonet Fitting Has Built-in Gasket For An Odor Tight Connection.

Camco 39847 RhinoFLEX Clear 45 Degree RV Sewer Hose Swivel FittingCamco-39847-RhinoFLEX-Degree-Fitting

Camco 39847 Rhinoflex Clear 45 Degree Rv Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting (Auto Accessory) Review

Wish I Could Give Less Than One Star!i Bought 2 Of The Camco 39847 Rhinoflex Clear 45 Degree Rv Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting. On Their First Use I Had A Nasty Disaster As Both Devices Would Not Seal. I Wouldn't Be Upset If The Fitting Was Holding Clean Water But These Both Leak So Badly I Had Sewage Over A Large Area Of Ground Before I Got The Flow Stopped. While The Seals Looked Ok Visually They Were Not Thick Enough To Keep Liquids From Passing By Them. This Product Has No Option But To Work Properly!sadly The Camco 39847 Can't Be Used As It Was Designed.

Review from X. Guest, Iowa

Review from S. Alexia, West Virginia

After Purchasing My Camper This Year And Learning The Ropes A Little I Wish I Purchased This While We Were Actively Camping To Have A Better Idea What My Black Tank Looks Like. Saw Some Good Videos On Youtube When Researching How To Properly Winterize And Immediately Came Over To Online Store (my Forever Go To Source For Almost Everything) And Found This Clear Elbow. Definitely Gives You An Idea On What's Going On In There. If You Can't Stomach What's Inside Your Tank Then You Should Probably Just Use Your Campground Facilities. For The Rest Of Us This Is A Great Product. No Leaking Whatsoever And I Just Leave It Hooked Up With The Sewer Hose Cap On The End Of It For Clean Storage.

Image of Camco-39847-rhinoflex-clear-45-degree-rv-sewer-hose-swivel-fitting-(auto-accessory)

We Have Had Some Trouble With Our Tank Not Emptying And Decided To Spend The Few Bucks On This. . . So Worth It! It Is Gross To Watch The Black Tank Empty But It Has Seriously Helped Us See When The Tank Needs To Be Filled With Water And Dumped Again Until The Water Comes Out Clean And Our Sensors Read 1/4 (before We Started Using This New "system" Of Watching The Black Water - It Always Reads 3/4 Full). It Also Lets You Clearly See When You Have Finished Dumping (instead Of Listening For It) Which Is Really Convenient And Easy. We Also Starting Adding A Capful Of Laundry Detergent Before Dumping Or In The Clean Rinse Fill And That Seems To Be Helping Tremendously. One Tip: Might Seem Very Simple But We Didn't Notice The Gasket Had Come Off In The Box And It Would Not Properly Seal And Leak All Over The First Time We Used It. I Suspected The Gasket And Rummaged Through The Box To Find It Put It On And Poof! No More Leaks!

Disappointed I Liked The Look And Versatility Of This Product Its Construction Looked To Be Of Quality And Good Craftsmanship The Ability Of Seeing The Tanks Actually Drain And Know When They Were Empty Or Running Clear Was A Plus It Actually Helped Me Diagnoce That I Had A Small Leak In My Gray Water 2-tank Valve Because I Could See The Water Thru The Clear Plastic. After Two Weeks Of Dry Camping In The Mountains I Went To Dump My Tanks And Attached My Brand New Sewer Hose And Fitting That Had Come With My Brand New 5th Wheel And Luckily I Decided To Drain Gray Tank 2 First! Water Leaked All Over The Place Between The Fittings And I Had To Push The Fitting From The Hose Onto The Rhino 45 Flex To Keep It From Leaking All Over The Place I Noticed At That Point The Clips And Pins Had A Space Between Them Didn't Have Time To Research It And See If Some Of The Pins Are Spaced Differently Than Others That Would Allow The Fittings To Seal Tighter And Not Leak But Will This Weekend I Had Actually Contimplated On Spending More $$$$ To Get The Whole System Hoses Fittings Flex Fitting Splice But Now With The Leak I Had And The Fact That My Cheep Rv Sewer Hose And Fitting Didn't Leak (after Removing The Rhino Flex Fitting) I Am Second Guessing That Future Purchase

Q. Theresa, Dorset

Brand :    camco
Color :    Clear
Weight :    5.00 pounds
Model :    39847
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco) reviews for Camco 39847 RhinoFLEX Clear 45 Degree RV Sewer Hose Swivel Fitting available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
45 degree swivel fittingUV stabilized resin for long lifeConnect sewer hose to your RV's waste valve fittingClear fitting to see if holding tank is emptySwivel lug and bayonet fitting for secure connection

Camco 22783 TastePURE Drinking Water Hose (5/8"ID x 25') - Lead Free

Camco's Tastepure 25' X 5/8"id Drinking Water Hoses Are Reinforced For Maximum Kink Resistance. Especially Useful When Hooked With A Y-valve To Your Main Faucet. Made With Nsf Certified Hose; Drinking Water Safe. Hose Is Made Of Pvc And Is Bpa Free. Csa Low Lead Content Certified. Complies With Californias Ab1953 And Vermont Act 193 Low Lead Laws.

Camco 22783 TastePURE Drinking Water Hose (5/8"ID x 25') - Lead FreeCamco-22783-TastePURE-Drinking-Water

Camco 22783 Tastepure Drinking Water Hose (5/8"id X 25') - Lead Free (Auto Accessory) Review

Definitely Better Than A Water Hose. Does Not Have The Plastic/rubber Taste. Nevertheless I Don't Like Drinking Water From It Especially If It Is In The Sun. Also I Don't Like Drinking Campground Water Or For That Matter Water From Any Unknown Source. So Easy To Carry Bottled Water Or Water From Home And Use Unknown Water For Bathing Washing Dishes And Such. We Stayed In A Campground In Fl For Two Or Three Months And The Campground Was Meticulous With Their Water And Cholorine Levels. Also Water Was From Deep Well. When I Disconnected My Water Hose (one Of These) I Noticed What Looked Like Green Moss Inside The Hose. I Drained The Hose Well And After We Got Home I Checked It And The Moss Had Dried Up And Smelled Like A Dead Sea Creature. Threw That Hose In The Trash. Now I Don't Drink Campground Water.

Review from V. Heidi, Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur

Review from X. Donna, Enfield

I Just Opened This Up And Used It For The First Time Last Night On Our Brand New 2016 Jayco Along With A Water Pressure Regulator As Required For Rvs. It Leaks! It Is Not Leaking Where The Hoses Connect But Where 2 Metal Pieces Are Connected On The Male End. I Did Not Have The Water On For 5 Seconds Before I Noticed This. After Looking At This Product Again I Realized It Does Not Look Like The Picture To Begin With. If It Was Made Like The Picture Shows I Think It Would Probably Have Been Fine But There Is A Different Cheap End At The Male End.

Image of Camco-22783-tastepure-drinking-water-hose-(5/8"id-x-25')---lead-free-(auto-accessory)

Don't Expect Much Out Of This Product. Extremely Cheap Stiff Material. This Hose Is Really Cheap Thin And Very Stiff. If You Need A Hose That Will Actually Stretch Out Or Is Easy To Work With Do Not Buy This Hose. The Hose Arrived Flat And Egg Shaped And Will Not Round Out So Water Pressure Is Diminished. The Hose Is Very Stiff And Rigid Which Makes Handling This Hose Difficult. It Will Not Relax So You Are Constantly Fighting The Twists And It's Insistence To Coil. Because Of That If You Ordered A Hose Of A Specific Length It Will Really Only Reach 3/4 Of The Actual Length. The Hard Non-pliable Nature Does Not Allow It To Stretch Out Even In The Heat So Having It Lay Flat Is Not Going To Happen. If You Happen To Kink This Hose It Will Be Permanent. You Will Not Be Able To Un-kink Or Remove The Bend In The Hose. If You Try To Get Rid Of The Kink By Repairing (cut Out The Kink And Use A Hose Repair Kit) The Hose Material Is So Thin It Will Split When Trying To Insert A Normal Hose Repair Kit. The Nature Of The Material And Thickness Will Not Allow Any Adapters To Be Inserted Without Splitting. There Are Other Hoses Out There That Will Last Longer And Not Be A Huge Aggravation. If You Want To Constantly Fight With An Unruly Hose Love The Hunt For A Water-flow-stopping Kink Only Need 75% Of The Length That You Expected Or Need An Excuse To Start Cocktail Hour Early . This Is The Hose For You. My Humble Opinion Spend The Extra $5 And Buy A Better Product!

This Is Good For An Inexpensive Drinking Hose For Very Light Use. The Faucet Connector Is Plastic Not Metal. I Thought I'd Save A Few Bucks Over A Competitor's Hose Thinking I'd Get A Good No-kink Design For Less. Yes It's No Kink. Yes It's Less. But If You Want Something That Will Last Season After Season Get One Of The Apex Brand Hoses neverkink 8612-50 5/8-inch-by-50-foot Boat And Camper Hose for A Few More Dollars. The Connectors Are Metal With Plastic Covers. I Have Several Of Them And They're Great Even After A Few Year's Use.

T. Cunningham, Alabama

Brand :    camco
Size :    25 Feet
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    22783
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco) reviews for Camco 22783 TastePURE Drinking Water Hose (5/8"ID x 25') - Lead Free available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Made with NSF certified hose; drinking water safeHose is made of PVC and is BPA free25' long x 5/8"IDReinforced for maximum kink resistanceCompliant with all federal and state level low lead laws. CSA Low Lead Content Certified to NSF/ANSI 372

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

Camco Tastepure Rv Water Filter With Flexible Hose Protector Reduces Bad Taste Odor Chlorine And Sediment In Drinking Water With A 20 Micron Sediments Filter. Durable In-line Exterior Mount Filter Has A Wider Body To Increase Flow. Includes Flexible Hose Protector To Minimize Kinking That Could Impede Water Flow. Not Designed For Fish Tanks Or Ponds. No Testing Has Been Done For This Purpose.

Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose ProtectorCamco-40043-TastePURE-Flexible-Protector

Camco 40043 Tastepure Water Filter Flexible Hose Protector (Auto Accessory) Review

I Use These In Our Mining Camp To Filter The Water To Our Trailer And The Bunkhouse. Water There Is Bad A Bucket Filled With It Is Visibly Cloudy. It Also Stinks Of Sulfur And Tastes Nasty. We Get Grit Out Of The Well That Would Plug The Toilet Valves And Washing Machine Screens Over Time. It Would Stain Dishes/sinks And Slowly Turn Our Clothes An Orange Color. This Clearly Is A Situation Way Beyond What These Filters Were Ever Built For. On The Trailer I Use A Pair Of Them Back To Back (one Screwed Into Another) Since That Water Is Primarily For Drinking. I Found That One Filter Alone Was Not Enough To Remove All Of The Smell And Taste Though The Water Was Clear. Not Much Volume Through These Two And While I Do Back Flush Them At The End Of The Mining Season Only The First Filter Ever Pukes Out Brown. In The Bunkhouse I Pass The Waterline Through A Y And Run A Pair Of These Side By Side. Bunkhouse Water Is Used For Showers And Washing So I Care Less About Taste. The Bunkhouse Also Uses A Much Higher Volume And Despite Passing The Flow Through A Pair Of The Filters They Will Slowly Plug Up. When It Starts To Get Bad I Hook Them Up Backwards And Blast Water Through While Whacking Them With Something. It Looks Like Tang Coming Out. Dead Serious Like Tang. When It Is Mostly Clear I Flip Them Around Run A Little Water And Hook It Back Up. So For What It Is Worth We Are Asking These Filters To Do So Very Much More Than They Were Intended But They Handle It. I Have No Idea How Long They Will Survive Back Flushing Them Like I Do But So Far No Issues. I Have Had What Others Talk Of Happen Where The Filter Will Just Ramp Down Until Flowing A Trickle Despite Being Rather New. I Assumed It Was From The Abuse We Gave It Sounds Like That Might Not Be The Case. Regardless If You Cut The Water Pressure Smack The Housing A Few Times And Hook It Back Up It Works Fine Again. At Worst You Have To Back Flow Them To Get It Back But They Have Always Come Back For Me. Hope This Helps Someone Decide.

Review from H. Wanda, Greenwich

Review from E. Lawrence, Picardie

These Are Indispensable For Us Living Full Time In Our Rv. Every New Town Has Different Water. Some Are So Heavy In Minerals And Taste Terrible. This Gives Us A More Consistent Tasting Water. Additionally Filtering Out The Minerals Helps To Prevent Build Up Of Lime On The Fixtures And Shower. I Highly Recommend The 2 Pack So One Is Always Available. They Do Last A Long Time Even With Daily Use. When The Water Flow Starts To Slow Down We Change The Filter And Prepare To Order More. When We Lived In An Area With Softer Water One Lasted Almost 6 Months. Now Living In An Area With Hard Water One Lasts About 3 Months. Compared To Buying Drinking Water. This Is A Great Deal. I Would Not Travel Without Them.

Image of Camco-40043-tastepure-water-filter-flexible-hose-protector-(auto-accessory)

Pretty All Right. If You're Pumping From A Spring Make Sure The Water Isn't "chunky" + Doesn't Have Bits Of Algae + Whatnot Floating Around Because It Will Clog This. My One Complaint Is That I Set Up A Tub For The Spring To Pour Into + The Water Came Out So Clear + I Pumped It With My Gas Powered Pump + Used This Filter But The Water Still Tasted Kinda Nasty + Had Tiny Little Things Floating Around In It (i Have Insanely Good Vision 20/13 + My Friend (who Has Glasses) Couldn't See What I Was Talking About But Still Nasty!)i Didn't Get Sick But It's Not Something I Would Use Alone In Questionable Water. Next Time I'll Probably Use 2 Of These Instead Of Just The One

On The Very First Use Within 5 Minutes The Filter Exploded At The Seam. All Of The Charcoal Filtering Substance Blew Onto The Ground And Water Was Spewing Everywhere. The Water Source Was At A State Park At Had Low Water Pressure. Of Course As Luck Would Have It I Was Outside Of The 30 Day Return/replace Policy With Online Store. (i Hadn't Used It Yet Because We Hadn't Been Camping During Late December And January. )i Have Used These Filters Before And Never Had An Issue. I Don't Know If The Filter Got Damaged During Shipping Or If It Was Simply Defective From The Factory. Either Way I'm Stuck With Eating The Cost Of This One.

D. Mathis, Rheinland-Pfalz

Brand :    camco
Color :    Multi
Weight :    1.30 pounds
Model :    40043
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco) reviews for Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
20 micron sediment filterCSA low lead content certified and complies with California's AB1953 and Vermont Act 193 Low Lead LawsGreatly reduces bad taste, odors, chlorine and sediment in drinking waterHigh-flow carbon filter with KDF to help prevent bacteria growthLarger capacity in-line RV water filter lasts an entire season

Walex TOI-91799 Deodorizer

Porta-pak Is Currently Used In Millions Of Commercial Applications Every Year Porta-pak Has Made A Huge Impact In The Rv And Marine Markets. No Other Product Available Offers The Combination Of Deodorizing Performance In An Easy To Use Drop-in - Making Liquid Holding Tank Products Obsolete.

Walex TOI-91799 DeodorizerWalex-TOI-91799-Deodorizer

Walex Toi-91799 Deodorizer (Auto Accessory) Review

Don't Know Why But These Make Our Black Water Tank Smell Worse. We Thoroughly Clean The Black And Grey Tanks Regularly And They Weren't Smelling Bad Without This Stuff. We Just Thought These Might Be Even Better. I Guess It's Doing Something Worthwhile Down There But I've Tried It And Won't Be Reordering.

Review from D. Cindy, Swindon

Review from X. Lewis, Lincolnshire

This Is The Only Product We Have Used That Truly Does Reduce Odor And Breaks Up Solids For Easy Dumping. We Have A 60 Gallon Black Tank And Add Two Packets With 5 Gallons Of Water. We Have Never Had Any Problem Emptying The Tank Or Clogging The Valve.

Image of Walex-toi-91799-deodorizer-(auto-accessory)

These Are Great! Used In A Sealed Valve Camp-style Toilet With A Family Of 6 And No Smell Over The 3 Days It Took For The Tank To Be Full And Need Emptying. Also No Gross Deodorant Porta-potty Smell. Just . Nothing. I Love It.

Doesn't Smell Bad Or Have Toilet Smell Which Is Great Work How They Should A Better Scent Would Be Awesome Though

J. Lynette, Brighton and Hove

Brand :    walex
Size :    Pack of 10
Weight :    0.82 pounds
Model :    TOI-91799
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for Walex TOI-91799 Deodorizer available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Breaks down waste and paperJust drop it inNumber 1 portion contol deodorizer in the worldPre-packaged portion control- no spillsUnbeatable odor preventionFormaldehyde-free

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls, Pack of 12

Scott Rapid-dissolving Toilet Paper Is Specially Made For Use In Rvs Boats Buses And Similar Applications. Our Rapid Dissolving Bath Tissue Breaks Up Four Times Faster Than The Leading Brand. Scott Rapid-dissolving Toilet Paper Is Clog Clinic Tested And Approved. Plus It's Soft Absorbent And Gentle On Skin. When You're Ready To Hit The Road Take The Tp You Can Trust To Help Protect Your Plumbing Scott Rapid-dissolving Bath Tissue.

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls, Pack of 12Scott-Rapid-Dissolving-Tissue-Toilet-Paper

Scott Rapid-dissolving Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls, Pack Of 12 (36409) Review

Great For Septic Or Cavitette Systems Stays Together When It's Doing Its Job But Breaks Up Easily Once In The Toilet

Review from B. Rhonda, Bolton

Review from I. Weber, Tameside

Why Am I Writing A Review For Toilet Paper Because I've Been Using Prison Toilet Paper (thetford 20804 Single Ply) Since I First Got My Tiny Home. It's A Sad Situation When You Stop In A Mcdonald's Or A Gas Station Or Public Restroom And Think "now That's Nice Toilet Paper!" Something Had To Change! I Ordered A Case Of The Scott's Rapid Dissolve For Rv/boat And It's Terrific. It's Cottony Rippled Surface Is Perfect. It Doesn't Look Like It Was Recycled For Old Issues Of The New York Times. It's Safe For Septic Rv Tiny House Composting And Boats. And I No Longer Feel Like A Prisoner. Yup This Is Just The Sort Of Luxury Upgrade My Tiny House Needed For The Little Porcelain Room And Holding Tank. No Worries It Dissolves In The Holding Tank Just As Well As The Standard Thetford But It Is So Much Nicer To Use And It Is Actually Better Priced At Online Store. Life's Little Pleasures. Aahhhh!

Image of Scott-rapid-dissolving-bath-tissue,-toilet-paper,-4-rolls,-pack-of-12-(36409)

Best Rv/boat Friendly Bath Tissue Bar None. Really Listen You Your Wives And Girlfriends. We Know About This Shi . Well We Know About Bath Products. Shut Up And Buy This. Do Not Argue You Will Lose. Heck Put Some In Her Stocking Under The Tree For An Anniversary Present. Screw Diamonds Nothing Says I Love You Like Quality Tp. In Fact Wrap This Present With All The Care And Delicacy Of A Newborn. I'd Even Go To The Fabric Store And Get Some Lush Velvet Ribbon For The Package And I Bet The Nice Old Lady Behind The Counter Will Pre Tie In A Bow For You Because When She Hears You Are Buying Tp For Your Wife She Will Want To Add To That Special Day. I'll Even Give You Guys The Speech: "honey I Got This For You In Fact I Got You A Whole Case Of It. Why Because Your Health Is That Important To Me. I Know Cleanliness For Ladies Is Important And If I Can Help Prevent A Urinary Infection That Could Possible Spread To A Kidney Infection And Prevent You That Pain I Will Do Whatever It Takes. Your Comfort Safety And Joy Are My Top Priorities. I Want You To Feel All Those Things When You Wipe. I Love You" Enjoy The Wild Lovemaking That Follows. You're Welcome.

Hard To Review Toilet Tissue. Definitely The Softest Yet Strongest Rv Safe Tissue We've Tried. We Travel A Lot In Our Camper And This Is A Necessity. I Will Reorder This When Needed Again.

N. Alba, Illinois

Brand :    scott
Color :    White
Weight :    0.88 pounds
Model :    No Model
Quantity :    12
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Health And Beauty :    Best Health Personal Care (scott) reviews for Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls, Pack of 12 available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Soft, absorbent sheets are gentle on skinBreaks up four times faster than the average bath tissueSpecially made for use in RVs, boats, buses and similar applicationsSewer- and septic-safe 1-ply bath tissueFSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified from responsible sources

Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue, 2-Ply, 4 Rolls

The "must Use" Toilet Tissue From The 1 Company In Mobile Sanitation. Specifically Designed To Rapidly Dissolve And Prevent Clogging In Holding Tanks. Thetford Is A Name You Can Trust And A Company You Can Count On A World Market Leader In Carefree Camping For More Than 40 Years.

Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue, 2-Ply, 4 RollsThetford-03300-Aqua-Soft-Toilet-Tissue

Thetford 03300 Aqua-soft Toilet Tissue, 2-ply, 4 Rolls (Auto Accessory) Review

Nice To Have Found A Readily-biodegradable Toilet Tissue That Doesn't Dissolve Before You've Flushed It. 2-ply And Soft. Word Word

Review from A. Mays, Pennsylvania

Review from V. Claudia, Indiana

What Can You Say About Camper Toilet Paper ! The Rolls Could Be Bigger; Rather Small. Other Than That; They Work As They Are Supposed To!

Image of Thetford-03300-aqua-soft-toilet-tissue,-2-ply,-4-rolls-(auto-accessory)

This Works For The Rv Toilet At The Expense Of Comfort. Can't Have Both Comfort And Rv Safe Toilet Paper So I Give It 5 Stars.

Seems To Be Working With Our Garage Toilet. It Has A Pump That Send It To The Septic. With Regular Paper It Stops Up. This Seems To Be Preventing That.

B. Nees, Sutton

Brand :    thetford
Size :    Quantity 1
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    3300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (thetford) reviews for Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue, 2-Ply, 4 Rolls available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Specially-made for RV and marine sanitation systems- flushes easily, dissolves rapidlyHelps prevent messy clogsLuxurious 2-ply tissueTissue rapidly dissolves to prevent clogging in holding tanksSoft, snowy white and highly absorbentSpecially-made for RV and marine sanitation systems - the "Must Use" toilet tissue from the #1 company in mobile sanitation

Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support

Camco Rv 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support Is Sturdy And Lightweight. Plastic Support With Strong Snap-fit Hinges Has Deep Cradles To Hold Sewer Hose In Place Without Straps. No Staples To Rust. Easily Positions Around Obstacles And Stays Where You Put It. Wont Creep Closed. Convenient Handle Makes Storage Even Easier. The Bottom Of The Sidewinder Cradle Is 7-1/4" High At Its Highest Point And 4" High At Its Lowest Point. Patented.

Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose SupportCamco-43051-Sidewinder-Plastic-Support


Camco-43051-20'-sidewinder-plastic-sewer-hose-support-(auto-accessory)Image of Camco-43051-20'-sidewinder-plastic-sewer-hose-support-(auto-accessory)Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support Auto Accessory 43051
  • Product: Sturdy, lightweight plastic that won't creep closed
  • Product: Easily positions around obstacles and stays in place
camco 43051 20' sidewinder plastic sewer hose support: camco auto accessory camco rv 20' sidewinder plastic sewer hose support is sturdy and lightweight.
Brand :    camco
Size :    20 Feet
Weight :    8.01 pounds
Model :    43051
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (camco) reviews for Camco 43051 20' Sidewinder Plastic Sewer Hose Support available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Sturdy, lightweight plastic that won't creep closedConvenient carrying handle keeps Sidewinder closed for easy storageDeep cradles hold the sewer hose in place without having to use strapsThe bottom of the Sidewinder cradle is 7-1/4" high at its highest point and 4" high at its lowest pointEasily positions around obstacles and stays in place

Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator

Camco Rv Brass Water Pressure Regulator Helps To Protect The Rv Plumbing And Hoses From Damage Caused By High-pressure City Water. Reduce Water Pressure To A Safe Consistent 4050 Lbs Of Operational Pressure. Protects Equipment And Prevents Hose Failure To Help Prolong Equipment Life. (fgh X Mgh) Patented. For Outdoor Use Only.

Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure RegulatorCamco-40055-Brass-Pressure-Regulator

Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator (Auto Accessory) Review

This Is A Solid Brass Water Pressure Regulator. I Am Using This On My Rv For Protection To Make Sure The Internal Waterworks Of The Rv Are Protected Against Too Much Pressure. This Product Does Just What Is Supposed To In My Rv. Several Camp Grounds Have Excessive Pressure Which Could Damage Your Rv Which Would End Up Causing An Expensive Repair. This Little Gadget Is An Insurance Policy Keeping This From Happening. It Is Made Of Brass Not Cheap Plastic. It Comes Well Packaged And Was Shipped Quickly. A 5 Star Product.

Review from J. Terry, Wigan

Review from C. Moore, New Mexico

This Not Really A "pressure Regulator" It's A "volume Regulator". Explained: The Diameter Of The Inside Of This Brass Fitting Is Smaller Than The "hose" Diameter; Which Will Regulate The Quantity Of Water Passing Through; But Will Not Change The "pressure". Test: At Lowes Or Homedepot You Can Buy A Tester (about $5-$7. 50). If You Put The Tester On The End Of This Devise And Turn On The Water You Will Read The Same Pressure As If You Put The "terster" Directly On The Hose Bib And Turned On The Water. So If You Really Need To Reduce The "pressure" Lowes Or Homedepot" Sells Those As Well.

Image of Camco-40055-brass-water-pressure-regulator-(auto-accessory)

I Wish That Online Store Could Go Through And Post Some Of The Current Reviews Of This Product Rather Than Letting All The Negative Ones Show Up In The Main Body But On To My Review. I Like This Regulator No It Doesn't Have Numbers On It Yes It Does Work! You Can Hook This Up To A Hose Bib Crank The Lever Up And You Can See At A Glance From A Few Feet Away If The Pressure Is Where It Should Be. We Used It On A Leaky Hose Bib Spraying Water All Over The Regulator And It Never Gave Us One Iota Of A Problem And Still Works Great. Good Price Fast Shipping Everything You Expect From Online Store And Camco!

It Works. Though They Seem To Wear Out Too Quick. They Work Fine For Several Months But Then After A While They Start To Allow Pressure To Build Up Slowly Over Time. If You Are Using Your Water Regularly It Does The Job But You Can Tell When It's Time To Replace It Because Over Night The Pressure Builds Up Until In The Morning The Water Comes On With A Blast. Not Good Since That's The Whole Problem - Too Much Pressure. So Replace Often - As Soon As You Notice The Water Pressure Coming Out In Bursts After Not Using It For A Long Time. Update 10-3-16: We Installed This Regulator In July Some Time And As Of Yesterday I Noticed The Water Pressure Was Really High After Not Using The Water For Several Hours. This Means The Regulator Is Allowing Water Pressure To Get Past It Over Time. So It's Time To Replace It. As I Said It Seems Like You're Replacing Them Constantly So Keep A Supply Of Them Handy Or You May Start Springing Leaks In Your Rv.

X. Theresa, Poole

Brand :    camco
Color :    Brass / Antique Brass
Weight :    3.24 pounds
Model :    40055
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Automotive Parts And Accessories :    Best Auto Accessory (Automotive Parts And Accessories) reviews for Camco 40055 Brass Water Pressure Regulator available as-of ( Apr 2020 )
Protects equipment and prevents hose failureReduces water pressure to a safe and consistent 40-50 lbs of pressureDurable brass constructionCompliant with all federal and state level low lead laws. CSA Low Lead Content Certified to NSF/ANSI 372Stop damage to your RV water hose, pump or internal lines from inconsistent water pressure in campgrounds
Walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester (BIO-11530) Price : 10.13, was : 11.42 as 2017-01-24
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester (BIO-11530) Reviewed by on jerdus.com

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It Does What It Says But I Never Know If It Is Fully Dissolved And For Some Reason My Rv Tank Always Registers 1/3 Tank. No Matter What We Do To Try To Empty This. It Also Takes Away All That Nasty Smells That Comes From The Toilet. Don't Pretend You Don't Know What I'm Saying. I Would Buy This In The Future But I Think That I'm Going To Buy The Liquid Instead Of Packs. Just So I Can Compare The Two. It Does Not Cost That Much.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: could this be used in a 5 gal bucket during camping?

(1) Question: can i use this on my boat's saltwater toilet?

(2) Question: does it break down the solid human waste as well as the toilet paper?

(3) Question: i am concerned with using this often in an older septic system, is this safe for the septic tank?

(4) Question: is this product tested on animals?

(5) Question: would these be useful for the holding tank of our building?

(6) Question: would this work in a small cassette type porta potti?

(7) Question: how many packets in a bag?

(note) Question: where/how to get Walex (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Walex's products


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We purchased these for our portable toilet that we use for the kids during pool use. I have to say these break down all the waste including regular toilet paper. I even notice that there seems to be no gas buildup in the waste tank since using these. And they keep the toilet odor free which is a huge deal. I will continue to purchase these for our toilet to keep our toilet fresh for guests and our children for our outdoor toilet!

Auto Accessory, BestsellersTop Walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester (BIO-11530) FAQ Content

Best walex bio 11530 bio pak deodorizer digester (bio-11530) in review

Dear Lord This Is The Worst Smelling Tank Cleaner Ever! Followed Packaged Instructions And Nearly Canceled The Trip Because The Trailer Smelled Of Rotten Eggs So Bad My Wife Would Not Go Inside. Flushed The Tank Twice And Then Changed To A New Pod. Smell Vanished.

V. Bertie, Hertfordshire

You might like to see Thetford 03106 Aqua-kem, 8 Oz. 6-pack Auto Accessory 3106
  1. Advantages: Aqua Kem leaves a long lasting, fresh fragrance
  2. Advantages: Concentrated holding tank deodorant chemically neutralizes odors instantly
Thetford-03106-aqua-kem-oz-6-pack: Thetford Auto Accessory Concentrated Holding Tank Deodorant Chemically Neutralizes Odors Instantly. Aqua Kem Leaves Thetford 03106 Aqua-kem, 8 Oz. 6-pack (Auto
Or you might like to consider Auxbeam light 3600lm degree off road Auto Part 77704606 Ax
  • Details: Super Safe: Designed to withstand any condition, 6063 Aluminum Body for Strength and Durability. High performance of tight waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof.
  • Details: Perfect Design: Made of 12*3W CREE LEDs; Total of 36W at 6,500K Color Temperature with 3600 Lumens. Lighting the entire forward viewing area, giving greater visibility without eye fatigue.
auxbeam 7" 36w led work light bar 3600lm cree 60 degree flood beam jeep off-road suv truck car atvs 4x4 4wd boat: auxbeam auto part introduction: . high Auxbeam light 3600lm degree off road

M. Williams, Bedfordshire says

Put One In The Black Holding Tank And The Recommended 5 Gallons On Water. No Noticable Odor To Date. But There Are Less Expensive Items Out There That Will Do The Exact Same Thing. These Are Also Sold At My Local Big Box Wm Store For Less Too So This Is The Last Time I Buy Them Mail Order. If I Buy Them Again At All.

W. Guest, Ohio

These Are Much Easier To Use Than The Packets You Have To Tear Open Or The Bottles Filled With Powder. With These Packets You Just Toss One In The Black Tank With A Couple Gallons Of Water And Forget About It. You Get The Perfect Amount Every Time And Never Get Loose Powder In The Air And On The Toilet.

U. Anonymous, New Mexico says

We bought these for our camper and they work great! we had the camper at the fairgrounds for 1 week and it gets to having a smell in the bathroom. So we bought these and they totally took care of the smell. . I like that they are individually wrapped so we don't have to worry about them leaking or getting ruined when the camper is in storage. . Great product!

V. Tracey, Indiana

I love this item. I have lived in my 5th wheel for 6 years and use it every time the tank is emptied. We do have a small crack in the top of tank due to extreme cold weather, so when it gets to full, it can smell horrible. This takes that away fast. I have even used it when there has been clogs and backups, gotta love when the grandbabies come over and load the toilet with a roll of toilet paper. A few really tough clogs, i just put one down the toilet and waited several hours, boom, cleared it and saved a fortune on a plumber. I highly recommend.

P. Smith, Maine says

We Purchased These For Our Portable Toilet That We Use For The Kids During Pool Use. I Have To Say These Break Down All The Waste Including Regular Toilet Paper. I Even Notice That There Seems To Be No Gas Buildup In The Waste Tank Since Using These. And They Keep The Toilet Odor Free Which Is A Huge Deal. I Will Continue To Purchase These For Our Toilet To Keep Our Toilet Fresh For Guests And Our Children For Our Outdoor Toilet!

N. Emma, Havering

I Guess It's Ok If You Don't Mind Your Rv Bathroom Smelling Like The Inside Of A Public Porta-potty. I Had Been Using Roebic Septic Emergency Just A Capful With Each Dump And The Bottle Lasted A Whole Year. No Odors And No Waste Buildup And It Is Also An Enzyme Product. I Only Switched Because I Was Having Trouble Finding The Correct Roebic Product. I Will Just Look Harder Because This Bio Pak Is Simply Not Up To Par.

R. Annette, Rhode Island says

Works as described

K. Moore, Lincolnshire

These Work Great! We Are Newer At This Trailer Stuff But Are Very Pleased With The Way These Work. I Think For Many Who Complain About Odors Etc. There Is A Chance That They Aren't Cleaning The Sewer Well Enough. We Found This Youtube Video And Believe That With Proper Care And Bio-paks We Will Continue To Keep The Trailer Smelling Fresh And Clean. Watch The Link Below: .

H. Hannah, Georgia says

These really work well and i plan on buying more. They seem to work a lot better than all of the "blue stuff", and are supposedly natural and totally biodegradable. I have great results with my 2 gray tanks and my black tank using these.

F. Taylor, Rheinland-Pfalz

Very Effective And So Much Easier To Use Than Having To Measure And Pour In A Chemical Or Powder. One Packet Treats The Tank Until The Next Disposal. There's No Need To Keep Adding Product Every Couple Of Days. I Would Definitely Recommend It.

C. Taylor, Texas says

Works great

X. Meyer, Cumbria

I Use These In My Black Water Tank Every Time We Go Camping. I Put A New One In After Each Emptying Of The Tank And Also Put One In After The Last Emptying Before Travelling And Add A Couple Of Gallons Of Water To The Tank To Allow This To Splash Around While Traveling. Does A Great Job Of Killing All The Odors And Helping To Break Down The Contents Of The Tank. I Order Them A Couple Of Bags At A Time So I Never Run Out.

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